OMG Look at this little guy’s legs!

So prosh!

You can almost see those legs do a little shaking…




  1. chanpon says:

    He looks ready for the Hokey Pokey.

  2. It loots like that Ralph S. Mouse movie robot mouse. I always loved seeing the meerkats as a kid at the LA zoo.

  3. What is he? A kind of ground squirrel? Or maybe the baby of a ground squirrel and an alien? Whatever he is, he has an awesome tummy, looks very soft and inviting!

  4. Not much meat on those little drumsticks! (Not that I would consider eating this little morsel–he’s far too cute! Love the curled front pawsies!)

  5. fluffernugget says:

    Awwww! Leetle Prairie Dog. They sure start out scrawny little buggers! Cute just the same.

  6. He looks like a little, furry soccer goalie. Keeek the ball! Keek it to meeeee!

  7. Douglas Berry says:

    Looks like the one closer to the camera is on third base, and the one standing up is the third baseman waiting for the next pitch.

    Yes, everything looks like baseball to me.

  8. Bara no Mitsukai (used to post under another name I can't remember) says:

    it’s a squirrel 😛 Not a prairie Dog, not a meerkat, or not an anorexic hamster ^O^

    but what it IS is adorable, amazing, and cuterific

  9. The rare Giant-Headed Ground Squirrel.

  10. PS REALLY, look at the head vs. the shoulders.

  11. @Douglas Berry:
    When I woke up this morning,
    And looked up on the wall,
    The cooties and the bedbugs
    Were playing a game of ball.

    The score was six to nothing,
    The cooties were ahead,
    The bedbugs hit a home run,
    and knocked me out of bed!!

  12. Kickstand tail!

  13. Look at that belly. I’ve gotta poke that.

  14. I have the sudden urge to pick them all up and cuddle them, possibly stick them in my pocket. I have a feeling that won’t end well, but it’d be worth it.

  15. puddlepeppers says:

    @ chanpon…Is he ready for the shimmy-shimmy shake?

  16. That’s alright,you just walk on baby,
    And don’t you worry about a doggone thing a’tall,
    Because there’s some Skwerlsomewhere,who’ll take you baby,
    Skinny legs and all. 😉

  17. Alessandra says:

    im shakin im shakin :p

  18. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Are these bobbleheaded prairiedawgs?


  19. Jim March says:

    These guys are basically mini prairie dogs. We have them native around Tucson AZ, in the spring the babies come out and chase each other all over the yard. Cutest little boogers ever.

    My landlady had somebody set out traps for pack rats once, and I monitored them twice a day. Sure enough we caught one of these cuties in the harmless sort of trap (basically a small cage). I gave him (her?) some food and water as I didn’t know how many hours it had been in there in the heat, left it in the shade for about an hour and it did seem to eat and drink, then I let it go. They don’t do a lot of yard damage, just some small holes here and there, they never invade houses or anything.

  20. summerfuzzehpants says:

    Three, count ’em, three little fuzzies! It took me a couple of glances to catch the third leetle one, all camouflaged in the foreground.

    Devastating head-to-body ratio.

  21. LisaHoneychan says:

    These look like the cute lil one in the teacup one post earlier! Adorables!

  22. Carlisa says:

    So cute! I didn’t know they could stand up like that!
    @LisaHoneychan….Quite sure they are. Maureen submitted both pics.

  23. cutiecutecute says:

    The ears, look at them! So adorable. 😀

  24. Mrs. P. says:

    He looks like a tiny, furry alien! 😀

  25. wow never seen them as babies b4

  26. I’m so waiting for him to say: “Who’s on first?”……… 😉

  27. BabyOpossum says:

    He belongs with the PEZ dispenser collection a couple posts back.

  28. Love rodents!! XD

    The one standing made me want to give it tummy rubs!

    Cute blur face.

  29. [Holding out little bowl]
    “Please, suh — may I have some more?”

  30. Subhangi says:


  31. Mike D. says:

    Dude is our genetic Cuz from way-way-way-way-way back in the day.
    This is what WE looked like about a gabillion years ago, before teh intarwebs.