Mr. Squawkie goes for a walkie!

“Check what I found when I got home this evening – his dad was sitting on top of my neighbour’s car looking very disapproving indeed so I waited till they’d gone off for chips before i went to take these shots. He’s like a fluffy nubbin on a stick (or two, to be precise) – like those things people clean their ears with.

mr squawky 1

He also benefits from extreme beauty close-ups – you know what i’m talking about ;D I fear he shall not last the night but he might stay alive in our hearts for ever more if you post him.. and you never posted pictures of my dog, and this little dewd is even cuter (shhh!! don’t say it out loud!) so if you don’t post this I’ll KNOW it’s personal….”

mr squawky 2

Mr. S contributed by the cute-pup-owning Sender Inner Ruth G.



  1. So cute and round! What a sweetie!

  2. So fluffy 🙂 You made my morning!

  3. Heatherama says:

    Am I reading this right? “He may not last the night”? I’m confused, what’s wrong with him? Is he an abandoned baby, did he get hit by a car or something? It’s 6am, my brain isn’t working, can someone explain this to me please. I’m worried now that this little floofy birdy is gone. 😦

  4. WendyPinNJ says:

    I’m worried too. It’s too early in the morning for me to be worried about cuteness! Why wouldn’t Mr. Squawkie last the night? And what the heck is Mr. Squawkie? Aside from a dust bunny on stilts?

  5. BostonBunny says:


  6. Sporkles says:

    Egret? Stork? Heron? Big Bird’s cousin?

  7. ToastBoy says:

    Well, Mr Squawkie looks like a baby Seagull to me. There are lots of them round where I live at this time of year.

  8. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Mr. Squawkie is some kind of immature gull, I’m guessing. He probably got separated from the parents and things are not looking good.

    That, or he can’t remember where he parked his car.

  9. Awww what a big fluffbag!! Anyone seen the chipmunks this morning? – hereeeeeee

  10. Kristabelle says:

    Quick, throw him some Thrasher’s french fries – that will sustain him through the night!

  11. Katiedid says:

    So fluffy.. so soft.. I will use you as a pillow Mr. Squawkie.. AND YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

  12. Personally I think he looks like a giant pussywillow. (I’ve recently been reminded of what pussywillows look like as my kitten, Colby, has a secret stash of the blossoms somewhere and I find him playing with them sometimes. How he got them off the branches [months ago] was very amusing- he grab a branch, pull it down, and then let it go, flinging a blossom across the room.)

  13. Eeeek! He’d better get out of traffic. Way too adorable!!

  14. He’s really cute, but WHY couldn’t the sender-inner assist “Mr. Squawkie” in removing himself from the street? I mean, I wouldn’t just take pictures and leave him there.

    OK, maybe they did put him somewhere else and they were just worried that without a parent, he might not survive (*thinks positively*).

  15. chanpon says:

    Dude, where’s my car???

  16. Kristabelle,
    Ahh, Thrasher’s fries! Love them! Another visitor to OC, Md! And don’t forget Fisher’s popcorn!

    Now, if this were me, I’d do my darndest to try to catch Mr. Squawkie and give him a nice home for the evening! Either that or call the nearest animal rehab center.

  17. Kristabelle says:

    Gee Dogma, how did you know??? 😀 I think they like the fries better than the popcorn. That, and funnel cake – it’s not a trip to OC unless you’ve had Funnel Cake.

  18. Katrina says:

    Egrets, I have a few, but then again, too few to mention….

    Yes, he/she does look like a giant catkin on stilts.

  19. ummm… wat exactly is that thing? it sorta looks like a penguin pigeon! hey i like the ring to that. penguin pigeon, penguin pigeon, penguin pigeon! sorry, now im all hyped up about my new invention. maybe some decaf will calm me down.

  20. hon glad says:

    I don’t think he’s pining for the fijords.

  21. does that make him a squeegull? 😉

  22. Oh, I hope he makes it…little guy all strolling around in the big world there….

  23. If the bird is in danger of not making it through the night, how about taking it to the local bird sanctuary people, get in touch with bird rescue. Heck we have squirrel rescue around here, and we have tons of squirrels. I know I feed locals everyday.

  24. catloveschanel says:

    I guess his name is Willy Makeit.
    on a need to know basis.
    calling for a sequel

  25. Working Rachel says:

    Why? Why won’t he last the night? It sounds like he’s under parental supervision, with his dad keeping watch on top of the car. So confused!

  26. I would put this in the “Cute or Sad?” Category…. :-/

  27. Mauderules says:

    Let’s assume that the sender-inner played the “not last the night” card in order to exert moral blackmail on Meg so that she’d post the photos and thereby keep Mr. Squawkie alive forever. It’s too horrible otherwise.

  28. SoCalSis says:

    Along with Katrina’s evocative line, “Egrets, I have a few, but then again, too few to mention….”, please visualize an alligator (rampant) in a pork pie hat, slouching over a microphone stand… Gotta include the hat for full effect. Okay, and he’s holding his sportcoat casually slung over one shoulder…

  29. Baby birds on the ground are snackies for cats and in this case pelicans. Even with Mom and Dad nearby.

    I hope he made it through the night.

  30. If it flies by the sea, it’s a sea gull. But if it flies by the bay, it’s a bay gull. (Get it? Bagel?)

    Let me duck before I get hit by a flying shoe! 🙂

  31. Looks like we have a ringer. 😛

  32. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    In all fairness, some people have NO idea what to do with critters in this situation…
    That’s why there’s folks like us!
    I rescued, among other things, a seagull. Poor thing had broken it’s wing & was dragging around a chunk of ice on it. There were kids starting to harass it. I stopped, and a nice lady helped me toss a jacket over it. I just happened to have a box with a lid on it in the car. Poked holes in it, stuffed bird inside.
    Gulls really like fish cat food!
    I also found out-their defense mechanism is barfing at you!
    I got him to a bird rescue the next day & he was able to heal & fly another day.
    I’ve rescued a baby green heron (went to rehab), a red eyed vireo (stayed in the cellar in a cage until it recovered from smacking against a window), a young mourning dove-kept & fed it until it was old enough to leave. I miss him, and an injured homing pigeon who stayed with us for 5 months. I found the original owner, but he didn’t want him back because he was damaged. He now hangs out with a bunch of other “damaged” birds in a lovely little coop. He has 3 girlfriends!
    I must have that “SUCKER” stamp across my forehead only animals can see…

  33. Kristabelle says:

    Lucy’s Mommeh – you are a kind, kind bird lady!! I had no idea that a gull’s defense mechanism was to barf at you – don’t know if I would have been able to muscle through that to continue helping him!!!! 😀 Mourning doves have to be among the least intelligent of birds, but they do make a lovely sound.

  34. berthaservant says:

    Wait, I thought we weren’t supposed to touch the birds because then they’ll smell like human…no, that’s rabbits, wrong adorable furry creatures….dangit, my book of rules is becoming needlessly complex….

    I wanna see the photo of the cute doggeh. And yeah, I hope the boid is okay.

  35. No no, rabbits aren’t supposed to touch VANILLA when they find it abandoned in your garden. Or beer either.

  36. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Theo, there’s another story-my sister used to have a bunny. You had to keep beer out of reach, the little brat would knock over the container & drink the beer!

  37. Katiedid says:

    Lucy’s Mommeh – My mom’s dog, bo, does that… he also goes crosseyed when he eats frosty paws lol…

  38. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Yeah, I’m thinkin’ we need a pic of the crosseyed dog……

  39. Carlisa says:

    LOL @Theo….can they have rum if it’s spiced?

  40. Carlisa says:

    @Lucy’s Mommeh….I have had the same sticker on my forehead for a long time. I loved reading your story. Keep up the good work!

  41. Who abandons rum?
    Hmmm… maybe the better question is, “but why is the rum gone??”

  42. LOL @ Theo!! Aahh Jack Sparrow!

    But I certainly do hope this Little Ear Buddee made it through the night!!! Broke my heart to read that bit! 😦

  43. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Carlisa, as long as a critter needs me & I *can* help it, I will. My hubby is ever patient with me.
    21 years yesterday with the same guy.
    Thank God he “gets” me…:)

  44. Kristabelle says:

    Happy Anniversary, Lucy’s Mommeh!!!!

  45. Unless you know what you are doing or know someone who does, its best to leave them alone. Clearly stated at the beginning, the baby was not abandoned yet. That his dad was close by till he got distracted by chips. I suspect the person fears for animals or cars killing the baby. Even if person chased the baby off the street, it may come back because thats where it last saw Daddy/Mommy.

    It is a great shot too! So so cute!

  46. Carlisa says:

    @Theo….What makes you think I would know where the rum went? *bats eyes innocently*

  47. Carlisa says:

    @Lucy’s Mommeh….
    That’s wonderful! And a Happy anniversary to you both!

  48. totes reminds me of: