[Calico glass sliding down bar towards you]

Sender-Inner Matt M. says this is his friend’s kitten.

We think he just ordered a drink at THE BEST BAR EVAR!




  1. Kissyfur says:

    I’ll have two glasses please:3

  2. Jenn in IL says:

    Awww, kilteh! How will he get out? Looks yummy though…like a mudslide with caramel in it…mmmm…

  3. One Eyed Daruma says:

    I love the little paw clinging to the edge. I always sleep with one hand (paw) sticking out of the covers, so I feel a kinship (kittenship?)

  4. I’ll take a kitten on the rocks.

    Shaken, not stirred.

  5. Ah yes, a rare vintage indeed. The boquet it swipes at your nose with sharp points with just a hint of the tiniest of mews.

  6. emudoug says:

    it’s like that 8 foot octopus in the 15 inch box at the new england aquarium!

  7. GingerBean says:

    I think…I…… I just died. Death by cute shock. Are you KIDDING me?! Can we get a COXCU on that face?

  8. Tell me where that bar is. I must go there.

  9. Please don’t let this picture make people do crazy things with innocent pets… All to get on a website :-S

  10. I know you’re not supposed to guzzle wine, but just this once. *glurpity-glurpity-glurp*

  11. awwwww, kitten should be snorgled in warm hands, not in cold glass. awwwwww. hand him over, immediatez!

  12. Anna: it would appear that the kitten is comfortable. Cats can roll up in the weirdest positions in the strangest of places. This wine glass is a case in point.

  13. Claudia says:

    Just when I thought… Nevermind.


  14. Furmentation.

  15. rafafoo says:

    All I can think is: Hairballs!!!!

  16. “Hit me again, barkeep… and make it a litter.”

  17. Ooohhh…This wine has nice legs.

  18. 260Oakley says:

    This wine has legs; four, to be exact.

  19. 260Oakley says:

    Jinx! DKN

  20. chanpon says:

    Oooh, best vintage ever!

  21. Stephieee says:

    Bonsai kitten?

  22. I have sympathetic back pains just looking at this one. Such a eety-beety.

  23. Obviously someone put the kitten in the glass…he would’ve knocked it over if he tried to jump into it on his own. I don’t know if I’m a fan of people sticking their pets in confining places for a photo op. Oh well, he does seem pretty comfy though:)

  24. Hee@pyrit!

    Kitteh, I could drink a case of you …. o/~

  25. You owe me a coke, 260Oakley! 😉

  26. They used red, white, AND black grapes in this one!

  27. lucky Cliff says:

    and they OBVIOUSLY left her in there for HOURS until it died of exhaustion struggling to escape. Rest in Peace little Calico Kitty.

  28. Amazing how kittehs can sqarsh themselves into the tiniest of spaces. Like a 15 pound cat in a shoebox…

  29. Claudia says:

    LMAOOOO lucky Cliff.

  30. It reminds me of the Bonzai Kitten.

  31. Mikeyfur says:

    Is that a tiny paw on the edge of the glass?! Precious baby…Sleeping happily…Looks to be quite comfortable.

  32. Trabb's Boy says:

    Paw straw! Paw straw! Paw straw!!!!!! I am drunk on cute.

  33. Nope, no way this entry will cause a storm of controversy…

  34. It sure is cute, but this photo made me feel uncomfortable about kitten getting suffocated, or getting hurt by broken glass (if it tipped over). I’m sure it was just a short period of time for a photo op, but I wouldn’t do that personally.

  35. BeckyMonster says:


    Is that a Tori Amos reference?? Nice B-side knowledge there buddy. LOVE Tori.

    Anyhoo, I would welcome the hangover that comes along with this Pino Kittoir

  36. hon glad says:

    Bouquet of kitteh.

  37. @BeckyMonster — Joni Mitchell, actually, but I’ll bet a Tori cover would be good. Will have to check it out.

  38. Something about this picture makes me terribly uneasy. Lol

  39. Mary Jane says:

    I think kittens are a fifth form of matter with unique space-filling properties.

  40. BeckyMonster – that would more appropriately be a Joni Mitchell reference. (A song that Tori admits that she wish she’d written herself.)

    A fluffy, calico-colored kitty toast to fabulous women!

  41. I like how the word “barkeep” is made up of “bark” and “eep”.
    You’re welcome.
    I’ll get my coat.

  42. *shaking head @ Theo*
    Are you saying this is a doggie bar? 😉

  43. Sorry, was I actually saying something? 😕

  44. brinnann says:

    Wow, Theo, I was beginning to think you’d killed the comments until that last one showed up. 😆 Granted, it’s not worth reading, but still…

  45. brinnann says:

    Hmm, forgot to add 🙄

  46. BeckyMonster says:

    Tori did cover the Joni Mitchell song, and quite well if I do say so myself. I heard Tori’s version before I knew it was by Joni. Forgive me!!!

  47. We don’t eat kittnz here! We slurp them up with a straw!!

  48. Paunchie says:

    someone tell me how to do an eye roll emoticon!

    that kittayn looks like an ice cream sundae to me! Yum.

  49. You should see me at parties. 😀 I swear I could go into business, marketing my non sequitur & earworm services to folks trapped in uncomfortable conversations.

  50. Annapolitan says:

    Yeah, I’m of two minds about this. She is the cutest little thing in the history of calicos, but the wineglass thing makes me cringe. I foster kittens and I see how mama cats can get when their little ones are taken from their side for even a minute.

    So I have to imagine that mama cat is nearby, and someone scooped this sleeping baby up very gently, placed her in the wineglass, snapped a photo or two, and baby was back in the nest without a whisker out of place before her mama even missed her.

    Please don’t tell me differently, because otherwise I can’t enjoy the photo.

    [Sorry, can’t help you. That kitten really is made out of wine. – Ed.]

  51. PS — what ARE you two talking about?
    [whistling nonchalantly]

  52. catloveschanel says:

    A little hair of the dog….

  53. 😆
    Hmm, what was I talking about again?
    Bark-eep another (hic) glass of Chatonnay!

  54. I prefer a nice rich catbernet, myself.

  55. Purrlot! Furraz!

  56. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    No, barkeep, no more Fuzzy Navels for me; I want to try a Fuzzy Kitten, instead.

  57. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Oh, Listen to the Caroline Lavelle version of “Case of you”

    She plays with Loreena McKennitt sometimes. She’s AWESOME!

  58. hey guys, i took and submitted said photo. just want to be clear that the cat was not scared or harmed in ANY way. he’s quite the feisty creature and my friend and i were just playing around for a few minutes taking snaps. there was no chance at harm, or of the glass falling and breaking or anything of the sort.

    maybe a few more will make it to cute overload 😉

  59. Elisha B. says:

    Poor baby…looks sort of sad. Beautiful kitty though, hope it made it back to mommie!

  60. writtenwyrdd says:

    I hope you put this in next year’s calendar.

  61. Next next year’s calendar, maybe.

  62. Matt, I’m curious how the heck he crawled up the glass stem to get in there for his nap.

  63. Mary (the first) says:

    Two of my most favoritest things at one time: 1) Kitten 2) jug of wine. A cozy fire and a good book or movie on TV and I would be a very happy person. VERY happy. (And maybe some pasta. That would be good too.)

  64. BeckyMonster says:


    You can try all you want, but we ALL KNOW that you are a cruel and EEEEEEEvil pet owner. I have already called PETA, but they’re busy protecting flies…
    Seriously though, I would gulp that kitten down in a hot second, and ask the bartender to leave the bottle!

  65. Entropy's Bitch says:

    kitties get in and out of tiny things by themselves. While this one didn’t get in by himself, I’m sure that he was fine. Honestly, do you think that glass would still be intact if he didn’t want to be there?
    Waiter, there’s a furball in my wine.

  66. I admittedly like the Tori Amos version more than the original by Joni Mitchell.

    This kitten is adorable, and while it may not have been able to crawl into the wine glass by itself, kittens certainly DO crawl into all sorts of teeny tiny spaces and seem impossible, and snuggle right in. So I’m not worried about this one. A tasty feline noir!

  67. brinnann says:

    Dangit Teho, why you always gotsta do that to me?!

    Paunchie 🙄 = : roll : (without the spaces)

  68. Nancy (orig) says:

    Dat glas is definately half full!

  69. GingerBean says:

    I believe this picture explains how this kitten can fit into a glass…

  70. Laura Mae says:

    This wine has a very sweet nose.

  71. marthava says:

    Theo…i just ate my lunch and you made me feel sick from laughing (without any sound…in my cube)…bark…eep…that is SO dumb…it really made me laugh (internally – hence the upset stomach) a lot 😀

  72. Annapolitan says:

    Matt, thanks for the word of reassurance. The photo IS adorable and I’m sure Cute Overload wouldn’t publish something that even hinted at mistreatment.

    With my background in feline rescue, I’ve encountered people that have unwittingly annoyed or distressed cats because they simply didn’t know any better. (And I include myself in that group. *gulp*)

  73. DaytimeDeb says:

    Blinks… is that a kitten I see in my glass?
    Time to quit, I’m seeing things.
    Bark–eep, close my tab
    and call me a cab

  74. DaytimeDeb says:

    Hmm.. If I lost the first line and switched things around a bit, I would have kitten-in-glass Haiku. I would have noticed that earlier if I had more coffee this AM..

    Bark–eep, close my tab
    Time to quit, I’m seeing things
    Please call me a cab

    I know, I’m early for Friday Haiku.

  75. lucky Cliff: you had me giggling there. thanks 🙂

    Theo: Your non-sequitur (why does spell check underline that word? It’s psyching me out) service sounds great. I’m often in need of a drastic subject change to lighten or de-awkward-ify the mood. I hear Florence is lovely this time of year.

  76. Wine Spectator gives this one a 94. It has a moist, appealing nose, a bold, sinuous middle, and a soft, smooth finish.

  77. Also, this [s]kitten[/s] wine is delightful, if a little feisty. I’m sure it will mellow with age.

  78. Redheaded Mama says:

    OMG, she’s so LEEETTLE.. I’d love to snuggle her and then give her back to her rightful owner, I swear!! No, that’s not a kitten mewling from my bag, I have no idea where that sound is coming from.
    I’d say next time try a balloon style wine glass, she’d look perfect in one that I have, lol.

  79. *gasps* I’ll take a glass of sweet sweet kitten!

  80. leslie thomas says:

    Theo (I’m certain that I’m about to reveal hopeless ignorance to the ENTIRE UNIVERSE) but since I’m a cat-person, I’m *curious* ….what is the deal? “Doggie bar”??
    (mind you, I don’t party or gallivant at/ to pubs very frequently, so please include training wheels …& forgiveness…?) Thanx — Peace– etc.

  81. Um, the doggie bar wasn’t actually my idea, so… baroooo?

  82. KittehToez says:

    The paw on the edge of the glass is just too much.

  83. 😳 Sorry, my bad, I was liberally interpreting Theo’s “Bark-eep” as coming from a doggie, and since it wouldn’t be a Kitteh Bar with a kitteh in the wine glass I imagined it
    was a Doggie Bar, where a hard working pup goes to hang with his pals after a long day of sniffing, panting, peeing, etc…& tosses back a few.
    ‘Course the favored drink of the Blue Collar pup would be whatever’s on Tab(by). 😉

  84. Kitten has no bones-at-all!

  85. danielie says:

    Haha, I love how the kitty’s face is content on the glass. XD

  86. Heidi B. says:

    Usually I like my wine aged, but I’ll take it!

  87. Well-mixed!

  88. I need….. wine. Right. Just pass me the glass…..

  89. Okay, someone dropped that teeny Calico inside that wine glass…

    …and I love that person! Good sense of humor!

  90. kibblenibble says:

    Hey, brinnann thanks for telling paunchie how to do the eye roll emoticon, I want to try it! 🙄

    BTW, where do you learn how to do these things? I wanna play, too!

  91. kibblenibble says:

    Yay! It worked! BTW teeny calico kitteh might be a dessert wine, she looks pretty sweet!

  92. brinnann says:

    In the CuteTalk forum (eez leenkeed under “Tawk Amongst Yuhselves”), we have emoticons we can click on to paste into our comments. When it pastes into the comment you’re typing, it shows you the code thingy rather than the picture. For some reason our CT codes (for that at least) work in the CO comments as well.

    [CuteTalk is a bulletin board, though, which allows BBcode snippets; WordPress only allows very limited HTML in comments – Ed.]

  93. ‘K, Bar-person-keeper: Gimme a drinkee jes liek taht wun; butt no glass; jes kitteh……. 😉

  94. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok, DaytimeDeb, you’re a cab.

  95. Failboat9000 says:

    You’ve got to be careful with these kind of images, CO….. Many people go throughout their lives unaware they have a recessive kittyholic gene; one picture like this could send those poor people into full-on 6 snorgle-a-day Kittenholism!!!
    =^,^= m
    Yoo GOTTA be more ‘sponsible!

  96. Neopatra says:

    Ah, a fine Mee-yerhe-lot!

  97. Failboat9000 says:

    You’ve got to be more careful about these kind of images, CO…
    Some people go throughout their entire lives never realizing they have a genetic predisposition towards becoming a kittyholic; one picture like this could send those poor people into full-on 6 snorgle-a-day Kittenholism!!!
    =^,^= m
    Yoo GOTTA be more ‘sponsible. K? k.

  98. Failboat 9000 says:

    Oops…. Interwebs stutter. Sorry ’bout that… Next round’s on me.

  99. leslie thomas says:

    thanks fer thu’ untangling, to both Theo (sorry that i misapplied the use of the phrase) &
    to Metz…as I mentioned…much is missing from my “sophistication” dictionary. (Shoot, I hardly even go INTO bars, much less having ability to distinguish “doggy bars” from other types ….)
    Ennyway, thanks again for the eddification & or elucidation & or ….

    (you get the idea). Peace.

  100. Made from the finest kittens.

  101. DaytimeDeb says:

    @Mary(the first): LOL! And stop calling me Shirley.

  102. AuntieMame says:

    I’m usually a teetotaller, but I think I’d make an exception for a glass of this.

  103. tracylee says:

    gimme gimme!
    keep ’em coming!

  104. mark tuit says:

    Is it a cat-bernet?

  105. Mrs. McGinty says:

    pyrit: I’ll see your Furmentation, and raise you one Purrmentation ;).

  106. GIGGLE 😈 You and your friend are so lucky, Matt, that I was not there 😈 I would say “What is that in the corner?” before I would scoop kitty out of glass and stuff inside my shirt 😈

  107. sky flower says:

    this really looks cute!
    but i wonder if the cat wont have a hard time goin out from the goblet haha!

  108. prissy girl says:

    The kitten is ADORABLE but I’m not too sure if I like the idea of it being stuck in the glass like that. I’m sorry, I dont like being the “bad guy” but I dont think that was too cool.

  109. Patricia says:

    I have a full grown cat that will stuff herself into the smallest spaces she can find to sleep in. Boxes are a favorite too but they can’t be big, if they are big she ignores them, if they are small enough she has to stuff herself into them, then she won’t get out of the thing.

    Cats have odd sleeping habbits and positions.

  110. Okay, I’m a smidge perturbed by the squashed kitten… but I’m also “awwww!”… and it IS a pretty picture… and it IS one of my favorite wines (Cannonau Di Sardegna, YUM!).

  111. halfbloodme says:

    A picture that brought a smile to my face on an otherwise black day. So very cute.

  112. How is no one else awwwing at that wittle nose?

  113. Awwww.

    And to anyone that is worried, or thinks this is cruel – try living with any cat that attempts to do stuff like this on their own. Cats love being in small places, it reassures them. My baby boy often finds himself smooshed into a little corner of a window ledge – refusing to use the entire ledge where he can stretch out and be comfortable, noooo, he wants the ledge that makes him all mooshed up. Go figure. I’m sure the kitten was happy and fine (when mine was smaller, he used to, all by himself, curl up in my shoes – and i do not have big feet:)

  114. Katrina says:

    Oh, yes, Kar, there is.

  115. Snacktime says:

    a Black & Tan with some cream, or a not-quite-mixed kahlua & cream…

  116. Omigosh some ppl need to get a life!!!!!

    Anyway SO cute! 🙂

    Have you ever seen kitten try to crawl into tiny spaces they do it all the time boxes, jars, containers, glasses….etc…..

    I’m sure this was for a photo op but who cares! It’s not like the cat was left in there for days.

  117. awww!!! – sooo itsy beeetsy teeny weeny bebeh kittehh!! lol, i tinks dis is solushunz for diabetics. no more icky-tasting splenda or that blue packet -tada! kitteh in a glass! like simple syrup, it’s pourable and goes with everything. but all natural instead. 🙂 – how old is this lil darlin’?? 🙂

  118. Vana Koren says:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to put your cat in a wine glass. What if the wine glass somehow broke by accident while the kittey was inside. Be careful. That’s just a baby kittah too and doesn’t belong in a wine glass for a picture all bunched up like that. Please take care of your precious kittey.

  119. vana, how would the glass ‘somehow break by accident’? if you read my reply above, the ‘kitteh’ was very safe and was just playing around with us. no harm or chance of harm.

  120. brinnann says:

    *pats Matt on the back* There, there. Ignore the nuffs. There are plenty of us who greatly appreciate your submishe.

  121. in order to keep sediment like this out of your glass, it’s best to decat the wine before serving.

  122. Too bad I’m underage.

  123. Lerrinus says:

    No one’s underage at the ani-bar lounge! *hic* another glass please!

    and thanks for finally clearing up how to do the cool emoticons! 😉

  124. My 8# full grown tuxie girl, has required me to put a baby safety latch on my kitchen drawers…. she learned how to get the lower one open, climb up the back of the cabinet and squish into the silverware drawer… Where she can easily get herself out, but is rather scary for humans just wanting a spoon for cereal.

  125. Katrina says:

    Anner-Niiiice. Do you let it breathe or meow?

  126. Wow, where can we buy that wine? I’d take a glass o’ calikitty anytime!

  127. That kitten is so cute!! Could you post a high res pic so I can use it as my desktop WP? I am totally stuck on this kittie 🙂

  128. Nicole and emma says:

    Oh My God that cat is so cute the way it poseitioned and everything its so cute!! ❤
    i like how it fits in the wine glass

  129. Jennifer says:

    I feel bad for the kitten in this picture. Someone placed the kitty in that glass and I wonder if they had to scrunch him down in order to get him in there?

    Poor kitty.

  130. Now, if the bottle had just been French, say from the CHATeau de Adorable, then this would be over the top. As it is, it’s just the cuuuutest thing I’ve seen in a long time.