The Axis of Snorgling. A Refresher Course.

Class, CLASS! Quiet!

We’re going to review a very important lesson, the definition of the axis of Snorgling. If you recall, this essential cuddling area was first coined in October ’07 on this very website. It goes like this;

First, Find a limp, sleeping kitteh, preferably warm to the toche.

Second, locate warm, defenseless neck area. For example:

Ladybird asleep_1





Third, locate the “Axis of Snorgling“, an elusive concave area, created by the crook of a neck—it must be large enough for one human nose (see green circle in figure A)aos_2-1989-3-_tphq

Lastly, Bury nose into Axis of Snorgling, and stay there until someone tells you you’re weird and that you should act like an adult. Repeat as needed, until kitteh/boy/girlfriend runs away.

AoS samples provided by Clark and Claire T. and Kat in Vancouver. Not sure what snorgling is? Get a clue.



  1. temperance says:

    those kits are totally snorgalicious!!!!!1!!

  2. Haha, I’d try that if my cat wouldn’t claw me for disturbing his sleep. 😉

  3. Deirdre says:

    So cute! I tryed that with my kitteh. I wish I could bury my nose into those kittehs necks! *Smoosh* Sound of nose smooshed against the monitor

  4. Rooanne says:

    Before I started coming here I had never heard the word “snorgle” (maybe ’cause it wasn’t actually a word….) but somehow I instinctively knew what it was! Maybe it has something to do with having cats all my life.
    I’m very fortunate, my current kitteh is tolerant of snorgling. Sometimes I even suspect he likes it, but that can’t be true!

  5. Deirdre says:

    Rooanne, my kitteh loves it when I snorgle with her, so I think that you have nothing to worry about.

  6. The axis of snorgling for a bunny is at the back of the head, just behind the ears. The fur there is softer than anywhere else and smells of fresh hay. mmmmmm.

  7. Wendy, right about here?
    Bunny in there somewhere

  8. Ahh, this is just like when I was annoying sleeping Dante by tickling his paws yesterday. He made the most deelicious stretches and whisker-wiggles. When he snores, it actually makes a tiny “toot!” noise. 😀

  9. You forgot to include giving your kitteh smooches in that fuzzy axis of snorgling!! *Nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle*

  10. Now I know the meaning and the method of “snorgling” 🙂

  11. chanpon says:

    Funny, no human thinks I’m weird for snorgling, but my cat will eventually either raise its head and give me the “you’re weird” look or just get up and walk away to some other place where he can sleep in peace.

    I, for one, also like to snorgle kitteh bellies. Who’s with me on this one?

  12. browngrl says:

    now that my cats are older, we “commando – snoggle” (reference: engineers guide to cats) they don’t like it nearly as much as me and I must admonish them to just lie back and think of England while I snorggle

  13. browngrl says:

    oh forgot: @chanpon, I am with you on the kitten belly thing

  14. SoCalSis says:

    Browngrl, you had me snickering about your snorgleing comment… So funny. and Chanpon, I am with you on the belly bit. Snorglers Unite! You have nothing to lose but your Stress!

  15. Bellies, of course, are the pinnacle of the snorgling experience, heightened by the DANGER of attempting the snorgle on certain kitty bellies!!

  16. I do this on a daily basis. It definitely raises the seretonin levels and lowers the blood pressure.

  17. Baykon Cheezburger says:

    I am self-prescribed at least one daily snorgle in belly fuzz or axis-of-snorgling in addition to my anti-depressive medications. Together, they work wonders!

    Bonus points if the kitteh in question is purring, or if you don’t have to hold him/her down to continue snorgling.

    *looks away, guiltily*

  18. Ooo! I do this all the time! The fur is so soft there and I swear my kitteh, Dinah, smells like cookies!!

  19. It’s best when you can get them when they’re young, like at your local rescue group that is overblessed from a bounteous kitten season. I currently have 4 such subjects in my home for a couple of weeks (really…I WILL give them back). Button is about 8 weeks, Betsy and Magic (long, beautiful Maine-Coonish fuzzies) are about 7 weeks, and Bitsie (the tiniest one) is only about 6 weeks old. All found without mommies, so WE get to be mommies! We bottle feed, we help clean up after first attempts at using the litter box, we play, and we snorgle-orgle-orgle-orgle all the live long day.When these babies go to their furr-ever homes, they will be perfectly socialized to the odd human stuffing his/her nose up her soft little snorgle spot…oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh.

    sorry gotta go upstairs & get another fix.


  20. chanpon says:

    I’ve gotten some nice new hairdos from several kitty belly snorgling attempts.

  21. Hi, my name is Mo and I’m a snorgaholic. In fact I’m snorgling as I type. I just can’t help myself. The furry drug is curled up in front of me (interfering with my typing, of course) and I can’t….stop…………….help. (eep)

  22. tuxedomom says:

    My Cornish rex likes to be the boss in the snorgling department – his favorite thing is to jump up on my shoulders and snorgle MY neck! He’s such a goofball and such a sweetie!

  23. tuxedomom says:

    I keep his nails VERY well trimmed!

  24. WendyPinNJ says:

    I beg to differ. The actual axis of snorgling is just at the back of the ear where it meets the head.

    Unfortunately, I have no axis of my own to snuggle now. Had to send my 14-year-old handsome man over the Rainbow Bridge this past Friday. I’m heartbroken and lonesome with NO kitty to snuggle–for the first time, probably ever, in my 47 years of life. I miss my Chester so.

    But at least I can come here and live vicariously–until I can find a new kitty of my own to love.

  25. Camille says:

    I protest the kittycentric nature of this post. The axis of snorgling can also be found on pups!

    @WendyPinNJ – so sorry for your loss.

  26. kibblenibble says:

    Wendy, I’m so, so sorry. I am certain that Chester had a most wonderful life with you. When you are ready, you will have another kitty to love. My Isabella (my avatar) cured my broken heart when I lost my little parrot, and I would not have gotten her if my insightful friend had not given her to me, knowing I needed someone special to help heal my broken heart. I would have felt disloyal getting another pet. Now I know that getting Isabella was the best thing for me, and for her, too, as she needed a home. You will know when its right. Again, I’m so sorry. You are among a sympathetic group of friends, here.

  27. On kitteh #2 notice how red her nosie is! That’s how your truly know she is deeeeeply asleeping. Very warm & cozy – the purrrrrrrfect snorgle……

  28. I snorgle mein kitteh’s neck, sometimes I accompany it with fake *nom nom* noises as if I were truly nomming him. He starts to purr like crazy and then he and I boop noses and all is right with the world.

  29. @Wendy, so very sorry for the loss of your gentlecat. It’s such an awful feeling, but it’s the price of love. That’s a big drawback of having an only cat– you are left so alone. I’m sure my Stinky will meet Chester and show him the ropes.

  30. @Chanpon, sweet Stinky was a great tolerator of belly snorgles, and that was just the look he would get on his face: “OK, this is weird, but ok.”

  31. Once again, I have nose-prints on my monitor. But at least I didn’t bruise my fingers reaching for kittehs this time.

  32. hon glad says:

    I love the smell when you snorgle.

  33. My kitty has recently started snorgling me!
    I’m napping and in comes kitty nose and whiskers on my neck right below my ear.

    @tuxedomom – do you think our kitties have been checking out CO and getting ideas?

  34. Hahahaha I was trying to explain this to my boyfriend the other day! Apparently this is a complicated thing for the male species to understand. And apparently boys don’t like it when you tell them that they’re so dang cuddly you can’t help yourself! I am Elle, killer of circulation in arms 😀

  35. Ah, but there are more than just 1 axis of snorgling!!! Let me demonstrate in this video with my persian Janelle:

  36. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Just demonstrated to my hubby how to snorgle on our cat Molly. I enjoyed it. She did not. She’s busy cleaning herself out of embarrasment.

  37. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    oh, Janelle looks so soft & fluffy…
    She’s far less annoyed than Molly was…

  38. Kiwibird says:

    “Find a limp, sleeping kitteh, preferably warm to the toche.”

    And if it wasn’t warm? Dun dun duuunnnn~!!

  39. I would belly-snorgle more often, but I can’t afford the hospital bills.

  40. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    not to mention that soft, soft spot right at the very corner of their little moufs.

  41. StormCat says:

    I too luv to snorgle!!! My baby boy, Squirt, is VERY tolerant of neck and ear snorgles… And I agree with Wendy about the location of the ear connecting to the head… GREAT spot for nomming AND snorgling! However the belleh ones, not so much… He tends to turn pointy-end up and that’s never good…

    Now my ladies, Beep and MeowCow, are kind of tolerant… As long as Beep can lay her head on your hands, she’ll let you do it… MeowCow will let me get one or two quick snorgles, then it’s *cha-chang* as the claws come out…

    Wendy, I understand about your lonliness right now… My eldest lady was sent over the bridge back in January… But trust me, there are lots of kittehs out there waiting for a great Mom like you!! Take a trip to one of the local shelters and you will find your next true love, I promise… (Ok, that’s my plug for the homeless Kittehs…Here’s the soapbox back…)

  42. WendyPinNJ says:

    OMG Barbarella, Janelle is LUSCIOUS!!!!!

    My Chester Magoo was a black Persian kitty with orange eyes. Boy oh boy do I miss him when I see fuzzy deliciousness like Janelle.

    Thanks for the kind words folks. It seems Chester may have found us a baby to fill the hole he left. Another black Persian kitten who was just born, two days after Chester left us. I can not be without a kitty in my life!

  43. WendyPinNJ says:

    @StormCat: Squirt, Beep and MeowCow. Great names! All my kitties, all my life have been shelter kitties. I’ve done a lot of “rescues” myself over the years (last year around this time CO posted a picture of one of my white foster babies taking a ride in one of my kids big orange Little Tykes dump trucks). I worked for the ASPCA. But I “know” a wonderful breeder who treats her babies like babies and breeds the most beautiful Persians. I feel like that’s what I “need” this time around.

  44. We have a rescue Labradoodle we got for my son. After we put the kids to bed, he hops up on the sofa with me for a few hours. Every so often, he just starts licking my face, and then I snorgle his ears. When it’s bedtime, he waits outside my son’s room until I let him in. Some nights I doubt either of them get much sleep. I tend to hear a lot of giggling…

  45. Awwwwwww. Somebody hand me a kitty to snorgle, quick! I deserve one. Or at least a flying puppy. (I passed my dissertation defense!) Ok, enough personal news. But may I have a kitteh? Please?

    Our cats weren’t particularly cuddly, and I once got bitten in the eyelid for snorgling… I want a hypoallergenic snorgle-kitty. One HAS to exist, right?

  46. My dear departed Steve had a spot right on her AoS, just in case anybody had trouble finding it.

  47. WendyPinNJ says:

    A female cat named Steve! Priceless!

    And WHERE was the spot?

  48. Sharon B says:

    I must beg to differ…my favorite snorgle spot is the fluffy softness of kitteh belleh. It’s the very best when it’s warm.

    And I never fail to get a *murp* when I stick my nose there.

  49. The kitty with the red nose is my new rescue kitty Gabby Abby (cuz she talks so much) 🙂
    I got her after losing my beloved tabby Guido a few weeks ago. He escaped out of the house during a BBQ with friends and was killed by a coyote 😦 Our hearts were broken and the emptiness he left behind was unbearable.
    We went to the Humane Society and adopted Abby.
    She’s sweet, loving and full of life–and has done so much to help us heal with our grief over Guido’s loss.

    Vancouver, WA

  50. Thank you for this informative and comprehensive tutorial. I need to go locate a kitteh to snorgle and give you a full report on my findings.

  51. Aelfwyn says:


    It’s a while since a CO post has reduced me to total incoherence. Feel veeerry relaxed now. Thank you.

    PS I don’t have a cat, but my soft and fluffy cocker spaniel and I share regular snorgling seshes.

  52. You have no idea what these photos are doing to me right now!
    Why oh why did I look at this at work where there are no kittehs available for my immediate snorgling needs.
    Cow-orkers are going to have to take a restraining order out on me.

  53. Mary Jane says:

    Good work Shaz, that is DR. Shaz. One kitteh coming up.

  54. How has no one commented on the neckfurters of the first kitteh?? Soft and delicious kitteh fat rolls. Totally nom-able in my book.

  55. Kim Evans says:

    Oh, to shnorgle a sleeping kitteh…my 14 year old marmalade lady would rip my ears right off mah head for tryin’ it. But one can dream, no?

  56. Two marmie’s and no sign of Theo …
    (opens window and hollers)
    Yoo hoo, Theo! Someone to seeee yoooouuuuu!

    [ *twitching* – DEd.]

  57. My marmie, Percy, is a love, but due to a rough start in life, he’s a bit prickly about pettins. He wants to be in control, but I’m very persuasive. Much progress has been made in the past 6 months! I know all about the AOS, but Percy’s not convinced. Yet.

  58. skippymom says:

    Is the neck in the first picture shaved? Looks curiously un-furry (but highly snorglable). Since Chloe’s surgery I’ve been getting in a lot of snorgs on her shaved littly belly. She doesn’t mind in the least. So very smooshy and warmies!

  59. too bad i dont have a kitteh to snorgle with, i have 4 cats!

  60. brinnann says:

    Skippymom, the kitteh in the first pic looks an awful lot like this kitteh named Daisy who’s site I visit daily. She’s a Devon Rex:

  61. Noelle (the First) says:

    @ WendyPinNJ…much sympathy on your loss. It is always so hard to let our loved ones go, but sometimes it’s for the best. At least Chester is not alone over the Rainbow Bridge.

    Where in NJ are you? I know you mentioned getting another persian, but I have an adorable, lovable kitty in my garage who needs a good home. She is a bit skittish, as she’s a stray, but over the last two weeks I have made great progress and she’ll come up to me to get her neck scratched now,as long as I stay still. If you don’t want her do you know anyone who does? I’m planning to take her to the local SPCA, but I’d feel better if I could find her a good furr-ever home on my own.

  62. jenjen – exactly!

  63. skippymom says:

    Brinn, thanks for the link to Daisy. After looking at her site, I think I may need to to order up some turkey heart snacks. Yum.

    And Wendy, joining in on the condolences on the loss of Chester. Best of luck finding your new baby.

  64. Katrina says:

    Janelle- I’m not so sure that your snuggling is reproduceable – I saw a flaw in your study technique. You love eeet! Scientists are supposed to stay, um, what is that word? Um……oh, well, I’ve never achieved it either!

    WendypinNJ, be kind to yourself. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    And now, as for the Defense of Dissertation, Shazz,- YAY! YAY! And a well-deserved “PHEW!” (wipe your brow now and go snorgle something/one).

  65. Sharon Wilson says:

    @tuxedomom My kitteh would take advantage of MY axis of snorgling, too–but she wanted to be held up against me with her head resting on my left shoulder (only the left–if held against the right she’d wiggle around until her head was on the left).

  66. tuxedomom says:

    I also have a “big boy” Tuxedo who still thinks he’s the same kitten who used to sleep and snorgle on my left shoulder too. What is it about the left side? Over your heart? Anyway, he pretty much prevents me from breathing now, so we have to keep the sessions a little shorter than he would like.

  67. WendyPinNJ , sorry for your loss. Your friend will meet a lot of our little furry pals at the rainbow bridge. Maybe they’ll start a HumanOverload blog of their favourite cuddly people. I went out to an animal shelter and rescued a new cat just a few days after I lost another fur friend. There are so many animals in desperate need of homes, I figured I’d help out since I had a place.

    Now I’m blessed with two extremely snorgable marmies… Quincy actually enjoys the Overly Friendly Sniffing Dog trick, instead of getting annoyed at it, and starts purring (he’s no use at all when it comes to cat yodeling practice). Milo will just flop out like a rag doll and start purring the moment you even come close to him.

    I am a happy snorgler…

  68. Oh, I love to go a-snorgling
    Along the marmie neck.
    I hit the axis once a day
    And keep on coming back!

    And keep on coming back!

  69. Cholmondeley says:

    From the original eponymous post, thanks to Auntie Mame and Babelfish:

    “Et si vous vous penchez vraiment près de l’écran, vous pouvez snorgle ses oreilles.”

  70. sunnymum says:

    Just had to chime in with stories of Sunny snorgles. First of all, she knows the phrase “time to snorgle the proshness!” Snorgling commences. Then, the only time I can get in a kitteh belleh snorgle is when I first get home from work because she has missed me all day so she lets me get away with more (e.g., I can touch her paws very quickly). She knows the phrase “tummie kisses for the baby!” Belleh snorgle commences. Just two or three, and then it’s all over until another day passes.

  71. Birdygirl says:

    The kitteh in the first picture (the one with the leetle neck-rolls) is my sweet girl Ladybird. She’s a Devon Rex, and this pic was taken when she was quite young, and a little less furry than she is now (sometimes when Devons are young, their fur is very soft and downy). I have this picture as my desktop wallpaper, and the leetle rolls get me every time… She’s very snorglable 🙂

  72. sunnymum says:

    I just love those little rolls on Ladybird’s neck! You are so fortunate to have such a sweetie pie Birdygirl! Thanks for sharing her with us. 🙂

  73. Mary (the first) says:

    I snorgle my kitteh’s axis just about every morning. I have even told her the name of this area and she obligingly curls up on the end of the bed with axis in view for me to snorgle just before I leave for work. She likes it ..but .. she’s been snorgled all her life (all over the place and before it had a name).

  74. On a pupper, the axis of snorgling is often under the chin in the not-yet-grown-into-my-skin area of supreme wrinkliness!

  75. I am so glad that you are able to foster those sweet kitties, NT Mel 🙂 If you can keep them ::) do so 🙂

  76. AWW 😦 I am so sorry to hear about you lossing your beloved kitty, Chester, WendyPinNJ 😦

  77. Oh, I am so glad you will soon be able to give another kitty a forever home, WendyPinNJ 🙂

  78. WendyPinNJ says:

    Thanks again for all your kind words. I know that Chester will not be alone, as he’ll be joining my Whimsy, Scooter and Farina–as well as all your fur babies–and all the kitties that came before, from my earliest childhood.

    And I’m certain Chester found us this new baby, who’ll be coming home to us at the end of August. And with our crazy summer schedule, the timing couldn’t be better.

    Noelle (the first), we’re in North Jersey. Unfortunately, with three young boys, I can’t do “skittish” right now. It certainly wouldn’t be fair to the kitty, and it wouldn’t be fair to the boys, who tend to overwhelm with their love. I’m sure, with your help, the kitty in your garage will find her way.

  79. Mrs. McGinty says:

    browngrl, “think of England,” ROFTLMAO! I do the EXACT SAME THING! In my house, we also call it “paying the rent.” As in, sometimes kitteh’s gotta put out if he wants to keep getting all that lovely gushy fud and a clean litterbox. He goes all limp and lets himself be hugged and kissed for a couple of minutes, but refuses to look at me directly “during” the deed, LOLOLOL! It’s the funniest thing.

    But two seconds later, he reaches out from his perch to lick my face, so I guess he just wants the lovin’ on his terms.

  80. GIGGLE 🙂 Barbarelle a.k.a The Mad Cat Lady 🙂 I so LOVE the way you showed the proper way to snorgle kitties with your darling sweetie, Janelle 🙂

  81. 5^^now8ing says:

    I love all the snorgle stories. It’s amazing what we’ll do to coax our reluctant furriends to let us snorgle them!

  82. I would love to snorgle a kitty, but they make me sneeze. Even looking at the pictures makes my nose tickle a little. It’s a hard burden to bear.