Some of you are already saying “NOOOOOOOO”

Peeps, you got your comment controversies, y’know, sometimes it seems like every other post. Then there’s your capital-C Commentroversy, at which point you’ve pretty much seen it all.

THEN, along comes Buddy. And this hepcat was never emo. 😆

Hefty kitteh “Buddy” is a [ahem] a couch straddler and paw dangler.
The internet is just weird.  Fact of life.
The sender-inner’s sister was kind enough to have a local artist CAPTURE the REDONKULOUSNESS by making a miniature version of “Buddy” too. Hee!


You might think folks would have better things to do.  I might agree.
Kate V., somehow I suspect you’re not the ONLY ONE with a couchstraddlerpawdangler. Nice work.



  1. harlemgrrl says:

    aww, he’s quite a husky boy

  2. That is not a cat, that is a throw pillow.

    Hey, better to have your cat straddle your couch (btw, love the rear view angle — so flattering) than your laptop, desk, and keyboard. Exhibit A, 15.5 of immovable feline pulchritude, and not a lick of work being done. [Classic! – Ed.]

  3. He’s so cute!!

  4. “We’re gonna need a bigger sofa.”

  5. Aww, he’s like a supersize version of my Stinky.

  6. Gorgeous face, beautiful markings!

    I want to see more of Buddy!

  7. Get dat *cute* boy a diet! He deserves to be leaner and more comfurtables!

  8. also known as a “floppycat”

    but there don’t seem to be much flop in that one

  9. Monorail cat?

  10. We have a Buddy, and he used to be that big, but not any more. Although, there was that time he got subcutaneous emphysema (air leaked into his system and gathered under his skin) and he puffed up like a balloon!

  11. metsakins says:

    Please. please. Teho is baiting you all. Do not comment on the size of Buddy. It’s a trap!!!!!! btw, buddy is not overweight, it was the way he was lying on the couch that made him look that way. About 200 or 300 comments into it, Buddy’s owner came on and assured us of this.

  12. I have a little black pug Midna who loves to be a couchstraddlerpawdangler. 🙂

  13. metsakins says:

    Teho!, his butt???? How rude!

  14. Just taking a long look at Buddy did my heart good; cheered me up immensely; (I just wondered how many times a day Buddy ackshully moves….) 😆

  15. I love cow cats! They are my fave- especially when they are babies.

  16. Black and white cats do tend to run bigger than others…so love them just the way they are!

  17. LOL It’s Buddy….. HEhehehe now this post was the commentroversy to end all commentroversies it went on for days… hehehehe…
    and then this cow kitties spawned the Cute Talk Forum
    Where some of us peeps go every day at the same time we are visiting Cute overload to chat and share our days.. tell jokes or just plain talk about topics of the day

    Everyone is always welcome..

    Who knew a chubby kitty could spawn sooo much fun.. so our hats are off to Buddy the longest cute overload commentroversy ever so far!

    [YAY!! – Ed.]

  18. scoobie says:

    Does my bum look big in this?

  19. claudemarie says:

    omg, see how optimistic and constantly cheerful I force myself to be when I come to this site?

    I actually scratched my head and wondered “WHERE could the commentroversy be in this adorable pict?”

    Now that I’ve read a leetle bit… I say “Oh yeah. THAT one…”

    Aw Buddy, you’re too cute.

  20. 5^^now8ing says:

    Ooooh…Metsakins is right – Teho’s baiting us! Or maybe seeing if WordPress can handle 3000+ comments?!

    [WordPress can… and I never could see why the original post went as crazy as it did, y’know. But whatevs. – Ed.]

    Buddy’s adorables — esp. love his white tail-tip, and do I see some white marks on the backs of his ears?

    Man, I love this site!

  21. Laura S. says:

    I just scanned through the previous commentroversy as I wondered how this pic could possibly spawn 3000+ comments. Hilarious!

    [Yeah no kidding. 3,609 comments total. To be fair, though, maybe only half were actual “controversy” comments, then it turned into a mini-forum, until CuteTalk got started & I could finally shut it all down. – Ed.]

  22. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    What a gorgeous boy! A friend of mine has a 15 pound gray and white cat who’s a hip straddler; lay on your side and he will park there immediately.

  23. OMG that was an epic pudding fight in there too.

  24. And info on the (worst acronym ever) BARF Diet! which has it’s own controversy attached to it.

  25. …and eGAD but there was a truckload of old spam trackbacks in there. I must’ve just deleted a hundred extraneous & nasty links, all from 2007. Eeesh.

  26. Teho what is a spam track back?

    [Basically, a trackback is a kind of URL advertisement, which in my opinion is obsolete to begin with. They appear under a post but above any of the comments. There were a LOT of them, for all KINDS of crazy crap. It’s possible that they were accidentally published during our migration to WordPress. Anyway, they’re all cleaned up now, finally. – Ed.]

  27. Just look at how spotless his little toebeans are–clearly Buddy doesn’t do much walking! He is adorable…

  28. Ahhh I get it..

    Wow word press does handle the 3999+ comments better than the other site.
    Okay and back to the smooshy kitty… I love the white strip on his front paw and OMG he is definitely not an Emo cat, he is the epitome of cool like all the best Jazz songs

  29. Opps that was supposed to be 3000+

    [3,609! 😀 – Ed.]

  30. looks like my cat

  31. OMG! That’s awesome! I remember this. XD

    I’m always being told that my Mini Mia is fat. But, she’s just floofy. Plus, she’s got short legs so it adds to the affect. (I even had her checked by her vet to make sure)

  32. Okay I gotta say this.. I have this svelte little Siamese kitty Her name is Lilac and she is a couch straddler too and when she lays on the couch she looks fat. LOL

  33. I just want to pet this beefy cat.

  34. Fancygrl68 says:

    Awe my yellow cat does that on the arm or my couch.

  35. Jezebel says:

    Well I guess all the people who pointed out kitteh’s need for a diet are in perfect shape. For the rest of us who are not quite so svelte: PFFFFTTTTTTT!

  36. Janice and "Ralph" the Wonder Llama says:

    TOES!!! nomnomnomnomnom

  37. Aeolfwyne says:

    My Colynna-bean looks fat too, but she’s really just a big cat — she doesn’t even really weigh that much (9 pounds last vet visit). She was overweight when I got her from my parents, but now she’s just kind of “stretched” (c’mon, you know what I mean, you get saggy skin too if you lose 30% of your body weight!) and adorables.

  38. 5^^now8ing says:

    Yay, Ed.! (Theo?) for cleaning up all the trackbacks in the OP — I wondered what they heck they were.

  39. Hon Glad says:

    Where does buddy sleep? Anywhere he damn well likes.

  40. skippymom says:

    Ha ha, this is what my Francesco would look like if he gained about twenty pounds and lost his stripes. Except we don’t have a couch.
    Hey guys, I’ll be on vacation and away from a computer as of this afternoon and will miss you all. Will try to get to the library mid-week and check in.

    To everybody who advised me on the spaying-a-stray-cat situation, Chloe has an appointment for Tuesday. We’ll see how things go after that.

  41. Paunchie says:

    big bottom, big bottom
    talk about mud flaps
    my cat’s got em!

    what’s with the commentroversy? Everybody just wants to grab a paw and wiggle it a little! Dangle paws! *wiggle wiggle wiggle*

  42. kibblenibble says:

    I love love LOVE cow kitties. This cat reminds me of my dear departed Witchy, a big black/white couch straddler herself. She even had the combination of black and pink toe beans like this sweetheart. ❤

  43. Bon voyage, SkippyMom!

  44. Paunchie says:

    Have a good vay-cay!

  45. KittyMom says:

    My kitty, Henry, can do this too! We call him chunky boy!

  46. Have fun Skippymom and Kudos on spraying a stray kitty.

  47. Wow. The post that nearly broke CO. 😉 ‘Course we were the guilty ones for that rather than the commentroversy.
    Ah, the race to be anti-bleen. Still yet to be decided btw.
    Who’d have thought such a sweet kitteh relaxing his tocks off would have stirred such passion? 😀

  48. Aeolfwyne do you have any tips .. I got one of my Mom’s kitties and all attempts to lighten her load have failed so far.

  49. Starlinguk says:

    Believe me, word pretzel can handle many, many commentaries and I’d like to forget the last argument, er, thread of comments I took part in on a certain site, which 4000 posts (excluding the ones that were deleted for being true).

  50. Starlinguk says:

    Which EXCEEDED 4000 posts. Where did that word go?

  51. My Murphy is a toilet seat straddler/paw dangler. Seriously. You have to beg his permission to use the potty. He also favors the top of our bed’s headboard.

  52. There’s a cow kitteh sitting on my lap right now! While not as quasi-blorpular as Buddy, Trivet is twice the size he was a few months back when he was wasting away. This site saved his life:

  53. Kittyadventures, my first job out of high school was working for my family doctor. After a year or so, he acquired a partner. One of my jobs was transcribing medical dictation. The partner liked to prescribe what he called the BRAT diet–bananas, rice, applesauce and toast–to kids who were having tummy troubles. But what was funny was that he would always, and I mean every time, take a moment to explain himself on the dictation tapes so that he could make sure I wasn’t calling the patient a brat!

    In contrast to the main doctor, who would occasionally let slip a snarky personal comment about a patient, and then add an aside to me not to type that in the visit notes… 🙂

  54. Noelgay LOLOL BRAT Diet or brat kid..HEhehehe

    That reminds me though that when we were sick one of my favorite sick person meals was toast and tea and canned peaches or pears… really tummy soothing.
    Obviously my Mom was pure genius!

  55. This is my recliner straddler paw dangler.

  56. homer mariner says:

    If you mixed my two kitties, this is what you would get. I have a skinny tuxedo (Meepo) and a fatty black cat (Schroedinger). Schroedinger has lost weight over the years, but is still quite big (she’s a long-hair, and looks even bigger because of it). She has a dangly belly pouch now instead of a big fat belly. In her old age, her skin never shrunk back to her size. She is still quite able to cover the top of the couch… And she is most-definitely a paw-dangler.

  57. OMG Pheas Thanks for the Catinfo link it has all teh information I have been looking for … Thanks so much I will be going thru it over the next few days .. even tips on how to transition my kitties I tried the Barf thing and failed miserably but this site has many tips and information about Different types of Kitty Diets

    Thank you so much! I hope it helps Miss Little One who is my anything but little Kitty!
    And she is a lover of the dry food and hates wet food.

  58. MEtz if your kitty had six toes in front I would swear you had Bongo 2 There!

  59. GIGGLE 🙂 Buddy has more white than my kitty Dooley 🙂 I have not seen Dooley do a toe dangle yet, but I will keep a look out 🙂

  60. Artist’s link?

  61. @kittyadventures, you are quite welcome. I’m a believer since my boy went from a skeletal 6 lbs. to a solid 12 in just a few months. We’ve switched all 3 cats to raw, and they love it. Bonus for hoomans: it doesn’t stink like canned food. Good luck with your crew!

    There’s also a lot of helpful info on this site:

  62. Paunchie says:

    He does resemble the mono-rail cat in the post “powered by Ambien” a little while ago! And I remember we had a black and white kitteh when I was young, also named buddy. She’d climb up the screen door with her claws and hang there MROWING when she wanted in. Dang cat, heh heh.

  63. ROFL….. Our cat isn’t a couch straddler, but he’s a little fatty for sure. As soon as he was fixed, he ballooned up. He doesn’t eat a lot, but he’s not a very active cat either lol. I love our Stewie!

  64. Paunchie says:

    very common with boy kittehs once they get fixed. Poof! You’re a chub.

  65. omg, ur promoting obesity in kittehs for showing a fat cat, how darez you do that!!11

    jk, course.

    I ❤ fat kitties.

  66. berthaservant says:

    Wow…I wasn’t a regular when the previous commentroversy emerged from the mists, thanks for the quick refresher in C.O. hissssss-tory. But I don’t have time to read all 3609 comments. Theo, can you sum it up for me (in haiku form, perhaps)? 😛

    [medium-sized cat
    [represents abuse, somehow
    [internet morons – Ed.]

  67. I love fat cats, yes, we all know it’s not healthy and blah….blah….blah….it’s just so much more to love !

  68. I love fat cats, so much more to love ! I know it’s not healthy and blah….blah….blah…. They seem to have such an attitute, very arrogant, yet extremely loveable !

  69. Spinster says:

    aww… He’s just big-boned.

  70. Paunchie says:

    he’s just floofy! ha

  71. My, that’s a big cat!

  72. Commentroversy
    summarized via haikus
    follows just below:

    That cat is too fat!
    His parents must not love him.
    OMG! Abuse!

    Pause before you judge:
    Some kittehs just have sluggish

  73. Illustrious Ed.
    beat me to the punch, I see.
    He is more succinct.

  74. Genius haikus, Pheas & Teho.

  75. berthaservant says:

    Thank you Phe and The!!
    Now that I am enlightened
    Here’s pudding for all!

    [butterscotch with rum
    [ballistic tapioca
    [“kanon” word won’t fit – Ed.]

  76. Mary (the first) says:

    I love big cats too.
    Not really abuse, unless,
    No love comes with food.

  77. my cats are really big but they don’t do that because my dog hogs the arm of the couch for that reason haha

  78. Couch-hab, tout-suite!

  79. 5^^now8ing says:

    Thanks, berthaservant, for asking, and thanks, Theo, for providing!

  80. Paunchie says:

    LOL @Pheas!! OMG! Abuse!

  81. Even the marking looks the same! Haha! This is so adorable! Makes me want to have a cat at home!

    Love to open a mini zooooooooo.

  82. I love the markings. Looks super nice to hug! But i wonder if he needs to slim down. @.@ Though i love fat animals i am also worried about their health. @.@

  83. AuntieMame says:

    Sure it fits. See, watch!
    onen. Told you so!

  84. slowly, side to side
    AuntieMame, I shake my head
    slapstick poetry

  85. brinnann says:

    I owe our dear Buddy here a huge {{HUG}} of thanks. That commentroversy, and it’s spin-off CuteTalk, are the reason I have such a wonderful group of friends. Last year I flew from Texas to MIchigan/Ohio, California, and New York to visit some of the greatest peeps ever!

  86. “I’m not FAT, I just have big fur!” (tm Manny from “Ice Age”)

  87. Laughing so hard now
    Buddy inspires great posts
    rising to new heights

  88. I’ll come out of comment-retirement for this one….

    Peeps. this might have made me tear up a little.

  89. charliewabba says:

    Hang on a sec, peeps!
    What about the bobble head?
    Show the toy some love.

  90. HI Norty How Are you??? Sending Waves and Hugs your way! We miss you!

  91. NorTAY!! Howdies! 😀
    [ – Ed.]

  92. cowshark says:

    tuxedo cats rule!
    cuter than marmie kittehs

  93. ooooch!
    I’m feeling the love already 🙂 As I was scrolling down the page this morning I was just a smiling away!

    unofficial chat
    fat cat made me miss you
    memories of joy


  94. 5^^now8ing says:

    @ Auntie Mame & Theo (85 & 86) — LOLs!
    Sure wish I could do the haikus! Love-love-love the Germans! (pudding-thrower-snorgle-cannons!)

  95. Fat kitty needs its belly rubbed and lots of hugs. Mmmmm.

  96. metsakins says:

    Buddy oh Buddy
    and your bobble head likeness
    make me smile all day

  97. I know this is lame
    but I just wanted to say
    one-hundredth comment 😀

  98. Noooooooooooooo!

  99. I also have a Buddy and he is ALSO a duo couch straddler paw dangler. Sometime I will capture it and show you!

  100. Ted… that was beautiful, not lame.

    I don’t know what it is about Buddy that forces me to keep coming back!

  101. metsakins says:

    becuase Buddy’s so beautiful and squishable.

    Hiya, Norty!

    oh and the toebeans look so yummeh

  102. …who’s Ted? :abject affected confusion:

  103. silly Teho,
    T [-ed]

  104. Your website makes me sooooooo happy. My kitty straddles the couch too!

  105. Heather says:

    I actually have a cat that does the same exact thing! He’s not quite as big as yours but you can know you’re not alone! Very adorable I think…