Kitten Summer Reading List

My Summer Reading List
by Adoptable Brooklyn Kittehs at the Empty Cage Collective

1. Grant, Judyann Ackerman. Chicken Said “Cluck”!


2. Willems, Mo. Are You Ready to Play Outside?


3. Elliott, Zetta. Bird


4. Michaelis, Antonia. Tiger Moon


5. Arnosky, Jim. Wild Tracks!: A Guide to Nature’s Footprints


Extra Credit: Davis, Eleanor. Stinky


Is there a kitten-sized Kindle available for this, Nicole G.? Notable Children’s Books selected by the kittehs from American Library Association.



  1. Mo Willems is completely full of win 🙂 I’m a kid’s librarian, I should know 😀

  2. chanpon says:

    What the….things have really improved at the library since my days in college?! Gotta’ get me a library card STAT!

  3. I’ll take two. I speak fluent kitteh.

  4. I LOVE these pictures!

  5. Ohhh man, can I use this as an opportunity to plug Summer Reading programs? Take your kids (or just yourself) and go to the library! It’s free and most libraries (like mine) offer all kinds of prizes for reading (even for adults hehe).

  6. AuntieMame says:

    I’m stopping at the library on the way home to pick up some books they ordered for me from a different library system. I love the interlibrary loan program!

    I wonder if there will be cute kittehs in my books?

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG the markings on those bebehs!! I would take all 3 home if I could!! Actually I only want two but how could I possibly choose!?!?! And while we’re here talking about libraries and kittehs, of course you have probably all read about Dewey the Library Cat. Lovely story.

  8. Is that one kitten missing a foot?

  9. That kitteh in the 5th picture has a soul patch and some serious metrosexual eye liner going on.

  10. katiedid says:

    awww.. reminds me of when my babies were that little!!!
    I LOVE the mini-moo kitten!!!

  11. I wish I could hold a tiny kitten in my hand too.

  12. I’m going to the liberry tomorrow and I’m going to check those kittens out. If they’re gone when I get there, I’ll have the liberrian put a reserve on them. I’ll be looking for “The Cat in the Hat” too.

  13. Is it kitteh week on CO?

  14. “Enjoying Pets” is a cookbook!

  15. Librarian Nicole says:

    Should anyone be interested in checking out any of the kittens on the Summer Reading List, you may direct inquiries to me. These kittens are a wonderful read and available for long term loan in Brooklyn, NY.

  16. By the way, one of the black & white kittens is indeed missing a hind foot. It’s part of what makes (his) story a special one.

  17. pinkmegd says:

    “there are cats in this book” should also be on the list… it’s a great way for all kitties to learn how to behave as cats!

  18. The kittens are cute, but couldn’t the people find a box that didn’t have some old Mystery Ooze Drip Stain on it? Yuck.

  19. okay…the cutest kittens ever here!!!

  20. puddlepeppers says:

    OMG!…A great idea for Father’s Day…bestest bookends ever, box included…
    So long as kitties can move freely on the bookshelves, we’ll all have fun!

  21. That calico one is trouble. You can see it in her eyes.

  22. I didn’t see a Soylent Green video on the shelf, Patito. Although, it may explain the missing foot. Hmmmmmmm.

  23. Those are a lot of pink noses to kiss. I think that I’m up for it.

  24. puddlepeppers says:

    Pachiz…Oh noes! What-to-do?

  25. AWW 🙂 What a trio of cuties 🙂

  26. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Now I know why I don’t read books more often (er, ever)–I’ve never gotten any kittehs-with-purchase.

  27. These kittens are in Brooklyn? They are Kittens Near Me???

    I never see any Kitteh recommendations in my issues of Booklist!!!

  28. trusmary says:

    Awww. I freaked out my dogs by squealing “kitten!” “kittens!” when I saw this. sorry pups, no new play-mates!

  29. berthaservant says:

    LOL Patito!!

    I also recommend “Dewey” for all summer kitteh reading lists. It’s about a library cat, after all!

    P.S. When I grow up I want a kitteh on every bookshelf.

  30. Oh, such little fluffy angers in their eyes…

  31. I want to adopt the three-feets kitten and make him a little peg leg.

  32. Charlie says:

    Calico kitties are traditionally known to bring good luck! So I hope this cutey finds somone worthy to bring many lucks too!

  33. Sophie! says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww I love little kitties! My mom’s animal preserve got featured on this website. This cute little wolf fell in love with a big rottweiler its so sweeeeet!!!! Go look!

  34. “The Haunted Bookstore” is my favorite local bookstore in my town, not just because they have a great selection of books, but because the owner’s three cats hang out in the store!
    They are ver mellow and nonchalant, unlike my more high-strung kitties!

  35. Oh, the mask on that cackilo is bewitching! She looks like a half raccoon, half red panda, and half international jewel thief.

  36. That calico has The Funniest Face EVAR!

    (Just how many of us librarians and librarian-type paraprofessionals are there here at CO, anyway?)

  37. My branch library has a hammie named Bubbles that likes to explore in her hammie-ball. I think they need kittens, too. There would probably be a long waiting list to check them out, tho.

  38. Children’s librarian here! There are quite a few of us here. Another good read is How to Be a Good Dog-a cat teaches a dog how to be a good dog! The author is Gail Page. And Dewey is a great book!

  39. The public library had a cat when I was a kid. Huge orange feller who seemed to spend most of his time sunning himself on… er, uh, I mean PATROLLING the balconies. They’ve moved to a building in a more traffic-heavy part of town since then, so no kitteh now. 😦

  40. Texts have been hovered. Hehe.

  41. BeckyMonster says:

    Alternate book/kitteh selections, the CLASSICS people!:
    Kittens in the Rye
    Citizen Maine Coon
    Of Mice and Meows
    As I Lay Napping (cats LOVE stream of consciousness!)
    War and Treats

  42. Anna Kittenena
    A Tail of Two Kitties (naturally)
    anything by TS Eliot
    The Oxford English Dictionary (because O HAI I UPGRAYDID YR VOCABULARY)

  43. Aww, they look like little hooligans… Bless!

  44. Ummm; if you want to promote a summer reading program for children, I am enthusiastically all for it; however, if you place place a pile of books next to a baux of kittehs like this, you KNOW which one the kiddies would choose…..! 😉

  45. LOL IS that book really about enjoying pets or ANNOYING PETS!

    Poor adorable kittens..

  46. Yes, “Dewey” is a great book (though it did make me cry and cry). Just about every night I end up telling Jack the Big Fat Orange Cat that he’d “be a total non-starter as a library cat” because he can NOT let me read in peace–he HAS to plop down on top of the book.

  47. Paunchie says:

    kittehs!! Kittehs!!! kittehs!!!!

    lookit the calico, looks like he’s wearing a maskie!! He/she is up to no good….I bet. After nap time.

  48. their legs are sooo stumpy!

  49. They’re reading that famous speech from Hamlet:

    “Tab-by or not tab-by, that is the question.”

  50. On June 16th Penguin releases Ulysses For Cats.

  51. berthaservant says:

    Oddly enough, the library has banned both “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “Cat-cher in the Rye.” Boo!

    P.S. Thanks for the hovertext Theo!

  52. Kitty litter-ature.

  53. @Berthaservant, libraries don’t ban books without pressure from their communities– which they usually resist. Librarians are all about freedon of information.

  54. PS The patron saint of librarians is St. Laurence, who chose martyrdom rather than submit to the Roman authorities a list of his library patrons. Like a good modern-day librarian would do if the FBI came to call.

  55. wow they are cute

  56. Sharon Wilson says:

    @Amy Our town had Ernest’s Used Books, but somebody stepped on Ernest the cat and he died of his injuries. 😦

  57. Londoner says:

    Now I know why I’ve been having a big clearout of old books! To make room for these kittens on my bookshelves. Under S for Smooching.

    @Sharon – oh, that’s so sad. Poor Ernest. They should get a New Ernest, preferably a really big one. Like, you know, maybe a mountain lion…

  58. i love the fluffy messy fur! *love*

    The kitten in the 2nd picture look so tiny and helpless…


  59. Rapwnzel says:

    *laughs at the last picture’s caption*
    Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba [Here comes a lion, Father]
    Sithi uhm ingonyama [Oh yes, it’s a lion]

  60. shannon says:

    OH OH OH