Tea. Round Squirrel. Hot.

I’ve already had the Kitten High Tea. I’m going to try the Baby Round Squirrel this time.


It’s a little whiskery isn’t it?


This hot little cup o’ squirrel was served up by Sender-Inner Maureen K. who has more of her squirrely pics on Flickees.



  1. misscrisp says:

    Oh. My. God.

  2. Soon, he’ll grow into one of these.

  3. Michelle says:

    I like mine with a twist of lemming.

  4. LisaHoneychan says:

    Aw, 2 of my favorire things: tea and cute animals! Squirrels are a big one for me. Look at those big black beady eyes!

    Made my day!

  5. The little TOES!! AAaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgggghhhhh!!!

  6. Von Zeppelin says:

    Round squirrel? What, do they come in geometric shapes? I’d like to see a dodecahedral squirrel, please.

  7. chanpon says:

    Excuse me, kind sir. Can you tell me whether you’ve spotted my ears round ’bout here?

  8. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Oh noes, I’m getting tickled by those whiskers through my monitor!!!11!!! *dies*

  9. “Tea. Round Squirrel. Hot.”

    Oh Meg, we don’t appreciate you enough.

  10. Captain Pickard never got one of these in his replicator…

  11. Where can I get this tea? I would like some, please!

    And love the mug!!

  12. I want him to invite him to my next tea party! For some reason, he looks as though he’d have very polite tea party manners!

  13. But shouldn’t it be: “Tea. Squirrel Grey. Hot”?

    [You are so right. 😀 – Ed.]

  14. Nice ST:TNG reference!

  15. the bug man says:

    For some reason, this makes me think:

    Round squirrel hot,
    Round squirrel cold.
    Round squirrel in the pot,
    Five days old.

  16. where did this tea cup come from? I want one

  17. how would you like your tea sweeten’d Ms.?
    a suger cube perhaps, a dollop of honey?
    may I suggest my favorate all natural sweetner, a half-dunk of a baby squirrel ?
    I hear its all the rage nowadays from those people ( I’m sure you know just who I mean, naming names is so crass) who of course keep in the know with whats all the rage now.
    ( laughing at myself- writing this I realized my chin was lifted just so slightly, just so haughtly lol lol )

  18. chanpon says:

    Alright, Bryn for the win there. And I always wondered what the heck they did with all the cups and dishes that come out of the replicator after they consumed their food.

  19. Caitlin says:

    Meg, I bet even Picard would have squeed if he got one of these in the replicator. (Okay. Maaaaybe not.)

    Bryn Greenwood for the win though!! 😀

  20. Jezebel says:

    Could this little guy be ANY cuter? It’d be a shame to gobble him up. Too bad I have no will power. NOM!

  21. Bob Newhart says:

    They are round-tailed ground squirrels — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Round-tailed_Ground_Squirrel

    Many colonies of these critters live at the prison where I work. They pick up on the fact that people = food at a very early age and become very tame. My favorite lived in a drain pipe outside my office window — until he became too chubby to fit. My husband chided me for ruining their natural diet by feeding them my lunch scraps. If I could carry a camera in there, I would have loved to take a photo of a family of five eating off a tray of spaghetti someone left outside main control. By now, that *is* their native diet.

  22. Hey, according to Wikipedia, these guys are called “Ardillón cola redonda” in Spanish.

  23. claudemarie says:

    “Make it so.”

    gosh… talk about wayback flashback! Thanks!

  24. CathyDee says:

    I have recently become interested in Eastern approaches to healing. I wonder what medicinal qualities are inherent in Round Squirrel Tea?

  25. For me it can only be round squirrel tea in a flower cup with matching saucer.. you know it really adds to the invigorating power of the brew!

  26. Hrm, would squirrel tea taste like acorns or would it taste like birdseed? I’m pretty sure it would taste furry, at the very least, and would tickle going down. I think this little fella is far too adorable to drink though.

  27. My god, he’s a tiny little thing!

  28. Maureen says:

    I’m tickled to see all the interest im our little round squirrel babies. They are growing and getting bigger all the time. I hope to post some more photos this weekend.

  29. kibblenibble says:

    I love heems two-toned ovally head, and BEF like crazy! Maureen, lucky you to be able to take pictures such as these!

  30. puddlepeppers says:

    Bryn Greenwood for the win…amazing.

  31. “The Squirrel Tea of Mercy is not strained.” :mrgreen:

  32. kayouko says:

    Haha, I see what you did there!

    Picard ftw.

  33. How do you drink the last bit of tea without smashing your face with that flower?

  34. Geaux Ghoti says:

    Um, honey… I asked for a little whiskEY in my tea…

    Bryn Greenwood: Squirrel Grey??? LOL! I almost fell out of my chair!

  35. nicefrenchgurl says:

    i thought on one pic a baby squirrel was hatching
    okay, sunday morning, in desperate needs of another cup of coffee

  36. cassandra says:

    awwwwwwwww! this little squirrel is absolutely darling! and I’m lovin the whisker action.

  37. Carlisa says:

    YAY! Maureen, I’m glad you decided to sent them in for everyone to enjoy!

  38. Lerrinus says:

    Awwwwww! *so* kyooot! Love the ST:TNG reference, well done!

  39. 5^^now8ing says:

    Bryn for the WIN, indeed!

    Second the call for where to find such a cup! (Been successfully resisting urge to add to cup/mug collection, but this one is completely *irresistible*!)

  40. lol

  41. Ha! Took me a bit. But I got it! The stuff ya learn here.

  42. I was actually sipping my Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. when I scrolled down to this pic!

  43. This liddol guiy looks like something out of the “Alyss in Wunnerland” Tea Party; (Mebbee he’s replacing the doormouse in the teapot!!!} 😆

  44. This cup was given to me with a small African Violet in it as a birthday gift last year. I don’t think it was made to hold tea but was a small planter. It is bigger than most tea cups. I used it to hold the little round tails as it was a good size and wouldn’t tip over and it would never be used to drink from.


  45. Carlisa, I glad that so many people have enjoyed the round tails. I’m posting some new photos of them on my Flickr site…so come on over and take a look if you have time. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mkirk/sets/72157605236760088/

  46. @Cheshirekittehcat:

  47. Hi kibblenibble,
    Yes I’m lucky to have these little guys here to take the photos but taking these photos hasn’t been easy! To get the background I wanted…dark black..has been a challenge on the lighting. I have about 4 good photos out of the 100 or so I’ve taken.

  48. Theresa,
    Thanks for the photo of the doormouse…very cute..and you have given me a new idea!

  49. @Theresa: looks like you may have been the inspiration for a new trend;
    (who knows?: you might be able to say, one day, “I knew him when”…….!) 😉

  50. Carlisa says:

    @Maureen.. Okie Dokie! Thanks so much! 🙂

  51. snorglepup says:

    Maureen, Love the one with the baroo head tilt.
    And the little pinch of squirrelio betwix the fingers…
    These little guys nest in cactus? Owie!

  52. Maureen says:

    Hi Snorglepup,
    They don’t nest in cactus they have tunnels in the ground. They do eat the cactus flowers and in the photo you mentioned that little guy was eating Palo Verde flowers that had been caught in the cactus spines. I’m glad you liked that photo as I was very pleased to get that behavior on camera.

  53. Maureen says:

    You will have a laugh on me…I tried to put the baby round tailed squirrel on a daisy flower but it didn’t work very well. First the flower couldn’t hold the weight of the round tail and second, the round tail wouldn’t stay still enough for me to take a photo…back to the drawing board!

  54. Awwwww. So sweet looking.

    I can’t find the ears at first! Lol.

    The the long nails looks a little scary. @.@

    Still cute though. lol.

  55. Brown Suga' says:

    So tiiiny!

  56. 5^^now8ing says:

    Thanks so much for the link to your other photos, Maureen! I save my favorite CO photos as my screensaver, and I had to save three pics of your babies. So adorable, and great photos!