Corgi Ear Styles—which one is most popular with the ladies?

These corgi pups are wearing different ear styles to see which one gets the most atten-shons.

First there’s Ears Upright (on the left). On the right, we have Ears Down.


But EARS SIDEWAYS always wins.


go puppies go andup up and away by manyfires.



    If I *EVAR* got a dog, it would most likely be a Corgi.
    And yes, the sideways-ears ALWAYS take it!
    Oh, and also (whispers) 😀

  2. stinking cute!!!

  3. Ahn! They’re so cute! *head esplodes*

  4. I will take them all!

  5. Hair up, glasses off
    No, no. Hair up, glasses on.
    No, wait, wait. Hair down, glasses off.

  6. neither wins!

    the winner is one ear up, one ear down!

  7. CoconutCheez says:

    @Miki: agreed!! 😀

    but all three pups (i assume they r diff?) r all very adorable 😀

  8. I think there an inseparable trio like those monkeys that see, hear and speak no evil.

  9. Designer pandas, now in beige!

  10. LizzyCat says:

    Eeeks! Yoda dogs and their fat lil’ paws!

  11. dylanimore says:

    Sideways is the cutest, obv! :3

  12. balamuthia says:

    ears up, all the way!

  13. TracyFlick says:

    you know i gotta say the ears down does it for me – why? does it look weaker? i am like noooo it’s gonna be okay. 🙂 heartstring puller!

  14. I like the ears down but ya know sideways is really cute too and um well so is up … hmmm I can not decide!!!!

  15. Micki, you beat me to it! But let’s face it, corgi pups are totally prosh no matter what style they’re sporting.

  16. I’m a sucker for ears down. ^o^

  17. danielie says:

    Ears down for me. 🙂 It just screams. “I’m cute. Hug me. You know you want to.”

  18. berthaservant says:

    If any one of these did a “baroo” they would win the competish hands down. Or earflaps down…

  19. Dear Lord, I’m a corgi junkie and 2 bebehs, OMG. I’m going into shock from cuteoverload !

  20. I prefer the ears up look

  21. I’ll take one of each. Katrina, are you seeing this?

  22. Corgilicious!

  23. DaytimeDeb says:

    Another vote for one up, one down.
    Although bebehs, just learning to walk, with ears still down, are cuteness defined.

  24. Mishele says:

    We call the halfway down ones “airplane ears” when our cats do it; that’s my favorite.

  25. Paunchie says:


  26. Corgiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

    My dearly departed Sassy II was a husky-corgi mix, so I may be biased…

    Hey, you know, my black-lab – blue heeler mix puppy (Sassy III) needs a new baby sister… 😉

  27. Up!

  28. Too many flavors — cannot decide!

  29. Marjorie says:

    CORGYN!!!!!!! I love them!

  30. I take mine one-ear-up, one-ear-down– like my collar in the ’80s.

  31. I like the ears down option. For me, ears down wins paws down. It’s just so cyuuuute!

  32. Ears up, roll up, roll up! They’re all cute.

  33. 😆 -The one up one down is really cute.

  34. Jessica says:

    Ears up for sure, but 99% of corgis and other upright eared dogs will not continue to have folded ears after about 14 weeks, so uh, ears up wins always and forever 🙂

  35. Lalaith says:

    Ears up for me. Or, alternatively, one of each. Or, alternatively to the alternative, ears down. I love them all!!

  36. Lalaith says:

    Goodness!! I forgot ears sideways!!! That would be an alternative to the alternative to the alternative.

  37. I prefer one ear up, one ear flopped over. My friend has a boxer lab mix and they sit like that sometimes, she looks like a cartoon.

  38. clairita says:

    i’ll take one of each, please!

  39. Kodalai says:

    They are all so cute, but I have to say ears up wins for me!

  40. the bug man says:

    What ears? There are no ears left. No ears at all.

    I nommed them CLEAN OFF.

  41. Caillean says:

    Upright! Upright! It’s the perfect balance to the tiny nommable legs! They are about the same size!

  42. I’m just wondering how many ears-akimbo corgi pups I can stuff into my mouth before I’m suffocated by the cuteness.

    Let’s start with TEN and see how it goes…

  43. Katrina says:

    Now, Abbey (Peep name, Killer) has glorious stickey-uppey ears and a sumptuous tail.

    And, remember the shedding episode just about this time last year? Well, I knit, and no, I’m not saving the puppeh’s fur, but we are looking at a three piece suit.
    Or, (wait for it), an afghan. *snicker, snickety-snicker*

    Be aware that some Corgi’s don’t play well with others, as you are considering a sibling for an already existing companion animal, ok? Mine goes for the throat

    The leggies stay nommable, by the way.

  44. Yep, I’m casting my vote for one ear up, one ear down. Not to say that the puppy with the sticky-outtie-ears isn’t totally adorable!

  45. My BFF’s terrier-mutt-dog has a permanent one-up-one-down style, and it’s heart-stoppingly cute.

  46. Katrina says:

    It has been said before, but I love my Peeps! Just thought you should be told again. “sticky-outtie-ears” is such a wonderful thing to say (and read), thanks, Amy.

    We just got a $500 donation to the orchestra’s Summer program! Happy, happy day! Anner- $500! Please, Peeps, join me in a big ol’ fashioned YAY! Thank you!

  47. valerie says:

    no way! ears down totally wins!!!!

  48. cafegrrl says:



  49. octopusraptor says:

    my corgi has one ear up, one ear down.
    he’s silly. ❤

  50. I like all three.

  51. False choice. They’d both come home with me.

  52. I flipping love Corgis! Huge ears, little stumpy legs. Perfecto! I’ll take ears up, please. 😀

  53. animal luvr says:

    i ❤ ears down most they r just SO F***ING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  54. animal luvr says:

    sry if i axidently ofended any1. i just simply ADORE corgis

  55. anastasia says:

    umm i perfer one ear flopped down and the other ear up but squished to the side…

  56. Love both! But the one with ears standing looks more corgi-ish to me. But they are both so cute no one can make a choice! lol.

  57. I didn’t see much corgis with drooping ears in my country. Don’t see much online too. They are cute. *love*

  58. hon glad says:

    Ears up for me.

  59. Katrina says:

    Thank you for my Official Yay!

    [As… you… wish… – Ed.]

  60. Maribeth says:

    Ears down Corgi is just waiting for the magic moment when those ears…..LEVITATE!!!! All three of those puppers are stinking cute and my two Corgis are still utterly adorably at 13 and 14. Both have up ears, but one has silky ups and one has plushy ups. All those ears are good, very good.

  61. Kristabelle says:

    These guys are just tooooo cute!!

  62. Rapwnzel says:

    I want!!!

  63. Subhangi says:

    Sideways ears all the way!!!


  64. Katrina says:

    A friend came over last night and we watched the movie “Bolt” (Excellent movie for all ages). As she and I were having tea, Killer was sitting at the top of the stairway in full view, ears at 3 and 6, then up, then relaxed again, her tongue peeking out, her paws beautifully posed beneath her. My friend stared for 20 seconds and said- “Abbey is the cutest dog-look at her,” (etc.) and I realized that I have the cutest breed of dog and perhaps that if more people had Corgyn the word would be a better and safer place. Abey was waiting at the top of the stairs boofing (her indoor bark) and telling me it was time to go to bed. I just thought you should know that. Cute. Thank you, Abbey-girl.

  65. “Boofing!” Taffy and Bethany used to do that too! It’s the one that they do when the know they’re not supposed to bark, but their little instincts just wont allow them to do otherwise. And yes, corgyn are the secret to world peace.

    Congrats on the donation, Katrina!

  66. *SQUEEEEELLLLLS* So adorable! One of my good friends has a corgi and it’s so cute.

  67. I have a corgi too, but not that cute! *is he for sale?* lol!