Hey Buddy, my eyes are up here

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Geeshe. Some guys, like, only stare at your boobs, Danielle M.



  1. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Okay, so, what sugar glider t*ts?

  2. This is going to be grist for the nuffers mill…but the pocket pet is so cute and the rack is very nice.

    *has dirty thoughts and wishes she was the pocket pet*

  3. Eeep!! Look what popped up!

    That is one cute little glider and it fits perfectly!

  4. Oh I’d love to snorgle that cute…. whatever that is. 🙂

  5. Teh bebbeh shuger glydder haz a happee; beeing carted arownd and nyce & warm ar jes wunnerfull…….! 😆

  6. Rofnar Frougelson says:

    I wish to join in this glorious trifecta and motorboat his tiny little noggin’.

  7. feminist nuffers, start your engines!

    [My prediction is that “feminists” won’t actually account for the bulk of the complaints which we may or may not receive… – Ed.]

  8. Hey Buddy? Yeah, Bosom Buddy!

  9. Cute, real cute. U got my attention!

  10. i love how it actually has a little dissapointed look on its face

  11. Sugar gliders cannot live by melons alone…

    [OK OK, here ya go… 😉 – Ed.]

  12. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I’m a feminist and this is funny! It’s official.

  13. This little glider certainly has my interest piqued… 😉

  14. Small animal stuff in cleavage: the perfect excuse when guys get caught leering.

  15. No nuffing from this feminist either – I’m straight, but that’s still quite the sight! o.o

  16. berthaservant says:

    Sweeeeeeet. (It’s a sugar glider after all)

  17. temperance says:

    lol @ lucy’s mommeh.

    also- i love how her shirt kinda matches bebe glider’s stripes, nice touch. and yes, nice boobies too. (from a female feminist hetero who does appreciate the look of a lovely rack).

  18. Thanks for the link, Ed! That was a very cute trip down mammary lane…
    Srsly tho, jaypo, carlisa, mariser, wow!

  19. I like how its wee footsies show through the fabric…

  20. Katrina says:

    Oh, crap, this isn’t the same woman who found a bat in her bra, is it?

  21. Von Zeppelin says:

    I appreciate the view as much as any hetero male, but don’t these guys bite or have scratchy little claws? Be careful, madam!

  22. “no, it’s not Open Sesame. try again; i’ve got all eternity!”

  23. Emily Rachel, I’m a feminist, but why would I be offended by this? Please explain.

    That said, nice rac- um sugar glider! 😀

  24. LOL @ pyrit’s post! 😆

  25. You censor comments when your definition of cute is someone else’s definition of cruelty. Why do you not censor photos such as this one?

    [What I do is uninvite guests who don’t know how to behave in somebody else’s house. How are you with hints? – Ed.]

  26. Dear Kitti,
    Because it’s their definition of cute. And it’s their blog. Therefore they choose what to display. It’s reeeeeeally simple.
    Dear Everyone Else,
    This is the best accessorising I’ve seen in a long time. I envy that woman SO MUCH. And I say that as a lifelong feminist raised by a feminist who’s read books by feminists and everything!

  27. I agree- I’m a feminist and I find this adorable! It’s in the spirit of cats ‘n’ racks. 😀

  28. DaytimeDeb says:

    Sugar gliders, Red Pandas, and a nice Rack — we’ve hit the trifecta today!

    Gliders and pandas and racks, oh my…

  29. fish eye no miko says:

    Kitti asked: “Why do you not censor photos such as this one?”

    What about that photo needs censoring?

  30. And comments have been ‘censored’ in the past because they were horribly mean spirited, hysterical or just plain out there idiotic. Oh, or because they were clearly trolling comments meant to cause nuffage. This picture does not require ‘censorship’ because nothing ‘naughty’ (ooooh teh horrors! Boobage! Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children!!!!!!111!!!!!) is showing.

    And by the by, sugar gliders are just adorable!

  31. Kathleen in Canada says:

    My children loved boobage. My son, before he self-weaned, insisted breastmilk was better than chocolate :o)

    I am seriously hoping that sugar gliders use the washroom a lot less than guinea pigs. Otherwise that’s one brave lady (enough said LOL).

  32. Kathleen in Canada says:

    And I will never get use to automatic emoticons LOL That was supposed to be a simple smiley face with a round o nose… not some freaked out emoticon with a bracket. Trying again 🙂

  33. Pageviews know no politics. That, I suspect, is the driving force.

    [It’s one aspect, sure. But you might not be seeing the whole forest, you know, with all these trees obstructing the view. And if that’s the case, well, trust me, you’re missing out. 😉 – Ed.]

  34. Why so cynical, Erin? It couldn’t just be because Meg and her compatriots think these posts are cute and amusing? I certainly do.

    This one is a particularly fine example of the genre, too. Great color coordination! This feminist approves.

  35. That photo would qualify for Cute Overload without the sugar glider in it. Just sayin’.

  36. Ok, so we have ‘cute’ and we have an ‘overload’ of boobage. perfect. I hope there’s nothing else living in there….

  37. hon glad says:

    Why it’s Sugar Cane Kowalczyk about to give a rendition of ‘Running Wild’

  38. What’s up with feminism and boobs?
    I mean, would feminists prefer to have a man’s (most likely hairy) torso with a sugar glider on it? Would that be CUTE?
    Boobs are cute. Man boobs are not cute.
    What is there to nuff (where does that word come from?) about?

  39. cheesybird says:

    Whoo!! Nice tips!

    (What? I’m admiring the ear-tips on the sugar glider.)

    Homer, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but not one of the self-proclaimed feminists here (and I include myself in that category) has complained about the boobs. Why assume that the nuffage is coming from feminists?

  40. Is… is that an emo bun tshirt?!

  41. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    🙂 Temperance-thank you. I was hoping someone would “get” that….

  42. 1) Being a moderate feminist and a heterosexual I find this really cute and really admire the rack.

    2) Yes Homer, I think anything with a sugar glider in it would be cute, even though it was hairy man torso.

  43. Katrina says:

    If I’m remembering correctly ’nuffing’ comes from ‘enough’ as in, “For heavens sake, Carl, that’s enough!” Carl being a priggy prude, who makes the lives of simple folk miserable with his insecure comments on lovely things. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Bras are such a wonderful place to put many things, and this, oh, gee, do I have to use the word> oh, OK< feminist, says that cute is cute, both the young lady and the sugar glider, which, I'm guessing, looks so comfy because s/he is a regular occupant of said underwear. Beautiful bodies are art, pure and simple.

    And Erin, dear, this is a business, and the ads are how we don't have to pay for the delightful cutitude. So, yes, there is pageviews, but they are pageviews of cute! *sheesh*. Shameless commerce, bring it on!

  44. Mel Gibson approves. Suck it!

  45. Gliders are sooo cute. I even snuck one on a a plane! Nobody even noticed!

    [Yeah, metal detectors & bomb-sniffing dogs usually miss those… – Ed.]

  46. Schmooooo says:

    This glider looks like he’s planning world domination!
    Don’t be distracted by the cuteness! He’s gonna kill us all!

  47. that is soo cute, its gotta be sweaty though. poor sugar glider got his fur all wet cuz we all know skin meetin fur gets hot and sweaty.

  48. Hey bebeh, they don’t call me a Sugar Glider for nuffin you know. 😉

  49. Actually my question was something like “what do boobs have to do with feminism?” and “what do a glider next to a woman’s breasts have to do with feminism?”
    Soo, I think we all agree, there’s nothing to nuff about, right?
    I myself prefer my sugar glider served on feminine boobs, the geometry is certainly more.. interesting.

  50. Metz, ROTFLOL!!

    BonBonChihuahuas, weren’t you afraid someone would notice and confiscate it? The sugar glider I mean, not the rack.

  51. Brings to mind a lovely bit of poesy by one Mr. D. Leppard, esq. I shall just quote herein the one line which most perfectly encapsulates the loveliness captured by this photo *clears throat*:

    Do you take sugar glider? one lump or two?

    (I’ll get my coat…)

  52. Mary (the first) says:

    Sign me up on the hetero-feminist-who-doesn’t-find-this-objectionable list. Love the little glider. Envy the owner of the rack, for glider and rack.

  53. essensual says:

    The 21st century substitute for tissue paper? …Hey get back under the bra…my date will show up any minute now.. :p

  54. AuntieMame says:

    Would I like to see a hunky man chest (even a hairy one) with a sugar glider on it???

    Heck yeah! 😀

    (But no moobs!)

    (And I’m a feminist when it suits me. If not…not.)

  55. I wish I could do that with my sugars… one’s too hyper and one’s too skittish.

  56. Hollywood Marie says:

    Lesbian feminists also approve (at least this one does). Probably more than our hetero counterparts.

  57. Subhangi says:

    Oy, what’s wrong with boobs? They’re nice. Especially with cute things peeking out from between them (and they also make a comfortabuhls bed for aforesaid cute things, esp. bebehs.)

    Also, fun fact: the human Y chromosome is diminishing. It has only 78 functioning genes as compared to around 1500 in the X chromosome. Which means in another 100,000 years we’ll prolly have no men at all. So get used to seeing boobies now!

    (Related news item here: http://www.newsnet5.com/news/19886368/detail.html )

    Also, Sir Suga’ Gliderpants makes a perfect brooch.

  58. Carlisa says:

    A third nipple? Looks again…

    @Pyrit …..please note that my comment was with quotes (on post -Ed gave you) The glider was talking to “Pat” on said post. 🙂
    (did u notice the date on that?!)

  59. I have to agree. What does feminism have to do with boobs? Although as an old feminist I will say that she needs a better bra.

    Gravity ignores political leanings.

  60. Bunny Momma says:

    Let us not overlook the important supporting role played by the bunny T-shirt.

  61. Spryte808 says:

    OMG I was lookin on CNN today and I found this video about Cute Overload that no one mentioned… (i dont think?)… anyway it was about a suspect in custody with a squirrel in her cleavage… then it goes on to cute overload… and said sugarglider and racks… http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/offbeat/2009/06/30/moos.squirrel.cleavage.cnn

  62. love your rack and keep the bras the way they are very nice

  63. That’s a really nice rack

  64. After years of telling guys, “Hey, my eyes are up here” we now have pictures posted whose soul purpose is to draw attention to my ladies bosom!!!

    What’s a guy to think?

    Oh well, guess I’ll just do what’s natural………………… (OGLE, OGLE……)

  65. Is that a lump in the boob? You may want to get checked.

  66. Lucky buddy there.. no one else get to be up there..

  67. Lesbian feminist suggie slaves give this pic a MAJOR thumbs up! Super cute in all ways!

  68. Dear Subhangi,

    If that is supposedly going to happen in 100,000 or so years, why would any of US have to get used to that!? Duh. Plus, if we “ran out” of men I still would not be seeing boobs because it’s not like we can reproduce with just two women. There would be no point in doing that at all. It’s your kind of men that need to be diminishing.

  69. Because we’ll all live to be at least 100, Nicole. Duh. (by which time we’ll have the option to transfer our consciousness into high-tech immortal cyborgs, you know, with boobs)

  70. Nobody here saw fit to mention that this adorable photo of a SUGAR GLIDER nestled in a decent rack has been wrongly filed away as a kitteh?

  71. lol cant u notice that people want to pet the adorable thing in ur shirt…i mean the sugar glider honestly i do and if i wasnt….eww cuz im a girl lol

  72. pretty nice 😀

  73. strait guy that thinks kitties totaly rock THAT IS SO NOT GAY says:

    omigosh that would be the funniest thing ever.

    so like ur talking to this guy, and he starts lookin’ ‘a bit far south’ (wth euphemism or watever) and all of a sudden a kitty pops out and he’s all ”OGARTHEWHANO I WASN’T” and then u be like ‘oh have u met my pet? he likes to watch me kick pervs in the groin! ok, now i know i need more than 5 mins of sleep

  74. strait guy that thinks kitties totaly rock THAT IS SO NOT GAY says:

    i furgots to say 🐱

    and that im not gay, just sleep deprived…
    for the past4 days

    [So… yeah. – Ed.]

  75. big cute gorilla dicks and tits

  76. i'm not typing that name again... says:


    **UU \/