And You’ll Need to Crank It to “Full Kitten” When Bill O’Reilly’s On

At last, something to make watching cable news bearable: “Happy Time” cuteness-in-picture.  Caution: May not be effective against Jim Cramer or Glenn Beck.

Wow, this is even better than Relax-O-Vision, Dan Z.



  1. Bummer, my Samsung doesn’t have this feature!!

  2. They also offer it in “puppy”…

    Too moische!!!!

  3. Lol! Weird yet quite effective way i guess? Lol. But it would not be good if you’re watching the show with someone else. Lol.

  4. Actually i am also wondering is this meant to be real or just a spoof? Sounds good yet funny? lol.

  5. berthaservant says:

    Now that’s what I call “cute-hance!!!”

  6. CoconutCheez says:

    o…mg. this is a spoof rite?

    tho the kittehs r so qte >.<

  7. Wombats says:

    We can haz “Disapproving Bunneh” too?

  8. Don’t forget that gasbag Keith Olbermann.

  9. I hope this is real. I also hope it’s on every TV someday. It’s just so wonderful.

  10. cobratoes says:


  11. A Freakazoid reference?

    Marry me here and now, NTMTOM. I shall have no other.

  12. That would be great for those dramatic sporting events that go sadly wrong. Like when your team is in the Stanley Cup and starts to lose and you just can’t bear to watch. Hit the happy button and you’ll be instantly cheered by cute animals. Your team will still suck, but there will be kittens to remind you that you really should care so much about a sport where the best players only have three teeth.

  13. hon glad says:

    If this isn’t a spoof it’s extremely crass.

  14. Sold !
    How much ? Where is it available?

  15. chrissie says:

    Oh my God. I want this to be real so badly I think I might explode.

  16. Brilliant! 😀

  17. StormCat says:

    Tori, if it was a Freak-a-zoid reference, wouldn’t it have been “Scream-o-Vision?”


    I checked my TV twice and I didn’t find this option either… Not fair! *pout*

  18. Katrina says:

    As picture-in-picture (Rasterops), already exists, I suggest this is a spoof. Now, if Cute Overload wants to BECOME to vendor to the happy pictures (that get used whenever the viewer wishes to be crass or not), wow. That is a license to print money. Theo, Meg? A video CO Calendar? On a mass market scale? Just remember who your friends are. I have a youth orchestra……

  19. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    hovering right on the edge…

  20. temperance says:

    this is total genius.

  21. Tewtally made me think of this Scrubs episode:

  22. I could use a new TV. Think I’ll go check out the LG models.

  23. Blondie says:

    @Decca – Right on the money!

  24. Oicks. I don’t even watch tv, but I might if this were an option.

  25. does it come in slow loris?

    that’s what i’d need to finally get all the way through “brian’s song”…

  26. Katrina says:

    See? I told you this will catch on quickly! Now hop to it Front Office!

  27. “Also available in puppy” – best part of the video. Lolz!

  28. I was all set to agree with those who were saying this must be a spoof/viral, or crass, maybe even kinda scary. I think I might have had a reference to Brave New World coming to the surface…

    … until blair suggested “slow loris” flavour. At that, my brain dialed up the Slow Loris Happy Time Feature in my head. My pupils dilated; my blood pressure went down; and I completely forgot what my objections were.

    Squeee! He’s eatin’ a ‘nana! Nom nom nom…. awww. Who’s a cute widdle baby now? Loris wanna tickle?

    *ahem* Pardon me while I find a washcloth. I appear to be drooling on myself.

  29. ^ I think my tone up there is off. I wasn’t trying to nuff, and I”m only making fun of myself. I do think it’s a spoof, and a cute one at that. I also really do have a happy place populated by slow lorises. 🙂

  30. Noelle (the First) says:

    I could have so used this for last Friday’s 6 o’clock news! We lost a favorite long-time news personality and they dedicated the news as a memorial to him, it was so sad. I could have used some cute kittens, although there was a clip of him with a baby bear cub which was really cute.

    {RIP Gary Papa…you’ll be missed)

  31. A great idea, or a subtly wrong one? I know – can I get it at work?

  32. GOP Kitten says:

    So what’s wrong with Glenn Beck? I prefer to actually know what’s wrong with my world and government than to bury my head in the sand and have every single Constitutional Right taken away from me.

    [You’re only reinforcing her point, you know – Ed.]

  33. Mud Bug says:

    I hate to be a buzz kill but since I use my lap top on the couch ( in front of the t.v.)
    There are two CURRENT , LESS EXPENSIVE options . I can look down at the one & only, original CUTE OVERLOAD or I can always pick up my remote &
    CHANGE THE CHANNEL when a sad part comes on. The same can be done by anyone on a desktop with a view of the T.V. Then you can get all the kitten , puppy, loris etc. you want. But hey, what do I know I didn’t run right out & get an “i phone”
    (I really didn’t need) when they came out either. =o/

  34. This is… it’s… um…
    [ponders for a bit]
    …aw I got nuthin. Never had anything against a basket full of kittens, of course, but this feels like Onion News Network reporting from Japan. (…er, Korea)

  35. Freakazoid! Yes yes yes!!

  36. Dudes! This is an ad from Great Britain, which is once again kicking our asses in the clever advertising department. Haven’t you ever seen the British advertising awards? Chillax and enjoy the kittens!

  37. …but is it an ad for an actual product?

    (I think you’ll find that most of us haven’t seen the British Advertising Awards, which I really really hope is the actual acronym they use, by the way. Anyhow, source please?)

  38. edmundh says:

    Don’t rush out and buy one now! Because next year there will be a newer version that also includes the “Hamster nomming corn” and “Otters frolicking” option!

  39. 1. This ad was in such bad taste. I don’t know what to say.
    2. How much is that feature and when can I get it?
    3. ‘course, I can change the channel. Or come to CO. Sorry to be such a buzzkill. I’m going to go look at kittens, now.

  40. BadKitty says:

    “What’s wrong with Glenn Beck?” Yeesh. Wouldn’t it be shorter to ask “What’s NOT wrong with Glenn Beck?”

    I might be tempted to watch FOX if they included a picture-in-picture of a fennec fox.

    Nah, still wouldn’t be tempted.

  41. Turn them on to drown out Randi Rhoads,Keith Olbermann,Rachael Maddow.
    Mr O’Reilly provides fair,honest and un biased political cultureal commantary.
    if you do not understand this, go back to school.

    [You know, it’s really funny to read stuff like this, Tomato. Hopefully this means you’re still IN school. – Ed.]

  42. Paunchie says:

    It has to be a spoof! But it’s also funny, even if in questionable taste. If only in real life we could have a basket of kittens or puppies every time we were sad or the boss was a jack ass! Life would be so much sweeter.

  43. Paunchie says:

    PS Personally I like the BBC.

  44. Want a sure way to find out if you are letting talking heads do the thinking for you?
    Check your back, look for a ring, attached to a pull cord…


    LOL they have a feature to replace swear words with baby giggle which totlaly made me laugh and a feature that turns any movie intoa carotoon… besides the kitten or puppy feature.

  46. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    The advert was in Korean, but the URL at the end was British. So I’m thinking spoof 😉

    If I’m wrong, I’m happy to wait until v2.0 comes out… with the long-anticipated Moist Nosicle feature.

  47. Ok, I just watched the video Kitty Adventures posted, and I’m now 130% convinced this is a viral/satirical ad. Funny, but it makes me feel a bit… Ooh! Look! Slow loris!

  48. Theo, can you ask LG to let us beta-test this feature in CO? You know, for commentroversies?

    [Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… – Ed.]

  49. Kristabelle says:

    Very strange.

  50. Love it, love it, love it!!!

  51. GOP Kitten and Tomato just overloaded my irony meter. Clearly our great nation needs more baskets of kittens and less right-wing propaganda.

    [I know you’re just back-baiting. But I grin nonetheless. 😉 – Ed.]

    [Possibly your screen name has a little something to do with that, as well. – Ed.]

  52. Answers: Yes, this is an ad from Great Britain. The ad is not for a specific LG product. It’s for the LG brand, emphasizing their ingenuity and creativity. In advertising, this strategy is known as brandscendentalism. And yes, I’m very sad that I know this information.

    The British Television Advertising Awards are held annually. Because British ads are known for their creativity and humor (and in general are far less conservative than ads in the US) they are shown annually at major modern art museums like MOMA and the Walker. You can check out the official BTAA link and watch this year’s winners at:

    And now, realizing that I have spent far too many years in the ad industry, I am now leaving my computer to go shoot myself.

  53. … 😦 why oh why must they only be Television awards?

  54. Actually I bopped a bit around the parent site I believe these are new featurs on their LG tv. I could be totally wrong as I am completely gulible but the video was from a recent show in Korea . Of course like I said I am totally gulible so maybe a spoof.

  55. …also, Pookie, ya gotta do something, right? Might as well be advertising.

  56. Never mind Pookie posted at the smae time as me.. Like I said I am gulible… Rats I want botht hte kitty and the puppy version!

  57. Theo

    INORITE! It would be so much cooler if the acronym was BAA.

  58. Hehehehehe. BAA. 😆

  59. Katrina says:

    Pookie- hang in there, the world needs you now more than ever.

  60. Mary (the first) says:

    Speaking of BAA and advertising, one of my all time fav posts here was the LED sheep one .. anytime I need a pick-me-up here at work, a quick review of that one will instantly cheer me up.

  61. Its a man’s life in the British Advertising Association!

    Cath- just get a bib, it is so much easier…..I have dry shirts now!

  62. Pookie… no! Don’t do it! Just tune in to the slow loris. There you go… now crank it up…. just a little more… there; don’t you feel better?

  63. I love the Slow Loris!


    *drools on keyboard*

  64. Electronic Prozac? The Pollyanna button?

  65. lurkingsmirk says:

    OMG the full set of options in kittyadventures link…the cartoon at the end was the best imo.

  66. Why can’t we just use Keyboard Cat to playoff the sadness? 🙂

  67. I’m going to wait for the deluxe edition to come out. I want the one that will work on Bill AND Glenn Beck AND Jim Cramer. But I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to afford the one that keeps out the greatest bloviator of all time, Rush. That would have to be an extra big basket of kitties.

  68. Noelle, I know what you mean. I haven’t watched Channel 6 news in a year now (since I moved in with the boyfriend and we no longer have TV that functions as a TV, only the 48-inch LCD for computer games and the occasional movie or Red Dwarf episode), but it ruined my Friday night when I heard about Gary Papa. There I was, hopping around the Internets looking for a pic of the girl who got all the stars tattooed on her face so the boyfriend could laugh hysterically, and there was the headline. Waaaahhhh.

  69. Ooh a Kitty! says:

    See, if more newscasters were willing to pause for a moment and just give into saying “Oo, a kitty!” the world would be a better place.

  70. “Also available in puppy”. Oh yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.

  71. Clip was nauseating. Not funny.

  72. Katiedid says:

    Sorry but all the kittens-in-baskets and puppies in the world could not counter measure the beast that is ann coulter.. just typing the name makes me shudder.. ekk!
    It might work on shark week though lol

  73. Charlotte says:

    Is it possible to move the kitten image around on the screen? Because I’d really like to use it to block out Elizabeth Hasselbeck when I watch ‘The View’.

  74. I need this feature when my rugrat is having a meltdown or whining,
    “but Moooooooooommmmmeeeeee(Oh kittnz!)eeeeeeeeeeee(ahhhh kittnz).

  75. wow I have finally reached my cute overload limit

  76. Completely unrelated, unless of course you’re looking for the puppy version.

  77. “stoat hound” (giggle)

  78. KittyAdventures 06.22.09 at 9:03 am said:

    “LOL they have a feature to replace swear words with baby giggle which totlaly made me laugh and a feature that turns any movie intoa carotoon… besides the kitten or puppy feature.”
    The baby giggle would probably irritate me more than swear words to be honest. Not everyone likes kids. 😡
    The show to cartoon feature was pretty funny though. 😛

  79. ” [You know, it’s really funny to read stuff like this, Tomato. Hopefully this means you’re still IN school. – Ed.] ”

    How about more cute, and less politics and insulting your readers, do you think you can do this?

    [New here? Welcome to our house. The deal is, as long as you remember you’re a guest, I’ll remember I’m a host. – Ed.]

  80. I think my cats are li/dems and I believe some of you are too…… They are so opinionated and sometimes to the dumbest things!!!!!!!!

  81. Love, love, love Cute Overload! But, please…leave politics out of it!

  82. Oh boy. Looks like Bob wants to fight. And he’s demanding MORE CUTE- seems like an odd combination (to demand more cute and pick a fight at the same time).

  83. I’ll still come here to check out cute stuff, but I think I’ll get my politics elsewhere. My dad was right when he told me, “Political matters are not polite conversation. Even when you agree with someone, it has a way of getting ugly.” You have a right to discuss anything you like, of course. But I have a right to stand on my desk and sing showtunes when guests come to my house expecting a nice dinner. And yet I don’t. Because it’s not the venue. And it’s not what people came for.

  84. Of course my typos (“li/dems” instead of “lib/dems” and “to” instead of “do”) will surely have the “Ed”ster dancing with glee as he slams me for an apparent lack of education rather than using his own brain and accepting simple typos as just that.

  85. I agree Emily. No more political zingers from me either. This just isn’t the forum for it.

    Back to the salmon noses and floofy doofy poses!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. I do love this site. And I’ve been trying to bite my tongue about commenting on this “cute” video. But the cemetery that young mother and her baby are at is either Arlington National Cemetery or another veterans cemetery that has those idential white, marble headstones. I’ve seen these headstones waaay too many times for me to have any doubt at all of where this poor woman is. My husband was killed in Iraq and was buried in Arlington. Kittens do NOT make up for this, NOR is this commercial cute in any way. It’s in such poor taste that I’m queasy.

    [Yeah, honestly I don’t see the market for this “product” being terribly lucrative, and look where I work… – Ed.]

  87. Redd, thank you for enduring the unendurable. Much love and respect to you and your family from a deeply human, anything but political perspective.

  88. Redd – Thank you for your thoughtful post. My sympathy, gratitude and respect to you and your family. I was so upset with CO choosing to make it political via the caption that I only saw a woman rocking a baby – & I absolutely didn’t even notice the headstones (let alone realize the probability that they could be military). Wow. Truly one of the most insensitive things I’ve seen. LG needs to get a clue. Unbelievably insensitive content for their attempt at a laugh. Unbelievable.

  89. *sounds of baby laughter* … *more sounds of baby laughter* … *maniacal baby laughter*

    Slow Loris-Hance!!

    awwww…. hee… oh, lookee, him gots a ‘nana… hewwo, meester Lorees… you such a cutiepants…

    *drooling resumes*

  90. Oh Lord, I’ll have to crank it to full if it has Keith Oberrman or any lunatics from MSNBC…ha ha ….

  91. jackson the hamster says:

    Laura, Tomato, Bob et al:

    Not sure if you read what Meg said, but this is HER house. If you don’t like it, I’m sure there are a number of site with cute pictures of kitties you can go too. Maybe Sarah Palin has a site dedicated to cute Moosies. Oh, right, nevermind.

    [That was actually me, Theo, the Ed.itor. And there’s plenty of room for everybody here, but as Frank said, let’s keep the party polite. – Ed.]

  92. Some folks just really need to lighten up just a wee tad.

  93. Oh, dash it all. Replace negative stigmas with positive flapdoodle, and ensure toenail raspberry crankle gleep blarble mumbity flark gobblety shrdlu.

  94. jackson the hamster says:

    I just like to forget the rright wingers like the same things I do. Terrible, I know, but it’s true.

  95. Glenn Beck is a very nice guy…

  96. I’m actually kind of surprised it took so long for the commentroversy to start. I mean, NTMTOM really threw it right out there…

    Time for the CO “happy time” feature! Everyone please turn to a picture of kittens (or puppies), forget the politics and smile!

  97. CO is the Internet’s “happy time” feature.

  98. Claudia says:

    “CO is the Internet’s “happy time” feature.”
    Until people start commenting 😐

  99. ROFL….. that is just so awful
    CO is my happy time though 😀 Well…. if there isn’t a dumb commentroversy going on 😛

  100. I’d say the cute-proof is in the pudding(pult) and the pudding is in the eating and whatever’s eating you, you can have your cute and “eat it” too.

  101. Yes, muddledoms! I have a spatula, and pudding, and a ‘pult.
    Therefore, …should there be a spat, I have a ‘pult.
    I have a spatpult.
    And I’m nowt ‘fraid ta use eet!
    Should there be a spat…

  102. To those who are offended by the advertisement, I suggest you contact the London offices of LG or their advertising agency Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty (BBH), also based in London. Although I suspect the woman in the ad is an actress and not an actual war widow, LG needs to know that its brand strategy has struck a painful chord.

    To those offended by Meg and Theo’s comments on what is, in fact, their web site, I suggest you contact your local Fox News affiliate. I’m sure one of their reporters would be happy to do a hard-hitting expose on the creeping, treasonous socialism on web sites that post cute pictures of animals. Or they might think that you look like, you know, an idiot.

  103. lurkingsmirk says:

    I see the potential for offense in the commercial, but I took the clip of the mother + child to be part of a tv show, you know, actors. It didn’t look like it was supposed to be the news but a scene from something. And we watch all sorts of horrible things happen on tv shows and think nothing of channel surfing from the child dying of inoperable cancer to a cooking show all the while munching on cheetos and sitting in our underwear. Or maybe that’s just me. So no, I don’t see super-imposing an image of kittens over a sad tv show as terribly offensive or meant to say something disrespectful about war, or at least any more disrespectful than it is portrayed in fictional dramas.

  104. That man’s a genius! I need to get it.

  105. the bug man says:

    And should there be a spat, the spatapult says “splat”!

  106. Political commentary in the blog post was totally unnecessary and just serves to be inflammatory. Sure, it’s their site, but that’s irrelevant.

    Not everything is about politics. I come to this site to escape the petty bickering that political arguments inevitably come to. Please, let this site be an oasis.

  107. CoffeeCup says:

    Yeah, I had to roll my eyes at the political commentary. There are many points of view on the site and really, it takes a great deal of effort to AVOID political commentary on every website I go to – and I work in DC!

    (Condolences to the people who lost loved ones in today’s train crash – that was really scary cause I’m a daily metro rider)

    I can agree that O’Reilly can be kind of aggravating – but so can Olbermann. And Rachel Maddow just makes me want to reach in and give her a proper haircut and clothes that fit. And Jim Cramer needs to dial back the coffee. But the point is, they’re ALL like that – there aren’t really any un-biased commentators, and they’re ALL long-winded talking heads who love to hear their own voice.

    But you know the Left always sees when the Right is making fun of them, or running “biased” news stories…and the Right always sees when the Left is making fun of them or running “biased” news stories – we see what we see because we have been taught to notice it. Nothing wrong with that – it just means that this post is decidedly Leftist – everyone is entitled to an opinion, just like everyone who voiced their opposition. I rolled my eyes, but it’s not a big deal cause people of differing opinions are EVERYWHERE.

  108. Or….it’s decidely anti annoying tv personalities……Ya know….for a different way of looking at it.

    Seriously people. Chill.

  109. Ohh, can I use kittens to watch Al Gore drone on about global warming while watching him board a private jet? Or how about watching Rev. Wright? I’m at least glad that the thrill up my leg is my cat snuggled up against it, and not the same thrill that the supposed “journalist” Chris Matthews got when seeing Obama. I’ll need cute kittens to cheer me up when I finish my taxes over the next few years, that I know for sure.

    Seriously, was that really necessary? This is a blog about being cute, right?

    Call me too serious, and I’m sure you will, but this blog is now on probation for me. Ready to unsubscribe at any moment. Too bad. I really do enjoy the cute animals.

  110. It ain’t Precious Moments here, T Man. Never was.

  111. Squizzer says:

    The same thing happens in the comments here that happens on every other website with a comments sections- news, blog, or otherwise. Some people are supportive, and others like to start “fights.” And then the back and forth that goes on- name calling, checking back to see who said something in response, etc…

  112. Let’s not take shots at conservative political commentators on a site designed to make people smile. Some of us might not be as left wing as the others. 🙂

  113. Shanchan says:

    Theo, as always, you are an officer and a gentleman.

  114. I need this for my life.

  115. Look, I have no use for O’Reilly or Olberman or any of the other political commentators that people of various ideological stripes find entertaining. Wow. they make fun of politicians. Seriously, is that hard or something? 99.9% of politicians, and the talking heads who watch them, are basically self parodies these days anyway.

    We know it’s your house, Ed, but some users are just suggesting that, with politics polluting just about *everything* these days, many in your user base would prefer to not see it here. CO is an oasis as one commentator said. Think of us as customers if you like, and maybe not show such dismissive contempt for the audience that made this site relevant and helps you racks up ad banner hits.

    [If that’s what you think I’m doing, you’re not paying attention. – Ed.]

  116. *Sigh* politics. =/ Do not want.

  117. Have any of you lost someone in this war? This was not funny or cute. The crudeness of it made me want to cry.

    – Proud Mother of a Marine

  118. temperance says:

    whoa. this thread has certainly taken an interesting turn.

    personally, i thought this ad was a brilliant commentary on society’s dislike of having to deal with anything uncomfortable or upsetting. i thought it was poking fun at how we all love to turn away from the pain by offering yet another way to pretend there are no starving children, tortured animals, or countries in utter turmoil. it was social commentary, peeps…..wasn’t it? i guess i could be wrong on that. i’ve just known too many people, when confronted with something upsetting on t.v. or in a magazine, say ‘i shouldn’t have to be exposed to that- it’s too upsetting!’. (and before anyone gets in a twist, i just mean society in general, not you in your very own personal lives.)

    as for the politics; i consider both sides to be filled to the brim with super-silly-pants-people. it’s all my side / your side, i’m so offended by blah blah blah (insert kitten basket). so they made fun of a conservative? so what? i’ve seen plenty of places make fun of liberals. so what? that’s life. when a person enters the public forum they are gonna be made fun of by someone, do ya think bill reilly can’t take being made fun of on a site that shows puppies?! also- the commentary on here has ALWAYS been ‘adult’ and pretty liberal, so unless you’re brand spanking new here i can’t see how this should come as a ‘shock’ or ‘disappointment’. how ’bout this: conservatives- you had your 8 years, now let the liberals have their time in the sun- give and take peeps. (this is why i get all my news from ‘the onion’.)

    oh, yeah- tomato should certainly have been made fun of (a lot) for using abominable spelling- especially considering the content of that particular comment. yes, we all have typos and grammatical issues, but that really was just laughable.

  119. Oh good lord, are some of you people serious? When did the world degenerate into “right’ and ‘left’ and never the twain shall meet? When did ‘right’ and ‘left’ become derogatory insults because one person thinks a different approach will work?

    Again. Some of you REALLY need to learn relaxation techniques and remember that there are worse things in the world than a perceived political slight on a cute animal blog. Open up a newspaper and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    (and seriously, I could REALLY use Full Kitten during some segments of the local news)

  120. Look! Puppies!
    (hope this works)
    Seriously, read her description, so funneh! 😀

  121. Din’t work. Sorries. 😦 Metz fail

  122. Anybody who’s ever visited a Federal cemetery to pay respects and mourn a loved one is NOT going to find this amusing. I didn’t, and usually I love your site. Please make better choices next time. I wasn’t prepared for the shock and hurt this caused, or how mad it made me with the silly little music. How totaly disrepectful from a UK advert to use an American Vets cemetery.

  123. I think I’m going to just stop reading comments entirely 😦

  124. Katrina says:

    Breathe. Observe. Enjoy. Remember. These are things we should do everyday. This is Cute Overload, and as such, has my full and unwavering support, even through the commentroversies, high and low. Let’s all be here for each other and remember those four words. A few misplaced letters or even unthoughtful words doesn’t change the fact that we all come here daily (sometimes more often) to schmooze, breathe, observe, enjoy and remember. Thank you again, Meg, Theo, NOMTOM and all the others who put this together for us many times a day. It is a very fun party!

  125. Kinda pondering now whether or not to do another Vintage post of Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”, you know, because babies are cute. 😈

  126. Chelsea says:

    I love Glenn Beck.

  127. I love kittens!

    Can we do like that old Reese’s commercial?

  128. (shudders) I dunno, You got kittens in my Glenn Beck doesn’t sound so bad, but the other way around…(twitches)

  129. Better than You Got Mice In My Drool. 😆

  130. temperance says:

    i have no idea who glenn beck is. or jim cramer. i’m assuming it’s a cable thing? i’ve just cut myself off from all t.v. by not getting a converter box- i’m free!!!!!! ffffrrrrreeeeeeee………do people in other countries find our american political talk in the comments section amusing or boring? just curious.

  131. boring when it’s conducted by reasonable, intelligent people who actually listen to what each other has to say and use actual facts to support their position in a mature and polite manner.

    Funny as all get go when it’s far to the whatever nutcases tossing insults and grandstanding on opinion disguised as fact.

  132. lurkingsmirk says:

    I will add one more thing – you don’t have to be left-wing (I’m not) to find any of those guys mentioned annoying, and I’m sure there’s plenty of right-wing people who don’t like to watch them. Is Jim Cramer even considered right-wing, he just screams about stocks, right?

    [Heck, if you’ve got stocks, I’d say you’ve got plenty to be sad about – Ed.]

  133. temperance says:

    vampy—awesome! i’ll try to conduct myself in a completely unreasonable manner in all future posts, just for your reading pleasure…

  134. temperance: Just be sure to ‘get hysterical’ over perceived ‘bias’ and ‘slights’ to whichever side you decide to ‘belong to’. Oh, and read your post before you hit the submit button to ensure there is no trace of rational thought or coherence. 😉

  135. Commentroversies on CO never fail to disappoint! ENGAGE puddingpult, GO!!!! CO is less “Precious Moments” and more “Snerky Moments” and I lofs it for that reason :D.

    Also, I definitely prefer kittayns and puppehs superimposed over certain angry, yelling TV pundits…y’know, the ones where the louder they yell, the more right they are!! Also, the Vietnam vet in my family would approve at us taking solace in the fluff of our furry friends during moments of sadness.

  136. Also, I didn’t mean to use “also” so much 😛

  137. temperance – You and me both!!! I only use the tv for DVDs.
    I dunno even who Kate & Jon are!!! wtf?
    (Do not answer that. If I wanted to know I would.)

  138. That’s why our tv is only tuned to PBS kids 24 or Noggin.
    And that’s why I know WAY too much about Cyberchase.

  139. I find that slightly offensive. My Father is buried in a National Cemetery and so is my Grandfather. Yes I’ll take kittens over babies any day. Poor taste in my opinion.

  140. Artemis says:

    Theo, it’s your house and you are totally within your rights to post as you see fit! Don’t let anyone tell you differently!


    PS Keep the cute coming!

  141. Both my father and grandfather are buried in military graves [note, yank nuffers, US isn’t the only country with military headstones and cemeteries].
    And I thought this was great!
    Yay Meg and Theo. Yay Brit ads. Yay anti-right wing talk show sentiment. Yay commentary on censored war news.
    Yay Cute-or-Sad also-available-in-puppies!

  142. Julie G says:

    I come to Cute Overload to get away from it all. Can we leave comments about commentators out of it please?!

  143. @Pheas: YES, me too! you beat me to it! How awsum.

  144. Now that isn’t fair – what if you like Glenn Beck – then you have to make a choice. Heck no contest – the kitties win.

  145. LOL – I love the fact that the picture of the kittens in a basket was enlarged just enough to cover the baby…. That’s hilarious.