About to nom your face clean off

Are you feeling lucky, Punk?

Are you?


It could really go either way, Ashley T.
[Seen on Melisa’s Bears – Ed.]



  1. What IS that?

  2. reminds me of the lorus

  3. OMG- that thing looks like it could just peck your eyeballs clean out. Right before he rips you open and does a cats-cradle with your intestines. Too much? Sorry…

  4. OMG i want to snorgle!!!!!

  5. Mozelle says:

    That doesn’t even look REAL. He’s all pom poms and big eyes, and then whammo! Wicked claws. The cute is just to draw you in closer to your destruction.

  6. essensual says:

    What big eyes you have…

  7. Stressfactor says:

    A baby ‘ORLY?’!!!!!

  8. kerrymc says:

    ZOMG! What is it? I looooove.

  9. JussyLee says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a baby owl. And the longer I stare at it the more it goes from cute to just plain creepy…….

  10. BeckyMonster says:

    OK, I usually think it’s lame when people post looking for some sympathy, yeah, I’m probably a bad person. Anyway, I had to put my sweet baby kitteh Detour to sleep this morning. He was 15. A gentleman and a scholar (he can’t read, but he was quite distinguished).

    He is in Kitty Heaven now, all the treats and tuna juice he wants, and he’s not suffering anymore. OK, I’m done. Sorry 8^(

  11. Stressfactor says:

    Forgot to add: He doesn’t have “attitude”, he’s got “fluffitude”!

  12. essensual says:

    Need a new catagory…cute or scary.

  13. mplsredd says:

    creepy, cute, wierd, nightmare material, photo-shopped…..eitherway coo coo!

  14. Sorry BeckyMonster. ~hug~

  15. First, so sad about Detour the Gentleman Cat.

    Second, there are so many things going on in the “owl?” photo, extra-long fluffy hairs growing out of his lovely round head, the head tile, the colour of the fluff, the crazy claws, the gigantic head in proportion to the body, and the big, beady eyes.
    I totally love him.

  16. Shannon says:

    Holy. Freakin’. CUTE!!!!!!! I now demand more baby owl pics!

  17. Sorry to hear that, BeckyMonster. Sending good thoughts to you.

    Must cuddle the owl, regardless of his pointy parts.

  18. windbalm says:

    I’m confused! It’s really quite birdlike but it also could easily be a monkey-like creature??? What IS it? My only answer is… well, cute!

    @BeckyMonster… my sincere sympathies on your loss ~~^~~~~{@ =^..^=

  19. Desdemona says:

    @BeckyMonster: <<<>>> We all know how that is to lose the sweetest and most unconditional loves. Take care of yourself.

  20. Katiedid says:

    O.O … I dont know whether to squeeze it or back away slowly..

  21. bebbeh owlses!!!

  22. Baby owl! *squee* I love owls!

  23. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    BeckyMonster, my heart goes out to you. :o(

    As for the little hootie-who, I don’t know which is deadlier, those eyes or the little wisps of black thready fuzz. Has to be the fuzz.

  24. Kiragirl says:

    ok, so that’s THE most interesting, and cute, pic I have EVER seen

  25. Fuzziese! *swoops in for hugs* OW! Something poked me. *shrugs-Snorgle* OW! Wha? Nothing here but this cute widdle ball of fuzz, who’s a cute widdle fuzzie wuzzie?*Tickle* YEOW! Where’s my finger? Aww, ain’t that sweet Fuzzem’s got a chewey…wait a minute…HEY!

  26. Katrina says:

    Aw, BeckyMonster-I’m sorry that Detour has passed away. Now you are the guardian of your memories of him. We all seek solace once in a while- nothing lame about that at all- and we are a little bunch of peeps who care. Take good care of yourself in this stressful time, ok?

    This must be a bebeh wol. I’ll go get my gloves, I’ll be right back.

  27. Mud Bug says:

    Baroooohoot !

    @ BeckyMonster… I am so sorry ! Try to stay insanely busy today. It may only give you a moment or two without the pain but even that could help you get through today.
    BIG hugs ! MudBug

  28. @BeckyMonster, I am so sorry you’ve lost a dear member of your family. 😥

  29. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Well, when I grow up and have a 4 foot wingspan and talons like daggers and eyes that can see in the dark, well, then I’ll be back to make your day!! But you’ll just have to wait.

    Yes, some kind of owl, just don’t know which.

    BeckyMonster, so so very sorry to hear about your kitty. I understand. Sei umarmt.(German for, “feel (yourself) hugged.”)

  30. Ookpik!

  31. chanpon says:

    His hair looks kind of like Rerun Van Pelt’s. [ http://peanuts.wikia.com/wiki/Rerun_van_Pelt ]

  32. Tygress22 says:

    I’ve seen this pic before. It is actually a custom made doll. I am trying to find the website it came from but i can’t remember the person’s name. It was amazing but expensive stuff. 🙂

  33. Aelfwyn says:

    Actually quite scary.
    BeckyMonster, you’ve come to the right place. Cherish the memories, hon.

  34. @BeckyMonster, I know exactly how you must be feeling– I’d bet a lot of us do. My Dante purr-machine is sending you soothing purrs.

  35. Aw, he has a little case of bed head! I think he was rudely awakened for the photo shoot and he is not amused.

  36. As for the little critter– it’s an Ookpik!!!

  37. BeckyMonster, sorry to hear about your much loved gentlecat.

    This is so WEIRD looking! I’m with Katiedid…

  38. @BeckyMonster – so sorry and no, it is not being lame. When there is a loss, you are driven to proclaim it. We are all here to give you hugs and support. It was amazing to me how much it meant when some co-workers gave me bereavement cards and kind words. The best thing I can recommend is direct your love elsewhere…as in save another soul that needs all that love and a forever home. It is painful when you have all that love and no where for it to go. Some other little critter is in deperate need of it.

    As for the baby owl….OMG c-u-t-e….w-a-n-t….[sigh]

  39. Was this the inspiration for Furbies?

  40. @BeckyMonster – I forgot to mention that people aren’t looking for pity. Support and kindness helps dull the pain.

  41. PS I think this fuzzball proves that eyes can be gigantic and beady at the same time.

  42. @BeckyMonster – sometimes talking about loss helps. (((Hugs))) if hugs are ok – my cat Bryher sends you a miow and a headbump.

    And as for Mr Orly here, he’s quite welcome to disembowl me and eat my innards, as long as I get to smoosh his fluffy fluffs first! 😀

  43. kibblenibble says:

    So…It’s not real, but stuffed? (according to Tygress22 at 9:58 am )

    *shakes head in confusion*

  44. Kristabelle says:

    That is incredibly cute, but it does look somewhat unreal – are those foot claws even possible at so young an age??

    BeckyMonster – I am so sorry for your loss. Gentle ((((HUGS)))) to you.

  45. BeckyMonster – I lost my sweet little Abby cat, Tiki, seven years almost to the day; and I still miss her. I hope your dear kitty is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge the way I hope Tiki is waiting for me. My heart weeps with yours. (((HUGS)))

  46. BabyOpossum says:


  47. MamaDawn says:

    BeckyMonster, we’re a big family here and we extend a virtual shoulder for you to cry on if necessary. I know from experience you made a tough decision, but thank you sooo much for being a responsible pet owner! Many hugs!

  48. Kristabelle says:

    I have just googled baby owls and looked at 25 pages of images and not one of them looks even close to this one… most of them have some sort of yellow eye with a visible pupil. Baby owls certainly grow into their stateliness, that’s for sure!!!!!

  49. nom nom nom nom nom

  50. peopalnippy says:

    iz demandz attentinzhon!!!
    that is the cutest dang thing ever…oh wait, i’ve stared too long…now it’s freaking me out…but still cute…how’s that possible…??? MORE BABY OWL PICS…we need an ‘owlerday’ – i mean come on…cats have a day!!

  51. Just looked again – it’s not real, is it?! Dammity damn. Never mind, I’ll get my pot of fairy dust and MAKE it real!

  52. Agree, Kristabelle, I spent a summer working with baby owls in rehab and they were all quite a bit uglier than this. Now that people have mentioned it’s a toy, there IS something about it that is not quite right – especially the down, it looks more like fur. But, if it is real, I would LOVE to know what species this is! And if it’s not real, where can I buy it??

  53. Kristabelle says:

    Two owls that I have looked up – the barred owl and the spotted owl have those big, bottomless pit eyes:

    I’m still voting that this one’s a doll…

  54. it looks like the Terby from Bret Easton Ellis’ book The Informers!!! or at least how i picture it.

  55. Tygress22 says:
  56. I’m sorry about Detour. He sounds like quite the gentleman indeed.

    That little one is really cute except those talons scare me.

  57. Kristabelle says:


    Bubo is made with recycled MUSKRAT fur! That even sounds strange – I recycled my muskrat to make an owl…

    Good work, Tygress!

  58. Oh no — it’s fake?!?! I’m so disappointed.

    I’ll have to get a baby killdeer instead:

  59. brinnann says:

    Awwww, heems so FLOOFY!

    BTW, I used the word “floofy” earlier today, and one of the guys at work said it wasn’t a word. 😦 He is sadly mistaken.

  60. Wow, that is kee-YOOT. I wants to cuddle with one, stat.

  61. That thing is scary. It looks like cute little things you see in horror movies
    that love up on you then rip off your face.

  62. Oh NOES!!! I wanted it to be real!!!

  63. THAT’S NOT REAL!!!

  64. It’s SO cute! A tiny owl perhaps?

  65. One Eyed Daruma says:

    I appreciate the artistic endeavor – but the name of that thing has me squicked out:

    Main Entry: bu·bo
    Pronunciation: ‘b(y)ü-(“)bO
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form: plural buboes
    : an inflammatory swelling of alymph node especially in the groin —bu·bon·ic /b(y)ü-‘bän-ik/ adjective

  66. Okay that entire website creeps me out a little bit! I was thinking it was the next character by Tim Burton!

  67. ooh. Is not real? So sad. And BeckyMonster, so sorry about your kitties. Losing kitties has been the most heartbreaking thing to happen in my life–I still sometimes cry when I think about beloved past feline friends. I totally understand!

  68. ergh. So sorry about your *kitty.

  69. @One-Eyed– “Bubo” is also a Greek word for owl, used in many scientific names for owl species.

  70. Nancy (orig) says:

    when I grow up, I’m gonna star in a Harry Potter movie! Harry Potter and Teh Qte!!!

  71. If this is a doll, as someone suggested in an earlier post, I MUST know where it came from so I can get one! Could somebody please track this down and post the source? It’s eyes have stolen my soul and now I must have a little owl gremlin of my very own!

  72. What are those nosicle things??? That’s the creepiest…

  73. BeckyMonster says:

    Thank you all so much for your sweetness. I am a prickly pear on the outside, and a completely liquified marshmallow on the inside. I miss my sweet boy, but he is resting now.

    Believe me, I will be waiting for some wayward kitteh to cross my path, and I have my other terrors (Mookie, Pickles & Scout) to help me with cuddles. Yes, I am only a cat or two from “Crazy Cat Lady” status, but who cares.

    As for the owl, tewtelly reminds me of the mechanical one from “Clash of the Titans”. Does anyone remember that FABULOUS movie???

  74. @Beckymonster: I so sorry about your kitty!! **send helpful kitty purrs/headbumps** One of mine is currently recovering at the vet from some scares- not quite sure what’s wrong yet. 😦

    And Yes- I remember Clash of the Titans and I believe Bubo was the owl’s name, as this one’s is (based on the Latin names, as someone else noted).

  75. What’s with the strange , un-birdlike claws? Creepy or scary, can’t figure it out yet.

  76. manekineko says:



    And I’m so sorry, BeckyMonster. My dear departed kitty comes to me in my dreams all the time now, and she’s happy and herself again, and even though I know it’s not real, it’s lovely (kind of like this owly!). I hope Detour comes back to see you again soon.

  77. @Becky, there’s a remake in the works. I don’t know if this is good news or not!
    Liam Neeson is Zeus!!!!

  78. BeckyMonster says:

    Well sweet potato Jesus, a REMAKE with Liam Neeson????????????? I think that actually put a smile (albeit a cautious one) on my face for a minute!

    I hope Angelina Jolie plays Medussa (BURN!)

  79. I tend to agree, Becky, although I wait to see if there are any lines that can equal “I once fought for two days with an arrow through my testicle.” 80

  80. Wise Owl Cat says:

    OMG HE MUST BE RELATED TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!! MES GOT CLAWZZZZZZ LIKE MEEE!!!!!!! lol he looks like some prehistoric dino (:

  81. All owls should stay baby for the rest of their lives.

  82. Wise Owl Cat says:

    okaynevermind. it does not look real when you look close! i looked close and it is UGLY when you sare at it too long! honestly, i preacticallly CRIED when i thought it was cute. now i CRIED when i saw it was fake and UGLY!!!

  83. A fine candidate for the Product Cuteness category.

    BeckyMonster – We can never forget them. I’m still tearful about my two kitties from 30 years ago! I’m glad you have other little ones for deep purrs and paw kneading.

  84. Holy mother of crapola…. What on earth? *gasps* Wook at the wittle big claws! And the baroo head tilt, and the fluffy… my god.. the fluffy!!!!!

  85. It’s fake, you guys! If you click on the “Melissa’s Bears” link below the picture, you’ll see.

  86. BabyOpossum says:

    “Recycled” or not, the real fur ruins the cuteness for me. I like the fact that it is posable, though.

  87. When crafts are used for evil!

  88. Paunchie says:

    Have yoos seen that ad for dos equis beer with “the most interesting man in the world”? And he’s all, standing there by a giant stone fireplace and this huge owl comes swooping in and lands on his arm? A great horned owl. This must be his kid brother.

    Freaky! It’s not a baby owl really, it’s a babeh monstah!

  89. Official: this is THE cutest thing ever to appear on this site. Cute, cute CUTE ^n. Had me screaming at the screen and puking rainbows all over the place. I want to schnoogle it. Can’t write no more, my head just exploded out of sheer cuteness.

  90. It kinda looks like a furby without ears!

  91. He/She looks like a fuzzball….. With claws!
    Its adorable!

  92. Cloud's Kim says:

    Omg… that’s adorable!… and kind of horrifying…

  93. Mean! Lol!

    Usually I don’t have time to scroll through many comments, but I was curious about the “breed” and knew someone would have it. Boy am I glad I scrolled because I thought this was realer than real. I’m such a sucker. (head bowed)

    Also sorry to hear about Becky’s kitty. 😦

  94. New category: cute or freaky?

  95. OMG, cute widdle fluffy baby owl!

  96. Virginia says:

    I know you guys all think this is just a cute baby owl, but this is actually The Goblin King’s baby picture. Do you know what havoc he’s going to cause when he grows up?!


    AWW, what a cute widdle fluffykiiiins!

  97. Lolol.
    It’s not real.
    Check the link it came from, guys!

  98. danielie says:

    Seconding the “cute or scary?” tag. :/ I actually thought it was a (VERY) frazzled baby chick or something. With dagger-like claws and major BEF. I can still see the cute in it, though…

  99. Entropy's Bitch says:

    made from muskrat fur. Huh. Muskrat love.

    Beckymonster, you’ve lost a member of your family. Don’t sell the grief short. Take care.

  100. Wow. It can be real if you want it to be.
    Ivory talons. Superior to our keratin nails.
    I was thinking manicure but now I’m thinking scrimshaw.

  101. Now, that’s disturbing.

  102. tootsie says:

    it’s a doll, if you go to the melissa’s bears website you will see that it is not, alas, a cute baby owl but in face a creepy hand-sewn doll. ewies.

  103. Click the link, silly says:

    “That doesn’t even look REAL.”

    That’s because it’s not.

  104. I want to cup and coddle it in my hands.

  105. I can’t believe this thing isn’t real!!! I CAN have one!

  106. Peanutcat says:

    What. The. Heck?! It’s cute and it’s scary, and I don’t know what the hell it is . . . .

  107. Peanutcat says:

    Aw, Becky, I’m so sorry. I know what it’s like to lose a beloved pet.

  108. Mikeyfur says:

    BeckyMonster, Just adding hugs from my two cats, Mikey and Kiefur, and me. We’re so sorry Detour is gone. Detour is a wonderful name, by the way. Bet there is a story behind that name, huh? It always hurts so much to lose a well loved pet, but isn’t it great to have the CO support group to come to…

  109. @Becky, all who have loved pets have lost them; the good thing in this is we are here for each other and for you. Sending you hugs, and good thoughts.

  110. Twinkie-chan is staring at him from the shanalogic ad. I believe they are in cahoots.

  111. [redials]
    See, I said “cahoots” and it’s an owl. See?

  112. OMG!!! DED!!!

  113. Caitlin says:

    awwww, baby wol! I made uncontrollable squealing noises when I scrolled down to this…. good thing my husband isn’t home 😛

    @BeckyMonster: Hugs!!

  114. Woods Walker says:

    It has to be a baby owl. It is the only thing that could look so cute and weird at the same time.-Woods Walker

  115. Rosie Posie says:

    Virginia – MY thoughts EXACTLY! It’s a widdle baby Goblin King! I shall love him and squeeze him and call him Jareth!

  116. @BeckyMonster: I’m so sorry about your kitty =[ I know how you feel. both of my cats had to get put down only months after each other. They both had cancer.

    @babeh owl: OH MY GAWD!!! soooooo cute!!! =D

  117. EvilStepQueen says:

    Did anyone click the link below the pic? It’s not real. It’s all handsewn and filled with poly fill LOL I thought it was some kind of odd owl baby, but then my thoughts of fancy were squashed when I realized someone made it *sigh* I still want one though LOL

    P.S. sorry to hear about the cat being put down 🙂

  118. Is that a baby owl or a weird looking chiken xD either way is cute but scary lol

  119. That is one WEIRD looking owl doll 👿

  120. I meant 😦 not 👿

  121. AWW 😦 I am so sorry to hear about your dear sweet kitty Detour, BeckyMonster 😦 A BIG CYBER HUG to you.

  122. Yuk, did any of you actually look at the website this “owl” came from. It’s a fake, one of a number of grotesque miniature animals that some wacko freak is making out of real animal fur. No wonder this thing gave some of you the creeps – your instincts are good! Please cute overload, don’t give us anything else from here.

  123. This owl is so cute! He looks like a little stuffed animal pocket pet lol

  124. MoonCatty says:

    Well, to be fair, after a quick view of the website it appears these created animals are made from recycled fur or faux fur. The maker is probably utilizing fur from coats, rugs, etc. to create the animals. The fur already existed, and (it appears) no animals were killed to make these created creatures. This baby owl’s beak and claws were hand carved from found antlers, so again the artist obtained these animal products without harming any animals. The rest of the baby owl is made from wires, stuffing, fabric and glass eyes.

    I could be mistaken, but that’s what appears to be explained on the website.

    As for the cute or creepy factor… well, that’s totally in the eye of the beholder.

  125. Kristen S. says:

    This is what I pictured Pidwidgeon looking like.

  126. Kristen S. says:

    Sorry, Pigwidgeon. From the Harry Potter books.

  127. Oh my God, it’s a real life Furbie!

  128. So, does anyone realize that this cute lil’ lady is an ingeniously handcrafted “toy” ? It you click on the link underneath the picture it will take you to a whole slew of pics, which describe the creation and talk about how it will arrive at your doorstep giftwrapped. That being said, it is freakin’ adorable! And I want one NOW!

  129. hon glad says:

    So its fake, I find all the creations on Mellisa’s web site, somewhat disturbing.

  130. when i thought it was real, i thought it was cute, but when i went back and looked at it after finding out it’s stuffed it totally freaked me out!!
    seriously, i am going to have nightmares about some of the other stuffed animals on that website.

  131. oh dear, it looks evil

  132. Subhangi says:

    Evil/cute Owl/alien (rather, Owlien.)


    But still cute in a bizarre way.

  133. bunnywabbit says:

    Wow! What a rip off. I thought it was real, too. But it’s good to know you can actually own one without it growing up into a real owl.

  134. OutdoorMisc says:

    I see a lot of people saying they want one of these or want a real baby owl. I just thought I’d mention that if you love baby birds, or all birds, there might be a wildlife rescue near you that needs volunteers. I did a “donate some money and get to see some baby owls look like space aliens and make crazy noises” tour of a rescue near me, last spring. Before then, I hadn’t come close to realizing the huge amount of care wildlife rescues provide. Since owls will probably kill you in your sleep, eat you, and pass your jewelry in a pellet once they become adults, I totally recommend volunteering at a rescue to get your dose of real owl. Much safer for everybody!

  135. Carlisa says:

    Waaayyhul…… I dunno if i want anything hoot’n in my ear at nite….but…me do’s like dys’n.

  136. Kristabelle says:

    Well, this thread suddenly took a very bizarre turn there… 😮

  137. Katrina says:

    Kristen S. This is what I pictured Pidwidgeon looking like. I think so, too.

  138. BeckyMonster, let me add belatedly to the chorus of condolences. We all need this support every once in a while. And what group besides us could be more understanding of such a loss? Hugs and good thoughts are being sent your way.

  139. Shannon says:

    Guys – it’s recycled fur and found objects. I knew a lady who made her chihuahua a bed from an old mink coat. Let me tell you, I was JEALOUS of the chihuahua b/c that bed looked comfy. I wouldn’t be caught dead in fur, myself, but it’s nice to see it put to use for something besides vanity. And all those mink stoles have to go somewhere. True, burned would be better, but making it into something cute is cute too. As long as it is recycled old furs….

    And. WANT.

  140. Danielle says:

    Beckymonster: so sorry to hear about your loss. Putting together a memory book for my pets that have passed-away has helped me a lot.

    Does anyone know what kind of owl this is?

  141. Danielle says:

    I just read the posts that said this owl is a fake. I am sad. 😦 The world was a better place knowing this owl was in it. Well, at least there are still live bunnies hopping around my neighborhood park and baby ducks in our river.

  142. BeckyMonster – I’m so sorry. I’ve been through that 3 times and it doesn’t get any easier. I’m sure most of the CO community also understands all too well. A virtual hug from Chicago to wherever you are…take care of yourself.

  143. @BeckyMonster: Hugs ‘n’ shared tears!! Just know your Detour is happy and pain-free, and will be waiting on the Rainbow Bridge.

  144. Funny!

  145. It’s a toy, though very realistic; but you can tell it isn’t real when you look at the rather too large claws and the black hairs.

  146. “Bubo is made from wonderfully soft & warm recycled blond muskrat fur”

    Why????????????????????? It can still be cute with synthetic furs…NO?

  147. arovelloraenso says:

    KAWAIIIIII!!! I love the quotes you matched with it. So much fun waits to be had with a picture that adorable. =D

  148. Quiet Desperation says:

    Augh! The eyes! They see into the cold heart of my dark soul! Noooooooooo!

    BTW, you are all incorrect. It’s not a baby owl. It’s an Uruk-hai larvae.

  149. WendyPinNJ says:


    It’s made from dead things!

    But it really is awfully cute!

  150. BeckyMonster says:

    Detour was named by a friend of mine while we were in college. It was a character’s name he had from Vampire, the Masquerade (yes, my freak flag is now officially flying). He never had a pet, and always wanted to name an animal Detour. I can tell you he DEFINITELY grew into the name!

    The pet memorial place called me this morning to say that Detour is ready to come back home. NO, he’s not stuffed!!!! Way too freaky!! His ashes and paw print photo frame will make me feel much closer to him, like his spirit is back in the house where he belongs. Thanks again for all the virtual hugs and kisses, it really helps.
    Becky, Atlanta GA

  151. carolyn says:

    A bebe owlette!!!! he’s so cute and cuddley looking

  152. Melissa’s website is definitely worth a look–very interesting. I admire the artistry and hard work that she puts into the animals, but at the same time, the fact that they are more realistic than the usual stuffed animal puts some of them right into the uncanny valley. It’s interesting to see how reactions vary–there are some that I think are cute, others that I think are creepy, and I bet if we all compared, we’d all have the same mixed reactions but to different ones.

  153. Noodle'sMom says:

    I’m not scared! I’d snorgle it (but with nail clippers in my back pocket). Actually, I want it! It’s an owlet, right?

    Becky…I’m another voice from Kitteh-lover Land, sorrowing with you and wishing you the happiest memories of Detour, the scholarly kitteh.

  154. WendyPinNJ says:

    My condolences Becky. It’s so hard. My 13-year-old blind persian Chester is failing and will be crossing over the rainbow bridge with our help in about a month.

  155. Popessa says:

    Honestly, after looking at the website…the whole thing creeped the *hit out of me…Sorry, just being honest.

  156. This is not an owl. It is quite clearly an alien – most likely from another galaxy. Could this be the forefront of an impending invasion?

  157. Jo Anne says:

    He is absolutely just tooooooo cute! Whoooo!

  158. Lerrinus says:

    My first thought was “Eeks, what is it!?”, maybe it should have been”Whoooo is it?”

  159. I’m sorry, I don’t care if it’s recycled. It’s still horrible to use real fur. No one should make $$ off of murdered animals, even if they didn’t do the killing. It’s still exploiting and making cash off the fur industry. 😦

    The fact that it’s stuffed animals make from real fur is freaky in a serial killer way.

  160. It looks like a cross-section between an owl and a bush baby.

  161. It’s OOKPIK, The Arctic Owl! Wow, he really DOES look like the picture book from my childhood!

  162. omg i love it so much i mean it

  163. omg i love it so much i mean it????????????????????

  164. i’m getting SURRRRIOUS stewie griffin vibes here, peeps.

  165. Carolina de Witte says:

    I think this is adorable. About the people who think it is ‘creepy’ cos it’s made from real fur…I think it honours the dead animals much more to reuse their fur. Why would one want to burn, rather than reuse something like this. It’s sad that the animal died, but it did, and it is much better to use the fur for something than to burn it. IMHO, ‘recycling’ it shows MUCH more respect for the animal. In a way, it will live ‘forever’ thusly. I would LOVE to own this little owlet. (That being said, I would never WEAR real fur. Sadly, I had to dump a faux fur jacket I owned, as people thought it was real, and I got some very rude comments for wearing it. I LOVED the jacket, but couldn’t deal with the stress of wearing it. People DO go overboard with this issue.)

  166. Carolina de Witte says:

    I just went to this woman’s website. I think she is one of the most amazing artists I have ever seen. No detail is overlooked in her creations. I would be so proud to own one (or many) of her animals. Alas, in this economy that will probably never happen.

  167. Its not a real baby anything. Its an artist made stuffed sculpture.
    Not at all in the same category as a real baby animal…… sorry.

    A “cute” craft project needs a “cute craft project” category.

  168. Or, I dunno, how about a “Product Cuteness” tag, maybe?

  169. Your name wouldn’t be Miss South Carolina would it?

  170. Carlisa says:

    Does it come with one of those DO NOT REMOVE labels? I know…i know….Who gives a hoot?! ;P

  171. No matter how you spin it, the artist is making money off of animal cruelty. She couldn’t charge so much money if she used fake fur. So she’s using it just to make money, it’s just for profit and it’s sad IMO, not cute.

  172. *falls off chair*

  173. I think that “thing” is related to my brother.

  174. OMG!!! That’s the creepiest thing I have EVER seen!!!! But it’s oddly cute 😉

  175. GiantSquirrel says:

    It’s a Chubb Chubb!

  176. is it alive??????
    gosh it looks real!

  177. Huuuuugggggeeeeee eyes FTW!

  178. Log Lady says:

    You fools. Beware! The owls are not what they seem.

  179. Tiny Muzzle says:

    “Who you tryin’ to get crazy with, Ese? Don’t you know I’m loco?”

  180. Gangreless says:

    Is that a freaking Gremlin? haha