Winston is not normal

But you already knew that. Now we finally have proof.

Yet another salute to Rich over at FourFour!



  1. Oh he is so ABOVE playing with mere kitteh toys.

  2. Winston: for the win!!!! FTW!!!

  3. snerk. generalizing about cats is a fool’s business.

    [You’re gonna have that soundtrack in your head all day too, aren’t you? 😡 – Ed.]

  4. Paunchie says:


    I love the part where they’re trying to make him sit on a lap!

    And the mewing! mehr! mehr! so squeaky

  5. That. Was. Awesome.

  6. Aww, he’s purrfect just the way he is. Don’t try to change him. I wuv Winston.

  7. The Shazinator says:

    Hee…one of my kitties came running when he started to meow. They only usually come running for kitten meows and angry cat meows. I’m guessing Winston must have been pissed off about something.

  8. kibblenibble says:

    I ❤ ❤ ❤ Winston, and Rudy, too! This made my day.

  9. Starlinguk says:


    Winston’s middle name is “Whatever, dude”.

  10. This was the greatest video! I completely laughted out loud. This is the best Winston post by far!

  11. Katiedid says:

    HAHAHA!! I ❤ Whinny!!! Winston is so freakin awesome!! I love the meowing part hahah.. just like my cats in the morning.. he is saying "FOOD! NOW, human!"

  12. Complete with the Winston salute at the end!

  13. Winston is the BEST! 😀

  14. hon glad says:

    I love his look of disdain at Rudy playing.

  15. WINSTON!!!

  16. sunnymum says:

    Slow waddle one foot at a time going up the stairs was my fave part. Oh Winnie, you are too, too adorable! Last night I saw Wilford Brimley on a commercial and could not stop laughing thanks to his likeness to smushed-in-face-kitties!

  17. Winston is MADE OF WIN.

  18. …and STONE!! 😀

  19. Sasha's mum says:

    Ok, I am not normally a fan of Mr Skwoosh Face … but this video was priceless. Loved the lap sequence — what cat parent hasn’t experience that? And loved the squeeky meows — that’s just how my Sasha vocalizes. But she doesn’t have the goatee.

  20. Honestly, I don’t think Winston even realizes that he is a cat.

  21. I love Winston. His owners don’t deserve him. Winston pack all your crabby pants and come to my house. I will respect your cat status and never make you sit in my lap!!!!

  22. Lol… the best is when he wooorms his way out of that girls lap lol.

  23. Sporkles says:

    Hilarious! My cat’s the same way about being on someone’s lap. And meowing.

  24. That is one straaaaaaange cat. I’m guessing life with Winston must be one endless lol-fest.

  25. That was awesome! His disdain for the cat toys, the look over his shoulder when he’s on the bed and the whole lap sequence are totally Weenston perfection! I got a much needed hearty laugh out of this.

  26. Walkinge says:

    Cheers to not being normal!

  27. Nancy (orig) says:

    He is one cranky dude.

  28. cowshark says:

    Best. Winston vid. ever. Granted, I think that with every vid of him, but still.

  29. Winston! Boyfriend was just asking the other day if there was a new video of him. ❤

  30. Wiiiinston! Moosh face! mwah-mwah-mwah!

    “Lookee who’s here!
    Haven’t seen you in many a year!
    If I’da knew you were comin’ I’da baked a cake,
    Hired a band, fer goodness sake!
    If I’da knew you were comin’ I’da baked a cake!
    Howd-ya do, howd-ya do, howd-ya dooo!”

    Winston loves me. I can tell.

  31. As any reality star can tell you, it’s not me, it’s the editing!!!

  32. Mikeyfur says:

    Very well done video! Winston richly deserves his star status, but this presentation was great!

  33. GingerBean says:

    I don’t think “normal” is a word one can use to describe ANY cat, least of all Winston!

  34. oh my goodness. this. was.brilliant. i’m crying from laughter.
    well done!

  35. Flavia A. says:

    Winston is no lap cat, roflmao.

  36. It’s so hip to be a square.

    Winston is channeling the ennui and nihilism of the GREATS…
    I’m talking full on Russian literary genius, à la Ivan Turgenev, people!

  37. I can’t decide on my favorite part: the lap sequence or the part where Rudy’s playing and Winston’s going, “Dad? What is he doing?”

    I also enjoyed the wicked rugs in their place and the dude with the tattoo on his KNEE in the lap sequence (ouch!).

  38. Lol! Wonderful vid, just what I needed right now 🙂

  39. Laura Mae says:

    @Caitlin – LOL Just add touch of Gogol for the absurd humor.

  40. *snickers* I love stuff on Winnie. He’s the funniest ball of fur I’ve ever seen, and I adore his pushed up shnozz. But this video definately had me giggling. He’s definately a special kitty — perhaps the windor licker of his breed. *wry grin* Kidding! kidding! 😛

  41. ah, that should have read “window” — I should never type before morning coffee. 🙂


  42. One of our exotic shorthairs, Hugo is pretty much exactly like Winston in personality now that he’s not a kitten anymore. When he was little he was kind of crazy, but now he’s mostly fat and surly and tries to eat everything he comes near. Our other one, Linus, isn’t like the wikipedia description either because he’s a complete absurd goofball.

  43. Noelle (the First) says:

    I laughed so hard my throat hurts! This is exactly what I needed today. That’s Winston, you are the best!

    Why be normal?

  44. DaytimeDeb says:

    They are adept at hunting for mice…. LOL! LOL!

    One of my cats will completely ignore the fake mousies. Since she used to be an outdoor kitty, I would say she was waiting for the real thing (or rats, as the case may be). In the old days she wouldn’t come home for hours and hours, and ocassionally brought a ‘present’ back. Last week a plumber was here and she got out. This time, she showed up at the back door within 60 minutes. I guess she lost her mouse-hunting mojo. She should have practiced with the fake ones!

  45. Noelle (the First) says:

    Ooops, that should be “Thanks Winston…” couldn’t see through the tears of laughter.

  46. Plaid-shirt Pyrate says:

    @Caitlin – That’s *exactly* what I was thinking. But I wasn’t quite certain if it was Russian or French ennui and nihilism….. Discuss please.

  47. Rapwnzel says:

    I love cranky kittehs. XD

  48. catloveschanel says:

    I’m having a Winston kind of day. Everyone is against me. My meows go unheard. Winston should be in Wick-o-pedia as the definition for crabby-pants.

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    **CO PEEPS** I have to share.. I was just cleaning out my desk (at work, natch) and came across a newspaper clipping from June 25, 2006 about Cute Overload. It appears I’ve been a CO fan for exactly 3 years today! It must have been karma that I decided to clear the junque out of my desk today. Now I have a happy anniversary to celebrate! YAY and thanks to Meg, Theo, and NOMTOM for all their wonderful pics, poems, etc. etc. for 3 years!

    [ 😀 😀 YAY 😀 😀 – Ed.]

  50. Noelle (the First) says:

    Daytime Deb,
    I hear you about the “presents” cats leave. My Aunt’s cat leaves them for her all the time. We have a stray currently living in our garage who left us a “present” this morning. I have absolutely no idea what is was 😦

    I’m still trying to determine if I can afford to keep this little guy. We’ve been feeding him/her and he/she is becoming friendly. Our local animal control is backed up and can’t come trap him for a while, so our current plan is to try to capture him/her oursleves and take him to a local shelter (no kill of course). The problem is I’m falling for the little guy. I’ve even named him (i know BIG mistake). I call him Mr. Mistoffilies (not sure of spelling) from the play CATS, because for a while I thought he was disappearing on me. I finally realized he is living in the overhang on my garage roof (nearly scared me to death when I heard him moving up there). Anyway, we can not have another inside cat (for many reasons) and we really can’t afford another animal, but he is soooo cute, he’s a tabby with white boots and a small white splotch on his nose, like he had paint dripped on him. He has been around for over 3 months, so I’m sure he’s a stray. I worry about him being outside and my dog does not like tghis new presence on the grounds. I am just so torn! Sometimes being an animal lover stinks! 😦

    [Don’t worry about the spelling. Eliot was playing fast & loose with language, as poets will; and Webber, in turn, was playing fast & loose with Eliot. So as far as I’m concerned, you can spell it however the bleen you please… – Ed.]

  51. Mary (the first) says:

    (trying to slink away to start drinking my celebration ..sadly… I’d probably get caught…)

  52. maybe he just needs a nice big poop 🙂

  53. DaytimeDeb says:

    Noelle the 1st: Being an animal aint for the faint if heart, but I don’t think it ever stinks! Don’t we do it for the ONE time the cat (it’s always a cat) LETS you sit still while he decides it’s time to sit in your lap. Much like Winnie…I know if he decided it was time to sit in a lap that any one of the peeps on the video would just have to sit still until Winnie was ready to leave.

    I just found a home for a stray I had been fostering for the past 2 1/2 months. I couldn’t take another cat either, and I can’t see becoming a permanent foster mommy — I get too attached. But Romeo is in a good home now.

    Call your vet, see if they have connections to a local rescue and maybe they can pull some strings to find him/her a home. That’s what happened with me, although my fluff-ball was indoors all the time once I found him.

  54. Hey, did y’all see the video of Winston interviewing Allison Harvard, from America’s Next Top Model?

  55. Our dear, slightly dim Winston. The bounce has gone out of his bungee.

    [LOL. You should see to him. – Ed.]

  56. Winston highly disapproves. =D haha!

  57. Kathleen says:

    I luff Winston and Rich is way too cute for his own good. 😀

  58. BonzoGal says:

    Theo, yes, and Winston should be the new James Lipton. He’d be genius at taking all those celebs down a few pegs, ego-wise.

  59. Lol… Winston vids are always so funny. Winston is lucky to have the owners.. er I mean the human slaves he does 😀

  60. Best. Video. Ever!

  61. gravyboat says:

    I just love the sour look on his face!

  62. Marianne says:

    LOL I love Winston!!!

  63. Winnie! Winnie! Winnie! Winnie! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!


  64. leslie thomas says:

    1: was wondering when the editors would pickup on Rich’s newest Winston gem
    2: to StarlingUK: I would agree, with one possible adjustment. I think that Winston is too elevated above the rest of us, to bother with the extra syllable “dude”; when “whatever” entirely accomplishes his purpose in disdaining us all.
    3: yet another suggested alternative caption (which might be entirely useless, but, yaknow…) “Gives another meaning to the term ‘lapdance'”.
    4: Winston reigns supreme.

    peace & stuff– L

  65. Love Winnie as always!

    And, Bill, if you are reading this, Hugo are Linus are gorgeous! Hugo looks like a little devil cat and Linus in the first pic I saw had a dazed and confused look that is just too precious! Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. I can’t put puzzles together for that very reason … x 3!

  66. Juniper Jupiter says:

    That Winston! SUCH a dramapuss! 😀

  67. I adore disapproving Winnie!!!

  68. WINSTON!!! He is just SO above it all… His bored dissaproval is far more withering than any bunny scale! Love this kitty.

  69. I LOVE this post. Winston is SUCH a legend. He eptitomizes a typical, stubborn, fluffeh, difficult, stuck-up but totally luv-lee kit.

  70. Dear Winston’s Daddy,

    I will consider a sex change if you will consider leaving your boyfriend.



  71. Winston deserves his own Wikipedia entry.

  72. chanpon says:

    But we all know that Winston is unique and is really a creature all of its own – he not only deserves his own wiki entry, but he needs to be in the dictionary to define anything so singularly unique and living by his/her own rules that it is undefinable and constantly defying every expectation and conventional logic. Winston(n.) / winstonian (adj.).

  73. LOL@ “pack your crankypants.”

    THIS is exactly why I named my computer Winston: grouchy, curmudgeon-y, does not conform to expectations, and yet so dern lovable.

  74. I know you’re joking Pat, but yes his owners do deserve him and then some! If you’ve ever read how they nursed and nurtured him back to good health – if not life – then you’d see two of the most caring and patient dudes around. Rich’s b/f in particular. The things he did to save Win I don’t know if I’d have the stomach for that. Really sweet family. So yeah, Win, sit on the frickin lap for a fricken minute. Lol!

  75. Meaghan says:

    Great video! Too funny! Thanks for posting!

  76. hambina says:

    Seems like Winston is Garfield!

  77. wuyizidi says:

    Actually Winston is more Bill Murray than Wilford Brimley: somehow when he lays about doing nothing, ignoring our feeble attempts to elicit expected behavior from him, rather than causing us to think less of him, it elevates him. Because he’s not a clown, he’s not here to amuse us, to become all goofy at the sight of dancing lights and stuffed toys. He is the lord of the manor. As such those silly things are completely beneath him. We love him because he’s smart enough to see through all that.

  78. For anyone who’s interested, the song is “Pussycat Meow” by Deee-Lite.

    [I I I I I couldn’t ask for another… – Ed.]

  79. Who of us hasn’t worn that sheepish look after suffering kitteh lap disdain?
    But Rich called his ancestors forbears, not forbearers, so apparently he is part bruin. Explains much.
    @ Noelle: it’s Mephistopheles [another name for the devil from Faust, or Mephisto for short], but I like Mist of Lilies, too.

  80. I love Winston just the way he is. My favorite part: when the human is calling him and Winston ignores him . . . ignores him . . . ignores him . . . looks over his shoulder AAAAANNNNNDDD–ignores him.

  81. WendyPinNJ says:

    Well, he may not be normal, but we lurves him just the same!

  82. If they ever put “cattitude” in the dictionary, Winston will be the illustration.

  83. If i see winston eating lasagna i could say he is the real garfield lol he is adorable and i normaly dont like cats


  85. BRILLIANT. Simply brilliant.

  86. hahaha i LOFF winston

  87. I really needed this after all the crappy news I’ve been hearing today.

  88. hjf in okc says:

    Winston is awesome. (ps gazundheit!)

  89. Rex the Wonder Cat says:

    too funny. i love when he’s sitting right next to the mouse is like ‘i so can’t be bothered’.

  90. AuntieMame says:

    Winston’s not normal???

    And in other news, the sky is blue.

    (Well, sometimes. It’s a black as midnight right now in Denver. And it’s only 7:00 pm…)

  91. Hay Peeps, guess what?!?

  92. Winston is my hero, he should be the new face of disapproval ! He’s so adorable and of course he’s not normal, he’s perfect, afterall, HE’S WINSTON !!!!!!!!!!

  93. Winston looks depressed

  94. Winston has trained his humans so well that they don’t notice the mind-control techniques he uses on them. (He’s adorable.)

  95. hahahaha kinda reminds me of a grumpy old man. a very cool cat!

  96. I love the two cameos by Rudy. Winston won’t come when his name is called, but here comes Rudy!

    Winston’s actually pretty normal for a cat, exotic or not. Don’t most cats deign themselves too high and mighty for well, their hooman handlers?

  97. *snort*

    fantastic! 🙂

  98. GIGGLE 🙂 I love the “What do you want now?” look Winston gave the person who was trying to get his attention while Winston was on the bed 🙂

  99. Awww, my fave was the vid of the b/f bathing Winnie at home. Kept kissing the hissy little thing between rinses.

  100. I LOVE this video! Favorite part – when Winston is completely ignoring the toy that is continuously hitting him in the head. Ha!

  101. Subhangi says:


  102. whiskers says:

    @Juno: AAAIIIGH!!! I am kilt by the wonderful ignoringness!

    This is Winston. Call Winston’s name. See Winston ignore you. See Winston look back, let you know he’s ignoring you, and go back to ignoring you. Ignore Winston, ignore. 😆

  103. “Winston’s middle name is “Whatever, dude”.”

    Seconded. Winston is a grumpy cocktail of disdain and disinterest personified.

    And awesome.

  104. Winnie is his own cat, bless him.
    And as for sitting on laps, cats do THAT when THEY want to do it, not
    when people want it. Any cat fool knows that!!
    Wonderful video!!

  105. stevie ray says:

    Winston sounds like the world’s most boring cat. He even looks bored and grouchy. Sorry, I don’t mean to insult him or his owners. But he didn’t even chase the lazer.

  106. HAAAAAAA!!! Rudy going nuts under the chair awhile Winston just sits there!

  107. did the book say anything about them liking bananas?

    anything at all?

    ^^^ Clue No. 1! ^^^

  108. Winston ROCKS!!!

  109. So he doesn’t have feline polycystic kidney disease, but does he have…


  110. Katrina says:

    Ah, stevie ray- slow down a bit and watch Winston for what isn’t there-he is like Jazz-one puts in the missing notes, that is the fun of it! Winston is not going to reward anyone for anything-his interactions are all one-way-he is above the fray, he is in this world, but not of it- he is the perfection of aloof.

  111. Laughing, laughing, LAFFING!

    Thank you for the daily dose of Winston.

  112. Noelle (the First) says:

    dub1: actually it’s Mistoffelees, I’m refering to T.S. Eliot’s book and the long running musical based on it, CATS.

    The next revival of CATS should feature Winston, the character can just walk around and ignore everyone for the who play. 😉

  113. Winston is probably one of the greatest cats that has ever lived.

  114. Is Winston a purebred cat? If not, maybe some of his other genes kick in stronger than the others. Or perhaps he’s just a non-conformist.

    On another note, I think this is the best Winston video that I’ve seen.

  115. cafegrrl says:

    Awesome! I laughed out loud.

  116. flowerfanatic says:

    That meowy part is Winnie asking “daddy” for a banana. Remember the vid of his gnoshing one down?? I knew what he was asking for. YEAH for our Winnie. He’s got a Persian personality for sure. I raised and showed them for 25 years so I’m well qualified to comment on his personality. That’s what I love about them and the Zots.

  117. Winston the special needs cat……bless him x

  118. Andi from NC says:

    during the “mouse hunt” segment I was almost blown off my chair by the disapproval!!! Off the chart – almost bunnified in his disapproval!

  119. miltoncat says:

    Winston = grumpy old cat man. 🙂

  120. I want to hug Winston.

  121. Is it weird that my dog acts the same way?
    Zoi is actually a cat.
    She just doesn’t know it yet.

  122. Winston looks overfed.

  123. serorobele says:

    Our two cats are huge cuddlers about 80% of the time. Of course, that 80% generally falls in the moments when we least want kitty kisses and tails around our necks so we’ve come up with a plan. Every time someone just HAS to lay right on your chest and you don’t want them there, you start petting them. It generally takes a little while, but pretty soon they hit their threshold and hop off. You still end up with hair in your mouth… just not quite as Much hair…

  124. Reminds me of Garfield. Try feeding him lasagna?

  125. danielie says:

    ❤ Winston and his strangeness. 🙂

  126. essensual says:

    The look on his face when his name was called is priceless…and love that crawling out of the lap manuever too!

  127. John H: Winston is not overfed. He looks plump because of his thick fur; when he’s shorn for summer you can see he’s actually very svelte. Way to bodysnark a cat.

  128. The scene with Winston and the American Shorthair kitten reminds me of Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of “Mythbusters,” respectively.

  129. Oh Winston, when will these humans learn that you are NOT a mere cat? The indignities you tolerate are enough to drive a lesser Muppet-alien hybrid stark raving mad, yet you endure it all with dignity to spare.

  130. I laughed out loud at the “lap kitten” part. Our cat is just like that most of the time, at least with me. Winston is such a diva! Love it!

  131. Leslie T. says:

    and then, here’s this thought: perhaps Winston is actually a reincarnation of W. C. Fields (for those “of a current generation”, he was a rotund & grumpy ….gentleman….from early films in the 1920s/30s…). For awhile WC Fields was perceived as the ne plus ultra of grumpy-ness ….

    jus’ a thought …
    Peace to some & grumpiness to others (a chacun, son gout….).

  132. Winston rules!!!

  133. minomici says:

    i :heart: winston 😀

  134. i love his angry little smooshy face oh so much!!

  135. I bet Winston would make a good cat-yodeler. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, search it on you-tube.

  136. LOVE.

  137. I am loving the use of Dee-lite.

  138. jasanders says:

    Boy do I have the perfect mate for Winston. Watching him was like watching JD.

  139. TwilightGuru says:

    I LOVE WINSTON!!! I LITRALLY CRACK UP EVERY TIME I WATCH IT!! He’s the kitty version of edward cullen!! HAIL WINSTON!!!!

    ‘ Its a kitty!! ( i know its pretty bad….)

  140. Mandiii says:

    I have an exotic short hair too..

    I don’t think the person who wrote the wikipedia entry had any clue about this breed.

  141. winstion did what my dog does to me. it’s a sign of pure love when an animal snezes in your face!

  142. this cat is totally adorable! the best part is him meowing.. and not stopping lol

  143. Lol, i love winston! He reminds me so much of my cat!

  144. i love this cat! zehehehe

  145. Susan R says:

    9 Lives need look no further for the new “Morris”. What a cute fluffy sourpuss!

  146. so not normal lol…….

  147. winston is weird=””=””> <

  148. What a cutie!!!

  149. Winston is a Grey Poupon cat. I bet he doesn’teat mere cat food either.

  150. dollydelicheese says:

    It won’t play. Lemmee guess: dohnut-wanting kitteh? treadmill-hating?

    [Keep trying; video is still working fine here… – Ed.]