Summer in the Suburbs

It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day yesterday.  Nice breeze, no rain, big back yard full of family & friends & food.  Even the deck was in good shape, finally.

Sadly, though, not everybody was allowed outside... 😉

Oh, I hear you back there. Making “kitty kissing noises” trying to get my atten-shons.

Well go ahead and beg. Caturday was yesterday. You’ll never make it up to me.

...and on a LEASH, no less.  I ask you!

Ali B. Good luck — [shaking head]



  1. colleen says:

    OMG… my cat does the same ‘sad’ face when we BBQ and he doesn’t get to come outside. Nothing like BBQ cat hair. Does this qualify for a “disapproving” look?

  2. aw!! his/her name should be yum-yum or waffle

  3. I suggest his/hers favroite treats and he/she’ll forgive in 3 days

  4. lol cats are the best

  5. @Katie — Her name is Cthulhu. How do I know? I’m the other ‘rent and I took the pic. =)

  6. Gorbachev kitty is in ur backyard plotting ur destrucshons?

    Poor kitty, let’s see if we can get those ears going forward again.

  7. 5^^now8ing says:

    So glad you repeated this post — didn’t see original — plus, great comments there! (Love the “Wednesday” name!)
    Seriously, two of our kitties meow and hold still when I get out their harnesses, ’cause they know that’s the only way they get to go outside. We fasten the long leads to a dog tie-out (shhh-don’t tell them; they think it’s a cat tie-out) and they’ll stay out in the (fenced) back yard happily for hours, lolling in the sun and eating grass (to throw up later in the house). I must really like cats.

  8. Theo, your deck looks fantastic. You’re inspiring me to do something with mine now, among all my other home improvement projects.

    And the kitteh looks very sad.

  9. This kitteh has the same expression as mine, when I give her her medicine every morning: “I rlly rlly hatez you!!!” (This lasts until she gets her kitteh treat: then she’s all over it and I can snorgle her again)……. 🙄

  10. Theo, nicely done on the deck! It looks sturdy enough to hold lots of pals. Congrats.

    [Thanks. Whew. – Ed.]

  11. LOL well the kitty probably really would prefer to be sunning itself out on Theo’s deck .. and waiting for a tasty bird morsel to land near by for a snack!

    And Oh yes that face is disapproval itself!

  12. Theo also built a time machine, which moved Summer up a week, which doesn’t surprise me at all.
    [Actually, that wasn’t me this time. I’m making inquiries. I have to say, though, it did work out OK for the grad party… – Ed.]

    Cthulhu would like to go back to Caturday please.

  13. Von Zeppelin says:

    Cthulu? Great name for a cat. And we know what he’s thinking about, don’t we?

    “The secret priests would take great Cthulhu from his tomb to revive His subjects and resume his rule of earth.”

    Either that, or he’s hoping a nice piece of sandwich will fall on the ground.

  14. Patricia says:

    Mine walk on leashes too. I live near a park, and the girls I have now where not orginally my cats when I got them they had been declawed (which I frown on). Since they are indoor cats and declawed a leash and harness seemed like the best option so they could enjoy the park. They love it, however being house cats primarily, if they see another animal like ohhh a squirrel suddently they are behind me and begging to be picked up, because they both HUGE chickens, lol.

    I love them both and they took to the leash and harness thing exceptionally well since they are both senior kitties. When I started the leash thing with them they were 10 and 12, now they are 13 and 15, and beg for walkies.

  15. Hmmm… if only I knew lolspeak and could translate Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu”…. gosh, that would be amusing…. *sigh*….

  16. Jezebel says:

    There is nothing angrier than a pissed off cat. Awesome.

  17. KatieKat says:

    @Patito… Ai hab luked pon al taht teh yoonivers haz 2 hold uv horer n eben teh skyz uv sprng n teh flowrz uv sumrz mus eber aftrwurd b poysin 2 meh…

    Perhaps Cthulhu is thinking “I read the book, and I’m sure I was promised more worshipers than this…”

  18. I love it when cute little cats are all SURLY. They just get cuter, and when you laugh and coo at them they get madder, and it’s awesome!
    Until they scratch you, I suppose; but it’s a fun time unti lthen.

  19. puddlepeppers says:

    How do you pronounce Cthulhu? When I lived in Mexico City, I had a good-
    hearted cat named Tecolote (Tay-ko-LO-tay) (Aztec for “owl”) All the pretty
    kitties in the litter were going to other homes. I figured “Teco” needed to go with
    me. Were we happy!

    [Here, this is from last time… – Ed.]

  20. Von Zeppelin says:

    I would not venture to correct our eminent Ed. (long may he reign), but here is what Wikipedia says about pronunciation:
    “Lovecraft transcribed the pronunciation of Cthulhu as ‘Khlûl’-hloo'”
    [Ehh, I basically just wrote down a sneeze phonetically. In fact I did it three times in a row, due to pollen allergies. Then the Old One showed up and ate my media room. 😦 – Ed.]

    The Wikipedist does aver that (according to Lovecraft) this is a transliteration of an alien tongue, pronunciations vary, and that “kə-THOO-loo” has become common today.

    Personally, I pronounce it Tay-ko-LO-tay.

  21. wuyizidi says:

    Whoa, déjà vu. Is the Matrix broken?

  22. Cthulu the kitty looks MAD 👿 So who is in BIG trouble 😈

  23. Look folks! The cat want L O V E

  24. I love that! Really funny caption, my cat talks like that too. ^-^