Say you guys!



[Close up of ‘Say!’ action]


Marmoset There’d Be Days Like This, Magnus O. from Stockholm, s



  1. sunnymum says:

    s’up ms marmoset

  2. Where are its ears?!

  3. Reminds me of the wisdom of the brothers Magliozzi (Click and Clack)– all the worst disasters are preceded by the words, “Hey, guys, watch this!”

  4. Lula Mae says:

    Wooheee, a wookie!

  5. Kathleen says:

    Oh my GOD, it’s a Mogwai! For the love of god, man, tell me this photo wasn’t taken after midnight!

  6. Theresa-do you live in the “Fair City”?

    I am very fond of marmosets. What is it eating, bok choy? Now, that’s an acquired taste raw….

  7. anastasia says:

    Say!!!! a marmoset!

  8. Bigger ears and a more protruding muzzle (and opposable thumbs) and this would look like my cutie Pandora, who I swear is at least half monkey. We should all be thankful that cats don’t have thumbs.

  9. Katiedid says:

    OMG!!! Don’t get it wet!!!! Wait.. do they make more of themselves if you get them wet, or do they turn to gremlins?? Frick! I don’t remember. *Splash*

  10. That sounds like an excellent idea, marmoset. I don’t even know what it is…except, Say, that’s a good idea!

  11. LOL @ “marmoset there’d be days like this” …. good one!

  12. monch monch monch, does this monch monch monch taste funny monch monch to you too?

  13. kittykye says:

    Ah, Katiedid, you beat me to it. 😉
    It’s okay to get them wet though, cause then they’ll multiply! Then there’ll be millions of these cute little dudes running around. Yay!
    ….But, for goodness sake… Don’t feed them after midnight!

  14. Katiedid says:

    When the good one gets wet in the movie doesn’t it make more EVIL ones?? We certainly dont need any evil marmosets running around eating puppies and kittens turning into nuffers.. ahem … gremlins…. ;-D

  15. Marmosets always remind me of the one that peed on Johnny Carson’s head.

    BTW, that marmoset is dead. 😥

  16. Katrina, no, not that “Fair City.” I’m from Brooklyn (wild applause from studio audience)

  17. Ears were nommed off, DUH!

  18. Noelle (the First) says:

    “What? I’m eatin’ here! You gotta problem with that!”

    Say, whatta cutie, I can has….please! *begging position*

  19. the cutest animal of the world =)

  20. Ooohhhh Sir Paul. (sings while head tilting)

  21. Kristabelle says:

    No Theresa, don’t go there!!! :mrgreen:

    All I can think of after seeing Say so many times is Paul McCartney…

  22. I think it’s a Mar-Marmoset channeling Jar-Jar Binks.
    Say! Where wesa goin’? Mesa your humble servant. Oh gooberfish. Dis is nutsen.
    (Cutely saves the whole world.)

  23. Greetings from the Bronx, Theresa!

    Cute. Weird but cute. Did anyone notice his (her?) mouth is the same shape as his eyes. Does it have teef??

    And please help, I don’t understand the hovertext on the first photo!

  24. Naah, my comments are wevoosed.

  25. .yad daeh ruoy no gnidnats elihw stnemmoc eht daer eb tsum yadoT

  26. Minutiae says:

    Aw, he’s cute! (Plus, I love that the first hovertext quotes Primus’s “Tommy The Cat.” Heh.)

    [Ooh, well spotted! I didn’t know if anybody would get that. Saybebehdoyawannalaydownwithmesaybebeh… – Ed]

  27. @Theresa: Did you hear about Ed McMahon this morning…? 😦 (Speaking of Johnny Carson…) Hopefully he’s keeping that marmoset company now…. :-/

  28. I think Meg is commenting on the mamoset’s resemblance to the archetypal gangster figure from 1930s cinema as embodied by James Cagney in “Public Enemy,” Paul Muni in “Scarface,” and most probably Edward G. Robinson in “Little Caesar.” Years later, comedian Billy Crystal used to hold a mask of Robinson up to his face with the tongue sticking out and said “Say, you guys, say!” over and over.

    Personally, there’s nothing that says golden age Hollywood to me more than the phrase “Say” at the beginning of a sentence. One instantly feels like puttin’ the make on some girl with moxie, or giving that wiseguy galoot a what-for.

  29. say say say – what you want
    but don’t play games
    with my affection

    take take take – what you need
    but don’t leave me
    with no direction

  30. @Sheepy, yes, poor man.
    @B-serv, Say, what are you, a wise guy?

  31. PS I met a little monkeh named Billy Joe,
    And I almost lost my mind!

  32. kibblenibble says:

    I had forgotten about the marmoset song…Went back and watched it again. Highly recommend clicking the link and watching if you missed it the first time. Pure silly cuteness!

  33. Hey, where did you find a picture of my little brother???

  34. Von Zeppelin says:

    Marmoset? Isn’t that some kind of 1950s hair product for orange cats?

  35. chaosrainz says:

    It looks like a baby wookie! lol

  36. More like “Hay guise. I’m eating lol.”

  37. marmoset, marmoset!


  39. Aargh, I love his little semicircular mouf and want to beep his nose. I KNOW it isn’t practical or kind to keep marmosets as domestic pets, but LORD it’s tempting.

  40. lucy's mommeh says:

    I love these little critters. The one at the zoo-I can’t stop looking at it…there’s SOMETHING going on behind them little eyes.

  41. leslie thomas says:

    …From the “Not Much for Marmosets but Happy for Those who get their Jollies thusly …
    but ENNYway…Department…

    re. the Caption/ song lyric: did ennyone else channel Rita Moreno,
    from the dayz uv “The [ORIGINAL] Electric Company” ….???
    [to be hollered, at top of one’s lungs, as a BROAD, not in genteel, ladylike or appropriately Catholic manner…]


    [To this very day, she doth haunt me. – Ed.]

  42. Mud Bug says:

    Say Baby , How YOU doin’ ?

    The tongue people, the TONGUE ! (pic 2)

  43. Hey, 2 Electric Company refs in two days!!

  44. freetomato says:

    Looks like the little dude is wearing lipgloss!

  45. cobratoes says:

    Meg, you are weird. In a very awesome way. lol

  46. greenfly says:

    it is a tiny wookiee from the planet kashyyyk!

  47. I love this so much. Say! I just found a great big leaf! Ain’t that swell?

  48. Kristabelle says:

    At the Electric Companeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Loved that show!

  49. chanpon says:

    How come I can only think of Isaac on the Love Boat doing his little trigger-fingers pointing?

  50. Once again I must point out that this dude is a distant but more-or-less direct cuzz of all of us humans. Kinda kewl in a rodentious sorta way, n’est pas?

  51. Looks like a cross between a wookie and an ewok. Must ba a HUGE Star Wars fan!

  52. Blueindy says:

    This little creature is so cute I feel like my head is going to explode from the power of it’s cuteness.

  53. Marmoset, there’ll be days like this.
    There’ll be days like this, marmoset.
    (Marmoset, marmoset!)
    There’ll be days like this, my marmoset.

  54. leslie thomas says:

    Entry #2

    (“RoDentious” !!!??? Awesome new vocabulary term!!)

  55. Am I the only one who thinks this could be Chewbacca as a baby?

  56. Don’t feed it after midnight. Don’t get it wet.

  57. shannon says:

    he looks like a furby. :/