Oh, just throw him anywhere

He’ll be fine.


Rocky, the napping 3-pound Bichon Frisé puppy as snapped by Ashley M.



  1. chanpon says:

    Not quite as practical as a snuggie, but a fine accessory for the couch nonetheless – the boneless doggy.

  2. Kallisto says:

    Not to mention the black paw pads in the white curly wooly fur. Lovable.

  3. Carnivorous M. says:

    I love how his leetle paw pads are neon blue. (Or is that just the lighting?)

  4. I have never seen a puppeh that sleeps just like a kitteh:
    (you know the saying, “He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body”….. well, this bebbeh goggie doesn’t have ANY bone in his body…..) 😉

  5. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Introducing the Pupillow, toss this little ball of fuzz anywhere to brighten up a dull room!

  6. Aw, poor guy. My dogs do that on car trips sometimes when they’re WIPED.

  7. Aww, lookit his widdle pawsies! And the floof!

    The floof! The floof! The floof is on fi-ya!

  8. It’s the PUP-WOW! It’s like a shammy, it’s like a sponge.

    You’ll be saying “bow-wow” every time.

  9. Jimbeaux says:

    Awww… My last dog was just like this. She’s currently under different ‘ownership’ due to apartment rules, but I’m told she’s still as silly and floppy as ever.

  10. I don’t understand how he can twist himself into that position, never mind be comfortable in it.

    My dog’s favorite sleep position is on her back, front paws folded on her chest, back legs splayed in a very intimate position, committing indecent exposure.

  11. He’s a little bean bag!!!

  12. Where can I get some throw pups for my sofa? I’ll take several just like this one please!

  13. It’s like he has chocolate chips for toes!

  14. MoonCatty says:

    Perhapsmaybe “Rocky” should be renamed to “Flopsy”?


  15. Sooo flexabuls.

  16. Tummy needs a rub!!

  17. Oh it’s one of those stuffed puppy toys that only come to life if it is loved by a little boy or girl of great wealth but stricken with scarlet fever (or a shoeless street waif, or a neglected child of self-absorbed parents) who truly believes it is real and every day they are inseparable and have wonderful, bittersweet adventures, until, one gray day the child grows up, the magic is lost, and the bewildered pup is cast aside, lifeless, left behind, thrown anywhere…

  18. Ellen W. says:

    pyrit We don’t talk about those books. They NEVER HAPPENED, capiche?

    Regarding the photo: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bischon still before- even in photos I swear I can see them twitching.

  19. @Meaghan – In my house, that’s known as sleeping in the “dead bug” position.

  20. danielie says:

    How adorable is this? 🙂 Very comfortable indeed.

  21. DaytimeDeb says:

    Still photog just makes it look like he’s relaxing…he’s actually buffing the leather furniture.

  22. janet2buns says:


  23. Yep, he’s obviously been tutored in Advanced Sleeping by a cat! Cute!

  24. Okay, now that has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, and I come here a *lot*.

    I’ve been taught a new recipe:

    Take one bad morning, add heaping, fluffy scoop of boneless, sleepy puppy, and mix vigorously. Poof! Bad morning gone bye-bye! =D

  25. Hon Glad says:

    Pyrit- You’ve harshed ma cute with that sad tale, sob sob.

  26. Hon Glad – There, there now. But you know what happens next. The pup sheds one, little tear. A single tear, so full of love and longing, that whatever it touches will instantly have life everlasting. And, sure enough, that shining tear, plops right on the pup’s paw, et voila, pup goes bounding about, all over the horizon, and years later, it has a chance encounter with the adult child who, briefly feels a tug of youthful recognition, and feels happy again. And the pup goes on to worldwide fame, starring in a series of PG-rated adventure tales.

  27. temperance says:

    i bet he smells delicious…definitely in need of some snorgle action.

  28. leslie thomas says:

    wow — pyrit!!!
    Pleez DO tell me that you’re an author in some aspect of (hate to bring this term into this conversation, but I can’t accomplish my objective w/ o doing this…) …Tha Real World????
    if not…it’s a magnificent avenue that might have been neglected in your personal development (not to ment, you could make *WADS O CASH* ..cuz…ye’re GOOD !!!!

    — with curiosity & emphatic, affirming nudges, Leslie

  29. And you, leslie? You’re not *the* Leslie Thomas, the author, are you?
    As for me, I’ll tell you, no, the real world of real authors seems to get along fine without me.
    Sniff, …sigh.
    Thank you for your enthusiastic compliment.

  30. gravyboat says:

    I think I need like 4 of these.

  31. ashley mcg. says:

    as a friend of little mister rocky’s, i can confirm the fact that he is indeed snorgleicious!

  32. Mary (the first) says:

    I can’t conceive of a dog that’s only 3 lbs. My cat is 7 and seems tiny and frail to me! Are y’all sure this is real??

  33. 1: Isn’t the puppy photo groovy? (& I’m a feline fanatic; so I really DO like him/her)

    ok, now —
    2: back to my Career Counseling w/ Pyrit …

    Ya GOTTA try out yer chops!! Submit something to greeting cards; hook up on a website called Helium & just write about something that ye’re good at (like describing cute things; romantic novels — I’m guessing on that one, based on the paragraphy about “the one little tear, that …” …. Serious!!
    Meself, while I’m not a writerrr; I am, actually, a (sarcastic but intentional misprononciation here) professhiunul liberrion…MLS & all ‘dat …15 yrs worth…YA GOT it, girl!! Go hire yerself out to someone !!

    okay. I’m done now. To the editors & Coverloaders, for tolerating this sidetracked convo. Thank ye verr’ much. Peace

  34. hon glad says:

    Pyrit- Whew, thanks for the happy ending.

  35. jackie31337 says:

    I’ve definitely been playing too much KoL, because the first thing that came to mind when I read “Rocky, the napping 3-pound Bichon Frisé puppy” was “That sounds like an awesome familiar. I wonder how I can get one”.

  36. DaytimeDeb says:

    Pyrit, I love your puns and quick wit.
    But zees storieee, eet zoundz strangely familiar, no? 😉
    Perhaps I am mistaken, I might have a touch of zee fever. But no one thows out my animals, non non non. Zay are real, and zay stay wiz me.

  37. Daytime Deb – Are you thinking of Velveteen Rabbit?

  38. Leslie T.! – Oh my! I think there are lots of librarians around CO. Who’da guessed?
    Thank you for, “Ya GOTTA try out yer chops!!” Love it.
    Will do, ma’am. Absotootly!

  39. Katrina says:

    pyrit-you’re a gifted person, nooooo doubt.

  40. It’s rlly OK to read all those sad children’s books, rlly!!! Because I have taken it upon myself to re-write all their last chapters…… (Anybody that is acquainted with me knows that: I ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE A HAPPEE ENDING…… o_O ) 😯

  41. Kristabelle says:

    Go for it, Pyrit!

    As for the puppeh, very cute!!! I have one similar, only in Wheaten color. 😉 She sleeps with her head one way and body the other – no bones! I think she must have been in the womb that way.

  42. DaytimeDeb says:

    @cheshirekittehkat — Most of them do have happy endings, it’s the story leading up to the ending that makes kids quake in their slippers. The Velveteen Rabbit, for instance, is in danger of getting thrown out (some versions actually have him destined for the incinerator!) But when he finally sheds a real tear and is kissed by the fairy, he is real…and he does run into the ‘boy’ later and even though the boy doesn’t know it is his rabbit, the boy does remember his old bunny fondly.

    Walt Dismal movies are the classic example of terror for kiddies: I can’t remember how many times I ran down the hall screaming “I can’t watch let me know when it’s over!” when some goose is about to get beheaded or you think some dog broke it’s leg and is going to get eaten by a bear, only to be thrilled with happy moments later when it turns out OK. Honestly, I think the writers for Disney were bi-polar. The emotional ups and downs in those stories… oy.

    But I digress…

  43. Heather says:

    OMG! he looks just like my favorite toy when i was a kid., only white instead of brown The Gund dog Gilbert from the ’80s. I just want to cuddle him 😀

  44. Reminds me of our late bichon, Max… white ball of floof who could (and did) sleep anywhere, in any position.

  45. Leslie T. says:

    Pulitzer in Cute Cleverness:
    Best single euphemism for the Mickey Corporation, EVER: “Walt Dismal”!!

    From a native (albeit a fully Caucasian one) Floridian non-Disney devotee

  46. Katrina says:

    DaytimeDeb- niiiiiiiiice. Digress away, I can’t stand what “The Mouse” has come to symbolize, shlack, uniformity, groupthink, ah, no “Mouse” for me, it is right up there with “Barbie”. Ugh.

  47. Kristabelle says:

    Hey, hey, no picking on Barbie, now! She and her unnatural proportions are the basis for my positive self image. 😉

  48. Katrina says:

    Kristabelle? Are your feet always in the high heel position, too? Do you wear high heels with jeans? Does your hair hover over your head like a halo? Well, then my apologies. I was present when a young lady told her sister. “I want my wedding to be just like Barbie’s.” She was not kidding. I’m glad you didn’t get warped, some young ladies did. You can stop tipee-toeing now!, my fellow peep, or, as they say, “Stand Down”. *snerk* I will not trash her again. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, it was not my intention, but as I did it, I am sorry.

  49. Kristabelle says:

    I was only kidding, Katrina! Though, I must admit my arches are sore from years of heels. 😆 I prefer to see Barbie as a toy and not the making or unmaking of my psyche.
    That would have been one interesting wedding, as my Barbie weddings were the stuff of Dynasty and Dallas, or undressed, or once Ken was broken in half, sort of handicapped…not that there’s anything wrong with half a Ken.
    As an aside, I wanted my wedding to be just like White Christmas…well, you know, the dresses from the last scene in White Christmas…except, white. And that’s exactly what I did.