Nobody understands Emo Bun

Emo Bun is going to put on his skinny jeans and play guitar in the garage.

Emo Bun doesn’t expect you fascists to understand his art.

Emo Bun is destined to travel through the misty and cold fog of existence alone and cold.

Life is hard for Emo Bun.

All Emo Bun has is his poetry.

Don’t cut yourself, Emo Bun! Don’t do eet! Thanks for the submishe, Stephanie N.



  1. That’s gotta be self-inflicted mousse, tho.
    Young man, explain yourself.

  2. He needs eye-liner/ guy-liner. And a Fall Out Boy cd.

  3. brinnann says:

    OMG My eyes are tearing up from holding in such hard laughter! 😆

  4. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    It’s a look that just anyone, or anybun, can pull off. Emo Bun has done the very difficult!! Yo go, wabbit!

  5. I thought he looked more like .
    Oh, wait…Johnny Depp does look kinda emo…

  6. *sigh* I always eff up the linkies…

  7. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    jeez—-“It’s a look that not just anyone can pull off.”

    Fingers not entirely connected to grey matter.

  8. skippymom says:

    But where are his piercings and tattoos?

  9. Paunchie says:

    Emo bun! *snort*!! Funneh!

    Cutting hair right! People are gonna nuff on that Meg, you realize that right.

  10. brinnann says:

    Skippymom, EmoBun’s hair is covering up his 56 star tattoos.

  11. brinnann says:

    Should this go under the “Violence” tag? Even though EmoBun denies cutting, I don’t trust that look in his eye.

  12. Tickle me Emo …

  13. charliewabba says:

    nobunny understands his disapproval

  14. sunnymum says:

    Funny enough that I lost it at work… the laughter escaped! Oh noes!

    Now, WHAT an adorable little bun bun! Even if he is trying to be all tuff stuff he is so cute! What is the deal with the long lock of hair on mr mini disapproval?

  15. Looks like bun uses the same stylist as Kate Gosselin!!!

  16. skippymom says:

    I’m thinking he would look great with a little ring in his little eyelid, and a chain connecting it to another ring in his velvety earsie, and a barbell-type stud in his nosicle.

  17. I’m thinking the captions should be saying “Nobody WITHstands Emo Bun” because I am
    tewtally slain by teh qte disapproving hair floppage.

  18. And I ran . . . I ran so far away!

    [I couldn’t get away. – Ed.]

  19. CoffeeCup says:

    Poor Emo Bun! He’s so disapproving! I saw the tops of those ears and thought it was a kitty, and wondered why it was Emo “Bun” – poor Emo Bun. I’ll hug you, and then we’ll write warbly music together whilst sipping on our organically-grown, free trade lattes.

  20. WendyPinNJ says:

    O.K. ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    Then comes @Sky with “Looks like bun uses the same stylist as Kate Gosselin!!!”

    And I’m…………………………DONE!

    And can I just say WHAT A FREAKIN’ ADORABLE BUN? Where does one get a bun with hair like that?

  21. Methinks he looks more Flock of Seagulls than Emo.

  22. balamuthia says:

    @brinnann- Haha! He just took a little nap on the tattoo artist’s table and there they were! It wasn’t his *fault*!

    OMG, cutest bunny ever. I love his color scheme- cloudy gray fur and watery blue eyes. Dreamy emo bun for sure!

  23. Raidell says:

    Cheer up Emo Bun!
    () ()
    (-.\\) -No one understands me…
    (v v)

  24. I never nuff, never ever, and this is not about the bun (who is beyond prosh)… but I take real offense to the flippant references toward cutting. I am in recovery from anorexia and self-harm, and it really upsets me to see either one made light of.

    Now hand me that bun so I may cheer up the Emo kid!!

  25. I see this guy everyday around the city and he always has the same look on his face! You just want to yell, “Snap out of it!” Like Cher in Moonstruck.

    But seriously I loooooooove this cool buns. And since Emo comes from a long line of ancestral disappoval I think we can kinda understand his emo-ness.

  26. Background music Bright Eyes.

    Too much — that hair seems, frankly, implausible, but I’ll take it. Good comparison to Depp, someone up there! (can’t seem to find who…)

  27. dylanimore says:

    That bunny has incredible eyes.

    And his haircut… wow. I have to show my friend, she’ll die. XD

  28. CoffeeCup says:

    Lizzy, first off, congrats to you for being in recovery! Now onto the other stuff…I didn’t interpret the “cutting” remarks to be flippant toward cutting, but more of a mockery toward the emo stereotype, and the “mom culture” of parents who leap to conclusions that their child, who now wears skinny jeans and carries a guitar and a notebook everywhere, taking “wisdom walks” must be acting out in some rebellious fashion – namely drugs, cutting, “nobody understands!” temper tantrums and black curtains. Again, a very stereotypical way of looking at it, and I think the “cutting” remark was to make light of looking at emo kids in a stereotypical light.

  29. Stephanie says:

    I want EMO BUN!!!

  30. Ihaveamagicbag says:

    the bunny is cute, and yes he has undeniably emo hair. i was with you up until the crack about cutting, that is definitely not something to joke about, and really has little to nothing to do with “emo”.

  31. @Lizzy

    Now you just need to recover from your need to let everyone know you’re in recovery.

  32. I dunno, it’s hard to pull of the emo look when you have a cute white nose and white bunny feets. He’s trying, tho

  33. Estella says:

    I agree with CoffeeCup — also, I’ve always seen the emo-mockery as also a mocking of adolescents who adopt an emo “fashion” just to seem deep and profound, or think they’re really special and that no one truly understands them, when they’re actually just shallow/pretentious and aren’t truly depressed like some of us are. As in, emo is people who think it’s cool to *act* like they’re troubled and depressed, and thus emo people are belittling people with actual depression. I can honestly say it’s never crossed my mind to be offended with emo jokes, just because I can’t stand posers.

    However, I’d never be annoyed with Emo Bun! I’d snorgle him and nom his ears and lofs him so much…I’m sure that would ruin his street cred with his emo gang 😀

  34. Space Cowgirl says:

    Wow, homoDM, hopefully you won’t be in need of anyone’s compassion any time soon.

  35. Katiedid says:

    Oh Mr. Emo bun I will get you some hair gel to cheer you up!!

  36. CoffeeCup says:

    Estella – like teens who quote Proust to each other and write bad high school poetry? 😛

  37. Katiedid says:

    P.S Raidell – I LOF your emo bun emo-ticon .. heheh… 😀

  38. Emo bun needs a good fitting knit sweater. While this pet probably hangs out in the corner all day, he certainly is well groomed!

  39. Get a haircut, and get a real job!

  40. Actually, I think he’s trying to emulate Adam Lambert, this year’s American Idol runner up… but, yeah, guy-liner would help. And maybe some leather.

  41. Lizzy Hugs As you recover
    Raidell Hats off to your special bunny I giggled almost as much as at emo Bunny.
    And emo bun I LOF your hair!

  42. Sam – LOL. ‘cept Adam’s more of a “Glam”. So stick some glittler on this bun’s eyelashes and cheeks and suit him up in leather chaps – then we’re in business! 😉

  43. BeckyMonster says:

    OK, i am officially old for admitting this, but i think i was the PRECURSOR to emo. As in Goth/Industrial. I wasn’t all wistful and longing and morose and stuff, though. We listened to Nine Inch Nails and the Cure, and damnit, WE WERE COOL. (that’s what I tell myself anyway!

    Now my 30-something friends and I make fun of the emo kids. We call them Kindergoths. It gets me through the day, cause believe me, it’s been many moons since I was 19 and in art school.

  44. Lillith says:

    Emo bun is off to listen to the Smiths and Bauhaus.

  45. BeckyMonster, it’s worse than even you think. You’re feeling old, but you are a generation on down from Patti Smith, etc. That whole stream of black-wearing aesthetic is at least thirty years old, probably more.

  46. L to the O to the L @ “Kindergoths”. That’s brill.

    “NONONONONO I don’t want to be in your talent show….NONONONONO….”

  47. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I think Emo Bun is cuter and probably a lot nicer, inherent bun disapproval notwithstanding, than Kate Gosselin.

  48. berthaservant says:

    whatever….lou squeed invented emo in 1966, it took patti smiff, furrissey, and robert smiff of the cute to perfect it by 1986, everything since then’s just been a total sell-out….ksha….

  49. BeckyMonster says:

    Far be it from me to think that my generation invented wearing black and being “disenfranchised”. In the immortal words of Billy Joel “We didn’t start the fire”

  50. Theadosia says:

    Looove the emo-bun. He reminds me of people I used to know. I was never one of the cool, arty kids. I was one of the bookish nerds on the periphery who used to really annoy them by pointing out that they were just following in the footsteps of the 1950’s bohemians and beats…who followed in the footsteps of the 20’s and 30’s avant garde…who were inspired by the late nineteenth century ‘decadents’…who developed from the mid-19th century aesthetics…who… I must have been really annoying.

  51. Dissaproving Kate Gosselin Bun dissaproves of EVERYTHING!

  52. Hilarious!

  53. BeckyMonster says:


    Nobody likes to be told they are unoriginal, but alas, it seems we all are. We are not unique and beautiful snowflakes.

    Think I’ll go home and watch The Wall, that will put me in a better mood! 8^)

  54. Guess what my new facebook picture isssss? 🙂

  55. Nobody knows what it’s like
    To be the bad one
    To be the sad one
    Behind blue eyes

  56. googlie eyes says:

    Bryn, Cry-Baby is the definition of emo!

  57. chickadee022 says:

    Do they sell Emo Bun at Hot Topic??

  58. Billy Joel reference FTW! @BeckyMonster

  59. I love Meg’s cutting remarks, as always.
    But the blue-eyed bunster does need some black nail polish to compleat the look, otherwise he looks like a mashup of Lady Di/devil horn/undyed Donald Trump combover

  60. “don’t cut yourself, emo bun…” i’m all about making fun of stereotypes, but that’s actually really not funny at all. it fits no stereotype. boo.

  61. Entropy's Bitch says:

    EmoBun is in recovery from tehQte. Do not snorgle EmoBun or he will wither and die and it be all your fault.
    Berthaservant…that was what I was thinking. Patti Smith has much to answer for.

  62. Pete Wentz!

  63. @Theadosia, who is to say who is the “cool” one? Coolness is the most elusive of commodities, it escapes those who pursue it the hardest. As far as I’m concerned, the coolest person in the world is my Mom dragging a shopping cart.

  64. AuntieMame says:

    Whatever “cool” is, I know I’m not it. And I’m perfectly okay with that. 😀

    I think we’re all lucky Emo Bun has one eye covered. Double-barrel emo disapproval would be deadly.

  65. omg…this bun has kate gosselin hair!

  66. I’m thinking he would look great with a little ring in his little eyelid, and a chain connecting it to another ring in his velvety earsie, and a barbell-type stud in his nosicle.

    Skippymom, you rang?

  67. Oh no you di-int!!! We were talking about an emo bun, not an S&M bun!!! 80

  68. 😯

  69. chanpon says:

    My first reaction was Adam Lambert as a bunny – just needs more eye-liner.

  70. i thought it was funny. in that “oh oops, i shouldn’t have chuckled just now”-kind-of-way.

  71. Beth — me too!

  72. Emo, S & M….tomato, toMAto….

  73. That’s one of the typical Myspace pics. Emo bun is emoooo.

  74. hahahaha hilarious

  75. Quite funny. Like the t-shirt that says, “I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself.”

  76. @ Space Cowgirl

    I speak not from a lack of compassion, and I recognize that some things – e.g., race, cancer – are just not ripe for comedy (at least not in mixed company). But I for one can appreciate that no malice was intended by encouraging Emo Bun not to cut himself, and it clearly wasn’t meant as a sign of disrespect toward anyone who does.

    Lizzy is perfectly entitled to not be amused by self-injury jokes; but for her to then make it all about her and how offended she got (which is a way of asking that such jokes not be made where she can read them) is, I think, perhaps too much entitlement.

    There is a time and place for sensitivity, but where does it end? Say a picture was posted with a kitty having some fun with fresh catnip, and someone remarks, “The best stuff is always homegrown!” And then a former marijuana abuser pipes up and cries, “Hey, pot references aren’t funny, that stuff ruined my life, and I get really upset when people treat it so lightly!”

    How long before we’re not allowed to joke about anything anymore?

    Point is, it’s an adorable picture and an innocuous joke. Perhaps people would feel a little better about the world and themselves if they didn’t take everything quite so seriously?

  77. @homoDM

    I totally get where you’re coming from. People need to chill.

    And I heart emo bun!!

  78. Not for nuffin’, but it’s about time for people who regularly visit CO to understand something fundamental about this site: Meg and friends have a cheeky, irreverent style of humor. If they were to avoid every single topic that someone may deem inappropriate, there would probably very little left. At this point, there are plenty of other sites to visit for your daily dose of cuteness if things here make you uncomfortable.

    This is not to say that I don’t respect the pain of others, as a trained psychotherapist I’m fairly certain I do. But really, who hasn’t struggled with something at some point in his or her life? People just have different ways of handling things. It seems to me that in most people who visit Cute Overload try to approach life with an appreciation for silliness and irony and try to find humor wherever possible.

    (Start descent from soapbox….NOW)

  79. AuntieMame says:

    Maybe, homoDM, if you’d said it that way the FIRST time, it wouldn’t have sounded so cold and insensitive. Although claiming that she was making it “all about herself” is a little much. She explained–politely and intelligently–why she didn’t find the comment completely amusing, then expressed appreciation of the funny picture. When did that become a crime? And how does “shut up, no one wants to hear about you” help anything?

  80. puddlepeppers says:

    @homoDM…nice one.

  81. Oh to the NOES.

    i can just hear some Sisters of Mercy or some “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” playing in the background.

    That’s so awesome.


  82. Rofnar Frougelson says:

    Needs bunliner

  83. puddlepeppers says:

    CoffeeCup…lol “sipping on our organically-grown, free trade lattes.”

  84. I agree with Amy R. I mean really, who hasn’t struggled with something at some point of his/her life? Sometimes we just got to look at the light-hearted side of life and laugh along with everyone else.

  85. @AuntieMame

    No one’s accusing Lizzie of a crime, nor do I recall telling her to “shut up” because “no one wants to hear about you.” However, I will acknowledge that my initial remark was indelicate and undiplomatic, as it was borne out of my irritation with what I perceive as oversensitivity, and it would have been incongruous (though perhaps more helpful) to respond with more sensitivity.

    It wasn’t just that Lizzie found the joke unfunny; rather, she complained that she took “real offense” and became “really upset,” which constituted an implicit request that jokes about self-mutilation (and presumably eating disorders as well) not be made here in the future. What’s next? As Amy R. observed, “If [the authors] were to avoid every single topic that someone may deem inappropriate, there would probably very little left.”

    But perhaps Oddrey said it best: People need to chill.

    With that, I am glad that Lizzie is in recovery, and I sincerely hope that the healing process will eventually enable her to laugh at herself, or at least not let silly bunny jokes get to her anymore.

    Anyway, can we get back to cute stuff now?

  86. Doxylover79 says:

    I gotta have me one of those Emo Buns.

  87. freetomato says:

    Yet another post that I can share with my teen son and watch him laugh his butt off at!

    I have spawned a new generation of cuteoverload lover!


  89. Stephanie says:

    I need an emo bun to hang out with me in my basement while we ponder life.

  90. No one knows what it’s like
    To be the bad bun
    To be the sad bun
    Behind blue eyes

    Darn, nobody ever gets my refs.

  91. ‘Tis Kurt Cobain^H^H^Hbun reincarnated…

    I’m so lonely, that’s ok
    I peeled my carrot
    And I’m not sad
    And just maybe
    I’m to blame for all I’ve heard

    Smells Like Teen Spirit:
    Load up on buns and bring your friends
    It’s fun to lose and to pretend
    She’s over-burrowed and self-assured
    Oh no, I know a dirty world

  92. oh god, this is why I’ve gone to lolcatz. for cripe’s sakes, it’s an allusion to a bunny being emo who might cut itself in a stereotypical fashion, not that the bunny could be emo, b/c it’s a g*dd*mn bunny!!!

  93. Subhangi says:

    Darn emo buns! Git off mah lawn!

    @ Coffeecup “organically-grown, free trade lattes…” I thought that was Hippy Bun.

  94. I had to post this in my blog. It totally looks like Nick Cave during the Birthday Party years.

  95. cafegrrl says:

    SOOOOOOO cute!!

  96. hon glad says:

    EMO bun your hair needs to be more greasy.

  97. Bun Wentz disapproves of the srs bsnss, folks

  98. *heavens open up*

    Amy R….you nailed it.

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  100. amazing

  101. Wait a minute.
    First there was Cat Wigs, now it’s Bun Wigs!!!

    Too adorabules for words!!!

  102. *stares*



    Wooohhh. That’s one emo bunny. @.@

  103. essensual says:

    —>sadimtouch<— apparently you've gone to lolcatz and BACK…welcome back. :p No one can resist the power of C.O. sense of humour. Been there done that and I'm fine with the Emo Bun! You are sooooo misunderstood, Emo Bun. Share baby carrots with me.

  104. Starlinguk says:

    Hey BeckyMonster, we call them baby goths! Let’s face it, they’re wanna be goths, but they haven’t got the guts to really go for the whole get up. It’s funny, they all want to be “different” but they all look the same!

  105. gooeyctr says:

    “We didn’t start the fire”

    Bun bun down, bun down the Hot Topic!

  106. LMAO!!!!!!!


  107. Andi from NC says:

    Becky monster – “Kindergoth” – classic!!
    gooeyectr – “We didn’t start the fire” – thank you!

    Every time I peek at bun (and it’s been several times, to the brink of compulsion) he appears more and more emo and more and more disapproving each time. I love him!!!

  108. Bridget says:

    What breed of rabbit is this?

  109. Lizzy is right, there’s nothing funny about kids so despairing that they take to hacking themselves up. The word insensitive doesn’t even begin to describe her detractors.

  110. BWAHAHAHA to the comment of “Get a hair cut, get a real job”

    That was TOO funny.


  111. Danielle says:

    I heart this post.
    Emo bun disapproves of life.

    Over here we have the distinction between Optimos and Depremos.
    Optimos aren’t so much with the cutting but more with the rainbows, lollipops and pretty boys kissing. I can totally stand Optimos, from afar, and muted.

    This post kicks ass. And so does HomoDM.

    (p.s. over here is the country of the silly girl with the 56 stars, yes, we’re all in deep shame.)

  112. Katrina says:

    I thought it was “Flock of Seagulls” hair style. Beautiful color.

    To those in recovery: please be glad you can recover from your misstep or bad personal decisions, or genetically-predestined maladies (I’m gonna catch hell for that I suppose), but ya know, some people live with horror and can’t ‘recover’. We don’t ‘heal’ we don’t “recover”. We ‘deal’, we ‘struggle’, and we laugh at whatever ‘it’ is, because without laughter “it” gets us, and I for one refuse to become my malady. So, if one has a compulsion to self injure and one doesn’t want to do it any more, good on ya, but please, learn to laugh at yourself and your compulsions and you will be happier for it. Don’t ever let you malady overcome who you are, you are not your behavior/malady when you rise above it, and laughter rises you above it. The more ridicule for a bad thing in your life the better. Trust me.


    [Yeah, I was kinda noticing that myself – Ed.]

  114. Jenn in IL says:

    Are “kindergoths” in the same category as “prostitots”?

    [No. Not even close. Next question? – Ed.]

  115. doranyc says:

    DKN’s gotta new name and picture…testing testing 123

  116. Lol…. Emo Bun is about the only emo I can deal with. Who could resist the snuggly?

  117. marthava says:

    @brinnann – em….STARS.

  118. marthava says:

    @brinnann – the 56 starts comment totally cracked me up!!!

  119. BeckyMonster says:

    Kindergoths are most definitely NOT prostitots. I shall illustrate the differences here:
    Kindergoth – Kids born after 1985 (hell, after 1990!) who stand around the malls in their non-conforming conformist outfits, lamenting about being dropped off by their upper middle-class parents in the minivan. These kids are usually equal numbers of males and females.
    Prostitots – Same kids, but almost always female, dressing like streetwalkers, because they think the attention they get is in some way positive. I wish these kids would respect themselves enough to realize that they have more to offer someone than hot 15-year-old a##.

    Genaralizing? Probably. Pretty dead on? Probably.

  120. CoffeeCup says:

    My hubby tells our bun to “get a job!” every week whenever he spots the bun lounging in a sunbeam.

    And while I understand the sensitivity in regards to ‘cutting’ jokes – we all have our burdens, whether financial, emotional or physical. This website features extremely irreverent, sometimes dark humor – but it’s never malicious, or insensitive. It happens to align with my own, but if it doesn’t jibe with yours, I understand the need to express disapproval (like emo bun here). But please understand that it’s never malicious, and it’s never personal. It’s not like Meg, Teho or NTMTOM target YOU. Just understand that.

  121. brinnann says:

    I thought I put “stars.” 😦

  122. way 2 go emo bun! love the hair! 🙂

  123. P. Earl says:

    @ Bridget
    I’m not sure if anyone answered your question, but the bun looks like it’s a Lionhead, who are called as such because of their crazy manes! This one has a particularly awesome one.
    He really does look both Emo and Flock of Seagulls. Bravo Emo bun!!!

  124. He’s just waiting until you come in close for the snorggle then he’s going to pull a carrot out of your ear and yell, “BUNFREAK!”

  125. thestarofsorrow says:

    cute! he’s so emo!

  126. what, no bunliner?

  127. stelepami says:

    I understand the humorous intent to the post, but I think it’s important for the people who run the site to know if something they say does upset the people who follow the site. Doesn’t mean they need to change their style, I just think it’s important to be aware of the impact of what one says. I, personally, think the cutting remark is taking the joke one step too far, blurring the line between emo attention-seeking and symptoms of serious mental illness.

  128. BeckyMonster says:

    I personally think that people taking a joke, albeit a dark one, as a blatant disregard for mental illness is the real problem.

    Life sucks, more for some than others. Laughing in the face of death is a good way to get through it. You can laugh or you can cry, it’s your choice. But don’t miss the point that people deal with adversity in different ways.

    Life is too hard to be taken seriously.

  129. wuyizidi says:

    Spotted a Gothic Lolita at Rockefeller Center the other day, it was kind of like Kindergoth + Prostitots, wrong on so many levels.

  130. brinnann says:

    😆 I keep coming back to look at Emo Bun. I can’t get enough of him!

    [You just wait till tomorrow morning. 😈 😈 😈 – Ed.]

  131. stelepami says:

    I think you pointed out why I’m having problems with accepting a joke about cutting; in many ways, the general population doesn’t take mental illnesses (especially mood disorders) seriously. So seeing someone make a joke about it reminds me of all the times when people truly dismiss serious problems just because they can’t be seen with the eye or proved with a medical test. If someone makes a joke about cancer, I know they’re kidding because it’s too widely-accepted as a horrible disease to believe that the person didn’t intend the statement to be ironic (whether or not it was in good taste is beside the point here); if a person makes a joke about depression or bipolar disorder, it’s hard to know if the person is making the statement intentionally ironic or simply dismissing the pain and suffering of others through misunderstanding.
    In this case, I think it’s pretty clear that the post was made with a clearly humorous intent, perhaps, as CoffeeCup said, making fun of parents who overreact.

  132. bekibunny says:

    Dunno if someone has mentioned this yet, but this bun has Florence Henderson Hair! and therefore needs to be accompanied by a link to the fabulous Rabbit Bites folk song by Buns & Chou Chou:

  133. Anavrin_Jame says:

    Just because you suffer (or have suffered from) a certain illness or condition means you can’t ever laugh at jokes about it? Not so, says I. People take themselves waaaaaay too seriously. Maintaining a sense of humor is what gets me through the low spots in my life.

  134. HEY MY NAME IS MOIRA NOT YOU AND I AGREE he does need a Fall Out Boy cd.

  135. claudemarie says:

    I thank God every day I can laugh at myself and am not continuously suffering. I wouldn’t expect anyone to tiptoe around me or others like me, if they made a joke about Trichtotillomania (which is my “thing”), especially here, where things are NOT meant to be taken so seriously.

    Some people have a very hard time, because it is a lonely thing to go through, whatever they are afflicted with. I wish them well on their journey and I hope they know many are cheering them on anonymously.

    Now, back to Bun: Get used to the snorts and giggles kid, ’cause you look both absolutely ridiculous AND cute!! How does your Emo ass like THEM apples?

  136. Katrina says:

    Anavrin_Jame- yup.

  137. Poor, misunderstood Emo Bun. He made me laught out loud, but I don’t think that was his intention! 🙂

  138. I'm just old, I guess says:

    Well, I had to go to Wikipedia to see what the heck “emo” was all about… since I could see there was some commentraversy here because of the number of posts! But reading the definition of “emo”, once the bun has been classified as “emo” (rightly or wrongly, we don’t really know what he’s thinking, maybe he’s more of a Donald Trump fan as someone mentioned and the hair style is deceiving) anyway, if he’s really “emo” then a reference to cutting is actually applicable since that’s associated with the “emo” style (according to Wikipedia.) We don’t want the bun to be hurt. I think we can all agree on that. (Can’t we? Can’t we just all get along??)

  139. That was freakin’ hysterical! Now I have to show all my friends. Lol so awesome!

  140. freetomato says:

    k – I so want a lionhead rabbit but I have a rat terriorist and I don’t think Speck would be too nice to an emo bun. I shall live vicariously this way:

  141. Paunchie says:

    Dude, you can’t be Goth and ride a scooter, Kay?

  142. @stelepami:
    “I understand the humorous intent to the post, but I think it’s important for the people who run the site to know if something they say does upset the people who follow the site.”

    Why? Why is it important? Why do they need to know?

    I do understand that some people are more sensitive to lighthearted treatment of issues than others, and that some people can be badly thrown by issues that are triggering. But the Internet is a public forum which will not police itself for them; they need to regulate themselves where they surf to and be prepared for what they may see. Meg and co have never hidden the fact that this is a PG-13 site that has never advertised itself as anybody’s safe space.

  143. … edgy captions accompanying some very cute pictures is part of what makes Cuteoverload so great …

    While I agree that people should, generally, try to be sensitive to other people’s troubles, it would also be nice if troubled people could take themselves a TEENY bit less seriously. At least sometimes. When a bunny is involved.

  144. Forrester McLeod says:

    When do the tickets go on sale? I’d follow Emo Bun anywhere. Sigh……

  145. Wow! That’s a cool haircut!!

  146. Lol…. gotta love CO and the people that start commentroversies.
    Stop taking yourselves so freakin seriously.
    I have gone through hell and back in my life, more than anyone could imagine, but if a dark humor joke is told that deals with something that I’ve been through… I laugh if it’s funny… I’m not going to get all upset over it b/c life is so unbelievably short.
    It is such a waste of time.

  147. He is a beauty if I ever saw one 🙂

  148. i’m as anti-nuff as they come, but Lizzy, stelepami, and others have presented very respectful and considered objections…not even objections really, just FYIs. when someone speaks from experience, that does not necessarily mean they are making everything about them; it just means they are presenting their frame of reference, the only one any of us has, and one which is probably representative of others who have not spoken up. nobody has cried “inappropriate” or said “please take this caption down.” oh, and most importantly, they took time to acknowledge Teh Qte!

    oh, and meg? dude, sometimes you got a pretty dark sense of humor there. why i keep coming back. bless.


    (you’re welcome)

  150. now that’s more like it.

  151. that is tooooo cute

  152. Dude, I LOVE THAT BUNNY.
    I shall name him Pete Wentz.
    Because, seriously, if that is not Pete Wentz in bunny-form.
    All he needs is some guyliner, a pair of skinny jeans, a guitar, and a Fall Out Boy cd. Plus some black nail polish.

  153. danielie says:

    Emo bun walks this lonely street, on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

  154. Clearly the only thing to do is to make sure no one is ever offended by anything ever. Anything short is a complete compromise of integrty and proves that everyone everywhere is victimizing everyone else. Also racism.

  155. emo bun’s thoughts to wat meg said about him: huh.watever. i’d rather be shopping for guy-liner right now.

  156. Folie a Bun..

  157. Rooanne says:

    OMG Ponies!!!! He looks like a pony to me, with that mane.

    [Hmm, kinda, yeah – Ed.]

  158. It’s the rabbit style salon! Come on in and see the hottest rabbit fashions! This model is displaying the latest and most popular style!

  159. I think that bunny got his hair done at Heidi’s circa 1987 and shops at Le Chateau.

  160. BeckyMonster says:

    Clearly the rodent in question (and they are indeed rodents, folks) should be:

  161. waitwaitwait… is there really a commentroversy happening with Emo-bunneh?

    oh geez. >.<

    and what the hell is a kindergoth??? did I really just learn something new with this post?? or am I just getting old…….

  162. Ha Ha HA he he

    I almost wet my pants!

  163. Oh… I’m emo also. That is a cutie, that would be my dream pet. (an emo pet.) Lol, not all emos cut! 🙂 Some of us do. Finally, a post dedicated to us emos. 🙂

  164. philaychio says:

    THE ULTIMATE antithesis of Emo-bun must be ME, Philaychio. Check out my lyric blog and wonder how I stayed in Uni long enough. Marvel at the lack of human empathy, belm at the apparent aesthetic, realise that this is somethiing even the terminally-uncool can relate to.

    (Well, I just got started tonight, you now how it is…)

  165. head bangs wall
    head bangs wall
    head bangs wall

    it’s a bunny, just a bunny with an emo-esque hair flip.

    if you’re trying to shed light on the serious situation of cutting, start your own blog/community/group/message and shed all the light you want.

    If you don’t like what you see, there’s a little red x in the corner and if you click it, the thing you don’t like will go away.

  166. But… they just said it was a pony. 😦 😦 😦

  167. diddleymaz says:


  168. ♥ Echo and the Bunnymen ♥

  169. I find the caption really offensive, actually. Self-injury is serious and not something to be joked about. I had a really difficult time getting over my self-injury that plagued me for years, and I’m really offended.

  170. “Echo and the bunnymen”

    Dangit! Why did I think of that????

    Leepz like sugah! Sugah keeeses!

  171. Got to get on soap box now…

    commentroversy has pulled me in.(dang it…)

    to all that find this post offensive lets just put this in a little perspective…., I don’t think a site like this should be taken in the seriousness that people are taking it. Yes. cutting is a problem, yes death is a reality. We’re all humans. We get it. But please. Don’t take yourself, nor a website that is gear to be lighthearted and fun too seriously. This post is suppose to be funny. This isn’t a selfhelp website.. now if this was, I would agree to some sort of offensiveness … to an extent. Depending on the *context* of the post…..

    Relax all. Its saturday. Drink a latte, smoke em if you got em. Go shopping. Do whatever makes you relax….AND
    Relish the cutee bunneh that some how has made me and several people that i know laugh out loud. We’re laughing cause its FRICKIN’ BUNNY who looks all morose. How cute and hilarious and ironic is that?! Really.

  172. Katrina says:

    Megan- as a fellow Peep, I wish you all things good in your recovery.

  173. Heather says:


  174. Anon
    ‘it would also be nice if troubled people could take themselves a TEENY bit less seriously’

    You seem to be confused over what mental illness is all about. If we could take ourselves less seriously, we would. but our brains are biochemically wired to make everyday things seem like catastrophic occurrences. Which is why people that have trouble escaping themselves come to these sorts of sites to forget about that for awhile. It is hard when in seeking a humorous escape you find you are the brunt of the joke.
    That said this cute bunny and I are used to the fact that no one wants to take us seriously and we know you all are just hiding from the truth in your consumer driven, anti-depressant addled, keeping up with the jones’ sort of way. We scoff at your mindlessness and hop along our way

  175. Katrina – thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

    hmph – Thank you, I’m glad someone else understands how my brain is wired.

  176. PaperAirplane says:

    As a (hopefully) recovering self injurer myself, I feel compelled to post. I tried not to, I really, really did. Apologies.

    First off, as soon as I saw the word “emo” I looked for the joke about cutting. In my most humble of opinions, it didn’t strike me as particularly derogatory. I smiled a little bit. But I still waited until I read the entire post to do it.

    I try to take things less seriously. But it isn’t as easy as saying it. I try to laugh at myself, but don’t usually believe it. Things like that. That’s why I completely understand why people would be offended by any comment on cutting.

    However, this is about a very cute bunny that looks like an emo. It’s not saying anything about emos themselves and it certainly isn’t making any statements on self injury.

    It’s a bunny.

    And it’s also nice to be reminded that I’m not the only one in this situation. It’s not a self help site, but it’s still nice to be reminded that other people are trying to recover and succeeding. The less we allow humour (with no intended offense) the less we can be reminded of these things.

    Just a thought.

  177. Oy, never did I mean to start a commentroversy… but damn if it didn’t spark some thought-provoking conversation.

    Megan and all others who have related their own stories: It takes a lot of guts to admit to the sort of shame and suffering you have expressed, and I thank you for sharing.

  178. CO is NOT a self-help site? Well, maybe it’s not meant to be, but it sure helps the heck outta me!

  179. PaperAirplane says:

    Me too Pheas 😀

  180. I would show this link to my boyfriend if it weren’t for the silly offended people commenting, really, i feel embarrassed for them. What on earth happens through your mind that makes you feel compelled to tell your personal issues to a bunch of people who are here to have fun? Talk about attention seeking behavior! Deal with your stuff on your own, we all have problems!

  181. Janeyferr says:

    as a chronic depressive and regular self harmer i find emo bum highly cute and rather amusing. because a: it’s a bunny with cute hair and b: i’m not an emo.

    that is all.

  182. tesstricks says:


    Rabbits and hares USED to be classified under Rodentia but they now have their own order, Lagomorpha.

    – a former bunny owner 🙂

  183. The self-mutilation reference is quite tasteless. I actually liked this site too.

  184. “No Mom. I was NOT cutting myself”

    ILU emo Bun!

  186. Good heavens – I tried to make a comment about tasteless humor, and it seems the comment was so tasteless it has been queued for censoring! Which I am going to take as a compliment, actually – CO does have a taste threshold 😀

  187. There is an ostensible thinness to the line between being able to find humor in cutting and in failing to see the act as something serious. However, provided even a modicum of cognitive energy, that line quickly expands into a chasm.

    This commentroversy reminded me of a music video done by a humor site that I am fond of. In this particular video, the subject of the present commentary is at the heart of the comedic concept being used. Video here. If you’re easily offended I wouldn’t bother watching it.

    I’d say the humor applied there might be seen as a sort of litmus test. Aside from obvious reasons for disliking it (not your style of humor, poorly executed), if you dislike this on the grounds of “it tells you that cutting isn’t a big deal” or something to that effect (you didn’t like it because the cutting reference offends you), then there exists a fundamental difference in you that, in most cases, cannot be overcome.

    I feel for those who are ardently and intelligently supporting the stance of ‘don’t take it so seriously’. Regardless of what is said (to any degree of wisdom) there will always be those who will call it “downplaying the seriousness”. The sad truth of the matter is that failure in seeing the difference is due in part to some combination of cognition and/or personality; or more precisely (in my opinion): a lack thereof.

    The consternation experienced when making a salient point only to see it thrown to the dust by rhetorical gymnastics is something that you’ve experienced before in your non-internet-browsing activities. The feeling I’m referring to is the one you experience when you meet someone who you clearly don’t mesh with. A personality conflict. It’s not something that can be logically hashed out, even given the most even handed approach. You are interacting textually with someone whom you might very well dislike personally.

    I know several people who have gone through similar trials in their lives, and I can tell you that I approached the situation with utmost reverence. These people would and do find the comment in question (and the video) quite humorous. What’s the difference between them and the nuffers? Simple, really, they are people I would and do like.

    If you are someone who is going or has gone through such a trial, I offer you my sincerest wishes for a lasting and improved situation. If you found the subject matter offensive; if you cannot bridge the rational gap between humor on this topic and deriding the mentally afflicted, then I probably would dislike you as a person. These things aren’t mutually exclusive.

  188. darkshines says:

    I study Edgar Allan Poe for my degree, and I can assure you he was the ORIGINAL emo.

    /ends arguement.

    [He shall press, ah, nevermore! – Ed.]

  189. Katiedid says:

    I LOF you emo bun!! Hugs will make it better. Hugs always make everything better!! Some of you angry people should try it sometime!! 🙂 *Hugs*

  190. I’ve visited this post several times, I have to say that emobun never fails to get me to smile. It’s amusing, a cute little mockery of a subculture that’s “misunderstood”. I’m fine with it, I used to be emo–it was a phase thank god, my metal roots finally showed too much and emo kicked me out, now I hang out with people who appreciate Iron Maiden for what it is. And as for the cutting remarks, I myself am a recovering cutter, which was seperate of the emo phase, due to some serious depression and social anxiety problems. I think if we can’t laugh at the problems inherent with what we do or believe in–whether it be religion, politics, daily life, etc–we miss out on the point of life.
    Sure there is a level of tolerance. Anyone saying something specifically to be snide or intentionally cruel, that should be stopped. But something meant as a play on the stereotypes inherent with any dress style isn’t meant to be said with malicious intent.
    As Avenue Q says (although I apply it to more than racism):
    If we all could just admit
    That we are racist a little bit,
    And everyone stopped being
    So PC
    Maybe we could live in –

  191. Some Bunny says:

    You’re nobunny until somebunny loves you.

  192. Can you restrict this content to please?!

  193. Don’t get me wrong, the bunny is absolutely adorable. I think mainly the cutting comment just caught me off guard, and thus immediately made me put up my defences. I was just a bit worried that if people read this, they wouldn’t look past the “emo” label to self-injury and thus would not take it seriously. Unfortunately I have met people as such, but I’m really glad that basically everyone here is so understanding. Thanks to everyone for taking every view into account.

    On another note, I really want to snorgle that bun.

  194. S Presedo says:

    What breed of bunny is that? does anyone know? I just looove that bunny!

  195. I don’t think emo bun has kate gossilens hair, I think kate has emo bun hair. cuz you know, I think kate is pretty emo right now.

  196. Jessica says:

    Cutting isn’t something that needs to be made fun of. People, such as many of the posters above, who say that the comments accompanying the picture shouldn’t be taken seriously or who claim that they don’t like anyone who would be offended by this, obviously have not taken a razor blade, or other sharp object, to their body with the intention of hurting themselves.

    Self harm is serious. As someone who is waiting for the scars to heal from a previous bout of severe depression, I just wish people would disassociate the “emo” stereotype from self harm. I am a twenty-one year old woman currently enrolled in university. I’m not some emo teenager. I’m someone with a problem who needs help.

    So you can scoff at me for being offended, but until you understand the pain and anguish associated with mental illness that leads to self harm, you shouldn’t be saying anything at all.

    And I can’t believe I started crying while writing that. Thanks for ruining my day, cuteoverload.

  197. marion banks-wilkinson says:


  198. marion banks-wilkinson says:

    By the way I also suffer severe depression and one of my sons killed himself 3 years ago after a history of depression and some self harm.Plus my whole family has a serious history of severe depressive illness aand I still thought it was very funny and really cute!!!

  199. Bridget says:

    Thanks, P. Earl! I looked up Lionhead bunnies, and that’s what he looks like.

  200. Oh come on. If your mental illness/recovery is so delicate that a little joke about a bunny will send you spiraling into the pits of hell, you should probably stay far away from the internet. Everyone has issues, not everyone feels the need to present them to the world and then expect to be handled with kid gloves. If you are offended, go elsewhere. Wait until you get into the real world, they REALLY don’t give a crap about your tender psyche out there.

  201. Katiedid says:

    Well said PN!!

  202. This bunny is really cute!

  203. Why, thank you Katydid!

  204. Shark Blank says:

    I have to say, as cutter still trying to get over the urge, I totally am not surprised at the cutting joke, and I totally don’t care.

  205. Lula Mae says:

    Emo Bun – oh, how do I love thee! Let me count the ways: 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10… 11… 12… 13… 14… 15… 16… 17… 18… 19… 20… 21… 22… 23… 24… 25… 26… 27… 28… 29… 30… 31… 32… 33… 34… 35… 36… 37… 38… 39… 40… 41… 42… … … … chrrr… … …

  206. savannah says:

    dats FREAKIN HILARIOUS *tear* now i want an emo bunny

  207. Lula Mae says:

    chrph… ohhh… 121… 122… 123… 124… 125… 126… 127… 128… 129… 130… 131… 132… 133… 134… 135… 136… 137… 138… 139… 140… 141… 142… 143… 144… 145… 146… 147… 148… 149… 150… 151… 152… … … … … phhhhh… …

  208. janet2buns says:

    Emo Bun is so NOT emo… can you be emo with those stubbular ears and a nosie just meant for beeping, and dose FEETS….Emo Bun is an emo wannabe. I just cannot take him seriously.

  209. Hey-ey! A bun with a combover! Too prosh!

  210. leslie thomas says:

    wow…go to site called CuteOverload & find commentary, originally referring to the cuteness/ not cuteness of bunnies & associated captions …
    & find truly *deep* vocabulary terms, such as “consternation” and “salient” …used…accurately; to make very rationally thought out & constructive points …. AND the bunneh IS indeed KYOOT, as well !!

    Kinda provides encouragement on the Therapeutic Possibilities of Cuteness.
    Thanks Meg, thanks other ed’s & thanks to such earnest & empathetic Post-Ers!!

    (Meant in absolutely Face Value; NO sarcasm whatever in any way, shape, manner, or Form. Truly).

    Peace Unto all .

  211. put some mascara on and that would look cool!

  212. BUNNY LUVER says:

    omg……….how cuteeeeeeeeeee

  213. waaaaaaah says:

    Holy crap look at all these emos and their tiny violins.

  214. warriortwo says:

    PN, I second that. I know, because there ARE some things on the intarwebs that I’m wayyy too sensitive for. I saw them once, I retreated, my life is better for it. For that matter, I try to stay away from recovery meetings too; I realize they work for a lot of people, but I had to stop constantly seeing myself as a victim.

  215. Wow, guys. I was a “cutter” for 5 years and I laughed at this. Take a chill pill.

  216. Rhonda you forget that Emos are made of dramas?

  217. Rabbitgalore says:

    He looks like a member of The Clash.
    I’m in Loooove!

  218. soooooo cuteee, hehehe, i think the bunny need smokey eyes, so the bunny will be real emo bunny, cool…… ^^

  219. essensual says:

    Wow…look at all the comments…I think we need to make emo bun t-shirt! (Along with winston and maru T, of course).

  220. “So you can scoff at me for being offended, but until you understand the pain and anguish associated with mental illness that leads to self harm, you shouldn’t be saying anything at all.”

    I do. I’ve dealt with it for eight years.

    I still laugh at my own faults and enjoy life moreso for it- I often say I want laughter at my funeral, because it is the best way to deal with pain.

    You should try it sometime.

  221. Deirdre says:

    It seems like the comments get a little off-topic very often here at C.O. Is it really so hard to focus on the cute?

  222. TwilightGuru says:

    How deliciously cute…….yet EEEEEVVVVVIIIILLL!!!!
    TwIlIgHt FrEaK . .

  223. SO CUTE!!!!

  224. aww, emo bun;)

  225. When will there be an Emo bun t shirt? Jelpy

  226. i root for the emo bun t shirt idea by jeply 😀

  227. snorgalpus says:

    Yeah emobun! i am going to find one of ur emo bun bros from ur garage band and take him home wif me and keep him FOREVER!

  228. His hair is so silky smooth. Yes…yes it is so silky smooth.

  229. awe emo loinhead

  230. That’s “lionhead”.
    Trust me, it’s not a mistake you want to make at parties.

  231. haha, had to!

  232. Scarlet says:

    THAT is the coolest hairstyle I’ve like, EVER seen!

  233. Lula Mae says:

    Gave up counting somewhere in the high six figures…
    speaking of Neverending Story: Limahl-hairdo is awfully similar:
    speaking of T-Shirt: I want one

  234. Daniela says:

    Oh! He is so sweet! I love him (L)

  235. Hey, No. Don’t go there with Fall Out Boy.

    [In fact, don’t go ANYWHERE with Fall Out Boy. 😉 – Ed.]

  236. Where did that long string of hair come from ? Is it real??

  237. I think that was awsome!

  238. Andi from NC says:

    I’m inexplicably drawn to him – it’s gotta be the whole “sensitive outcast” thing…

  239. mee iz emo bun bun.feed mee or go to dark side.

  240. I’ve been struggling with depression for 14 years and was a cutter for about 10 of those years. I used to listen to Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, and Jawbreaker anybody really knew what emo was. I still think “emo bun, don’t cut yourself” is hilarious.

    If you can’t laugh at yourself…

  241. lol so cute and dont cut urself emo bunny we luv u…..we do

  242. sunshine202 says:

    a spoon would make it complete. the hairdoo does it all. 🙂 😀 ;D 😉

  243. W()()P emo says:

    EMO RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You go super emo BUNNY!!!!!!
    W()()P (//_^)

  244. – So Cute !

  245. The hair stock is natural. Lionheaded bunnies always have adorable little manes.

  246. libzipenguin n madcow says:

    Awww thats so cute all he needs now is odd converse an electric guitar & a walkman or mp3.

    ( 00 )

  247. OMG and LOL. So when Emo rabbits get really angry do they become killer rabbits with sharp pointy little teeth like in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail”? Or do they just look with even more devastating disapproval? Honestly, I’m not sure which would be worse….

    Thanks for the great laugh!

  248. *Sigh* Emo bunneh, I love you.

    I just feel bad for my Lionhead, he just can’t top this little one! I simply cannot show him this bunneh or he will become emo as well…

  249. I just looooooooooove him!
    the cutest thing I have seen! plz viset my website u might learn a thing or two!

    P.S I also looooovee ur website! so cute!

    btw…. My rabbits Maddy, Thumper, Tipper, Mia and Frodo loooooovvee him to! and everyone else! Maddy loves him most coz she is a bit emo herself…… she might be in love…… creepy *shiver*

  250. Emo Bun looks a bit like Kate…. of “8”. It’s the haircut I think

  251. aww!
    okay, really, guys, i used to cut myself all the time and even did the rubber-band snap thing.
    and i had attempted suicide once.

    but i think that that bunny is absolutely adorable.
    and i love the “don’t cut yourself!!” line.

    I swear, people get offended by absolutely everything nowadays.
    (Actually, I bet someone just did.)

    Very cute photo, great idea, clever caption (:.

  252. I’m in love with emo bunny. I wonder how long he has to take fixing his hair in the morning. Emo bunny must really hog the bathroom in the morning getting his look just right.