Rule of Cuteness #42: Ears that flop over a LEETLE BEET are cute.

See what I mean? Check out Señorita McFlops here:




Kayla over at Hannah Banana Bowtique sent these in.



  1. Senor or Senorita? Either way, cute!! I agree, ears that flop a little = cute but the demurely downcast eyes don’t hurt!

  2. It looks like a baby version of Wishbone!!!!! Eee, how adorable!

  3. that might be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen on this website. smooooooossh!

  4. Gigantic Dome Head!!

  5. Trabb's Boy says:

    Why yes. Yes, I do see what you mean! Freckled bellies don’t exactly hurt in the cute department either.

  6. Senorita Flops is seriously prosh.

  7. Ears that flop over + Gigantic Dome=My own head exploding because of the very high Cute Factor resulting from such a lethal combination.

  8. Wait, this rule changed in the last five minutes or so – what happened to the LEETLE BEET?

    I don’t know, I thought the original rule meant if big ears flopped just a little, that was cute – but it’s only little ears? No problem, that’s cute too!

  9. Is there a rule about pink skin with peach fuzz fur? There should be! That is super cute stuff.

  10. Oh my goodness gracious. The head is HUGE! I think I melted from cute!
    I must say, that baby’s head is bigger than Melvin’s!.

  11. Oh dear god. That nosicle. That soft little peenk nosicle. I MUST HAVE EET!

  12. I thought we were up to 42? 31 was reassigned, but the original 32 is Naughtiness! And 41 is Vulnerable Areas.

    that said, this SO deserves to be a rule. May I neeble them please?

  13. I apologize, I’m really confused. I swear when I looked 15 minutes ago the headline had changed to “Little ears that flop over are cute” or something like that. But I guess I am losing my mind, perhaps truly overloaded by Teh Qte?

  14. Eeeeeep! This puppy is cute to the 10th power! Check out the little wrinkles on her cute freckly little tummy. She is perfect.

  15. I want to pet her, and hold her, and feed her, and hug her, and kiss her, and stroke her, and snuggle her, and cuddle her, etc!!

  16. I think this is a Scottish Fold babbeh puppeh; (If not, she sure is a dead ringer for one)…….. in any case, she is not much bigger than her heart-shaped medallion…….
    (Akshully, she should also have a little heart-shaped pink pillow, lined wif lace of course, to sit on….!) 😉

  17. digging the pensive, demure mood. some folks have all the clarity in daytime!

  18. Cordelia says:

    What a sweetie pie! And so ladylike, with the bashful downcast eyes, lol. Adorable!

  19. Lula Mae says:

    Flop! in the name of love
    this puppy broke my heart

  20. Ok, the senor got changed to senorita so now none of my comments make sense! Ah well, pupster is still cute so all is good.

  21. Paunchie says:

    gawd. she’s lovely! So sweet! short dainty little snout!

  22. Andi from NC says:

    She is so petite that the heart-shaped name plate appears to be weighing her down.

    I can almost hear a frenchman singing in the background: “Sank heaven, for leetle gurls….” Get her a baret!

  23. Paunchie says:

    sank hebben for leetle gurls
    with freckle tums and peenkee skeen
    so sweet

    sank hebben for leetle gurs
    zuh floppeh ears zat wait for you to nom

  24. binky-mama says:

    Poor little pupster is gonna topple over from the weight of that ginormous tag!

    *reaches out to poke belleh folds*

  25. My goodness, that is one pet-able head. *pet pet*

  26. earlybird1 says:

    Oh for the love of Pete! This is too moishe! Oversized baby forehead…shy downcast gaze… soft freckled belleh chub… tender ear flops… (sigh). I could take her home RIGHT NOW!

  27. Lerrinus says:

    Awwwwwwwww! Absolutely adorable! *la smooch!*

  28. chanpon says:

    Her ears don’t flop over a “leetle beet”, they flop over a lot. And they’re mighty cute.

  29. I love how the pink collar matches the pink belly and earsies.

  30. *TWITCH*

  31. platedlizard says:

    Look how big that tag looks on him! And those are the smallest size tags in the instant tag making machines, too. He’s leeeeetle.

  32. tracylee says:

    gasp! zee leeetle eyelashes!

  33. Jezebel says:

    I just cried tears of cuteness!

  34. You just had to do the closeup thing, didn’t you?
    [tries to herd stray spot back onto pup’s belly]

  35. The freckled belleh and muzzle are soooo sweet. And the expression on her face! She is heartbreakingly cute!

  36. This is classic CO gold. This here Meg post. The pic, caption. Pure CO.

  37. temperance says:

    whoa. i’m in love. deeply, madly, truly.

  38. doomchild says:

    Juuust an itsy bitsy *chomp* from there.. and a little *nom* on the other ear…
    yup, perfect floppage there! *nom nom*

  39. jubileeblot says:

    Jumbo dome haid, Teensy lashes, Freckle belly, Black nose marks the kissy spot, plus a PINK MUZZLE-POWSHE. What do the teeny paws look like? Are they pink jelly beans toes, or licorice jelly bean toesies? I love Chi babies all Chi’s for that matter! This one is ADORABLE! XX-OO

  40. She’s so fi-ine…

  41. Hon Glad says:

    Spotty tum good to nom.

  42. And if you can draw her, you may have artistic talent!

  43. Lerrinus says:

    *raises hand*
    I agree with pyrit! 😀

  44. ashley mcg. says:

    i can’t believe she’s real!

  45. Nancy (orig) says:

    I wanna kiss you all over,
    And over ag-annnnn!

  46. temperance says:

    sonnets need to be written about this puppy.

  47. Thanks everyone! I love her so much!

  48. White little lady sitting in blue,
    She knows not of her beauty
    Or love in her eyes, pure and true.

  49. HylianJean says:

    ❤ ❤ <3! She looks almost just like K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing! Give her a tiny guitar RIGHT NOW!

  50. Adorable!!!!

  51. Kristina says:

    Can anyone tell me what breed she is ? ❤ 3 3

  52. I’m thinking, dog. Domesticated.

  53. I want one! I want one! AWWW! 😀

  54. Awwwwwww. Cute black eye ring!

    Suits this innocent face just right! 😀

    You’re a girl right? Cute little fella. 😀

  55. Thats so cute

  56. zeldapie says:

    Triangle ears are ALWAYS ALWAYS cute.
    So are polka dots!!

  57. Omg Soooooooooooooooo cute oh and by the way my name is Kayla too thats awesome and and and and CUTE! PUPPY! goodbye Senorita puppy

  58. nina santiago says:

    i want it!!!!

  59. I went ultrasonic with this one!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!
    (collapses to the floor)

  60. AWWW aint she purtieeeeeeeeeeeeee

  61. Leslie T. says:

    Hi guyz.
    @ Theo: And here I was, thinkin’ you were CLEVER!!! (wink — NOT said with nastiness or in true meaning….don’t assume my attempt to score a quick punchline, implies any ACTUAL disrespect)

    Re. Song Title / Caption Choice: I vote wholeheartedly for the suggestion “FLOP! In the Name of Love” …it encapsulates the reason for the photo, succinctly AND provides a sunny earworm for us to hum as we walk off into The Real World.

    Peace (really Theo — I’m actually almost feeling too cowardly to post a comment that could be taken as not favorable to you. **Almost***….I’ll go to Confession tomorrow).
    Signed — a Recovering Ex-Catholic (who still goes to Confesssion)

  62. Ahh… I love being ambiguous. 😈

  63. I’d like to add that spotted bellies are cute too.

  64. Just stopping by once more to check in on this little lady. She has doth stolen my heart.

  65. What breed would she be! She’s beautiful.

  66. She’s a Chihuahua 🙂