3-week old flamingo falling asleep

1. Wow, look at those stilt legs!
2. This musak really helps the storyline [shifty eyes]
3. This video leaves us with the eternal question—did he ever strike a balance?

Hey Dalvenjah F., what’s better than counting sheep? CuteThingsFallingAsleep.org.



  1. Its legs….are so creepy to me…. they look like weird alien arms coming out of the sand…*shudder*

  2. Those are some freakishly misproportioned feet! How on earth does it walk? Talk about having to grow into them…

  3. So…that’s the flamingo equivalent of….kneeling? Sitting? I mean, his feet are the webbed part at the end, right?

  4. @Karen:
    It’s sitting. Where its webbed feet begins is the bird equivalent of the balls of our feet.

  5. hon glad says:

    Executing a reverse kneel.

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Another long-legged fuzz ball. Must be Chicks on Sticks day at CO.

  7. CoffeeCup says:

    I couldn’t finish the video, I was so distracted by the freakish alien legs. Cute bird, I just have to cover up the legs. Eesh!

  8. Another Breuer chair!

  9. Adorable Video on how Flamingo chicks are hand raised:


  10. WendyPinNJ says:

    Oh my GOSH!

    Poor baby, his damned legs are in the way. Legs, legs and MORE legs. Freaky is right. I just wanna hold him so he can cuddle up and get that damned nappy already! He looks soooooooo ty-ty! With all the RAIN we’re having here on the east coast these days, I KNOW EXACTLY HOW HE FEELS!

  11. WendyPinNJ says:

    @Luke–how freakin’ cute are those babies. With their floppy pink feet and tiny wing nubs, running around and then just plopping down in hopes of being “brooded!”

    Why can’t I get a job hand raising baby flamingos?

  12. Birdcage says:

    has there always been hoover text on the video boxes?

    [Not always, just sometimes. In this case, I had to. 😀 – Ed.]

  13. @Luke, STINKIN’ cute!!!

  14. Ewww @ reverse knees! It’s so bizarre! I just want the fluffly part pls. 😀

  15. Kristabelle says:

    Poor guy! Somebody give him a wall to lean up against!!!

  16. Katiedid says:

    Aww poor little guy. How do you balance on your knee caps?? My Jack sleeps on one foot which is amazing to me… but knee caps!?

  17. katie-those aren’t his knee caps- they’re basically his ankles.

  18. harlemgrrl says:

    proving that all species of babies fight nap time

  19. Katiedid says:

    oni- I’m pretty sure those are bird versions of backwards kneecaps. If you look at the video in the background you will see birdy ankles closer to the feets!! Birds and their confusing anatomy!! 😀

    [Nahh, Oni’s right; it was just funnier to use “knees” in the hovertext – Ed.]

  20. You know what they say about flamingos with big feet…

  21. …long legs?

  22. More kittens, please. Fewer seals, birds, ferrets, rats and guinea pigs. Oh, and fewer frogs. More kittens, please, preferably marmies. 🙂 Yes, most assuredly, more marmies.

    [Your wish is my… amusement. 😆 – Ed.]

  23. Big shoes?

    [Notting Hill FTW – Ed.]

  24. berthaservant says:

    I have never heard of CTFA, so thanks for that, Meg.

    Had to watch with the sound down, and the store itunes is playing “The Ballad of John and Yoko,” which just doesn’t fit in the slightest.

  25. @Ed., I thought it was Pee Wee’s Big Adventure!

  26. Maybe both! I don’t remember it in the Pee Wee movie, tho.

  27. Chicks under gaudily-colored feather dusters? Sure, why not.

    Chicks on sticks week at CO, I believe it!


  28. (wiping oily rag on brow) Ah I think I’ve spotted the problem, maam. Yer, ah, hydraulic fluid is low, which would adversely affect yer lift. So, we’ll also have to replace yer bearings there, on both sides of course, for balance. But ah, ya got shrimp and mud stuck in yer filter too, so we’ll need ya to stand on one leg while we do a 21-point wingflap inspection, then you’ll be in the pink.

  29. Paunchie says:

    LOL@ chicks on sticks!

  30. flamingo to pyrit: All right. Just put it on my bill.

  31. Pheas – Eggsactly.

  32. That music is going to be in my head all day.

    I love the key change exactly when his right foot first comes off the ground.

  33. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    And now for the boring technical details…

    You and I (the humans not seen in this picture) are plantigrade. We walk on the plantar part of the foot (plantar warts are also found here). Bird and most animals are digitigrade. They walk only on the toes.

    So what you’re seeing here is a little flamingo sitting on the heels of his “feet”, his little toesies moving while sleeping, and his knees are tucked away, hidden, under his little body. So every time you think some creature’s got backwards knees, they’re actually its ankles and the knees are further up the leg.

    I sense a collective rolling of the eyes. But it’s the truth , man!!

  34. Are his legs on backwards?

  35. Cambridge Cat Mom…. cool! Maybe I am a geek, but I like knowing stuff like that… hangs head in shame over never-ending need to know.

  36. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    @Wend, one must always be curious!!
    Otherwise, you’re just ded.

    And that’s Rat Mom (I have two rats), but I also have one cat, so I could be Cat Mom, but I’m known to the universe as Rat Mom, Cambridge Rat Mom (Bond, James Bond)

    Time for a beer.

  37. Saffron says:

    I watched it twice; once for cuteosity, and the second because the groovy music is fab. After listening to that music, I put on my paisley caftan, and served a pitcher of Tom Collins’ and some nibblies such as cheese puffs and velveeta/ritz/pimento to my guests while we played canasta.

  38. earlybird1 says:

    If you look at it long enough it looks like he’s resting on two front arms, elbows bent… and then it looks like he HAS no back legs… and then I just get weirded out. Cute or creepy? Cute from the belly up, I say.

  39. David Spor says:

    Looks like he tried on his mama’s legs.

  40. The muzak is so awesome.

  41. Pretzel says:

    He’s a fluffball! Makes you just want to snorgle his little feathery body, don’t it? ^^

  42. rat mom- thanks for ‘splaining it better than i could have 8DDD

  43. puddlepeppers says:

    pyrit/Pheas…Thanks for qte dialog (and for reminding me that my car needs
    an oil change). (“All I need is cash”…trump a dump-a do…)

  44. Is it me, or is the song “Aba Daba Honeymoon” – just the awesome muzak version of it?

  45. Awww. Fluffy birdy.

    It isn’t that creepy. He’ll grow out of the legs soon. 😀

  46. @Jane, yes, I think it is a Muzak-Samba version of that classic. Why it isn’t “Flamingo” I couldn’t tell you.

  47. Jinxy, I agree. I never was a fan of Muzak-anything and I always thought flamingos as cute until this video. This was more of a Twilight Zone Overload. Early Bird1 is correct, I never want to see legs like that again. It gave me nightmares!!!!! And, one more thing . . . I just love kitties, seals, birds, ferrets, rats, guinea pigs and frogs. But please, fewer creepy legs, please. I’m a little old Grammy with a weak heart!

  48. bookmonstercats says:

    Thanking yew, Cambridge Rat Mom, for your explanation. Very interesting. But could any of you scientific/engineering guys and gals tell me why something that sits on such skinny, stalky legs has such (ahem) a big rear overhang? It must make balancing very difficult indeed especially when asleep (speaking from experience of having a big rear overhang but not skinny legs myself).

  49. darkshines says:

    The music is absolutely amazing, I NEEEED it!

  50. Bathos Q. Hauteur says:

    @J, Pheas, Theo — I Googled that for you …

    [Unfortunately, no one can be… told, what the Playhouse is. You have to see it for yourself. – Ed.]

  51. This begs the question: what would a chair for a flamingo look like?

  52. I see his elbows and hands, but where are his legs?

    He looks like a flamingo sphinx.

  53. leslie thomas says:

    @ CambridgeRatMom.

    Wow. Even having HERD the explanashun, I remain Offishiully Befuddled &
    Uh-mazed. But thanks fer makin’ the noble effort to eju-camate me. It were werth a try!!!
    — With an appreciative bow of leave-taking, in your direction, L.

  54. leslie thomas says:

    oops — it would probably have been more appropr. to say “to eju-camate” US.
    Please excuse. Thank you.

  55. mbowmanyc says:

    Do you see those feet!? But, how couldn’t you…I mean, they’re just, like, HUGE!! Sooooooo cute!

  56. oh how funny i love this website