There are no moving schnozzles in this post

You’ll just have to imagine them…



IMG_4287, Twins, and Binkie Bunny were all made possible by the super cute bee honeydew.



  1. Arielle says:

    where are his bleenin’ EARSES?!!!

  2. No earses, disappointed look – he doesn’t have a caption, that’s why!

  3. Rare, earless bunnies. And loaded with disapproval at the attention they are garnering.

  4. They are so cute it BURNS!

  5. kibblenibble says:

    OMG the PEENK! The PEENK! It’s keeling me! *clunk*

  6. Jimbeaux says:

    There are -so- wiggly nosies! Gimmie, I show you!

    *giggles and runs off with bunnies*

  7. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Have they been in the cherry popsicles?

  8. hf080677 says:

    OMG I have died from cute bunnsies overload!!! (thud)

  9. chanpon says:

    Oh, zee eye-linehr! We have run out!

  10. hf080677 says:

    I need to touch the teeny tiny bunnehs… I need to feed them teeny tiny carrots and put them in tiny little strollers and push them around… and give them snuggles and cuddles and bunny keeses!

  11. how do they hear?

  12. oh, noes! all that disapproval at this time on a Monday?!?!?!?!


  13. two silver cats says:

    How *does* one pronounce “scnuff”?

    My bunnies have perpetual-motion schnozzles… they even move when the buns flop over dramatically, as if gravity has suddenly been switched to maximum.

  14. “How *does* one pronounce “scnuff”?”

    That’s easy – scnuff. See?

  15. zeldapie says:

    Either cherry popscicles or strawberry Kool-aid…

    I can hardly stand the cuteness.

  16. is it wrong that I can actually *see* the schnozzes moving?

  17. I thought Imyself immune to autosuggestion, but I *swear* I saw the sneefing schnozzle #1 move . . .
    See?!? See?!?! Toldja!

  18. They look like stuffed animals that somebody forgot to finish and left off the ears.
    (I bet the camera lens was sneefed, snorfed, and scnuffed beyond recognition 😆 )

  19. I’ve never seen more perfect noses! I don’t care of the bunnies have no ears… i lof them.

  20. Is someone taking up a collection to fund prosh-thetic ears for the wee bunners?

  21. cobratoes says:

    Bunny leeeeps! I lurv them!

  22. The buns *knew* we could not handle teh qte if they showed us both the ears, and the noses. They are being cruel to be kind. I’m melting, melting……………
    ssquplooosh…. puddle on floor…

  23. I can just see their little pink noses moving up and down.

  24. look more like cute cavies to me.soooooooooooo warm and fuzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyy.
    I wanna I wanna Iwanna………………………………………………….

  25. Does anyone else see the little beauty mark on Bun #1’s cheek!? Cute AND sophisticated! *stuffs into mouf*

  26. Peeps, if you don’t stop melting there’s a good chance we could all…

    blub, blub, blub…

  27. DaytimeDeb says:

    ..nurses nose broken by repeated schnozzling with the monitor. Must feel whiskers on my face… ow!

  28. Today at work I finally did it (I’m a vet tech). I puckered up and planted one right on a bun’s leeps….right where the nose and upper leeps come together. Let me tell was as soft and sweet as I always thought it would be. Everyone should try it at least once in their life!

  29. Had to giggle at myself as I automatically wiggled my nose while viewing these sweeties.

  30. (Laurie Anderson voice)
    Which Ren & Stimpy episode was it…
    Stimpy gets an extra butt and says
    “now I’ve got thrice the hiney!”

    Their mouths are like that.

  31. i think their noses DID move. to compensate for their lack of ears, the noses are extra-active.

  32. Von Zeppelin says:

    Obviously Photoshopped. Somebody wanted to show up that wicker basket thingy in the background and deleted the ears. Probably from an ad for wicker basket thingies.

  33. hrhsqueak says:

    The larval stage of Disapproval.

  34. LunaChickFringe says:

    Losing control….must have….gaaaaaahhhh! *splode*

  35. Okay, fine, I admit it. They did have ears, but I eated them.

  36. I am so jeally of their eyeliner. How does it never smudge?

  37. puddlepeppers says:

    If I stare at the schnozzles long enough…OMG, movement!

  38. OK !! who nibbled off the ears??

  39. danielie says:

    Bunnies! Yay. Just what I needed: perfectly pink noses, a spill of eyeliner and some BEF. 🙂

  40. hon glad says:

    Bunny beauty school advises a little blusher on nose and mouth area.

  41. Subhangi says:

    GAHHH!!! *dies*

  42. … the noses … the snorfing … the … the … *dies*

  43. The schnozzles….no…I can’t do it….NOOOO!!!! *head explodes*

  44. Aelfwyn says:

    Tickliest pics EVAR.

  45. Aww, they’re gorgeous, but don’t rabbits usually have big ears?

  46. Lerrinus says:

    paulajeanne, you are adorable, just like these little buns! 🙂

  47. Nucleus says:

    auntyb: How can you have waited so long?? I practically live with my pet’s nose up my lips…

  48. Katie Kat says:

    OH NOES is right! Where be de earsels? And you cannot fool me, I saw the nosicles moving and begging me for keeeeeses! Need revival from CUTE OVERLOAD! *faints*

  49. I couldn’t help myself. I admit it. I nommed off their widdle ears while everyone else was distracted by trying to figure out ‘scnuff”. And I’m not sorry either!

  50. now i see why some cartoonists draw the rabbit nose/mouf as an X.

    i think we’re going to be smarting from the cuteness of this one for a while!

  51. Snorgle…snorfings…snarfy…smooshy….omg, I think I’m in LOVE!

  52. leslie thomas says:

    okay — here’s a theory: these are the White Chocolate Easter Bunnies from our baskets for the past 3-5 yrs ….what part did we eat first, EVERY time?????

    (queries solved.) You’re welcome. Peace.

  53. @leslie thomas:

    You may be onto something!

  54. Juniper Jupiter says:

    They look like…DEATH METAL BUNNEHS!!!!

    \m/ .\/. \m/


  55. died….just DIED.

  56. Katrina says:

    “Juniper Jupiter 06.16.09 at 2:42 pm

    They look like…DEATH METAL BUNNEHS!!!!

    \m/ .\/. \m/


    Awesome squared, J. J.

  57. This is super sweet. Love the eyes! Hello panda bunnies. Where are your ears though? You hid them well. XD

  58. doomchild says:

    I see moving nosies…

  59. Goran G says:

    But wait! It eeeees movin’!

    [Hehehe – Ed.]

  60. I knew someone would be unable to resist. It took longer than I expected, but good show, Goran G.

  61. Rofnar Frougelson says:

    So much nosery!

  62. GG, you have killed me.
    I am now dead. At first, I had just gone into Cardiac Arrest. Now I have died.
    Thank you for killing me.

  63. What a cutie, duh, like there would be something UNcute on this site!?

  64. ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….i get it.It doesn’t have ears.Poor fellas!!!

  65. i have a vivid imagination so i can imagine their noses moving and it is just adorable and too cute