Kitty Green Screen Dream Challenge!

Today on “Hollywood Movie Magic” we’ll use green-screen special effects to create an amazing dream sequence!  First, we film this kitty in front of a green screen, then we turn to our Cute Overload commenters, who write her into a dazzling dream in which anything can happen!

So how about it, special-effects wizards?  What’s this kitty dreaming?


Produced, directed and sender-innered by Chris C.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    She’s dreaming about lobster tails and melted butter.. DUH

  2. Anyone who’s read Gaiman’s “Dream of a Thousand Cats” knows the answer.

  3. I could be the next “keyboard cat”!! No No…..don’t play ME off!! I didn’t get to play my solo! NO!!

  4. This should be a photoshop contest 😉

    [I’m pickin’ up what yer layin’ down… :mrgreen: – Ed.]

  5. octopuppy says:

    Scuba diving kitteh.

  6. im up 4 the challenge!

  7. Dreaming of the owner’s reaction when they realise the baby is missing…

  8. Kitty is dreaming about a big pool full of Fancy Feast!

  9. Katiedid says:

    tuna… what else do cats dream about??

  10. Genie. She’s a light brown hare.

  11. Ledasmom says:

    World domination.

  12. Starlinguk says:

    He is dreaming of better wallpaper.

  13. She is dreaming she is on her throne as Queen of the World, duh. Why else would she lower herself to sitting in a baby human chair?

  14. @Starnlinguk — or better upholstery for the back of that chair?

  15. Janet in NYC says:

    She’s meditating on her favorite things: dried shrimp, a laser toy, and a long nap in a sunbeam!

  16. emudoug says:

    In his dreams, he is perched atop the crow’s nest of a great fishing ship, a bandanna on his head and the sea air passing through his whiskers. His vessel is lifting today’s catch to the deck — as the morning’s sun promised, today’s catches have been fruitful. Tonight, they shall make shore to sell what fish they do not eat, and he shall meet up with that alluring tabby he’s had his eye on.

    Staring up into the sky, he inhales deeply, the scent of fish lofting to his nostrils. Defiantly, he opens his mouth to speak.

  17. In his dreams, it’s still the same.
    Your love is strong and still remains.

  18. I think she’s dreaming she’s in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, with tie fighters zoomin’ around and goin’ “PEW! PEW! PEW!” but she’s too fast for ’em and taking ’em out like mice. That’s what I think.

  19. In the foreground the Queen rests her eyes for a fleeting moment against the glare of the blazing sun reflecting off her sparkling crystal food bowls filled to the brim with delicacies from every corner of her world.

    In the background her loyal servants bow, awaiting her pleasure. Each has beside them select items; cat toys, gushy fud, or crunchy treats. Each trembles in anticipation of being called forth.

  20. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    LOL at Teho’s animation! We have our very own special-effects whiz!

  21. Kitty: “Hmmmm….
    Joe… I have been a very patient employer. I have been kind, patient, and supporting don’t you agree? The time has come when you are of no more use to me. Unless you can prove to me otherwise, which you can’t. So, Bob! Bring out the DOGS!”

  22. fishes, obv 🙂

  23. Porkchops, bananas, and inner peace!

  24. Katiedid says:

    Thumbs!!! If cats had them .. needless to say we would be out of the picture..
    *Whisper* I think that is the only reason they havent killed me y

  25. catloveschanel says:

    Har! I was calling someone when I hovered over the special effects and a tongue came out of the kitties ear ~ and I lol’d into the msg phone.

  26. brinnann says:

    HOLD IT!!!! We forgot
    That Theo said today was
    All Haiku Friday!

    [Oh I didn’t quite say that. Thpppp. – Ed.]

  27. Maybe *green* kitty dreams of a world where people stop fighting and spend all their energy on carting deeeeeliiiiiiiicious tuna to their furry, feline overlords? Peace, love, and good luck (iran related, but gore-free and quite touching picture)

  28. When you notice a cat in profound meditation
    The reason, I tell you, is always the same;
    His mind is engaged in a rapt contemplation
    Of the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name
    His ineffable, effable
    Deep and inscrutable singular name.


  29. He is thinking:
    I am sitting in a child’s chair, with a big green screen behind me.
    *Whimpers and creeps away*
    P.S. My cat told me to write that.

  30. catloveschanel says:

    (thanks briann Haiku Rules Review 5 7 5 )

    Day-O, DAY-eh OH
    Work All Night and Drink Some Rum
    Me Work? That’d be no fun……..

  31. Kitty’s dream is, he is somewhere in Ohio, in a little town that looks kind of like Gloucester but he’s never been to Gloucester, or it could be Egypt, and he’s on a rooftop, or it’s a pyramid, and he’s watching a parade, and his old buddy Mittens is there leading the band, and there’s a fish-shaped float of crazy cat ladies with angel wings and they look up and call his name, “Tabbybottom!”, “Tabbybottom!”. Then there’s this huuuge jar of mayonnaise but the label is in Chinese and he starts to fall and it’s Christmas so he lands in the snow then the snow melts and he’s surrounded by paisley swirls and he’s sitting in a high chair.

  32. The ONLY thing kittehs dream about…

  33. LOL. The gauntlet is DOWN, peeps. 😆

  34. Here’s a blank!

  35. Meg wins so far.

    btw, last night, I got a postcard from a longtime friend announcing her pregnancy and engagement, and then had a dream that bertha was going to have kittens!

    [Presumably you mean your longtime friend, because Meg’s already married – Ed.]

  36. Paunchie says:

    I love her little mitten pawsies! kees kees kees!

    My first vote was tuna, but the boxes are perfecto! Can they have tuna inside? Cos that would be kitteh heaven.

  37. Absolutely dreaming about having thumbs-for world domination. It will be difficult but he believes that he can get together an army of kittehs (and possibly disapproving bunnies), all will unite to take out the stewpid humans. With thumbs, they can tie on the balloons that will give them the advantage of flight. (Remember up kitten?) Yeah, that was just the beginning.

  38. Paunchie says:

    I love that TS Elliot poem ~ but aren’t cats sposed to have three names??

  39. Paunchie says:

    hey I’ve got another idea. Cardboard boxes with tuna, plus a play station and kittehs with thumbs for playing them!

  40. Whatever is on the menu in this kitty’s dreams, he is prepared by wearing a “built-in” white bib!

  41. The Internetz have taught me what kitties want!

    [Oh for the love of… WRONG WEBSITE, sheesh! 😛 – Ed.]

  42. Hold fast to dreams
    For if dreams die
    Life is a broken-winged bird
    That cannot fly.
    Hold fast to dreams
    For when dreams go
    Life is a barren field
    Frozen with snow.
    —- Langston Hughes

  43. LOL Jacylin

  44. Theo, yes, “her” is referring to longtime friend (who like Meg is awesome and cute and lives in SF, but no, it’s not Meg). Sorry for the confusion, did not mean to suggest that Meg is preg. I have no knowledge of such.

    [Me neither!!! 😯 – Ed.]

  45. kibblenibble says:

    I have deep admiration for all of you talented peeps who can write such imaginative scenarios, or use your technical savvy to alter the picture…I can’t do it, but I enjoy seeing the clever things you come up with. I think kitteh is dreaming of a world where no domestic animal is unwanted, abused, or homeless, all wild animals thrive freely in abundant, unthreatened natural habitats, and kitteh rules over *all* of it!!! 🙂

  46. “…… day, (dare I even think it), I could be on……….CUTE OVERLOAD!!! My every childhood dream fulfilled!!!”

    That is what our pointy-pawed friend is dreaming of.

  47. This cat is predicting the future on a Ouija Board!

  48. A lobster dinner with a ton of melted butter with flecks of catnip instead of parsley.

  49. Sorry, missing comment:

    Katikins is o’ course dreaming of dins being served…

  50. jamicam says:

  51. no one’s doing anything about the green screen reflection on the highchair. fail. :-\

  52. Claudia C. just sent in THIS ONE!

  53. I’m with fatcat. Kitteh with a green background is obviously dreaming of free Iran. Maybe Iranian mice taste delicious and she wants one.

  54. Kitteh is dreaming of snuggling with me!!! (Oh, no, that’s my dream…)

  55. GIGGLE 🙂 I agree with you MItz 🙂 Kitty is dreaming of where it is the ruler of a land where kitties roam happily with kind and loving humans who take care of their every need 🙂

  56. kitty is dreaming of being able to control warring japanese monsters with her mind.

    [So, wait, like, Mothra was just a stinkin’ dried-out cicada, painted black, then blown up huge with some crappy old lens they found at the bottom of a prop drawer? Really?? pffft – Ed.]

  57. Cap'n S says:

    Hope I’m not too late to teh partee! Teh kitteh is definitely dreaming of catnip. This was fun! Can it be another Friday thing?

  58. Dreaming about a big plate of spaghetti!

  59. Jinxthe Cat says:

    That kitteh is wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ for realllllly good dessert….. (I ate all my dinner…..) 😉

  60. stalking something(s)

    [I appreciate that you tried to do something about the extra green reflections, too. 😉 – Ed.]

  61. puddlepeppers says:

    Kitty dreams of Grandfather-Eyes-of-the-Hawk sitting by a campfire, teaching
    the young that humans and all animals are on the same plane of existence,
    no one being more valuable and cherished than the other.

  62. CoffeeCup says:

    Someone put some cards in that kitty’s paw, and a whole lotta chips on that table.

  63. Meg, by your boxy kitty dreams, it is Very Clear why you are Our Leader. That was hilarious!!!

  64. Dreaming of its .

  65. Theo, what I want to know is where are the two tiny soprano-voiced “fairies”?

  66. Is he asleep? I thought he was about to conduct a seance!

  67. You know what I want to see? Crazy Sheep-Pong video playing behind dreaming kitten. (Notice how I’m just the idea person, because I have no skillz to make it happen?)

  68. Bryn, I… hmm. All I have is MS Movie Maker, and I don’t think there’s a way in it to superimpose stills over background video. It’s a really, really rudimentary editing app. No layers.

  69. She is sending good, green thoughts out to the people in Iran who will be marching through the streets in a few hours, demonstrating for free speech and democracy.

  70. I like the Boxes by Meg! Gave me an idea for a different kinda Boxster.
    (My skillz, mad though they are, do not include image layeringks.)
    Put kitty riding shotgun in one of these:

  71. OOOOOHHH!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!! kitteh is dreaming of a cuteoverload iphone app!!!!!

    i hope his (and my) dreams come true!!!! i seriously think of it at least once a day. baroo!!

  72. heroine says:

    if this cat is anything like my kitty… MILK RINGS!

  73. 5^^now8ing says:

    My faves are Cap’n S’s catnip, heroine’s milkrings, and, of course, Meg’s boxes!

    Don’t know how to insert a link here, but trying anyway:

    Seriously, *all* Boxhab Treatment Providers *need* this book (from the Japanese, naturally). Daughter brought it home from the independent bookstore she works for (buy it at yours, if possible).

  74. 5^^now8ing says:

    Book’s title is “The Kittens of Boxville,” and it features the adventures of Boris the Russian Blue, Minnie the Maine Coon, and Greta (my *very* own name!) the Grey Tabby in Boxville-Sur-la-Mer.

  75. Kitteh is dreaming of the Ponzi Scheme he and the Goggie recently collaborated on: Terms:
    1. Guaranteed 75% of profits to Kitteh;
    2. Disclaimer: Complete exoneration of any wrongdoing, implied or otherwise, to Kitteh in the future; also placement of kitteh in the Witness Protection Program is understood to be a given; but not for the Goggie…… 😯
    3. A Swiss bank account for Kitteh is to be kept ready and waiting, at all times 😉

  76. My friend’s cat just LOVES to play “I’m A Little Teapot”
    Seriously. Loves it. *insert sarcasm*

    So it’s definitely what this cat’s dreaming of!
    Teapot Dreamin’

  77. Claudia says:

    Cat walk dreaming…

  78. “I have my white bib and gloves on … now where’s the caviar?”

  79. kittykye says:

    This is my happy place!
    Happy Place

  80. Hon Glad says:

    When I open my eyes the disgusting cheap cat food will have transformed into prawns.

  81. Sitting up, relishing the battle she/she just won nudging the 16-month-old out of his/her highchair. AHHHhhhhhhhh.

  82. inner_kitten says:

    This kitteh? Looks like it’s calling up spirits for a seance.

    “Come from the other side, spirits! Do you have a message for those present?”

  83. Obviously, he’s imagining watching cat porn. 😉

  84. David Harmon says:

    The annoying goggie, shrunk to insect size, howling as the kitty pounces. That of course is a
    Bitty Kitty Green Screen Dream Scream.

  85. GIGGLE 🙂 Cap’n S, my cats must see that after inhaling catnip 🙂 Especially, Dooley who will devour that amount catnip you showed on the tray 🙂

  86. [I notice you didn’t use the Halle Berry incarnation. Heh. – Ed.]

  87. Cap'n S says:

    Haha! Thanks Theresa and 5^^now8ing!

    Theresa, I think you might have a nip addict on your hands ::nods seriously::

  88. I can totally hear psychedelic music while gazing at the tie-dye nip picture. Kitteh says: “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.”

  89. For some reason, I feel like the Michelle Pfeifer version is much more this cat’s type…. .

  90. berthaservant says:

    There is only one true Catwoman, and her name is Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, or Eartha Kitt!!

    (By the way, Bertha’s full name is Bertha Kitt-Bumperhead).

  91. Mmmmm….every morning!

  92. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    “I dreamed a dream of tuna pies…”

  93. *snicker* @ TUM’s vision of the retrofuture

  94. frodosmom says:

    She is dreaming of being adopted by those 2 engineers.
    Being vaulted to kitty fame and accepting an Oscar for best supporting cattress in a much acclaimed sequel to Cat Yodeling.

  95. Katrina says:


  96. 5^^now8ing says:

    @ katrina – I totally sees it in her face!

  97. gooeyctr says:

    Everyone’s pictures were so wonderful; this challenge was a terrific idea!

    (wildly applauding and bouncing in place!)

  98. theanorak says:

    A bit late I know, but perhaps he’s dreaming of presenting a chat show?

    [ 😯 …wow! – Ed.]

  99. (bumping comment thread, so more folks see TheAnorak’s vid)

  100. frodosmom says:

    Absolutely awesome submission theanorak!

  101. only1loopie says:

    that’s brilliant theanorak, love it!

  102. Candy Williams says:

    Simple but kittified, Seventies style

  103. Candy Williams says:

    Simple but kittified, Seventies style