Top 3 Excuses for no posts yet this morning:

1. “The bartender wouldn’t let me leave.”
2. “It takes a lot of time to dump a body.”
3. “Your wife didn’t have my breakfast ready on time.”

Picture 081

What’s YOUR excuse, Tali K.? Excuses carefully culled from Keepers of Lists.



  1. A.K. Strong says:

    I see kitty toes above the kitty nose,
    Everybody knows that’s the cure for my woes.

  2. What, no “4. Technical difficulties, please stand by”?

  3. [delayed marmisplode]

  4. Leslie T. says:

    Hi Meg — thx for a Monday fix !! And a fuzzy, sleepy, MARMALADE feline fix at that!!
    Home run !!! [“the crowd goes wild”]

    Signed — just a wee bit, worried, about the second excuse on the list …….
    Are you just comin’ out from Witness Protection Plan?

  5. two things:
    1) Kitteh NEEDS I repeat NEEDS a nose beep.
    2) OMGKITTN!! Teh kittn it burns!!!

  6. Kristabelle says:

    What a sweet, sweet sleeping kitteh!!

  7. 4. Telling the judge to “get a move on, I got things to do” doesn’t make him go faster.

  8. fish eye no miko says:

    Can’t stop staring… so cute…. WANT.
    [melts into happy puddle of goo]

  9. Is that kitten wrapped in a blanket, like a sleepy marmalade burrito?

    If so, commence nomming. There’s nothing else to be done. I suggest beginning with a coordinated tickle to the belly, followed by a combination of toe-pad rubs and ear scratches. This will catch him unawares. Then, once the purring and sleepy-eyes begin, you’re in business. Scratch the base of that tail. Tickle that chin. Play with the little feets.

  10. kibblenibble says:

    Sooo innocent when asleep, but wait until s/he wakes up. Look out! 🙂

  11. Ate bad clam.

  12. skippymom says:

    Oh, Meg, yer breakin’ my heart–this little baby reminds me of my sweet Chloe who’s home without me for the first time in over a week.
    The latest in the spaying-a-stray saga is that she had the surgery last Tuesday and is recovering with flying colors, but…she tested positive for feline leukemia virus. She’s living in her own little room apart from the boys, and is going in for more extensive tests this Thursday. Of course, I’m hoping against hope that the first test (done at a mobile clinic) was a false positive.
    So, do some of you wonderful people have experience with this disease? Everything I’ve read indicates there’s no level of safety as far as letting her join the family, even if the boys were to be vaccinated. I’ve also read that cats can outgrow this, but right now I’m really in a quandary. Obviously, everything is on hold until she’s seen our own doctor this week, but in the mean time, any advice/insight?

  13. Holy flashback to the keepers of lists, Batman! I remember that site from waay back in the day. If memory serves, it was part of a larger site (Dr. Something or other’s? Professor something or other’s?) that I loved. Where did it go?

  14. charliewabba says:

    Oh, great. Just great.
    How am I supposed to go work out when all I want to do is go home and fuzzle some kittehs? How, I ask you? HOW?

  15. Oh, how smoochable!!! I was bugging Dante yesterday by tickling his paws while he slept. So much fun!!!

  16. 5. The dog ate my homework. Always a classic (and in the case of our Yorkie, also true!)

  17. Trabb's Boy says:

    It would, indeed, take me a lot of time to dump that body off my lap. But someone explain to me how this adorable little tabby does not have an “M” for “moron” stamped on its head?

  18. Trabb's Boy says:

    Oh, and while I realize that the previous post was intended to get addresses and not comments, I just have to say Pfffftththhththt.

  19. My dog ate my motivational poster, and I had no other source of motivation.

  20. Leslie T. says:

    skippymom — while I can’t claim to have advice for your added burdens upon the ones you’re already attempting to solve, I am making available an infinite quantity — or a Black Hole — whichever is MORE inexhaustible —

    of hugging & sympathy & pos energeeeeeeeeeee to you & the post-op feline quadruped. I also am nominating you for Sainthood.

  21. *points @ Pheas*
    You! Win!

  22. PS I was abducted by cat-shaped aliens.

  23. I believe I see the axis of snorgling…

  24. 6. I was at home dreaming of marmies. (Universal excuse).

    Positive update on my life y’all — seems a marmie post is the most apropos location — I’ve found a place to live in Phoenix and Bertha and I will be moving in three weeks — AND I’ve met an amazing woman and we’re in love! So, good things!

  25. Katiedid says:

    I’ll forgive you.. only if you let me *borrow* that kitten forevers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Pinky-pink toebeans and heart-shaped nose! DO LOVE.

  27. claudia says:

    WHOO HOO berthaservant!

    and *snuggle* kitty… sooooo soft, I can tell 😉

  28. *Yay belongs here* @ Berthaservant! YAY YAY YAY!!!

  29. Katiedid says:

    skippymom- I will hope for the best for you and your kitten!!! Feline Leukemia is a very sad and dangerous thing to deal with. My friend’s cat died of the disease. It was particularly sad because her cat was the only one that her father had never been allergic to.

  30. @berthaservant. Exciting news! Congrats on your new place and your new love. Hope only good things keep heading your way.

  31. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    4. I was crossing the room to get to my computer when a sunbeam suddenly and maliciously attacked me, rendering me immobile and listless. (It’s only since it passed that I can now make this list.)

    @Berthaservant: Congratulations on finding twue wuv! Phoenix is beautiful. Take a hat.

  32. skippymom says:

    LOL @ Pheas! Can we borrow that excuse?
    Leslie, thank you for the hugs, etc. Much needed. But sainthood? Naw…”dumb cluck who can’t stop collecting cats”-hood maybe. (By the way, I was reading a cat information book written by a veterinarian yesterday. She said that when people ask her how many cats is too many, she draws the line at six. After that, she says, “you’re somewhat of a lunatic”.)
    Berthaservant, congratulations on all of it. Hope she’s The One–you deserve it.

  33. Poohbear says:

    Awwwwwww BerfSerf. Congratshulayshons !!!! *does Snoopy dance*

    Pheas : Big Grin 😀

  34. @Skippymom, lunatic schmunatic. We’re all pulling for Chloe–I’m so sorry about the FELV.

    And Berthaservant–Phoenix? After Santa Barbara? Are you CWAZY? Or did you just get a good job there? I can’t really throw stones, as I left CA for Kansas.

  35. The Marmie kitteh was scheduled to post the Mundane Morning Lol; so she is remiss; her excuse, # eleventy: “Haow duz yuu xspekt me to post enneyfing wen Ai ar asleep; az a matter ov fakt, Ai ar still asleep: pleez cum back later, mebbee tomaurrow……!” 🙄

  36. Natalie says:

    Skippymom, I’m sorry about the sweet baby. I don’t have any experience with it myself, but I do know there’s a local no-kill shelter where I live that has an FLV-positive room. They take care of them all their lives. If someone wants to adopt one, fantastic, but if not they stay. If you decide you can’t keep her, you may see if you have any comparable resources in your area. I live in St Louis. Good luck to you!

  37. There’s nothing cuter than a sleeping kitty. Seriously.

  38. @skippymom, you might find these resources helpful:

    Fingers crossed that the first test was a false positive. Thank you for reaching out to this little one who so obviously needed you.

    @berthaservant, congrats! So, Bertha’s letting you move? How does she feel about your dating? Don’t become remiss in your kitteh duties now, or there could be consequences.

  39. Leslie T. says:

    Berthas: Yippee & hooray!!
    Poohbear: thanks for the SnoopyDance visual. It will provide me (& presumably lots of other Coverloaders/ posters) w/ unanticipated endorphins for HOURS !!!

  40. That took WAAAAAY long! FINALLY!

  41. YAya Bertha servant!

    and 9 I was attacked by a ravenous kindle of kittens and could not escape them until I fed them, petted them and played with them with the feather stick.. so you see all that took lots of time..

  42. lol @ list #2. as long as it’s a rat’s body!

  43. Neopatra says:

    My excuse? I have a very comfortable cat sleeping on my lap. He shows no signs of wanting to leave. Would somebody please bring me my meals?

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    I would totally smooch this creamsicle on his/her axis of snorgling. And then take a big whiff of warm-sleepy-kitteh smell. YUM.
    And congrats to BerthaServ.!!

  45. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    This wee one reminds me of my orange guy at home, probably napping too.

    Skippymom…don’t know what to tell ya, but my sister had two cats with feline leukemia back in the early 1990’s. She had them at different times, but they lived with her other 3 or 4 cats she had at the time (they were healthy and she always kept up on her furkids shots). Both cats lived a little over a year, they were both strays around her area. None of her cats fight insofar as biting and such. They all ate from the same dishes and drank from the same bowl. I don’t know if she was just lucky both times or her other cats were immuned for some reason, they lived for years (one for another eight years to the ripe old age of 21). Good luck and you’re a good mommy to the furbaby.

  46. Sighs happily and goes away to bed! its very late here in the UK!

  47. Skippymom,

    I have found lots of support in this group:

    Really compassionate people who understand what it’s like to have a sick animal…

    All the best to you!

  48. The move is for a job — I’m done with UCSB in a few weeks, as soon as the paperwork is filed on my Ph.D. At which point I will be changing my name to Dr. Berthaservant.

    Thanks to everyone for the good wishes!

  49. SoCalSis says:

    Neopatra, what you have is a classic case of COL— it can be cited as needed to explain continued sedentary (in)activity. Someone says “Go do the dishes!” or “Get me a beer!”, and you just need to give the COL handsignal (palms angled up, semi-spread, highlighting sleeping Cat On Lap) and say “Hey, sorry, bud– COL…”. It is unanswerable. Bud’s reaction: “Oh, sorry, dude, I didn’t notice. I’ll get you a cold one while I’m up”.

    And Berthaservant — All the best. I say this with just a touch of sadness, (I’m sure I was not the only one) as I think to myself, “Damn! Another good one gone!” Ah well. We look to you for inspiration, and go forth in hope.

  50. chicky82 says:

    what no #24? I had to refill my cat? that what this looks like post-refilled kitty so cute 🙂

  51. anastasia says:

    excuse #943: i had to snorgle a kitten

  52. TOEBEANS!!!!! Excuse # 4 – “I was too distracted and dazzled by the precious toebeans to post…”

  53. Oh, and Dr. BServ – Hip hip hooray for all of your great news!

  54. Von Zeppelin says:

    Professor Doktor Berthaservant of Phoenix. You must have business cards made up on parchment with Gothic lettering. Blessings and benisons, and all good things.

  55. I am sooo using #3 as an excuse for everything now.

  56. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    I’m with you SoCalSis. I thought the same thing. Yay! Or wait…not yay? Another good one taken off the list. As long as BServe continues with his tales of stable boys and proud buttocks, all will be well in my little corner of the world. Congratulations on all your many and momentous achievements! You deserve all the best!

    Oh, and not to mention, frakkin’ adorable kitteh you got yourself there. I would believe ANY excuse this wee guy served up.

  57. AWW 😦 Skippymom, I hope and pray that little sweet Chloe will be okay 😦

  58. You forgot 4. “Sweet little marmalade tabby sleeping in my bed.” 🙂

  59. @Skippymom – how old is Chloe? My roomie’s mom runs a kitty rescue and has had a couple of young ones test positive. They take meds (or maybe the vaccine – not too clear on the process) and several kitties have gone into remission. I’ve been told it only really works on young kittens when the disease hasn’t progressed to far yet. Best of luck. We’ll be sending warm furbaby vibes your way.

    …and honorable Doctor B’serv? We’ll still be here, should you ever need us. 😉

  60. hon glad says:

    Excuse number? “I couldn’t be arsed”

  61. Awesome Marmatude…. made me mellow like a marm myself….

  62. Kristabelle says:

    Congrats to Dr. BS (heh) on a fronts!!

  63. Katrina says:

    Most excellent news, Professor Dr. Berthaservant-san, we are all well pleased. Does your new love have a sense of humor and a generous heart so that she will share you with the Universe? Well then, OK, by me! Travel safely and my best to Bertha in getting used to her new home. You, I don’t worry about, you’ll do just fine.

  64. The cat ate my yarn, so I was too strung out.

    Berthaservant, congratulations and best wishes to the love doctor!

  65. Patricia says:

    Takes longer if you actually bury the body, and use lots of LIme (not the fruit)….

    Beautiful kitties!

  66. Space Cowgirl says:

    Congratulations on the doctorate and the woman, BServ – for what it’s worth, I’ve always had a mini CO crush on you!