This just in! Behbeh Armadillo

Drinking from a bah bah


Patrick W. sent in these redonk pics from Telegraph UK (where else) of a four-day-old baby armadillo being fed.



  1. gfeeser says:

    no, that’s got to be a super magnified insect…

  2. serfer0 says:

    Hmmm, kinda looks like a bah bah of Zicam.

  3. He’s all purple! Love mini claws! He’s very cute!

  4. Oh and forgot to mention the ears!

  5. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:


  6. Where are his three siblings?
    Everyone knows that baby armadillos are always identical quads.
    Well at least I do but I am from Texas.
    Don’t believe me? Look it up.

  7. hon glad says:

    He’s going to need glasses later on.

  8. Meesa tinks deesa small one iz distant couzin of Jar – Jar Binks !

  9. Does anyone else suddenly have the cantina music from Star Wars running through their heads?

    No? Hmmmm

    (Returns to lurking)

  10. Hey fine people at Cute Overload.
    I almost sent copies of the picture our local paper ran on this story but I wasn’t sure
    people would be as amused by Armadillo’s as I am.
    This was the picture. Amusing for the cute little baby armadillo tongue

  11. Gee, amazing how just about everything’s cute when it’s a baby.

  12. Jezebel says:

    Love the “do you mind?” facial expresshons!

  13. Sporkles says:

    squeeeee! only 4 days old and already prosh.

  14. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    @Kaijugal, I tried your link but it didn’t work. Can you check to make sure everything’s there?

  15. Umm…. This is supposed to be CUTE overload, right? That behbeh just scares me, though I bet Godzilla’s mommy thought he was cute.

  16. Hmm…while this little guy doesn’t look particularly cuddly, I’m always glad to see baby animals being cared for!

  17. duncliffen says:

    Cute? Those things are horrific. Sends shudders up my spine

  18. NOT cute not cute! Please I beg you send it back to whatever planet it came from!

  19. chanpon says:

    J (resp#15) has clearly never seen Son of Godzilla….

    Don’t use the Zicam little armadill-ito! They just pulled those off the shelves.

  20. Oh noes! Are those EYELASHES???!!

  21. Don’t say ugly things about the widdle armored-dillow! With those ears, he could hear you two counties away, and summon scary forces beyond your imagination!

  22. Katrina says:

    I am pro-arm and I vote! I am also fond of aardvarks. I just don’t advertise it much.

    This baby with the fantastic nails is as cute as a button. A very cute button.

  23. that thing is probably cute to his armidillo (sorry i know i spelled that all stanky) mom, but to a human… eh, not so much.

  24. In Texas, it’s appropriate to photograph them with empty beer bottles.

  25. brinnann says:
  26. brinnann says:

    @Tracey, I know what you mean. I’m a Texas girl, too. I actually saw a live one running down the road near my house Sunday and had to stop the car to turn around and look at it. I’d never seen one alive before. He had a rather cute, hoppity gait.

  27. @brinnann, those armadillos are even cuter! That little tongue! *faint*

  28. @chanpon (#19): “J (resp#15) has clearly never seen Son of Godzilla….” True, but I have seen Catzilla. ; – ) Be afraid. Be very afraid…

  29. Kristabelle says:

    Awww, poor baby ‘dillos! I had no idea they were endangered. 😦 At least someone is taking good care of them.

  30. Well this little fella is sporting a Very Impressive Eye Capsule Starter Kit!

  31. Noelle (the First) says:

    Poor baby’s Mommy was killed and nice human took him and siblings in to hand raise….that is very cute! I think this little guy may fall into the “so ugly he’s cute” category {kinda like Tom Petty}. They are very teeny tiny though and teeny tiny things are usually cute…well except for insects…they are tiny, but not very cute, but teeny tiny baby animuls are cute….most of them….ummm

    I’m gonna stop rambling and go back to vegging out now. 🙂

  32. scigirl says:

    This baby is precious! Don’t you listen to those nay-sayers, little one…you are as cute as a button. I used to see these guys when I lived in Louisiana and think that they, along with opossums, are dandy…

  33. Yummmm……a nice warm bottle of pureed ants 🙂

  34. zeldapie says:

    Dang, check out the EYE CAPSULES!!!

  35. Pussytoes says:

    Cute armadillo, but that bottle is filthy-dirty! Yuck – o.

  36. I went to Mexico when I was in middle school and we went to an herb farm. The dog there had killed the mother armadillo, so they ate it, but they still had the babies running around. I picked one up and held it in my arms where it fell asleep. One of the people there made a comment and our translator translated it for me “Looks like that one wants to go to America!” ever since then I have wanted a pet armadillo.

  37. I like some of the stories, and I’m all about baby animals… but this little guy is creepy! He may actually be a bit cuter a little older!

  38. BabyOpossum says:

    Jezebel–“Do you mind??”, indeed. I think he scores at least 2 buns on the Disapproval Scale.

  39. omg, check out the link that brinann (#25) added to get an idea of how leetle he is!
    and I too think he, as well as opposums, are kee-ute!

  40. DejaMew says:

    I’m a Texas gal, too. Once upon a time, when i was in high school, we caught an armadillo and released it into our county courthouse very late at night. The sheriff’s office was in the courthouse at that time and my brother was the dispatcher that night. He came home telling about the spooky clickity-click sounds they heard outside in the hall, an upon investigation found the armadillo. I never told him my friends and I were the culprits. 😀

  41. skippymom says:

    Are armadillos a cross between opossums and iguanas or something like that?

  42. Skippymom — I think they’re half Klingon, half soccer ball.

  43. Vana Koren says:


  44. brinnann says:

    😆 DejaMew, that’s hilarious! Sounds like it’s a smaller county courthouse like ours where you know everyone who works there. What county are you in?

  45. jackie31337 says:

    I didn’t think it was possible to be freaky and cute at the same time, but this little guy proves me wrong.

  46. brinnann…San Jacinto County…where are you? (SJC is just north and east of Harris County…aka Houston)

    and yes, i knew all the peeps that worked there….small towns can be fun if you have a weird sense of humor…

  47. brinnann says:

    I’m in Jefferson County (east of Harris on I-10), but our little corner of Jefferson County has its own precinct courthouse (basically ‘cuz we’re the middle of nowhere). I graduated high school with the judge’s youngest son; the judge’s wife used to substitute teach; my best friend’s mother works for the judge; one of the receptionists graduated with my brother… You get the picture. lol

  48. brinnann says:

    I realize for most peeps to hear that someone else on here is in their state isn’t a big deal. It seems different, though, for Texas because it’s so huge and spread out.

  49. Another fact from Texas:
    Armadillos are the only other mammal that can carry leprosy.
    Adorable, adorable leprosy.

    The more you know.

  50. binky-mama says:

    Holy eye capsules!

  51. vchastity says:

    they are cute, and so are baby possums, they’re just not as photogenic

  52. sabrothe says:

    Since when are armadillos endangered? I frequently see them either romping about (well skittering really) or lying somewhat squished on the side of the road (always hope those are only the ones with Hanson’s Disease aka leprosy). Maybe they are just fine here in the Lone Star State and endangered in Nicaragua?

  53. OMG Not cute 😦 I mean… look at him!