Slow Loris, Slow Nomming

We’ve featured slow loruseses with their bananas before, but with this close up, you can almost see the slothful kronching. Check it he’s all:

“Nom.                           nom.                               nommity.

nooooommmm.” [hours pass]


Slow Loris, Borneo – close-up by One more shot Rog.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Banana is getting mooshy waiting to be eaten…nom



  2. Danushka says:

    I keep looking if anything’s changed in this pic.

    Any less banana yet?


  3. harlemgrrl says:

    i don’t think i’ve ever laughed so hard at the use of tabs and return.

  4. Man, Slow Loris are probably the most adorable animals ever.
    Minus my Melvin, of course. I need a better camera so I can start submitting stuff!

    By the way, is it true that these little guys produce poison?
    If that’s so, why would anyone want them as a pet?

  5. the bug man says:

    (hushed voice) What we are seeing here is a Banana Appreciation Virtuoso at the pinnacle of his skills. Observe closely! Opportunities to see such a fine example of the art are rare indeed!

    (clasps hands, watches reverently)

  6. berthaservant says:

    How does a slow loris spell “banana?”


  7. Look at that nosicle!

  8. The sound he is making is: mlurmly.

  9. Ring



  10. Argh, that didn’t wok like it was supposed to. Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

  11. berthaservant says:


  12. Boris the Loris and his banana
    Taking his time, he’ll finish mañana
    I could walk faster to Indiana
    But I’ll never be as cute as Boris ‘n’ ‘nana

  13. He looks so shy.

  14. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee maybe by this time he is half way eating the banana

  15. Must slurp nanas.

    Must eat souls…..

  16. Berthaservant, don’t leave us in suspense!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. *Laughs like a maniac* hey loris-aminal, get in my arms and be my pet! NOW! Muahahah!

  18. Houdi'sMom says:

    Can anyone else see the reflection of a person in red in his eyes?

  19. Lula Mae says:

    nana’s starting to turn brown!

  20. Katrina says:

    Ah, yes another member of Bob and Ray’s “Slow Talker’s of America Club”. AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Keep it up, Berthaservant you’ll get there eventually.

    That banana was green when s/he stared eating it!

  21. Mr. Pokey Pants here is obviosly a member of the Slow Food Movement.

  22. WOW huge beautiful ans super shy eyes!! SUPER CUTE :* WANNA HUGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  23. Paunchie says:

    I bet s/he wants a tickle!

  24. platedlizard says:

    @Mouchious Melvin, I’m pretty sure the only mammal that can produce poison is the platypus.

  25. Looks like B-servant has dozed off. Here, let me help: “n”

  26. Bob and Ray, FTW!!!

  27. Paunchie says:

    wish we had a time lapse clip of him eating!

  28. EEEW! Look at the banana! Yellow guck!

  29. Katrina says:

    Paunchie – That IS a time-lapse clip of him eating! Poor Loris, no respect-doesn’t he look like Rodney Dangerfield? Well he does to me.

  30. berthaservant says:


    (sorry all, lorises like to take naps, thanks for filling in baileysgrandmom)

  31. Poor dewd. You know school was a drag, what with having “Slow” right there in his name. I’ll bet the teachers never gave him a chance.

  32. hon glad says:

    Nananommor nananommor nah na.

  33. berthaservant says:


  34. Emerson says:

    I agree with harlemgrrl: funny whitespace!
    I think he’s singing “Holla Back Girl,” but he keeps losing track and having to start over.

  35. Katrina says:

    I wonder if Slow Lorises have long attention spans, I hope so.

  36. Is it a monkey? Is it an orangutang? No! It’s the slowest banana eater in the world!

  37. a.

    May I have another?

  38. Bridget Irish says:

    Terrible Plight of the Pet Loris:
    I know it sounds Suessian and the Slow Loris is practically the epitome of a cute overload – but since I’ve learned more about them, I’m wondering what Cute Overload’s position is on posting photos of pet Lorises? I think this photo is of one in a reserve, but there have been plenty posted from people who have them as pets, which makes me sad because I’ve read about how these creatures are captured from their habitats in the wild and cruelly mutilated – teeth pulled, claws removed – so they may be sold and kept as house pets. They’re also a nocturnal animal and I wonder how it is for them to adjust to being day-time dwellers to accommodate their owners’ schedules… any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

  39. Subhangi says:

    OMG the eyes.

  40. Ah, it’s the slow eating that let’s him keep his girlish figure! @_@ See what we can learn from animals: nom…………………………….*2hours*….nomish

  41. @Bridget
    Ah quiet ye ninny and look at the cuteness.