Puhlease, People

People, Hello Kitty is such a cutesy nightmare. I know what you’re thinking—”hello Kettle? it’s me. You’re black!” But seriously folks, will you please get a load of this Hello Kitty Castle? Try not to ralph.


What’s even stranger? This place is in Taiwan, not Japan! What’s up with that. Various grossatating pics via Too Much Free Time and the Uni-Resort site in Hsinchu, Taiwan.



  1. Puhlease indeed! Meg, if YOU think this is overload, well then it must be! I’m getting cavities just looking at these pictures…

  2. PS, loooove the “nightmares” tag. Snerk.

  3. The kids are still screaming. Ahhhhh, my eyes!

  4. Totally RALPHing here. It’s a wonder they don’t have white kittens dressed up in Hello Kitty costumes everywhere!

  5. Aww, come on, it really isn’t any worse than The Pink House:

  6. temperance says:

    soooo dreamy. seriously.

  7. Elvis would have loved it.

  8. i feel like i’m the only person who would enjoy living there right now…

  9. Jocelyn says:

    Is it only like 6 feet high? Do small pink kittehs live in there?

  10. PinkPiggi says:

    OMG! I Lurve it!! Me wants! :o)

  11. Hehee….I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright…..

  12. chanpon says:

    I hate to admit it, but I would live there.

  13. The pink is going to make my eyes explode, and the cute is going to rot my brain. Not much pretty about that…

  14. Looks pretty cozy, actually. Much more livelier than my room’s drab and boring beige.

  15. Never has this blog been more appropriately named.

  16. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I have a friend–she’s 57 years old–loves Hello Kitty. Has the crap all over her house and car. Gag me with a spoon. Taste would have died long before it got to that house.

  17. the bug man says:

    Has anyone visited the “Too Much Free Time” site linked to above?

    The Hello Kitty AK-47 kind of freaks me out.

  18. Jiggles says:

    I don’t think I could have sex or go poop in that house.

  19. ceepdublu says:

    This is exactly why homeowners’ associations exist.

  20. The outside is a bit much . . . but the inside is to die for!

  21. leslie thomas says:

    Believe it or not, it could be worse:
    In the past several days, I browsed across a webpage called Spluch (German, but in English text) …with a PLATINUM Hello Kitty figurine…..yup… $163,.000 big ones. I’m not skilled at quoting its address (none shows at bottom of page) & do not see any date indicating whether this is / was a ridiculuous indulgence from 4 yrs ago or still current; but the webpage is there ….w/ elegant pho-to. Jus’ sayin’….I refuse to testify on whether I would be convinced to indulge myself if I suddenly received $250 million taxfree……..
    Please don’t throw tomatoes at my computer???? If I ever do receive such a windfall, I promise that I’ll consider investing in “Hello Kitty” counseling ….I PROMISE !!

  22. XueShan says:

    I live in Taiwan. Taiwan youth (speaking in generalities) are seriously into all things Japanese. And teh cute goes way into teh saccharine at times. I like it because it’s so over the top that there’s nothing else to do but like it. Better that than puke all day.

  23. Holy barfatrocious! Wow – is that at a resort? I mean, people don’t live there full time do they? I’d put them on insulin right now.

    The Too Much Free Time site is pretty scary – Hello Kitty baby perfume? Babies need perfume? And yes, the AK47 is creepy – most of the rest is just astonishing, like the Hello Kitty lawnmower and welding helmet.

  24. I would definitely live there as well. There’s no curing my Hello Kitty addiction.

  25. chanpon says:

    @AmyJ – yes, it is a resort (of rental vacation homes). And you if you follow the second link to the Taiwanese site, it also shows a similar home but in green decor for those who find the pink a bit too much to stomach.

  26. know what ELSE is in taiwan? this: http://www.reuters.com/article/lifestyleMolt/idUSTRE4B41WG20081205?rpc=60

    it’s a hello kitty themed maternity hospital… make sure to look at the pictures!

  27. Thanks, Chanpon! The green one is Hello Kitty too but somehow seems a little less aggressively cute than the pink-on-pink house.

    Either way I definitely think they should lay in a supply of insulin…

  28. I think you just killed part of my soul.

  29. annoyinglittletwerp says:

    My grandparents were living in Taiwan when I was born-and loved it there.
    I’ll bet they’re spinning in their urns right now.

  30. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh, I kinda like the green one. I wish there were pictures of the inside.

  31. janet2buns says:

    I wonder if Japan is worse. My niece taught English in Japan for a year and she said even MEN have Hello Kitty charms hanging off their cellphones. I wonder if those guys need testosterone injections.

  32. platedlizard says:

    Meh. I’ve seen a Hello Kitty viberator (no kidding!) so a mere house is not as scary. Although, with all that pink and white I don’t see how anyone could actually live in it. One dropped mug of tea and goodbye carpet.

  33. fish eye no miko, there are photos of the inside, to the right of the photo of the green house at the Uni-Resort site. If you click on the little pictures you can get larger versions. Pretty much the same decor as the pink house, only green – less horrifying for me.

  34. Bug man, I have commissioned miniature Hello Kitty Kalashnikovs for all the Giant Water Bugs in my neighborhood. Complete with matching “glittergum” bandoliers, these fierce aquatic predators are sure to capture the hearts and minds of even the most die-hard entomophobes.

  35. anonymous coward says:


    I’m speechless. Still trying to figure if it’s someone with too much time (and money) on {his|her} hands, or someone who positively needs counselling.

    Cute, but scary.

    Well, at least to me.

  36. Jezebel says:

    Is there Hello Kitty toilet paper? If there is, I’m in!

  37. platedlizard says:

    Oh wait, it looks like they went the hardwood floor rout, which was probably a good idea. Still, no eating on the sofas! That pink looks like it would stain if I even looked at it.

  38. I’m just wondering what else Meg’s new (and entirely appropriate) “Nightmares” tag will be used for.


  39. Theo – maybe that turtleburger a few posts back? That one kind of gave me the willies.

    [See, though, that wasn’t real. Hence the “Cartoons” tag. – Ed.]

  40. Samantha says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, I would love to live there.

  41. Do people live there or is this some type of tourist attraction? Hopefully the latter, although my seven year old daughter thinks it’s fab!

  42. sigh to the more money than brains creation of this house.

  43. Star-eyed says:

    XueShun, I also live in Taiwan and totally agree, you have to just laugh and like it, otherwise it will drive you insane. There are grown women trying to look like they are 16 years old everywhere, so Hello Kitty house soo doesnt surprise me 🙂

  44. “Jiggles 06.27.09 at 5:53 pm I don’t think I could have sex or go poop in that house”

    Ha! I could, I’d have some freaky sex in that house, get some pink rope, pink handcuffs, and a pink gag. Dressed up in some frilly outfit all in lace and bows, like a little gothlollie. Be all like, “Spank me harder daddy.”

    It’d be so wrong it’s right.

  45. Why am I suddenly hearing Eric Clapton in my head? 😐

  46. …and pooping wouldn’t be any kind of problem at all, as long as you don’t mind that it comes out BRIGHT PINK. 😡

  47. Theo, is it any better than the Mellencamp?

    [Depends on whether you’re hearing the same track I’m hearing. And I kinda doubt it, because you’d know. – Ed.]

  48. Wow, um, I’m just, wow, all kindsa, wow and stuff.

    But I will say this for sure: I *LOVE* the name Ralph.

  49. OMG, remember when MTV gave away a pink house?

  50. …or when Extreme Makeover Home Edition got Mellencamp to do that number after the reveal? (To be fair, I don’t think that house was actually pink.)

  51. OH MY GOD 🙂 That is ONE place I would just LOVE to visit 🙂 I have a thing about kitties 🙂 So sue me 🙂

  52. Teresa, my lawyers will be contacting you on monday.

    [Mine all just resigned. 😦 – Ed.]

  53. o_O please tell me u r not the same theo I know irl. It looks like ur icon.

    Uh… Um… (So red she’s glowing)

    Please, please, god don’t tell anyone what I said about the hello kitty sex palace. (Dies)

  54. Leyla, you do not know me in real life. No worries.
    Also, my icon is a cat.
    Hello, kitty.

  55. Well, at least it ain’t the Hello Kitty bondage suite:


    [I guess that answers Leyla’s… uhm, was it actually a question? AAAAAnyways… – Ed.]

  56. [begins composing a “Hello Kitty Bondage Suite”, to be played on the piano in the Hello Kitty bondage suite]

  57. Darlin’ wont you ease her worried mind…

  58. To be followed up closely by “Suite Judy Pinkeyes”. 😛

  59. I don’t know, Theo, do nightmares have to be real? That turtle looked like the kind of thing that might crop up in one of my nightmares…

  60. I want Tsai Ming-liang to make a movie in the Hello Kitty House.

  61. SenseiKrystal says:


    (my boyfriend, on the other hand, recoiled in horror and just said “NO!”)

  62. XueShan says:

    Star-eyed, awesome, we’re on the same page. Just say “hao ke ai oh!” at everything and we’re good to go. Doesn’t even matter if you’re saying it ironically, hehe. (For others, “hao ke ai oh!” is the Chinese version of “kawaii!”–so cute!)

  63. XueShan says:

    Patito Gigante — wah! That would be hilarious. Kitty’s hidden depths of longing and alienation.

  64. HK antidote, well maybe
    Hello Kthulhu  w/ Rosemary

    actually, a guy that LIKES cute and isn’t afraid to display the lurrrrve, actually seems kinda hot.

  65. XueShan, I can totally see Hsiao-kang puking through a hole in that floor…

  66. Ever fallen in love with a house,
    Ever fallen in love!
    Ever fallen in love with a house you shouldn’t have fallen in love with!?

  67. danielie says:

    I love it! 😀 I’d live there in a heartbeat. Hello Kitty = WIN.

  68. doomchild says:

    Yea, I’d live there.
    But CO must be lying.. there is NO way that place is NOT in Japan.

  69. MoonCatty says:

    Ah… so that’s what Hell looks like.

    Promise to be good now.

  70. miltoncat says:

    Oy… the (presumably) woman who moves into this house should totally hang up ANY hope of getting married, ever. I can’t picture any guy dealing with so much pink and HK day in, day out!

  71. I have to say, this is one tewelly hilarious post.

  72. I love it !, its some kind of hotel right? so anyone can stay for a while IF THEY WANT! ITS not compulsory! And if it is someones home well if they like it they can do it!

  73. Lula Mae says:

    If I could make a wish.. I’d go for a Cinnamoroll House

  74. Haha, I love it. WANTS! But can I have it in Red and Black instead of Pink please? I´m a bit goth, y´know. 😉

  75. DaytimeDeb says:

    All I can say is I am glad they are not my neighbors. I’ll take lawn that desperately needs to be mowed over HK Overload any day of the week!

  76. DaytimeDeb says:

    Although I am curious: Is it edible?

  77. In The Grim Future Of Hello Kitty, There Is Only War.

  78. Carolyn says:

    If any man living in that house has even the remotest hope of biologically fathering a child we must put him on a continous Viagra infusion, STAT! (and put in blue mood lighting – it’s a pinkness antidote).

    [Actually I was thinking about a truckload of black and silver paint, giant LCD panels, a weapons-grade sound system, and Nine Inch Nails on heavy rotation… – Ed.]

  79. Houdi'sMom says:

    Not the whole house, but I would not mine having that bedroom(except for the rug). I confess to having a pair of Hello Kitty earrings.

  80. One of the most god-aweful places ever. Jeez… (I never really understood the hello kitty thing).

  81. Olof Moleman says:

    This is disgusting….

  82. Umm, wow, just…wow.

  83. I think it’s rather cute and I’m not really a Hello Kitty fan. It would be like living in a dollhouse.

  84. mervtheflamingo says:

    I think it is pretty. Then again, I’m living in a flooded, disgusting slum thanks to my landlord.

    I’d live just about anywhere.

  85. punkinberry says:

    Zomg, there’s a typo in the hovertext on the second photo, and it’s driving me INSANE!

  86. NEED! I want 😦 and fill it with cute tabby kitties to snorgle !!!

  87. Cynthia says:

    My favorite comment was the caption, “Hello, Kettle?…”

    The whole thing makes me smile! What I like about “Hello Kitty” is that it’s simple and harmless. Okay, maybe not so harmless if there are Hello Kitty AK47s out there, but still.

    I’m a physicist and serious scientist. And I have a Hello Kitty change purse!

  88. how cute this is!! that’s my dream house♡

  89. Katrina says:

    Barbies, Mary Kay, Pepto Bismol, that ice cream that comes in that color and Hello Kitty- well, I think pink has been ruined as a color.

    Now, obviously no one lives there at the time of the photo shot- where are the papers? Where are the books? The dirty dishes? Where are the visible signs of human habitation? Does the house come with a cat? A dozen white cats with pink nosicles, perhaps?

    I could mess that puppy (sorry) up in 10 minutes and make it look like someone lived there. Come on Abbey, we have a scared task to perform, now, where did I put your brush?

  90. LOL@XueShan’s “I like it because it’s so over the top that there’s nothing else to do but like it. Better that than puke all day.”

    Hovertext rocks!

  91. Kitteh Toez says:

    The inside actually kind of looks like my house…

  92. Hon Glad says:

    I haven’t Ralphed but I might Ruth.

  93. That’s ruthless. Now let’s say grace.

    [“Goodnight, Gracie” – Ed.]

  94. It’s not odd for other Asian countries to embrace Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty Online (www.hellokittyonline.com), was developed in China.

  95. Eh … call me if they do a Badtz Maru house. 🙂

    Seriously, I agree that the house is too much, but it would be an awesome dollhouse.

  96. This is my dream come true!

  97. I like the bedroom-not so much Hello Kitty in it.

  98. I think I might be voilently ill.

  99. Wowsers!!! An honest, to goodness dollhouse for adults; 😉 Wut particularly endears this architectural wonder to me: the shades of pink are not shocking, knock-your-eye- out , screaming meemey PYNK!!! The hues are more muted, nawt Barbie-pink; that said, since I kannawt afford wun like this, I’m going to go out and buy a Hello-Kitty Humiliation Outfit to put on my petite-tuxie (or nawt, becuz I doan fink I cuud catch her……!) 🙄

  100. Sandra S. says:

    Were it a B & B or something, I’d totally stay there. Were it a house on my block, I think I’d laugh my ass off. Were it my house, I think I’d love it for the first week and then go all Yellow Wallpaper.

  101. i want that house…it makes me happy

  102. Danielle says:

    Glad you’re noticing that Taiwan seems to be a country as masterfully cute as Japan. (Maybe more because it sometimes seems like they go even more over the top. Perhaps way past tasteful and back again, but man that makes it so fun, right!!) I really want to go there! (Maybe not the kitty house, exactly, but Taiwan, for sure.)

  103. essensual says:

    Would it be better in cream instead of pink? :p I would love to just see the opposite…the goth house or something…but of course, I will have to look for that in gothoverload web…

  104. I’m sorry, but I love it!

  105. This is not cute. It’s cloying.
    Big difference.

  106. leslie thomas says:

    @ Cynthia…

    Wow!! Your personality profile should be listed in the dictionary under
    “Balance of personality spheres”. A Physicist..who ADMITS to carrying a HK
    changepurse??? I’m so happy for the Medical Profession.

  107. Miss Temple says:

    I’m like the biggest Hello Kitty fan in the world, but this is really ugly!
    I must admit that I like the bedhead, but the rest is not cute at all.

  108. gravyboat says:


  109. I looked at the link. There is a product listed as a “wedling helmet”. A misspelling of “welding” or “wedding”. It would be more interesting if they meant “wedding” helmet. :oO~ :oO~

  110. I want to move in!

  111. ZOMG!!! Oh, the HUMANITY!! Now THAT’S an eyesore!! xP I love pink and Hello Kitty, but this is a nightmare!!

  112. I dunno i think living here would make me smile 🙂 I doubt i would ever be able to keep a guy tho… hehe

  113. XueShan says:

    Danielle – Make the trip! You’ll have a blast. Taiwan’s one of the best places ever, except for the Olympic-caliber sweating you’ll do in the summertime. It’s a sometimes crazy place, but in the nicest way. (I have to leave next month after living here for eleven years, and I’m bumming hard.)

  114. XueShan says:

    Patito Gigante – Nice visual, heh heh. You should send him a script.

  115. I didn’t Ralph, but I did Rolph.

  116. Why do I now want to petition the Canadian Army to arm each and every single solider with the Hello Kitty AK-47?

  117. Procatstinator says:

    This is why seven year old girls shouldn’t be allowed to own real estate.

  118. Charlie, I will help you round up cute tabbies to fill that house with for some serious snorgling and petting and cuddling 🙂

  119. This place doesn’t seem so bad, but it looks cheap. Like in a hard plastic dollhouse kinda way.

  120. Let me guess, a single woman, who will never marry lives there.

  121. I lurrrve it! i want to visit =)

  122. Jenny Shain says:

    $$$ Does anybody know how much it cost to stay there?
    Is it booked up way far in advance… Want Details! $$$

  123. I like the food. It looks delicious. As for the front of the house…not as inviting. But the inside looks really nice! I wouldn’t mind living there…but maybe a little bit too much pink for me. However, if there was a house based on Sanrio theme with Sanrio characters in the front of the house and each room has a character, I’ll live there. Just not all about Hello Kitty. Lol.

  124. XueShan says:

    There’s an amusing detail on the website that the pink one is described as “English style” and the green house is described as “French style.” Hee. Take that, Brits!

    Jenny, I think I found an e-mail address at yuhwa@tonho.com.tw if you want to contact them.

  125. jackie31337 says:

    I dare not show this to my 6-year-old, or she will want us to build one (or at the very least, decorate her room that way).

    As for the request to pass the Pepto Bismol, the walls seem to be covered in it, so just go lick some off.

  126. Fluffybunny says:

    i would soo live there -singsong-

    That house is the strangest ‘english’ style i have ever seen, looks just american to me!

  127. Dear gods, it’s like a house-sized bento box! o_O

  128. Katrina says:

    Ya know, I guess this would be oh, so fun for a little girl’s birthday party sleep-over thing. I can see that, if the parents have lots of money and no social conscience, I can see it happening. Honeymoons, not so much. Unless it sports an in-house therapist. But it is really well done, and that can’t be denied. I wonder what that color of dark pink paint is called? Love the lattice work in the front.

  129. I showed the pics to my boyfriend which caused him to shudder and say, “man, I can feel my balls shrinking just looking at the photos”

  130. Katrina says:

    Eileen, if he is as funny at other times, good find, there! They’ll puff back up when the picture goes away. (How do I know this)

  131. Well…the Hello Kitty placemats might be a little over the top but what wrong with it? I’d definitely live there!!!

  132. What’s weird about it being in Taiwan? I cannot make sense of that comment.

  133. I’ve really got to nuff — not the entry, but some of the replies. Can we have a little less of the snide, nasty judgments on people who like Hello Kitty and like fancy houses — less of the “pathetic single woman, will NEVER be able to marry” or the “any guy who likes hello kitty is UNMANLY!” Sheesh! I wouldn’t want to live there either, but yanno, YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

    And yes, for the record, hello kitty and other cuteness franchises are popular among both men and women in Japan. Cuteness is not restricted there to the female gender only. And really — why should it be?

    [I agree with you, to a point. But I must stand firm upon my No Hello Kitty For Me Thanks platform, which I’ve maintained since before my sister & I were in grade school. – Ed.]

  134. zeldapie says:

    I just vomited and it was all PINK!!!

    [Here, I mixed you a Hello Bismol. Shaken, not spewed. Drink up! – Ed.]

  135. That is, without a doubt, the coolest and scariest thing I have ever seen!

  136. Dan Reeves says:

    If they want to sell that house, it will NEVER sell. Especially if the buyers are ‘hello kitty’ haters..lol

  137. Katrina says:

    Au contraire, Dan Reeves- there are simply oodles of people who would buy that house, I’m afraid.

    Hey, Kodalai, I gave it an equivocal something or other with my overnight scenarios. I was snide, yes, but, well, dmnit I tried to be nice.

  138. I would live there it is awesome.

  139. TwilightGuru says:

    I think they like hello kitty….

  140. Shhhhhhhh.

  141. It costs NT$16800 a night. Roughly US$520. Just go to the Rakuten site to buy.

  142. cloudcar says:

    I think it needs *more* cute. More round. More fur. More squish. More animal shapes and some paw shapes, too.

  143. Foxmosa says:

    Well, seeings how Taiwan was a Japanese colony for 50 years, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Loveforcute still courses through our blood, yanow. 😉

  144. Seen on Lauowolf’s Vox: Bye Bye Kitty. 😈 Oh yeah.

  145. Lydia K. says:

    I honestly truely love it!! I used to fantasize about owning my own daycare… this is exactly how I envisioned it!! Now in all reality – I’d think my husband would leave me with my nine cats if I ever thought about doing this to MY HOUSE!

  146. Katrina says:

    A Daycare center- yup, I can see that. I now realize that it could have a very useful purpose. A BIG dollhouse, too. I still love the latticework… Hey, it could be an embroidery studio-sure that would work.

  147. love

  148. I LOVE IT!!! I’d totally live in this house.

  149. I sorta love it.

  150. AWWWWW
    it’s cute!!!
    I just wish I can step into the house – and take pictures :]

  151. Patito Gigante 😈 I won the case 😈 just kidding 🙂

  152. I’m Taiwanese, was raised here and take it from me. We’re just as crazy as the Japanese. xD

  153. MargieKitty says:

    I would love to make this place my home!!!

  154. lizbeth says:

    It looks like the imaginings of a insane kindergartener millionare.

    That’s just bizarre. Kinda cracked me up though. Why’s it on CUTE overload tho? Cute part of that is…? [: lmao.