LIVE! From The IBKC Fundraising Headquarters…

It’s been pretty quiet around here this afternoon and our phone bank volunteers are starting to get a little bored.


RING phone, RING!


Hey, there we go… I’ve got this one ladies.


Rrrrinnnng… Rrrrrinnnnng


Rrrrrinnnnng… Rrrrriii.


Pledge online today! Visit the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Fund raising Page for the Humane Society’s Dog-a-Thon Walk for Homeless Pets.

Both the photos AND hilarious copy made possible by the fine folks (especially Staci) over at Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh.



  1. Think I’ve found my new receptionist. When the phone rings, bite it!

  2. dylanimore says:

    Bryn, that is the best reply, ever.

    *hugglesquishes kittehs* They look so tiny, are the phones dollhouse furniture?

  3. Beautiful kittens! The one on the right has a future as a white-collar worker.

  4. gotta be better than my receptionist

  5. leslie thomas says:

    Ces petits chats sont adorables, tous les trois!!!

    (Not sure, why I felt compelled to respond in French. Don’t worry, it’s quite a positive comment… 😉 )

  6. kibblenibble says:

    Marmie profile in picture 3 melted me. And am I imagining that I can see teeny kitten teef on the phone biter in pic 4? I love kitten teef.

  7. ringringringringringringring, banana phone!!

  8. 260Oakley says:

    The only kind of catcall I want to get.

  9. Katiedid says:

    I want to do that too, sometimes, when the phone rings.
    I did not know such stupidity lurked in the world until I became a receptionist.

  10. “Cat-perators are standing by now!”

    So cute.

  11. Silly kitties, the phones are not plugged in!

  12. Yay! I love the IBKC so much, I am glad that they are on here. Those are some of my fave pics from their site – everyone, if you haven’t gone there to pledge you should do it now (and I swear I am not with the group – I just think they are great for helping get these kittens a good start).

  13. Some cats shouldn’t be receptionists.
    This video shows why (hope link works)

    YouTube – Cat Answering The Phone

  14. Katiedid says:

    Brie- dont you mean o-purrr-rators 😀

  15. wow. and i love how the other kitties just watch, as if to absorb the lesson of it all.

  16. My dear departed Toby used to answer the phone. Well, not so much “answer it” as “knock the receiver off the hook every time it rang.” Finally had to get a wall-mounted phone.

  17. skippymom says:

    Leslie, je suppose qu la plupart de nous pouvons comprendre votre remarque.
    (heh heh)

  18. berthaservant says:

    I’m in love,
    With a cat,
    Plaza-0, double-4, double-3….

  19. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    So lemme get this straight. The IBKC is trying to raise money so that they can buy opposable thumbs…so they can answer the phone…to raise money?

    It’s a catch-22. (Except times three phones, it’s a catch-66.)

  20. Beautiful baby kitties!


  21. These kittehs should be hired as phone-answerers for our local PBS station; then, instead of watching the oldies extravaganzas or the Irish dancers, we would be treated to the prosh sight of snorgalicious, phone-answering bebbeh kittehs….. 😆

  22. gravyboat says:

    The pitten on the right looks like the Sesame Street alien with the phone.


  23. Hm. New use for foster kitties. I’d rather have them answer the obnoxious e-mails, though.

  24. Pussytoes says:

    His name is Hubie Darling. His sisters are Rhoda, Francine, Selma and Lucinda. If you haven’t been to IBKC, you don’t know what you are missing. Charlene Butterbean is a star!

  25. Next thing you know they’ll be ordering Meow Mix.

    Meow meow meow meow
    Meow meow meow meow
    Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow…

  26. skippymom says:

    These babies are so, so adorable. And so committed to their job!

    People, can I ask for some advice? The little calico girl who has been staying in my yard is, I fear, in heat, and this morning a big old tom three times her size was chasing her. She is such a wee scrap of a thing that I would hate to see her having babies at her tender age. But I don’t know whether she “technically” has a home. What are the ethics of me thinking about having her spayed? And if I should take that step, is she then mine? I know some whould advise that I take her to a shelter…what would you folks do?

  27. BeckyMonster says:

    leslie & skippymom

    Je parle un peut le Francaise, et je comprende que tu dit.

    I just suck at the tenses and conjugations, especially when writing. Speak it much better.

    J’aime le chats petite!!!

  28. Katiedid,
    I love it! 😀

  29. Skippymom,
    You could ask around your neighborhood and if no one claims her, have her fixed. And if you can’t give her a home, maybe you can try finding one for her?
    I’m having a stray that someone feeds spayed in my neighborhood. I asked the lady if that would help her since the kitty is young and just had six kittens.
    Good luck.

  30. BeckyMonster says:


    Your request for advice has been answered!!! I consider pet ownership to be a “possession is 9/10 of the law” sort of thing. If your neglected animal ends up on my doorstep and seems to like me, MINE! Spaying the cat is not cruel, unusual or being a “bad neighbor”. It’s an all around good karma sort of thing.

    I commend you for your responsible pet owneriness!

  31. Great post, Meg. And all you CO’ers… go pledge at the IBKC. Every little bit helps!

  32. Skippymom, our usual m.o. in Oakland is “spay first, ask questions later” because the feral cat population is completely out of control. If the cat does have an owner, he/she will likely be grateful for the free medical care…. if not, then he’s not a good owner and the cat is probably better off in your yard.

  33. They are so cute i just want to cuddle with them!

  34. danielie says:

    I love how interested the other two look while the third answers– like little kids who just learned to use the phone. “Who is it, who is it?!”

    Adorable. 😀

  35. LOL @ spay first and ask questions later. That’s my policy, too.

  36. Just kidding (natch) says:

    @Skippymom, I think in all good conscience you could have the kitteh spayed although if she does have a “real” owner, I hope you’ll give her back if the owner turns up. I have twice lost kittehs.. one young female kitteh got out when the movers came (they did not keep the bath door closed as instructed!) and I never found her. I would have been ok with someone spaying her, but not if they would then claim to own her as a result. Anyway, as someone said, spay first, ask later. Although if that tom has been chasing her .. it may already be too late.. in which case you’ll be a grandma in about 9 weeks or so. Take care of the little mama and babehs and they spay.

  37. Just kidding (natch) says:

    OOOPS I was not kidding.. wrong name stayed 😦

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    The next time we hire new people around here, I hope they get that little one on the right. She has clear leadership skills and awesome phone technique!!

  39. My guys charge like a little cavalry to the phone when it rings, but do they ever answer it? NO!!!

  40. @SkippyMom, spare a thought for that big ol’ Tom, too. I know they seem awful and predatory when they chase babycats, but they are at the mercy of their hormones.

  41. katiedid says:

    Try putting up some signs (without a picture, so when the owner calls you they can describe specific things about her) Give details like coat color, gender, aprox. age, and that kinda stuff. If no one claims her, she’s yours! I would check craigs list in your area to see if anyone is missing a cat.

  42. Darin (Baykon Cheezburger) says:

    As a cross IBKC and CO fan, I urge the loving folks of CO to squee on over to the IBKC page. If you’re not *quite* convinced by these pictures… there are a few more that might get you pledging!

    In reality, the funding goes to help both the animals in the shelters as well as the animals out in the world, being fostered by loving folks like Laurie and Craig.

    It doesn’t have to be a lot of money. (Heck, I’m unemployed)

    C’mon COers!!!! I believe in you. Put your squeeeee where your heart is and help out!!!!!

  43. The other little kitties clearly want no part of his miniature mischief! They are just standing by while he ruins his future by eating a small phone.

  44. skippymom says:

    Theresa, I don’t “blame” the tom at all–I know he’s just doing what nature tells him to do! (Although I think it’s irresponsible of his people, assuming he has some, to be letting an intact male roam free. Do some people think it’s only up to owners of female pets to take care of birth control?)
    I do feel that my reponsibility is toward the little girl, to prevent her from being an instance of “babies having babies”.

  45. chanpon says:

    “The kitties hired to man the party line all wonder how they’re going to pick up the phone with no opposable thumbs.”

    I loved these pictures when I saw them on the IBKC site (oh heck – I love all the pictures there).

  46. balamuthia says:

    Aw- cuties!


    She isn’t wearing a collar with a tag? Tsk. Well, I’d say contact an organization that does free/low cost spaying and just get it done.

  47. I hear ya, SkippyMom. There is an assortment of feral cats in my nabe that I and a neighbor feed and watch over, and I feel kind of attached to all of them.

  48. I’m in love with that cute poisonous orange one.

  49. Catluvr says:

    OMG death cute. This photo series actually managed to pull me out of a funk this evening. Wow. LOVES it.

  50. Oooh, I just went to check out the IBKC website and they have some seriously adorable photos of lots of sweet kitties over there! That is definitely a website worth visiting (and pledging if you can swing it.)

  51. Mrs. McGinty says:

    skippymom , Do you know if there is any organization in your area that is active in TNR, that might be willing to take on the big tom? They’d have to trap him, so you’d need someone who knows the process.

    Getting him fixed would be a big benefit to the whole neighborhood, because besides leaving the gals alone it would also cut down on a lot of nighttime back-fence yowling and hissing. Your local ASPCA might know whom you could contact. Here in NYC, the ASPCA knows the local neighborhood groups. Without them I would never have been able to rescue the two kitlets who eventually took over my house, or help the other kitties on my street.

  52. Ahhh well, it was a salesperson anyway.

  53. Brrrring! Brrrriiing!


    Yeah’s Rita there?


    Yeah, Rita?

    purr purr purr, sniff-sniff-sniff

    So……’s Rita there?

    bat bat bat, purr purr purr

    Ehh, emm. click.

    Brrriiing! Brrriiing!


    Ah geez…

  54. Love the little winking action of middle kitty in pic #1. S/he’s engrossed in what’s going on and yet aware enough to know the neighbor’s ear is getting dangerously close to the eyeball area.

  55. Hello, do you have Prince Albert in a can? :mrgreen:

  56. puddlepeppers says:

    katiedid…love “o-purrr-ators”!

  57. I love the puzzled look on the grey kitten’s face – “What the hell are these things?”

  58. chickadee022 says:

    OMG these kittehs are the cutest receptionists EVAH!!!!!!! *dies*

  59. Skippymom:
    1. Please, please neuter the Tom. You will spare many other gals and countless kittens.
    2. Spay the girl. If she’s hanging out in your yard, she probably has no home, but do post that you have her . . . after you have her spayed. There is no good reason not to spay or neuter.
    You’re doing a good thing.

  60. AWW 🙂 What a trio of cuties 🙂 I would LOVE to give them a cuddling 🙂 Skippymom, if you can catch that kitty, take her to a vet to have her health checked out and ask if anyone has lost a kitty like her 🙂 She may have a pet chip 🙂 Worse case, you will have her as a loving pet 🙂

  61. kibblenibble says:

    Aww Pyrit, ya made me laugh. I could just imagine your cute little scenario. Thank you! 😀

  62. hon glad says:

    Your call is held in a queue untill we can work out how to answer the damn phone.

  63. KatieKat says:

    Skippymom, you and others are all spot on. I’m glad there are such concerned peeps here.

    Skippymom, if you get the mom trapped ASAP they can spay her right away, even if she’s been impregnated (kitty abortion, yes, tragic, but it can save her life. My first foster Marmie had 7 kittens at age 6 months, weighed 4 lbs after. She barely made it and the kittens were miserably ill). A lot of ppl choose to let their cats be indoor/outdoor, but largely law is on your side. Good luck!

    Last, my male resQte kitteh Finn also ‘answers’ the phone… I once came in to find it hanging from the hook, hearing him meowing and his ‘dad’ saying “Finn? Did you answer the phone? Hi Finn!”

  64. Now this is adorable. I did not know that phones that small ever existed 🙂

  65. @Skippymom, yep spay away! Even if she has a family….they aren\’t taking proper care of her. I have my Emma which I found at Chic Filet on a 6 lane highway. I am pretty sure she was from the neighborhood behind there somewhere. She was in heat (approx 2 yrs old)…under weight etc. She is now 8 yrs old, spayed, fluffy and thrilled with living indoors with her new brother, Sidney. If you can neuter the Tom…extra bonus points. Most communities have programs for cheap/free neutering. Do explain your situation to where you go, the fact that they are rescues often carry lots of weight.

    As for the photos…IBKC rocks. They are on my three top sites to visit every morning (C.O., IBKC and Daily Coyote). And YES….I have already donated. By the way, check out their site today and scroll down a bit till you see the doggy episode. Charlene Butterbean is the best foster mommy e\’var!!! You will absolutely fall in love with her. Scan thru the past foster kitty families and you will see how she plays with them and bathes them well (besides, she\’s a beaut!). 🙂

  66. For a good time, call, hon – glad.

  67. Hey, anyone know how NOT to get the backslash infront of any apostrophe used???

  68. *Ring ring ring*
    *Ring ring ring*
    *Ring ring*
    *Tried to pick up phone*

    *Argh! How do you use these paws to pick up a phone?*

  69. If only I had opposable thumbs

  70. @Katiedid – I feel your pain…I am willing the phone not to ring on a daily basis at work…

  71. zeldapie says:

    Thanks for CO, I’ve been hooked on the IBKC for a while now. I miss the Lovejoys, but the Darlings are fabulous, too. LURVE this web site and the foster family and Charlene Butterbean!!! I have to visit them EVERY DAY.

  72. skippymom says:

    Thanks to everybody for advice. I will go ahead and have her spayed as soon as possible. By the way, just to clarify–no problem about “catching” her. She is very sweet and I cuddle her every time I take a meal out to her. I’m pretty sure I will end up keeping her, but first we’ll take care of the immediate situation. I appreciate everyone’s support.
    As for having the Tom neutered…not sure I’m nervy enough for that. We’ll see.

  73. “Hello? Is your refrigerator running?”

    “Well you better go catch it!”

    *hangs up laughing*

    I donated! Only a lil but I did what I could in memory of my two rescued furbabies that are in heaven now ❤

  74. Kristabelle says:

    Awwww, what pretty little kitties!!!!

    Skippymom – best of luck to you and the little one needin’ the spayin’. As Bob Barker would say, “Spay and Neuter your pets!”

  75. Hello is Ralph there?
    Hello is Ralph there?
    Hello is Ralph there?
    Hello is Ralph there?
    !@#$#! NO!
    Hello, this is Ralph, any messages for me?

  76. marsheeeee says:

    @Skippy – I had a neighborhood tomcat neutered, mainly because he was stinking up my yard. Have no idea who he belonged to (if anybody), but he adopted me and became a loving member of my cat household. I have since seen several cats in the neighborhood who bear a striking resemblance to my late boy. I would do it all over again.

    Parents of human males used to be as bad as parents of cat males when it came to birth control – at least in my day (admittedly awhile back) it seemed it was always the parents of the girls who had to worry about it. That mentality among humans is changing, but it needs to change with their attitudes towards their male pets, as well.

    And the little kitties are adorable. On my way to the IBKC web site….

  77. BonzoGal says:

    I want to hire these kittehs to answer all the junk phone calls I get.

    “Hello, we’ve noticed that your mortgage could be adjusted to…”


    “Um, hello, about your mortgage…”



  78. Thanks so much for posting the pics and spreading the word, Meg (and all you fine folks at CO)!
    Rhoda, Lucinda and Hubie (the kitties in the pics) send their love. So do their sisiters, Selma and Francine.

    You’re a true friend to the kittes. Thanks so much for your support and generosity!
    xo Laurie and the IBKC

  79. zeldapie says:

    Good afternoon, Smith Drugstore.

    *heehee…Hey ro, do you have Prince Albert in the can?

    Why, yes, we do.

    *Well, LET HIM OUT!!!



  80. I like the little dude/tte in the middle. S/he’s got a little twitch in the right eye!

  81. LoL, I was just thinking of that old Sesame Street short with the aliens that go “yepyepyepyep”, where they had their first encounter with a Earth telephone.

  82. ring ring… hello… ring ring… h-h-hello? soz, im just a huge charlie the unicorn fan. those kittens are going to be like gossiping old ladies wn they grow up, i can just tell.

  83. Jinxthe Cat says:

    You can call an animal rescue place near you and they will humanly trap the tom cat and neuter him and release him. This is a very responsible thing to do. I feed 2 “outside” kitties that have been caught-fixed-shot-released. I think they are very grateful for it. And it keeps the pet population down. Cats can get pregnant at 6 months so do it now. Hugs to you for helping.

  84. Staci S. says:

    C’mon everybody! 85 bucks to go to reach the $5000 goal!

    Donate Donate Donate!!!

  85. Leslie Thomas says:

    HonGlad — you are brrrrrillllllliante. Thanks for being so & for sharing it!!

    Meg — maybe HonGlad could use a part-time gig when you, Theo & NTMTOM are all indisposed???? jus’ wonderin’…

    To Skippymom– go TEAM!!

  86. so cute

  87. AWW 🙂 I am glad you can cuddle and pet that little calico kitty, Skippymom 🙂 Sounds like she has already adopted you so you will have no trouble having her spayed 🙂

  88. Lovely to see the IBKC here, good work Laurie and well done to everyone who’s donated!
    My fellow receptionist and i have been saying for a long time that our job would be massively improved if we had a basket of kittens at the desk… I wonder if we could train them to get rid of sales reps by mewing down the phone? Hmmmm…..

  89. lucky Cliff says:

    I’ll get it!! LOLOL

  90. Yeah to CO, for giving a big paws up to Laurie and the IBKC! I knew there was a reason I loved this site!! Well, other than to overload myself on da cute, of course!
    (Sorry for the late comment… have been unplugged for a week.)

  91. jane arson says:

    hi you have the most cutiest cats in the world!