Friday Haiku

Thirty-six degrees,
Easy, clear trajectory.
I could crap on that.
– Argyle Donkeypants

Sharp talons and beak
Slice cleanly, and blue blood flows.
Alas, just a dream.
– Jessie


Season? In haiku?
I can’t deal with the pressure!
Form’s too hard. (Winter)
– Von Zeppelin

On Thanksgiving Day
Nothing says let us give thanks
Like a Smurf balloon
– Daytime Deb

Complicated day
I click on CO and smile,
a moment’s respite.
– Fluffy

Stu G. and Chiku the African Grey enjoyed the Thanksgiving Day Parade 2009 2008 and snapped this beaut.



  1. Two thousand and nine?
    I wont rain on your parade
    Don’t take our summer

  2. Tony James says:

    A photograph…from the future?!

  3. I am so confused
    Thanksgiving Parade in June?
    Helium warps brain.

  4. Leilani says:


  5. Thanksgiving 2009 hasn’t happened yet. Is this the future?

  6. The future is now
    This is Christmas in July
    and Thanksgiving too

  7. A giant blue Smurf
    I could fly down, and pop it!
    No… that would be mean.

  8. Wait, is that something like Christmas during summer in Australia?

  9. Perhaps this is a premonition? A vision of the future?

  10. Did “African Grey”
    Inspire “Norwegian Blue”?
    All the world wondered.

  11. Katiedid says:

    I have one question
    My bird brain can’t understand
    Why so blue, my Smurf?

  12. What an interesting perspective!!

  13. Katiedid says:

    Clipped wings really suck
    I wish I could fly like you
    Presents on kids heads

    I line the bottom of my birds cage with the auto section so he can feel more like a real bird..

  14. Von Zeppelin says:

    You look down upon
    Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
    If you’re a parrot

  15. Kathleen in Canada says:

    Wow… talk about your bird’s eye view!

  16. Camille says:

    Parrot is pondering
    “Why must I be locked indoors
    While the Smurfs fly free?”

  17. I’m a winged creature,
    Don’t need no stinkin’ helium,

  18. Oh it’s a Meg post!
    Meg is into the haiku
    That makes me happy


  19. Field notes, October:
    The humans are worshipping
    a strange blue idol.

    I sure hope that this
    ritual doesn’t involve
    the eating of birds.

  20. Is this parrot dead?
    No, it is merely restin’
    Pinin’ for the fjords

  21. brinnann says:

    Not motivated
    Enough for a good haiku
    Early mornings suck

  22. hon glad says:

    To freely fly
    Is not a given
    Sad sad sad

  23. Is there a picture?
    I cannot see it at all
    No inspiration

  24. In Fall I ponder
    blue smurf balloon below me
    the world parades past

  25. O hai Brinnan
    I iz on vacation
    iz fun

  26. kittyadventures: Beautiful!

  27. Chiku dreams flying
    soaring above he finds prey
    Autumn wind-ow pain

    hmm feels lame :-/
    trying again.

    Chiku dreams of wind
    His eagle’s wings carry him
    Autumn prey beware

  28. brinnann says:

    O hai Darth Laney!
    We haz been missingks you lots!
    Glad you’z hazin fun!

  29. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Thirty-six degrees,
    Easy, clear trajectory.
    I could crap on that.

  30. Lizzums says:

    High aspirations, Argyle. Very high.

  31. Von Zeppelin says:

    You call that flying?
    Walking with ropes on the blimps
    Down Central Park South?

  32. Von Zeppelin says:

    A note on my previous post–I know that’s probably Seventh Avenue, but I had to pick another part of the Macy’s parade route that fit the metre. Such are the constraints of poetry–no wonder so many poets were crazy or died young.

  33. Smurfin’ USA!
    “Papa Smurfer, Papa one”
    Parrot head, Smurf’s Up!

  34. The parrot head looks like a gargoyle.

    [Does, sorta – Ed.]

  35. Blue friend, though tethered
    to the ground with cruel ropes,
    let your heart float free.

  36. Katrina says:

    I’m afraid of heights
    Alfred the air sick eagle
    lurks within my soul

  37. Polly can’t wind surf
    This sad bird might as well be
    A giant blue smurf

  38. catloveschanel says:

    Billie Jean Is Not
    My Love She’s Just A Girl Who
    Claims That I Am The One

  39. Nice, catloveschanel!

  40. Chiku waits for him
    He’s behind the blue balloon
    Here comes Santa Claus!

  41. Five-seven-five is
    Correct format for haiku
    Get it right next rtme

  42. Parrot thinks aloud
    “Summer is really weird time
    to see floating Smurfs”

  43. @N/A:
    And Berthaservant
    Pointed out that often they
    Mention a season.

  44. brinnann says:

    @ catloveschanel
    OMG What have you done?!
    I haz an earworm!

  45. Sharp talons and beak
    Slice cleanly, and blue blood flows.
    Alas, just a dream.

  46. [My first haiku should probably start “Field notes: November.” I forgot that Thanksgiving is celebrated a month later down there than it is up here. Or the parrot forgot to turn the page in his calendar. Something like that.]

    Field notes, November:
    I’ve found some errors in my

    That blue idol thing?
    It happened in November.
    And they DID eat birds.

  47. Von Zeppelin says:


    A season? In my haiku?
    I can’t deal with the pressure!
    Form’s too hard! (Winter)

  48. Von Zeppelin says:


    I meant:
    Season? In haiku?
    I can’t deal with the pressure!
    Form’s too hard. (Winter)

    This counting as high as seven is too demanding! Can next Friday’s competition be in some other style? Like pointless, boring, long-format essay?

  49. Nekussa: Awesome ❤

    Field notes: November
    They call the blue god "Jokey."
    Don't open his gifts.

    Field notes: December
    They call the red god "Santa"
    His gifts are better.

  50. Long-format essay??
    But this is the internet!
    Short attention spans.

  51. Camille says:

    I realize that my haiku has an extra syllable in the first line, but that’s only because I failed to punctuate “pondering” properly. More poetic would have been “pond’ring.”

  52. Grey on grey, feathers
    Overlap in scalloped rows,
    Neatly, like shingles.

  53. Oh! CuteOverload
    Misidentified the float
    That’s not Papa Smurf

  54. Well seasoned haiku
    Thyme’s running on the meter
    We autumn hurry

  55. Chiku(rhymes with Hiku)?

    Chiku sees future (November 2009)
    Bird can fortell disaster
    Smurftastic demise.

  56. Suzanne says:

    Clipped wings and/or strings
    Limitations really suck
    How I want freedom

  57. DaytimeDeb says:

    On Thanksgiving Day
    Nothing says let us give thanks
    Like a Smurf balloon

  58. Lula Mae says:

    Come closer, you smurf
    I want to aim at your hat
    and drop something off


  59. D’oh.
    My last line shoulda been, “We autumn s-curry”
    Get it? Curry’s a seasoning.
    Oh well.

  60. brinnann says:

    Oh won’t someone help?
    My earworm doth persevere.
    I want a new one!

    [Try alternating between the Smurfs theme and the intro to “Centerfold” by the J Geils Band. In your HEAD, please; you don’t want your cow-orkers to kill you. And if that doesn’t work… – Ed.]

  61. I will fly to you.
    Then just one tiny nibble,
    and pop you will go.

  62. Oncoming Smurf
    Most thankful for arrival
    of new blue perch

  63. kelly oxford says:

    I see you down there –
    People, Plastic, Helium.
    Overlord, am I.

  64. Katiedid says:

    Yes, crush them like ants.
    My rein of terror is now.
    Giant blue minion.

  65. kibblenibble says:

    @ Jessy: Beautiful!

    Now mine:

    Daddy lookit that!
    Blue birdie flies onna leash!
    Don’t try that with me!

  66. @Brinn, was gonna say


    But T(Ed.) beat me to it.

  67. Can resist no more.
    I must add to the haikus
    And Friday spirit.

    Complicated day
    I click on CO and smile,
    a moment’s respite.

    Nuffers go away.
    Don’t spoil my “cute” break.
    Its only for fun.

    And now the parrot:
    From his aerie he must laugh
    at silly blue Smurf.

  68. Katiedid says:

    Nice Fluffy!!! 😀

  69. Pussytoes says:

    Smurf is So Eighties
    Give Me Up-To-Date Icon
    Like J-Lo’s Butt Float

    [That would be ’90s
    [Up-to-date probably means
    [Nick Jonas, dammit – Ed.]

  70. Kiragirl says:

    For sale at Macy’s
    Beautiful African Gray,
    Bonus: Papa Smurf.

  71. Sydney Carton says:

    Wow! That red building on the extreme left is my apartment building.

  72. Kiragirl says:

    What are the two strange
    orange balls behind the smurf?
    ‘cannot recognize.

    [ … too many JOKES… aaargh… – Ed.]

  73. manekineko says:

    No, it’s not Papa.
    But here’s the challenge: Can you
    Tell which smurf it *is*?

  74. Extry Smurf!

  75. In a bird’s eye view
    They slaughter our ranks for thanks
    Mocked by snurf – big, blue

  76. Smirkin smurf

  77. Smurf.

  78. No baker’s hat here
    No glasses flower or beard
    Must be Happy Smurf

    (alternate line)
    Oh Generic Smurf

  79. (alternate alternate line)

    All Purpose Smurf

  80. Big white hat calling
    “Look! I’m a floating target!”
    Move – I gotta poop!

  81. thelibrarianne says:

    Parrot vertigo!
    Chiku thinks to himself: Gosh,
    Humans are stupid.

  82. It is Poet Smurf
    Glidding Past my window view
    Earthound just like me

  83. Mary (the first) says:

    “What season is this?
    Fall floats in summertime??” asks
    Chiku the parrott.

  84. Clipped Wings restrain me
    blue balloon floats by my perch
    Autumn dreams haunt me

  85. Trabb's Boy says:

    Chiku thinks that is
    The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
    Who ya’ gonna call?

  86. brinnann says:

    Ooh, Annie, #85 is awesome!

    Because I can haz
    Vacation day this Nomday
    I skipped ahead some.

    CO Calendar
    I thank you for saving me
    With Nomday’s bunneh.

    His earworm is much
    Much more pleasant than MJ
    To mine bleeding ears.

  87. I work right across the street from Chiku! In fact, his neck is covering my office window! Neat!

  88. Trabb's Boy says:

    Just breathe deep, parrot.
    Think jungle trees, not buildings
    And an ugly blue sloth.

  89. danielie says:

    Spectators on land
    Will be scarred by my attack
    On that Smurf’s white hat.

    (Ha ha.)

  90. earlybird1 says:

    ooh, makes me dizzy…

  91. Coffeecup says:

    Though you fly freely
    Curious that you lack wings
    Who pulls your strings, Blue?

  92. temperance says:

    from my perch i stare
    i should be flying, not you
    i want to bite you!

  93. oh noes I slept through summer again! 😦

  94. CaptainHaddock says:

    Blue foe comes at last…
    Leave that girl scout troop alone!
    Your fight is with me!

  95. Smurf so big and blue
    Looks quite tiny from birds eye view
    Want to poop on you…

  96. Archers at the ready!
    Blue team, grey team, flank right, GO GO!!
    Fruition of plan.

  97. I want to fly free
    outside and under the sky.
    Let’s switch. Dad won’t care.


    I wish people would
    stand around and cheer and clap
    like this when I fly.

  98. PeekyWeeky says:

    I saw that parade on TV!

  99. Stephiedactyl says:

    The parrot wonders:

    Tied by ropes, is dragged.
    Two giant pumpkins follow.
    To his death perhaps?

    For the Gods, we have
    A Primitive thanks-giving.
    A Smurf Sacrifice.

  100. The Smurf sacrifice
    Would be much more dramatic
    With hydrogen gas

  101. Say! Inclusion of a “seasonal word” (kigo) is traditional in haiku. The kigo can be any word that invokes a season. Taxes, funnel cake, werewolves, gingerbread…

  102. Von Zeppelin says:


    “With hydrogen gas”?
    Is that a Zeppelin joke?
    Very insulting.

  103. Stephiedactyl says:

    Insulting? Perhaps-
    To the Hindenburg victims.
    But they are not here.

    : )

  104. I’d not thought of that.
    Boom! Oh, the humanity.
    Go watch MythBusters. 😈

  105. Balloon hit light pole
    in two thousand five. Since then
    no parade in wind.

    Bird sees the past, hopefully not the future!

    Von Zeppelin (and people who recognize the avenue), wouldn’t that be Broadway?

  106. @ kibblenibble: Thanks 🙂

    The November sky
    Beckons me. They cook my kind
    On this day of thanks.

    Ahem: Please note seaonal reference.

  107. Snicker

  108. Theo, Theo. *Shakes head.*

  109. brinnann says:

    OMG Teho
    LOL @ linky-poo
    Oh my, that is huge!

  110. (thank Brynzilla; it was on her Vox 😀 )

  111. Crowds a “no-go” for
    Agoraphobic parrot
    Views fun from safe spot

  112. Mary (the first) says:

    @Theo .. ROFL … out loud.. at work 😦

  113. Christine says:

    One eye, unblinking
    Puzzled by the blue man who’s
    Floating yet chained.

  114. Christine says:

    That was supposed to be…

    One eye, unblinking
    Puzzled by the blue man who’s
    Floating free yet chained.

    Too tired to haiku apparently!

  115. i can’t write a haiku…i feel terrible

  116. brinnann says:

    Sir Jorge, it’s really not that hard. Line one is 5 syllables, line two is 7 syllables, and line three is 5 syllables.


  117. Stephiedactyl says:

    Sir Jorge, why so sad?
    The haiku is not for all.
    Look at Bill Shakespeare!

  118. Parrot is happy
    That he is not a turkey
    To be served this fall.

  119. Paunchie says:

    Pinin’ for the fjords, he is! LOL

  120. Camille says:

    According to the list linked to by Patito Gigante, “parrots” qualifies as a seasonal word.

  121. so does “Manatee”

  122. Fly through the air
    The Parrots, and Manatees
    fly through the sea.

  123. The fat professor,
    Put strings on him and drag him
    floating, down Broadway.

  124. Want to play a game?
    I spy with my beady eye
    One of the windows

  125. you are far too bored
    for a Friday afternoon
    two words: PUDDING BATH

  126. (pudding is SO a season!)

  127. I shouldn’t haiku
    When working late on Friday
    Can’t resist parrots

    (or wordplay)

  128. Stephiedactyl says:

    It’s raining outside.
    Afternoon in Florida.
    What else can I do?

  129. Drifting Balloon smurf
    parrot contemplating life
    viewed in “Noir” angle

  130. Theo, don’t stop them –
    These comments have made my week!
    Many thanks to Meg.

    [Why would I stop them?
    [Heck, I’m enjoying the ride.
    [Party on, people – Ed.]

  131. @Camille– tell me about it! Every summer the eggs they left in the walls start popping open and my whole building is totally infested with those colorful little “guests”. The cat eats as many as she can catch, and I set out motels and keep the kitchen spotless, but every time I turn on the light I see a bunch of them scatter under the stove with my crackers in their beaks.

  132. Mary (the first) says:

    In what country is
    “Parrot” a season? Tell me!!

  133. Mary (the first) says:

    The stress of haiku
    Has caused undue CAPITALS
    I’m so, so, sorry.

  134. Mary (the first) says:

    What if my brain starts
    To think only in haiku?
    Oh noes. It’s alread

  135. Stephiedactyl says:

    Mary (the first), yep-
    I, too, have that problem now.
    Is it a bad thing?

  136. Giant grey, big blue.
    Epic battle imminent . . .
    AiEEE! Godzirra!

  137. Raemie L says:

    Humans, size of ants,
    sort of like sesame seeds.
    I’m pecking your heads!

  138. chanpon says:

    i don’t get parades –
    floating cartoon characters –
    you think this is fun?

  139. sarah-jane says:

    thanksgiving parade
    bird’s eye view in the city
    they all look like ants

    (except that smurf)

  140. I better fill up.
    Many bird seeds needed for
    big poop on papa.


  142. Forrester McLeod says:

    i see you just there
    big blue fine mamma pappa
    come and take me home


  143. Parrot Season!
    Smurf Season
    Parrot Season!
    Smurf Season!
    Parrot Season!
    Parrot Season!
    Smurf Season!

  144. BirdiesMom says:

    I must be dreaming
    Humans on the street below
    Size of tasty seeds

  145. Nibbler, devourer of souls says:

    That’s not Papa Smurf.

  146. Ai ar tuu layte foar an Ohai Kuu; but, Wowsers!!!
    Talk about a bird’s-eye-view!!! 😯

  147. Peter Gabriel:
    “The Smurf Lies Down On Broadway”
    Bird says, “Not so much”

  148. @ noelegy LOLOLOL

  149. Owl far above
    Sees all as a giant Smurf
    Is pulled ‘long the streets

  150. “Oh my god,” said the
    parrot ” what the heck is that?”
    “It’s a floating smurf!”

  151. That picture made me go xO. Diiiiiiiizzzzzyyyyyyy!!!! And the Smurf was weird… lol

  152. octopuppy says:

    Ah great blue Smurf bird
    There too should this great gray be
    Parading feathers

  153. Crowd flees blue giant
    But I, with sharp beak and claws,
    could be their savior.