Meal worms, Elvis impersonator, tickling, and thee

Is PRETTY MOSHE all this Slow Loris needs.

Don’t miss the Original Tickle™, Miranda…



  1. Caitlin says:

    Whoa… 🙂

  2. This is absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E


  3. crimson says:

    where?! WHERE do i get one?!?!

  4. Argh. I’m so torn. It’s the most adorable creature in the world, no denying, but these cuties are all listed as threatened species and probably shouldn’t be kept as pets. I don’t know the circumstances as-to how this owner came to have Sonya though, but I hope she wasn’t plucked from the wild to be sold as a pet. Her little face makes me want to squee and cry at the same time.

  5. Krystyna Olsiewicz says:

    That’s really Elvis singing “Wooden Heart” and Sonya is a really lucky slow loris. Nom nom nomming on meal worms.

  6. I prefer to think this is a rescue. Very cute!

  7. I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but I have to point out to people that see these videos and photos of people that have the Slow Loris as a pet to please consider that it is illegal to own these animals as pets as they are an endangered species. Please read the following articles:

    Go to the Humane Society, ASPCA or other local shelters if you want a pet, someone who wants to be your pet, not a wild animal. It’s not only illegal, but it’s wrong.
    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Mahatma Gandhi

  8. gloom raider says:

    The cuteness is slightly mitigated by what has to be the biggest mealworm I’ve ever seen in my life!

  9. Oh wow, it got kinda meta at the end there…

  10. here is the information that was posted on their youtube channel:

    P.S. I must answer several questions was asked:
    1. First of all, we are located in St.Petersburg, RUSSIA.
    2. It is NOT ILLEGAL in Russia to own this animals.
    3. Our Sonya was born in a slow loris nursery and we have bought her in a local pet-shop. She never was in the wild. Thats why she is so tame and friendly!

  11. slow loris cam! do it!

  12. Yes, these are adorable animals. But as others have pointed out, they are threatened species, and the pet trade is part of the reason. I really wish cuteoverload would not post videos such as this. Keeping threatened exotic animals as pets should not be encouraged. This would be a much better site if it was considerate of these issue. Animals are not just cute objects for us to own.

  13. hon glad says:

    With appealing eyes like that, I would give you anything you desired Sonya.

  14. Nat, our comments are not directed to you specifically. I’m sure there are places where it is legal to own these and other exotic animals. However, just because it is legal, does not mean it is a good idea.

    I also understand that Sonya may have come from a reputable source. But in general; encouraging the ownership of exotic and threatened animals supports an illegal and harmful pet trade.

    This is not intended as a comment to you. It is directed to cuteoverload, which as a very popular site, should take more responsibility for the content it chooses.

  15. Pussytoes says:

    I thought that was Bobby Vinton, not Elvis, but I could be wrong.

  16. I have to agree with kendra. such a darling little loris…and as much as they are appealing, they need to live in their natural home, which we hooomans need to protect for them

    squee and tears

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  18. Rebecca says:

    That slow loris can move pretty fast when a meal worm is involved.

  19. Kristabelle says:

    Rebecca – that was my thought too! haha

    Those EYES, they slay me! What a happy looking little creature. I could do that as a pet EXCEPT I could never ever ever ever ever (to infinity) handle meal worms!!!

  20. GingerBean says:

    Thank you to the people who left links FMI, it was informative and I think important for people to know. Now, let’s leave it at that, shall we? We don’t need to push the issue down people’s throats. Cuteoverload is not a political site with any agenda other than togive us teh qte.
    Also, it seems to me like these people take wonderful care of their animal…which makes me happy 🙂

  21. tagtaghatesdrama says:

    That Loris has my name and SPELLS it right. What an ADORABLE cutie!!!

  22. brinnann says:

    If she was born in a slow loris nursery, then I think we should appreciate that they’re breeding them rather than taking them from the wild. True, they’re not being reintroduced into their natural habitat, but the nursery is helping to increase the population in a way. [/serious pants]


  23. Habitat destruction (logging, ore extraction, farming), capture and trade for pet stores, food and medicine. The global marketplace has varying laws and many are unethical (lack integrity).
    Sometimes we are childlike in our attraction to the beautiful and cute wonders of Nature’s Bounty. But we are the stewards like it or not. And so, it should be preserved, vigilantly, for future generations of children.
    This is the Age of Information. Yeah I’m talking about the web, the web of life.

    That was a wonderful vid though for sure. Mealworm! Preciousssss!

  24. The mealworm made me think, “I take back everything I ever said about wanting a slow loris of my own.”

    Then I watched the rest of the video and fell in love all over again.

  25. WendyPinNJ says:

    I’m with pyrit and others. Ownership of these animals should be discouraged EVERYWHERE. If there is even one place where it’s O.K., it sets up a level of risk for the animals everywhere in the wild. Sorry. I am sooooo not a nuffer.

    Cute as hell though. In a perfect world where the slow loris was abundant, and could be bred as pets, I would SOOOOOOOOO want one!!!!

  26. Ahhh….!


    Yep, I’m finished. Kaput. Thanks CO!

  27. Eeeeeeeeep, so cute! And so spoiled-but who could deny those eyes anything? Lovely vid!

  28. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Another Totally. Redonk. Video. brought to you by CO. I can always count on CO for teh qte *and* wackadoodle.

  29. kibblenibble says:

    Rebecca and Kristabelle, I, too, noticed how quickly the mealworm went down, and was glad of it, as it was a bit yucky. (Sorry mealworm fans…)

    It was a cute video. I especially liked when the woman was giving her some rubs as Sonya tightly gripped two of her fingers. Sonya does seem to be quite content.

  30. Claudia says:

    So seriously, this site encourages people to go out and buy endangered animals as pets? Nooo, lol.
    I, for one, have more willpower.
    It’s cool for the information like the links provided by the commentary, to be up though, we learn new things everyday! Thanks!
    And, she’s adorable!

  31. Must….have…Slow…Loris!!!

  32. mealworm, big eyes, and the FINGERS!!! all make me squee…

    until the bit in the horrid bag in the car at the end.


  33. gloom- it’s called a superworm, different beetle, similar stage of development 8D

  34. I’m surprised that no one mentioned this, but Slow Lorises are poisonous. They have little poison glands on their elbows that they lick to make their bite poisonous.
    Not good pets.
    Although I would die to have one, if they were.

    I’ll stick to my sweet Melvin.

  35. temperance says:

    yeah, the whole giant meal worm thing kinda ruins the fantasy of having a slow loris of my very own. i could never have a snake either, for similar reasons….

  36. I’m just thinking here, trying to solve the whole worm ick issue. Sonya lives in Russia, where vodka comes from, aaand what if the worm was, er, marinated first, like the tequila (mescal) worms? Yes?
    OK, no. Bad idea. What would PETA say? I mean about serving booze to an underaged slow loris.
    OK, and the underaged mealworms.

  37. Aww. I wish I had a slow loris to pamper like a baby too.

  38. Ugh… yet another commentroversy brewing it seems.

    As for sweet little Sonya. It’s obvious that she is very well taken care of and she loves her little life.
    And if what they say is true, she wasn’t wild caught and it’s not illegal to have them where they live.
    It would be different if they were decimating the wild population so people could have them as pets.
    I think the videos of her are a great way to raise awareness about the wild ones though. People want one, they go look up info and then find out that they’re endangered, etc etc.

  39. just don’t feed them after midnight, and never get them wet

  40. Did anyone else notice that the Slow Loris has OPPOSABLE THUMBS?!?!?
    Brave new world….

    Speaking of commentroversies, is that can of beer between the girl’s knees during the car-ride?

  41. It’s not really about the animal being well cared for or not.
    Cute video, yes. But wild animals are not pets no matter how cute.
    I lean more towards agreeing with Doug.
    Animals are not accessories that exist for human amusement. When people purchase pets like these, (or any pet from a pet store) they are contributing to the problem, even if unknowingly, no matter where they live. A true animal lover respects and understands this.

  42. What that mealworm delivered on a *fork*?

  43. okay, now I see it was forceps (?)

  44. gravyboat says:

    What a cute, spoiled little lady! Oh, and I loooooooooove that girl’s outfits! The purple and green dress? Ahhhhhggghhh! Betsey Johnson maybe?

  45. Danielle says:

    I agree with Doug 100%, I wish Cute Overload wouldn’t post these videos and animals are not just cute objects for us to own. As to the point that it isn’t illegal in Russia doesn’t diminish the fact that the Slow Loris is an endangered/threatened species, now does it?

    Original post from Doug:

    13 Doug 06.24.09 at 6:20 am
    Yes, these are adorable animals. But as others have pointed out, they are threatened species, and the pet trade is part of the reason. I really wish cuteoverload would not post videos such as this. Keeping threatened exotic animals as pets should not be encouraged. This would be a much better site if it was considerate of these issue. Animals are not just cute objects for us to own.

    [This argument would only make sense if Cute Overload was actually in the business of selling animals. We aren’t now, never were, and never will be. However, we ARE in the business of LOOKING AT cute animals (we are now, we always were, and always will be). – Ed.]

  46. kibbles says:

    I hate seeing videos like this because it’s inevitable that there are going to be comments like this “Oooh so adorable I MUST HAVE ONE”. Please cuteoverload, for the sake of the animals and the people who don’t understand them, don’t post “pets” that aren’t a domesticated animal. Let’s stick with ferrets and cats, and keep the photos of the other wild animals to them being in their natural habitat.

  47. Significant says:

    Thank you to all of those that have spoken up in disagreement to owning this sort of animal. I appreciate you. You are not over reacting, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Many intelligent responses against this.

  48. I love the slow lorises, and she’s so cute and I’m glad she’s well cared for. Don’t want to get into the dispute about keeping lorises. They are primates, so close relatives to humans, thus the opposable (or at least semi-opposable) thumbs. Primates generally have that sort of grip, as they (we) are adapted for climbing trees and mostly don’t have claws to do it (fingernails having taken their place). The big eyes, by the way, are because they are nocturnal and, in their natural habitat (& any zoo I’ve ever seen them in), they are active at night. You would rarely see a slow loris in the daytime, if you were looking for them in the wild … and they’re hard to see at night, too, as they move so slowly through the trees that it’s hard to catch a glimpse of them.

  49. slow loris is super adorable. but i got anxious at the end because….it kinda looks like the driver is driving AND filming simultaneously? and has some kind of dashboard computer going? and little slow loris is just chilling in an unrestrained handbag? It makes me twitch, like seeing toddlers in cars without carseats.

    But damn if that slow loris isn’t one of the cutest little guys ever. How about posting some GIBBONS next – they are my favorite adorable primate.

  50. Stressfactor says:

    Allow me to say that, for all the people on here who variously post and say things along the lines of “WANT!” Saying it doesn’t mean they’re going to do it. People look at pictures of cupcakes and say they want one but that doesn’t mean they go get in their cars and run out and buy a cupcake. It is an expression of a fantasy/wish that they really have no intention of fulfilling because they know that it is just a fantasy.

    I mean, that’s like expecting people who talk about nomming something’s ears off to actually chew the ears off of the cute creature in question.

    Also, it has been pointed out that many animals are illegal in the US and in other countries. People may actually get as far as googling on their computers “Slow Loris adoption” or something but they will quickly find that it is illegal and I somehow doubt that the people who post here are the types who will go through some sort of black market back channel and pay an exorbitant amount of money to own something. If they ARE willing to do that then I’d say that is a sign of BIGGER problems they have.

    Long story short: Don’t take things so literally around here!

    Rant over. Sorry.

  51. Stressfactor – I pretty much agree. I hope it is true. “I want!” and “grabby hands” are just expressions. Right peeps?

  52. …and spit that ear out right now!

  53. Stressfactor: Well said! I may say I want track down Ryan Reynolds and lick him, but am no more likely to actually attempt such a feat than I am to illegally adopt a Slow Loris.

  54. temperance says:

    yes, they’re dreams- please don’t try to squash them with so much reality. i know, i know it is very bad to adopt a wild animal. (but seriously- don’t you think a deer would be happier if it was domesticated? talk about a hard knocks life!)

    there are so many, many, many animals i would love to care for- both domestic and wild- but the sad truth is i will probably always ‘just’ have dogs and cats. i’m fine with that, really. but give a girl a little room for fantasy, will ya?

    “WANT” is used quite frequently on here and i always thought of it as code for ‘that is so insanely adorable it’s made me completely incoherent.’

  55. Nojicakes says:

    Thank you, Stressfactor! That’s exactly what I was about to post.

    I would LOVE to have one of these little guys, but only in a world where it was responsible to do so. But saying that you want something doesn’t mean you’re gonna get it, or even plan on TRYING to get it.

    Anyway, I learned a lot from the earlier commenters about lorises, and that is awesome. And I also have to say thanks to CO for posting this so I could learn about these seriously adorable animals that I hadn’t even heard of before.

    But, you guys (even though you have a lot of good points) should maybe be careful not to seem like your shoving it down anyone’s throat. And saying CO shouldn’t post stuff like this isn’t really fair either.

  56. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I’ll chime in here on owning and breeding endangered animals. It’s a bad idea–for the animal and for the species. Animals are not here for our entertainment and amusement. And if we stopped trashing their habitats, they *could* stay in the wild where they belong. But that doesn’t justify removing them and breeding them, especially as pets. It doesn’t matter that it’s not illegal to own one. That doesn’t make the situation any better. Stepping down from soapbox now.

  57. Funny, I don’t remember Elvis eating worms in those movies. Must have been his later work.

  58. I have never ’nuffed, but this is not cool. Let’s stick to traditionally domesticated animals as pets.

  59. OMG WANT*!!

    *By want I mean that I wish I had the time to volunteer as a docent at a zoo or wildlife preserve so that I could care for one of these prosh critters, since I realize that owning one in the U.S. is illegal.

  60. Meal worm = slow loris pasickie. Nom nom nom.

    Apart from the mealie, I can’t tell if I’d rather have a slow loris or BE a slow loris. You know, breakfast in bed, tummy tickles, a ride in a car… that’s a pretty good life…

  61. This is adorable, but I think we all need to learn a thing or two about the slow loris.

    These are NOT pets. They below in the wild. It’s fun to see “Sonya” and it looks like she’s well taken care of, but in the end how many lives were lost so that her keepers could put up cute youtube videos.

    Not to be a buzz kill – but I think education is the key to ensuring the survival of one of the cutest creatures on earth. Believe me, I would LOVE a pet slow loris, but its clear that this is not an animal meant to be kept in a cage eating an unnatural diet and being subjected to an unnatural non-nocturnal habit.

  62. See, commentraversies is why we can’t have cute things. Lighten up people, saying it once is fine, every third comment is a bit much. It’s a cute animal, and oh gosh, you happen to be on Cute Overload. Sonya, is a adorable, meal worm not so much. I wouldn’t have the stomach to feed her them things. I wonder if she’s soft?

  63. This isn’t really to argue for one side or the other, but I just wanted to point out that there are animals kept commonly as pets that aren’t domesticated, such as parrots.

  64. Kristabelle says:

    I see a restraining order in Pookie’s future. :mrgreen: (perhaps mine too! :twisted:)

  65. I’m in agreement with Jaci et al. I adore this website, but everytime I come on here and see an endangered wild ‘pet’ it concerns me because if it encurages even one person to look into getting one illegally, then that is wrong. Slow lorises, sugar gliders, anteaters, they are all fantastic and precious, but perhaps we could stick to the zoo stories, and breeding/rescue programs rather than the pet stories. Just because she came from a nursery in Russia, does not make it ok. The orginal breeding pair came from the wild, and I doubt that their story is very nice.

    I’m not going to say sorry for being a buzz kill as I think that the dialogue that has been taking place is very good and one of many reasons why sites such as this one are overall very positive. I for one would love to see more stories under the headline ResQte!

  66. chillcat says:

    Those eyes just made me melt! Sonya is so sweet and darling. I could definitely feed her meal worms if she loves them. I totally agree w/Earwig too; Slow Loris to have or to be? That is certainly the question.

  67. Stressfactor says:

    If CO stuck to “traditionally domesticated pets” then there would be no more ResQTE posts either.

    I’m with Des. All that is needed is ONE simple statement along the lines of “This is a wild animal, it really shouldn’t BE domesticated” but, honestly…

    How many people here would have never even KNOW about Slow Lorises (Lorisi?) and their plight if not for CO? To borrow from a cartoon from childhood (now about to be released as a major motion picture… ugh) “So now you know; and knowing is half the battle!”

  68. Nancy (orig) says:

    Nuff police are on patrol! What about that poor wittle mealworm???

    Can’t you see
    I love CO
    Please don’t nuff my heart in two
    That’s not hard to do
    ‘Cause I don’t have a buzz kill heart 😎

  69. I cannot be-LEEV that they wrapped that recording of him with a breath in the MIDDLE of the word ‘wooden’. “I don’t have a woo -GASP- den heart”!
    Okay, I admit it, I’m a retired professional singer.

  70. Wet blankets are seriously soggy today – if everyone here is so concerned with animal welfare, I suggest they remove themselves from the internets (which isn’t helping anyone) and go do some good in their local chapters. Seriously, you could save a starving kitten with all the time you spend chewing out people who things the lovely loris is cute. Shoo.

    I love the background music to this adorable vid – Sonya is obviously VERY well cared for and happy where she is, with a happy couple taking care of her. She obviously loves her tickles. ❤

  71. Oh, and if you watch again, you can clearly see they have their hazard lights on and the speedometer is on 0. I originally thought they were driving and recording at the same time, but I was too intrigued by the fact that they have what looks like a computer in their dashboard to look closer. They are obviously pulled to the side of the road to record.

  72. Paunchie says:

    Ah gawd, how adorable. See her grab the ladies fingers during the tickles?

    How does one lick their own elbow?

  73. Paunchie says:

    Oh yeah, alert PETA! A mealworm got eaten in this vid!

  74. So adorable!

    And, this is Meg’s blog. It is CUTE OVERLOAD, not Cute Pet Overload. Yes, there could be a small disclaimer saying this pet was illegal to own and endangered. But, there doesn’t have to be. I mean, my goodness, it’s not like I went to Latin America to grab one of those cottonball bats out of the wild for a pet, as much as I thought they were freakin’ adorable! And, I don’t have a fishtank full of smiling pufferfish.

    Geesh. I want the cute. Had it not been for dear Sonya, I probably would have never heard of the Slow Loris, which shames me as I’m all about preserving our aminals, cute and otherwise.

    Now I’m going to go nibble on my kitties’ ears and give zerbits on their bellies, and munch on their jellybean toesies. Please don’t call the ASPCA. They are just figures of cutespeak.

  75. I think CO has a great opportunity to educate in cases like these. Not that I think this should be some kind of education site: I recognize this is purely for entertainment. But why not throw up a link to a site that discusses the status of slow lorises, (slow lorii, whatever)? Or even just throw a link to an animal preservation organization somewhere on the home page? The people who visit CO are all animal lovers: the perfect people to also be animal stewards, provided they’re given accurate info.
    I’m not suggesting it’s necessarily CO’s responsibility to educate people on which cute animals are threatened or illegal as pets: it would just simply be a very nice thing to do, given that animals can’t do it for themselves.

  76. Nancy (orig) says:

    Because!!! – the site would then have to be renamed ‘Nuff Overload.’

    Butt outa’ my qte plezzzz!

  77. As soon as I saw this adorable creature, I knew, I just KNEW, that the nuffers would be out in force.

    Oh, and BTW, I WANT a tiger. I really do. Doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and get one. I’d like a loris, and a fennec fox, and those new baby red pandas, and then another fennic fox, and probably a miniature pony as well. But that is a DREAM. I’d also like Alan Rickman. Dressed in a bow. Not gonna happen either.

  78. I’m with Wicked. I too would like a loris, DEFINITELY a fennec fox, and pair of otters who could float in my bathtub holding hands. What I would also like is for the nuffers to stop nuffing. WE GET IT. Bad bad scoldy don’t own endangered creatures blah blah – every third comment! Credit us all with a little intelligence, and the ability to educate ourselves and make rational decisions. In the face of such total brain-melting cute, it’s definitely a tall order, but I think we can all manage. I certainly don’t want cute items about non-domesticated animals censored from the site because a vocal minority thinks the rest of us can’t handle seeing them without immediately hitting up a black market animal dealer.

  79. MoonCatty says:

    I used to have a pet Slow Loris.

    But my pet Clouded Leopard ate it. 😦

  80. Personally, I would like the Evil Wiggly Dancing Otter myself. Shake it! Shake it! Shakeit shakeit shakeit shakeit!

  81. *Flashes standard issue neuralyzer*

  82. FRIENDS respected,
    Allow me to greet you, to ask you for your health. If health and love are OK then business, profit and anything might be very good. Having read your post, so I want to deliver my comment, which you could accept or do as you please.
    Dear friends, if you like your animals and estimate their friendship, then give them their freedom. Animals, wild or domestic are by natural or God’s law have learned to live freely, as they are accustomed to live, on their natural way and habits, but not under your conditions, in your flats. Many animals, especially dog and cat have acceptable relations to a man (zoonosis): viruses, bacteries, parasites, fungouses …
    If you want to yourself and your animals good, give them to the institutions, which will adequately take care after them, and you also could anyway take them out for a walk or so. But keeping tamed and especially wild animals at your side and your children is very dangerous with great health consequences. And such behavior could be labeled (by my mind) provinciolism. It’s especially dangerous, I warn you, not to keep long and poisonous reptiles.
    Beautiful women on video dode let me no and I will pamper and care of animals Panda and give freedom, thank you and regards

  83. temperance says:

    poor mooncatty! next time, stick to vegetarian wild animals- less heartache.

  84. Snerk!


    The aminal is super cute, but not as silly as people.

  85. I realize that there’s a real discussion about caring for wild animals and whether or not the pet industry has shades of grey, but

    is any body else most bothered by the display screen in the dashboard?

    I also think that we have a new definition for “coddled.”

  86. Having been a volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center and refuge, I have to say that we had a good deal of surrenders, people who actually found (or sought out) wild animals as pets and, after the cuteness factor wore-off (normally when they were destroying their homes or enclosures) they so kindly gave them back to us. As if. These animals could not be rehabilitated because they never learned to live on their own (most of them, unless they were young, which did happen a couple times). So, in response to people on this line of post who say those of us speaking-up against having wild animals (even those bred for the purpose of being my pet, although still wild) as pets are being too literal, no, in fact, we are not. It happens more than you think. A lot more than you think and the animals are the ones that suffer, ultimately. Not only are they going against their nature, but many of them end up going cage-crazy and don’t live happily after all.

    Luckily, in Minnesota, we have a wonderful raptor center that some of the “tamed” birds wound-up, but other states are not so lucky.

  87. The Shazinator says:

    Can Elvis himself be an Elvis impersonator? He’s certainly a pretty good one…one of the best, I’m thinking!

    As previously stated…this is really Elvis singing!

    And yeah…Sonya is adorable, but I’m not sure I’d want a slow loris as a pet…too human-like. I’d keep expecting her to talk…and that would be creepy.

  88. Oh noes says:

    Oh noes, if you show pictures of cute kittens you might encourage people to own cats and they won’t neuter them and then the population will be out of control! CUTE OVERLOAD EVERY BAD THING ABOUT ANIMALS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! None of these bad things would happen if you didn’t post cute pics!


    Please post more endangered animals! We want variety to our cuteness!

  89. ‘Sonya’ is a fabulous name. Mmmm — mealworm en brochette. Nom, nom, nommmmmmm…

  90. I want one I want one I want one.
    Nom nom nom.

  91. That has to be about the most irritating piece of music every recorded.

  92. thelibrarianne says:

    Sonya is insanely cute. WANT! And by want, I mean that I enjoy watching a video of an animal I had never heard of, until I saw it on my favorite website. Yeesh. You ’nuffers are probably a great addition to parties. I LOVE being preached at!

    @MoonCatty: Hahahaha. +1

  93. I don’t know Wicked, you have a real chance there with Alan Rickman. I hear he makes surprise visits on occasion. The bow might be pushing it though.

  94. Slow Loris = cutest animal ever !

  95. The Shazinator says:

    *gasp* Deb! It’s Elvis!!

  96. Well I didn’t know they were endangered (or even what it was), so by having this discussion I now know. We can use the comments section to educate people. That is the best way for people to respect animals!

  97. Oh here we go… knock Elvis next LMAO

  98. I used to give dried or live mealworms to my hedgehogs, and the ick factor was so great, I refused to touch a single worm. It was either tweezers or a gentle shake to get some mealworms in front of a hedgehog. The sound of a hedgehog crunching a live mealworm was too much for me. They can get their worms but it has to be a total hand-free operation. The loris is very cute and those eyes get me every time.

  99. divinebluesky says:

    Totally cute video – I loved seeing the eyes blink soooooo slowly and the TICKLES! I want to do that!

    As for the nuffers, besides all the hot air, I wish they weren’t so redundant. It seems to me that one or two sermons would be sufficient. I do appreciate the information, but I think people here can catch on after one or two explanations.

  100. thelittlestghost says:

    Just thought I’d point out to all those people who think CO should only post videos of “domesticated” animals…ummm, just how did those animals get domesticated? All animals were once wild. Every few years a new fad starts and another animal gets domesticated. That doesn’t make it right or wrong, it just happens.

    That said, I love Sonya videos. Who wouldn’t melt looking into those eyes?!

  101. @ Doug I support your comments – with regard to ALL exotic animals including a Mr Aspinall who kept a Tiger – We should not be keeping wild animals no matter how cute. We could /should be caring for their natural environment, before we ever consider keeping them as pets. Sonya is clearly loved and well cared for but that I’m afraid is more of an exception than a rule. We do not own the world we only hold it for a while to pass to our children and THEIR children.

  102. Adrianne says:

    Don’t listen to the ’nuffers. I don’t want to live in a world where cute overload doesn’t have pictures of red pandas and hedgehogs.

  103. Subhangi says:


  104. Quite so Adrianne – Cute Overload is a blessing – but taking pictures out of a camera is not so bad as taking living creatures out of their environment
    You mention Red Pandas – they are usually in the properly organised environment of a Zoological Garden with trained and loving keepers – there is such a place – CHESTER – Cheshire County – England and for the Hedgehogs – they actually visit at private gardens in the countryside of England and do their thing – neither are these two kept as pets – hedgehogs will take food from your hand and they play nice – and that’s the wild ones I am talking of – as for the Pandas their environment is duplicated in the Zoo and they are well and properly cared for

  105. What is it with HUGE round eyes today? First the owlette and now this…. *dies from cute*

  106. chocolate says:

    Hrmpf! How is it even possible this woman with her fingernails manicured so freaking ugly, who drinks from cans and wears an ugly leopard pattern jacket has a slow loris and I f***ing haven’t!

    I’m jealous.

    Although i know it’s wrong!!! Even if it’s not illigal in Russia, it’s still so wrong to have a low loris as a pet.

    But i WANT one i can’t help it, it’s sooo a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

  107. Vanessa says:

    Doug is spot on.
    The trade in wildlife goes much further than whether one person looks after the animal properly. Whenever videos are posted like this, the comments are mostly ‘I want’, and some people will get them – illegal or not. And for every one that is captive bred, hundreds are taken from the wild and sold as captive bred or for breeding purposes. Many never make it to their destinations alive. Mum and Dad came from somewhere!
    There is no quality of life for a wild animal in your home regardless of how well you think you are looking after it.
    ‘If the buying stops – the killing can too.’ – IFAW

  108. @chocolate
    Even the people who drink from cans and wear leopard patterned pants actually deserve the love they get from the cuter folk amongst us. Note the leopard pattern PATTERN you acknowledged it – not a real leopard is it ?- she may be a very nice person under those over-painted nails
    Trust me Chocolate – there is much in Russia that is legal but you would not want to know – besides you remember when in Rome you do as the Romans do – and I think you should not go there (ROME) because Keeping exotic animals is illegal there
    Bless !!

  109. @ Vanessa – Well said love Well said

  110. The only way to domesticate animals is to raise generations with human care.

  111. Carlisa says:

    I had a smile on my face that I thought wouldn’t come off ….until I read the comments. 😦

  112. @Carlisa Please do not be sad, we have all of us a different view of this – and if we differ there is no need to be unhappy, it is so true that Sonya got lucky, and others do not. Think on it and for yourself then do what is good in the World.

    If you do good in the world then it will go you the world of good
    Patti @};-

  113. Why do not the yahoo emoticon HTML doo-dahs work here
    that was meant to be a flower to cheer Carlisa up

  114. Carlisa says:

    @ Patti…You just did…Thanks 🙂

  115. Carlisa says:

    …and I ♥ the flower!

  116. Carlisa says:

    ,,,also the emoti:)cons work with the keyboard (i think- not bright w/puters)

  117. Wow, I have never seen a slow loris post without people screaming they’re endangered. Yes they are. Don’t go buying one on the black market, okay? But the ones who are in nurseries and several generations past the wild need taken care of. It’s our responsibility to take care of them. This sweetheart is well loved and has a good life. That’s great!

  118. Carlisa! (tips hat, removes flower from hat, hands it to Carlisa, bowing)
    Trick flower squirts water in her eye.

  119. I hope this works properly other wise the Editor will be able to delete it is a smileycon bird and supposed to work with it’s HTML on boards like these
    Clivks Submit nervily

  120. NAH Scrub it it **sob** don’t work

  121. Carlisa says:

    @pyrit…dung fergit i has cow poot-tootehs within toss’n dist..@…@…@…nce 😉

  122. Carlisa says:

    …….AYyyyyynd….dung U fergiiiiiiit eeeeeet! 😛

  123. Nancy (orig) says:

    Will the cte-lovers please suggest some alternate sites for nuffers to talk down to the populace there and completely get their nuffs off there?

    Then we CO lovers can get back to oooing and ahing, heads ‘sploding, obscure monty pyton references, haiku, and general silly, circuitous commentary without getting the wag of the finger every other post! Maybe there should be a new rule of cte – Nuffers take it somewere else.

    Now, can we pick up our hound dog instruments and have a good family howl?

  124. Carlisa says:

    @Patti 😦 sowweh. I du=on’t know…..Mebbe it’s diff with diff operating systems (?)
    However; nice to meet you, and thanks for the sentiment 🙂
    The NERDS on here would prolly be Theo or MIKE (no not THAT Mike)
    OH! ….sorry, guys! 😛

  125. Hey, The Shazinator: I know!! It pained me to diss THE KING, but there it is.
    Even cultural icon genii fall down sometimes, and on this one, he fell down and went Boom all over the cuteness of the slow lori. Much cuter w/out the soundtrack.

  126. Lady Shaylin says:

    OK guys..I have never seen a Slow (is there one that isn’t) Loris and I think this vid is darling!! We’ve been educated a bit by this in that it’s a wild thing, it can be poisonous, its endangered, this one was bred in captivity, it’s cute as all get out and it’s being taken care of. Give CO some credit. If you want to make a difference, go to a PITA website or endangered species site and make a contribution or hey.. volunteer at an animal rescue habitat. Fussing here is only fussing. If you have such firm beliefs then go out and prove it. Sweat equity means more than vent-equity!

  127. temperance says:

    thanks, joy, for adding hedgehogs to my list of animals i can never own. i swear i could hear the ‘crunch’ as i was reading your post. icky- ick!

    you know- every time i threw away an empty roll of toilet paper i would think of how it wouldn’t have to go to waste if only i had a hedgehog…..yet another dream dashed.

  128. @ Lady Shaylin – “Sweat equity means more than vent-equity! yes indeed I wanted to point that out in my post to all it applies – “Do Good in the world and may it do YOU the world of good ” but you put it more briefly and in any case you put it better than did I
    Patti 🙂

  129. Carlisa says:

    @Patti!!!!!!! U can has ;P

  130. I learned in my primate class that Lorises are also poisonous. It’s not a terrible poison to humans, but still can be dangerous. I learned that they mix it with their spit and put it on their babies to keep them protected from predators! Such an interesting twist to such an adorable little critter!

  131. Paunchie says:

    this thread makes me want to fling puddingks

  132. Carlisa says:

    well…mine diddy not go thru!

  133. The Shazinator says:

    Deb…but…but…it’s…Elvis…The Ki…okay, so it’s somewhat of an irritating song. *sigh*

  134. The Shazinator says:

    Actually, the biggest diss was calling him an Elvis impersonator!! *cracks up*

  135. Well Carlisa you must take better aim and refer to the “Chucking / Trajectory Manual”
    So’thing came whizzzzzzing past my head and out the window behind me, now if you aimed it you has to have bad aim – I am in the UK and I believe you has a strong arm to aim that far. 😉

  136. brinnann says:

    “So let’s just all be nice and quiet, eyes glazed over, as we are hypnotized by the cuteness.”

    Sounds like a good plan to me…

  137. That was… bewildering.
    Oh well. LORIS!!

  138. Kristabelle says:

    Funniest comment was go to a PITA website. HAHAHAHA. PETA certainly qualifies as a PITA!! :mrgreen:

    Oh wait, did I stir the pot again??? My fault.

  139. @Patti…
    HAHA!…tries again 😉
    …umsep I iz in “da steecks” of dern nair WByGoshVA and me thinks that would be purdy fars away frum ya. (grabs a bottle of Gatorade from the frig…OH!…..and pudd’n;)

  140. Well I surely am sorry to leave this place – but we have “The Mentalist” on in a minute
    or two – so please no more pudding throwing – I wanna go drool – it’s his eyes I reck’n

  141. Don’ work – where Theo ?? he know I am sure why I no can send pretty pictures:(
    I like it here

    [You were trying to use BBcode, which doesn’t work on WordPress blogs, such as Cute Overload. I don’t think you can embed images in comments, even though embedding YouTube clips is pretty easy these days… – Ed.]

  142. I see that everyone is all angry at the people who are concerned for the animal. I hope you all realize that there are MORONS on the internet (obviously not the ones commenting here because you’re all so damn articulate) who will go out RIGHT NOW and buy an alligator or a tiger or a loris just because they saw a video or a photo of someone owning one and having a grand time. Seriously do you people NOT understand that?

  143. @ kibbles – Here’s one who aint angry with those concerned abd sensitive people and there are lurkers here abouts who read these posts and likely do just what you say.
    But then those same people are those who leave their animals home alone and go on holiday – “on the spur of the moment” because a neighbor has their keys and will drop by – they are also the people whom we have to remind regularly that puppies are not JUST for Christmas. The whole darned world is full of people like THAT. Thankfully however there are those of us with a little less money and a lot more thought for the animals who share our lives and grace our homes, there are also people who genuinely care for animals and who go to rescue centers to find the ONE that they want, you will always see idiots like those you describe – but for each one – there is someone like yourself – always – who will watch out for the animals. Oh Heck I did not mean to rattle on like that – Sorry if I have stirred the pot

  144. Vanessa says:

    Horray @ Patti!
    Being concerned for animals is not something that we can turn on and off when it is convenient for others or we are visiting a specific website as opposed to another. Being an animal welfare advocate is in your entire SOUL – 24/7, 365 days a year for life.
    Lacking apathy is something that we are proud of, at least I am, and so I cannot just turn my back to the sickening feeling that I get when I see a wild animal exploited for the pet trade. Just like animal advocates have to suck it up when all we see is apathy, those who can turn off their concern have to suck it up and live with us.
    Please learn what it is to domesticate an animal and how that differs from being captive bred. Almost 100% of the animals on this planet are unable to be domesticated, because they don’t fit the base criteria, and this animal is one of them. Please educate yourself before you make claims that we have domesticated these completely wild creatures.
    They belong only one place – in the wild.

  145. Why isn’t anyone mentioning the ELVIS ABUSE???? Mein gott in himmel people, THINK ABOUT ELVIS!!!!

  146. Blueindy says:

    My heart says yes, but my mind says no.

  147. Blueindy says:

    I’m talking about my crazy impulse to acquire one of these and spend my days snorgling it.

  148. kibbles says:

    You rock Patti! Thanks for giving me hope. 🙂

  149. @Vanessa @ kibbles We seem to be of one mind here – it warms my heart to know that – sending love
    @ Blueindy The heart always has reasons of which reason does not know, but the heart is not always right, you may have so much love to give, you could consider going to an Animal Rescue and look for a Kitty or a Pup with sad eyes that needs your love – and think of the welcome you get when you get home
    @vfxchick Elvis left the building some time ago had he lived he would have been seventy four years old this year, great guy, great singer, great entertainer, his records still sell, amazing, there are even people who look for new ones, amazing

  150. Slow lorises look perpetually stoned 😛

  151. That makes me want to bust out singing

    “Oh your eyes are the eyes of a Loris in love
    and oh how they give you away
    why try to deny you’re a Loris in love
    when I know all too well what they say”

    Eeep!! I need a coffee it’s half past eight UK time and I’ve been up since five does it show

  152. Oh my gosh, we get it- it’s bad bad bad to own one. This website is, not cuteoverload_as_long_as_everyone_agrees_it’

    Did anyone see the wink at 0:32? Cuteness!

  153. Carlisa says:

    I’ve officially become a Tree hugger!

  154. what is that and where can i get one?? i now believe in love at first sight….

  155. @ Carlisa – I hug a lot of trees – I have a silver birch who is a very good friend she lives in a near-by park where we have squirrels a few rabbits the occasional fox and badger and many birds. A neat little brook at the bottom of a steep-ish walk way.
    And what I like most – a small bridge that crosses some water – there when I last looked – that looked like the original Ricketty Racketty Bridge where the Troll stood – until Great Big Billy-Goat Gruff told him to AMSCRAY so he should not hurt (or eat) people. We are indeed quite a way from Delamere Forest – but I go there when I can the wild life that is in both the places live in their natural environment. We even see the occasional Red Squirrel.
    @ Emma – AFAIK they are illegal – wild captured and illegally bred – unless you live in Russia – lots of stuff there – legal if you want

  156. Carlisa says:

    I have NO prob with your comments (or any of the others here)
    MY only problem is that sometimes…Anuff is A-Nuff
    (needs to be in the glossary)
    sheesh….we all come here to enjoy the Qte :)….right? We don’t (and won’t) agree on everything.

  157. Carlisa says:

    and hugzzz

  158. Backatcha hon – just think if we all agreed it would be a dull world without any differences and maybe nothing learned neither.
    Say if we all liked the same – there would be not enough to go round, I feel like the Irish man in the English pub “I do not like your ale – I am only here for the craic” (the humorous conversation and bonhomie)
    I love to read the posts – one point though I would say it was unkind and ill-bred to correct a person’s spelling or grammar, and I have seen that done, and been very sad.
    Love to all

  159. Carlisa says:

    Patti, I AM from VA and I AM near WVA. I wasn’t making fun of anyone but ME.
    Funny that I didn’t even notice your slur. kthxbye

  160. Carlisa says:

    ….and ♥

  161. I did not see the slur of which I spoke – on THIS thread – it was on another – excuse me Carlisa I was in no way referring to you love, now before Patti gets hopelessly confused – I have seen no post of yours to which I could ever take exception.
    Any slur that is said to be mine – how does not someone point that out AFAIK I do so not make them – it is against my principle, indeed throwing verbals at someone on a post like this – is unfriendly and not a Patti-Thing at all.
    HEY Girl – what did I do and where did I do it – I seek enlightenment – Hey – do you see where you said a nuff is anuff – that was not slurring – it was on another thread I believe a person miss-spelled something and another post was put in to correct the miss-spell. C’mon – straighten this out please
    Bless and (((Carlisa)))
    From Patti

  162. Patti, I thought you were getting on me for “hillbilly” talking to Pyrit. I joke a lot and it’s sometimes taken the wrong way. I was figuring you might’ve taken it wrong. MY bad. I sez sowwy 😦
    …and ….(((Patti))) 🙂

  163. Oh goodness NO !!that is so not a Patti thing – hey I like this conversation it’s totally pleasant – I love the way the “Hill Billies speak” do you remember Buddy Ebsen and the Hill Billies of Beverly Hills
    Oh listen to a story ’bout a man named Jed
    Poor mountain man barely kept his family fed
    then one day he was shootin for some Food
    When up thru the ground it came bubblin’ CRUDE
    Black Gold – TEXAS TEA
    Yes I know the rest but I am feared o’ hoggin’ the thread – and ah caint sing – I have a good Hog Callin’ voice – SAKES Hon ya don’ want that

  164. temperance says:

    here’s one of my favorite blogs on the correcting another’s grammer subject:

  165. temperance says:

    favorite blog entries. grammar.

  166. @temperance – I see the title of a book – stuff White People Like – I could never read a book with that Title – I am European from ancestry – Anglo-!talian – can you tell me who wrote it please – nah – don’t bother I’ll ask Amazon,
    I think it sounds racist from the Title – do not all people have the same – well similar likes and dislikes what has black white brown or polka dotted got to do with the price of soap flakes, am I counted as white if I am European – I’m kinda pale olive – and I never “proof-read” – or are you saying Black people do not proof read – aww c’mom big T – you have a favourite blog on Bad Grammar – you a proof-reader ??? – oops – I had better get outa here

  167. ♥ @ Patti

  168. [You were trying to use BBcode, which doesn’t work on WordPress blogs, such as Cute Overload. I don’t think you can embed images in comments, even though embedding YouTube clips is pretty easy these days… – Ed.]
    Thank you Mr Editor – please can you or your Deputy Dawg kindly give me the best way to put a picture in – even if you know a system that works I’ll go get it – I just want to play and enjoy stuff – what is the system that WordPress likes – I am not sure I understand the codes like
    You can use these HTML tags and attributes:

    I think I might just know the a href one because Beliefnet used to use them 
    Please help

  169. Patti — the only kind of embedding that works in WordPress comments are YouTube videos. All you have to do is paste an URL. But for still images, I think all you can do is paste in a link to them. Here’s what happens when I try to embed a pic from my personal blog…

    Mr. Bounce in winter from

  170. Smileycons have so many variable settings I thought I’d try

  171. well everyone is entitled to their own opinion…but I can see how that beautiful animal is loved and cared for and you can tell from the video that she loves you…. Well done for the wonderful life you have given her 🙂

  172. sauvage1983 says:

    To those who say this isn’t a political space—everything is, no matter the decision made. You take a position on something, be it saying nothing at all, and that’s a political act.

    If the Overlords of Cuteoverload so choose, maybe a disclaimer (maybe a link to a page?) with an explanation as to the ramifications to owning endangered species could be added from now on? That might strike a good balance between seeing teh qte and resting easy that owning endangered animals isn’t being promoted.

  173. Carolina de Witte says:

    @Patti: “Stuff White People Like” is a blog, not a book. It is written ‘tongue in cheek’, it’s a satire if you will. Not meant to be offensive, although it highlights a lot of things many ‘white people’ do out of ignorance or spite. It’s really a funny site, although I do admit the title is ‘offputting’ to say the least. When I first found the site, I wrote an outraged letter to the owner, and he managed to put me at ease about his intentions. I should have read some of it at least before I ‘flew off the handle’. It’s really funny. Give it a read before you decide.

  174. @Carolina de Witte – What a pleasant reply and I thank you – it is a relief to hear of the bigotry and spite being mocked – then in this case – of course I shall read it – and enjoy it too – satire is “my-tire” – sadly there are many people who do not see themselves in the satire. I worked in the Electra House – in the old GPO Telegraphy in the 70’s and there were many Ethnic Minority Groups in the building and some of us tried to be enlightened but it was no go – too many of my friends were black and bigots branded me (in their eyes) as a n1@@er lover – I detest the word and must disguise it’s hatred but we all know what the symbols mean. Recently – to complete my interrupted education I returned to College and was the Oldest student in class. but I received an A * for an essay written in a study of Racist Issues as portrayed in the treatment of Crooks the Black Stable-hand – in “Of Mice and Men” I was told I had written “not a word too few nor a word too many” . With my Tutor’s encouragement I am taking up a career – at this stage in my life – I shall be – no rather I AM a writer, with the benefit of your reply I intend to visit and understand.

  175. temperance says:

    thanks for the help carolina de witte- i guess i just assumed from the over-the-top blog name that everyone would know it was satire. my mistake.

    (it can also be quite an informative blog- i had no idea white people loved mole skin notebooks so much!*)

    *this is a joke.

  176. @ temperance – it’s OK – I should have known it was a joke – but I was caught out there – I have spent much time – back when I was working in the late 60’s Early 70’s in the Telegraph Service, and was one of the first to use “dial-up” it was official
    No Colour Prejudice in the Post Office International Telegraph Service – yeah right official ! but – don’t believe that it never was there – the bosses made it official and then let the staff go ahead – one of my best friends – w izard on the keyboard – was an African American – known as Chalkie – and he had a lot of “ragging”.
    Does this mean I have to give up using that cute little grey notebook Chalkie bought for me, ??
    More I visit here more I like it

  177. Slow lorises are endangered species and wild animals and should not be kept as pets. They’re extremely cute, but I think these youtube videos are promoting keeping them as pets. Please read the following article if you are considering trying to find a loris for a pet. BTW, it’s illegal to have an endangered species as a pet.

  178. @ amanda I do not believe that any one of the dear people here would consider that – they are aware – but still ‘n’ all it is a very human failing, to look and to admire, but not really to go get – we all have an “inner child” it is the part of us that has a wistful way of wanting something, but then the “Adult” part of the persona takes over and we are made aware of the risks involved. Having said that, I have to say that the article you have posted, is the most poignant in that it shows the cruel side which is prevalent in other parts of the world.
    I for one shall be bookmarking your contribution, for I shall be finding it very useful.