Nuthin’ like a smooshed muzzlepowsche and a berne

You’re good for the afternoon.

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Special thanks to Moose On Morton Shot by Anne-Lise Q.



  1. Katiedid says:

    Thanks.. I needed that.. Now back to work 😦

  2. Katrina says:

    o! I want one.

  3. What no yang yang yanng? 😉
    Loverly nails there doggie. Which salon do you use?

  4. Kristabelle says:

    Yes, yes…now I’m good for the afternoon. Perhaps after his bone, pupster and I shall take a nap in a sunbeam…

  5. What about the eyepop?

  6. PS What EEZ HEE? Outrageous Fronsche Bulldog?

  7. hee eez a well loff-ed pupee doggee… check out hees oth-aire peectures –
    hee snuggles!

  8. Illini Jen says:

    OMG I so want one. A Freeeeeeeeeeensh Bully that is. Those big bat ears! That cute little bulldog smile! WANT WANT WANT! /temper tantrum

  9. Paunchie says:

    isn’t Berne like Scottish for kid? You wanna have a baby? And that’d make yer afternoon?

    No wait, bairn, I think. Still! Hmm?

    [“Wee bairn” it is, me bonny hieland lassie – Ed.]

  10. this is exactly the calming image i needed after a 3-hour job interview! i should have mentioned my experience as a cuteologist…

  11. emudoug says:

    I predict that immediately after this picture was taken this pup got some serious snuggles.

  12. naamm naamm naamm i shall leek u, u evil bone!

  13. Katiedid says:

    I just poked my computer screen trying to rub that little spot between his eyes.. I dont know what it is about that spot but most animals i know love it when you rub them there. 😀

  14. AuntieMame says:

    Isn’t a berne a treaty or something? (And isn’t that the last thread?)


  15. hon glad says:

    Mon dieu zis bone iz plastique quel horeur.

  16. Eet ees delee-shus, mais not as piquant as the shoes of Maman. Zee bone shall be mon hors d’ouevre.

  17. hee hee-berne.

  18. Anner- call me! I can lend you a Corgi for the decompression stage.

  19. ceejoe is right on: hees othaire peectures are great! I love the ones of him popping out of the bag. He’s all at-coffee-shop-open-mic: “Twooo-thousand-eight: I … was … BORN!”

  20. This is also a very cute dog, I just love small puppies.

  21. kibblenibble says:

    So cute I teared up a bit….He looks meltingly soft….*sigh*

  22. Meg, Theo, as long as Maru is in the top lineup of photos, I don’t care what you post! >^.^<

  23. You know what they say about the French Bulldogs, they’re very good at rolling over.

    (I apologize to any French people for the anti-French comment. I am of Polish descent, feel free to have at it).

  24. Noelle (the First) says:

    OMG….SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! *grabs paper bag and promptly begins to breathe slowly into it to counter hyperventilating from adorabulness*

    Ok, I’m ok now. *SIGH* What a wuverly puppy!

  25. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Since most of us would love to be gently nom-nom-nommed by a pup as cute as that, we can definitely identify with that berne.

    The Berne Identity, you might call it. 😉

    [grooooan… – Ed.]

  26. hon glad- zees berne eez especial for zee zlowly-erupting teefs au Terrier. Eet ees a goood zing for ‘im/’er (and the chaise longues, oui?) Les bebehs, zey shew.

  27. Oh, non, xyz, we never do that……………….[sigh].

    Or, welcome, in xyz! Yes, we do that regularly.

    I’m having mood swings over here. I’ll be back after I get covered in Corgi hair/fur/fiber. phpt, phpt…….

  28. Katiedid says:

    berthaservant – You people and your.. umm.. your sausages!!!! Take that! 😀
    (I’m Irish/English and about as white as you can get without being see-thru. So I understand if you mush retaliate) lol

  29. Cute joke there NOMTOM.

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    Wha’ .. I awhile ago I came into CO (which I do compulsively several times a day in hopes of more cuteness to counteract work .. but I digress) and the puppeh was gone. I had seen him earlier .. but no more. And now , he’s back! What’s up with that?? Y’all are messing with my head??

  31. And after ze berne, ze perpe.

  32. Errrrrrrr.

  33. Satchel says:

    His nose looks like a Dodge Ram logo:

  34. critterluvr says:

    One look at that face and I am reminded exactly why I am dying to add a Frenchie to the family.

  35. kibblenibble says:

    Aww! Him’s muzzlepowsche ees so smooshed, there is actually a tiny chub roll all around eet!

  36. Katrina says:

    Niiiiiiiice, NOMTOM. Marry someone, I can’t stand the idea of you just floating out in cyberspace with no one of your own to pun to.

  37. Wait!! NOMTOM is SINGLE?!? How is this possible. Women rate sense of humor as one of the top attractive qualities in a man. Surely there must be a “lid” for the pot called NOMTOM…

  38. CO always makes me happy, and this post especially so.

    Thanks for making the world a better place, Meg. You are truly a gem!

  39. Katrina – keep a lookout for incoming calls tomorrow!

  40. Oh, I want to cuddle the little French puppy…at an outdoor cafe in Paris…with a handsome Frenchman and a bottle of wine. *sigh* Ok, gotta go scoop the litterbox now.

  41. You must go to his photo blog. There is no end to this pup’s cute-doings.

  42. michelle b. adams says:

    the marmoset shot and this moose were sent in by (i think) my LONG LOST FRIENDS from Sweden, Magnus/Linda and Magnus’ brother’s bride, Anne Lise! Hello from Florida from Michelle and Kal. We think about you all the time!!! Someday we will see you again, and by then, the art I bought, Small Cow and Red Cow, will be worth a mint!!!
    PS: if this isn’t the right Magnus and Anne Lise, NEVER MIND!!