Powered by Ambien

Kittehs can sleep ANYWHERE.

Here is proof.

Cat_Sleeping_TrainSleeping CatDownloadedFile-12

I swear someone did not just send me these pics in some lame PowerPoint. All pics are Internet floaters (ew that sounds gross), and mostly thanks to Uncle Wire.



  1. I think the floaters comment made me laugh more than the pictures. which is meant to imply it was a funny comment, not that the pictures were in any way lacking. They’re sleeping kittens, for heavens sake.

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    Kittehs can sleep anywhere WARM, you mean. And do. The ones to watch out for are the ones in the car engine/wheel well, etc.

  3. Yar, I’ve seen a few of these floating on the intrawebs.

    Are there any places where cats cannot fit?


  5. SO CUTE!!!!! ^.^ *squee*

  6. Lerrinus says:

    Four kitten pile up! 😀

  7. Oh my gosh, what a great slideshow. They’re all fantastic, but the potted kitty has me rotfl! ;D These creatures are too ridiculous.

    More please!

  8. Ah, yes, I have always envied the ability of cats to sleep anytime, anywhere. If sleeping were an Olympic event (and animals participated in the Olympics), cats would win every medal. In fact, there should be a platinmu medal for their sleeping prowess.

  9. Oop, platinum! (sheepish look on face)

  10. I once had a kitteh that would wedge his not-small self into a shoe box. Absolutely hilarious!

  11. Interesting how I can usually spot a Meg post vs a NTMTOM without even looking. Meg is just so… edgy. Floaters, indeed.
    While I agree with the premise, I submit that the last kitteh is not sleeping, only resting and plotting world dominayshe. You can see the yellows of his eyes, a bit.

  12. So tie-tie….zzzzzz…….

  13. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I remember my sister’s little kitten, Pasha…she was such a sound sleeper. She fell asleep on a pillow on my sister’s lap, and we very carefully picked her up on the pillow & handed her around the room & she never woke up.
    My old long-gone puss, Merlin, would fall asleep on my legs on his back.

  14. Desdemona says:

    I’m convinced this is a cat conspiracy meant to rub in our faces their innate superiority: (a) rubber bones, and (b) no anxieties or responsibilities requiring them to be awake and alert.

    Although, on second thought, I have witnessed kitty anxiety when a cat will suddenly jump up from a spot on the couch, and then run to the top of the bookcase, circle and settle, and go back to sleep. It’s like, “omigosh, I’m late for my 10:00 napping spot!”

  15. I love the little white one, with its legs crossed on the keyboard! He looks like he belongs on a beautiful beach, loungin’ & gettin’ a tan.

  16. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Plant pic: Master gardeners warn that, while this species of plant does need water to thrive, watering at inopportune moments could lead to injury to hands and eyes.

    Wheel well pic: Tell me this cat’s name is Chuck. Please oh please oh please.

  17. Katiedid says:

    AWWW.. pretty kitties… My cats must sleep (at night) in the hallway or they will chase each other around in circles and destroy my apartment… They sure do love their cat cave/scratchy post/ thing …
    The best place for a kitty to sleep is on your back when you are napping or reading a book 😀

  18. Oh, noes. The tie-tie is contagious.

    I can has early dismissal?

  19. skippymom says:

    Oh yeah, somebody sent me these the other day, plus/minus a couple.
    In the second one in this set, the patient-kitty is etherised upon the keyboard, and the person is about to perform surgery using the magic pink scalpel.

    Amy, I think you did mean “platinmew”.

  20. Only one correction: a Powerpoint of these pictures would not be lame, but would in fact be made of outstandingness.

  21. … and of WIN!

  22. Olympic Training Diary Day 25:

    Bobsledding practice without ice or bobsled became boring very quickly…

  23. i saw one pic online where a kitty was asleep on one of those indoor folding clotheslines. the belly of the kitty was plopped on each of those hard sticks where you’d hang delicate lingerie and socks…

  24. fish eye no miko says:

    I still say there needs to be a Web Site with animals sleeping on top of other animals (who are also asleep).
    Also, I kinda think we need a “sleeping” tag… ^_^

  25. gravyboat says:

    Loves it!

  26. chanpon says:

    I could use a snuggle with 4 little gray and silver tabby kitties.

  27. (spontaneously comments) OMG Meg! You are funnee! LOL!

  28. “Powered by Ambien” – Ha! And the rest is poifectly hilaire.
    And you inspired me to remember to check the hovertexts – …eh, yeah…
    Quilts. Quilts are down loaded.

  29. CoffeeCup says:

    Teho, fix the hovertext! Most of them say “DownloadedFile” on them. At least make them say “DownloadedKitteh”…
    [Hmm… I just did the bookish kittens, but these are all just old chain-email pix – Ed.]

    My favorite is the one on the car. The squished expression is just hilarious. ….and I’m not sure whether the cat in the plant is really a cat, or just black mold. eesh.

    We need a honk shu tag!

  30. Or, Geese.

  31. Uh… I kinda *do* think this is a lame Powerpoint. I’ve been seeing these pics going around for almost a decade. CO’s supposed to be where I see new good stuff first, not stuff my mom’s forwarded me four times without remembering she did. The site’s drowning in new submissions, right? Why would they need to rehash anything?


  32. I especially love the wheel well one.

  33. All of these pics remind me of the formal Kitteh Motto: “I do not care now; maybe I will care later, much later; or maybe never. Right now I must take a little nappee”

  34. Argy Pants – The cat’s name is Chuck!

  35. Josh N. says:

    I can’t believe you left this one out

  36. I love the first pic, and the kitty in the tree! Okay, obviously, I love them ALL! When I leave for work in the morning, my cat Potato stays sleeping on my pillow (he and I share it). When I get home in the evening, he is STILL sleeping on the pillow! Though I think he gets up while I’m gone, I’m not always so sure…

  37. I also liked the internet floaters quip! 🙂

  38. wuyizidi says:

    @Anne – then this website here is totally for you http://www.postcardsfromyomomma.com/highest-rated/

  39. Totally redonkulous. I love them all.

  40. Mary (the first) says:

    Did y’all notice the sweetness of the BBD (big black dog) and his buddy sleeping atop? Those two are clearly BFF and matchingks, besides! I would love to take them both home. And I also like the kitteh-in-tree’s back toes.. barely caught onto the branch .. with “heels” dangling behind..who could sleep that way? No one but a kitteh!!

  41. PS Could someone PLEASE send me a couple of sunny, dry days before I go BATCRAP CRAZY??? Even the dogs around here are starting to smell mildew-y.

  42. @wuyizidi – OMG you nailed it. =:-O Have I got some submissions for them. Thanks!

  43. The wheel one looks dangerous. If the cat gets used to sleeping there, the owner one day may start the truck without looking and run the cat over.

  44. misscrisp says:

    Love. This. Post.

  45. @Theresa, thanks for the link! :O)

  46. AuntieMame says:

    That last photo is the original monorail cat, isn’t it?

    And these photos are never lame and old!

  47. WendyPinNJ says:

    Yes, indeedy, they can. No doubt about that!

    However, the second photo has ALWAYS looked ‘shopped to me.

  48. OMG!! the one in the bowl is sooo cute 🙂 Im not a kitty fan normally but CO is changing my mind 🙂

  49. Immensely amusing (LOL) pics and comments. Never seen them before. Highlight of my day. Thank you everybody!!!

  50. tee tee says:


  51. Love the pic with the cat sleeping wrapped around the plant. But when I scrolled down to the last one!!! Words cannot describe….

  52. puddlepeppers says:

    Pillow Potatoes…Kitty at Lucy’s Mommeh, kitty at Irm’s. You guys
    make my day!

  53. leslie thomas says:

    To Fish Eye & Meg et al: I ENTIRELY concur w/ the suggestion/ “Sleeping” tag.

    To Tee Tee: While I endorse the endorphins you received on viewing this post …um …
    I hope that you’ve somewhat recuperated from your Squeelz O Joy event !!!
    (just a giggling, empathetic response: please do not infer any nasty verbal tone or
    nuffer-in’, ok?? 😉 )

    Peace to All
    (w/ possible exception of Osama Bin Ladin. WHY hasn’t the gub’ment of the USA managed to isolate & neutralize this eejit??? Sorry for the momentary note of non-Cuteness…)

  54. AWW 🙂 Adorable all 🙂

  55. haha, we meet again, Wiglet! (bottom kitteh…first appeared on CO summer of 2006)

  56. Tee Tee: Totally know EXACTLY what you mean. You are tots TCFW!;)

  57. berthaservant says:

    Anne – you know what? I’VE NEVER SEEN THEM. So it IS new to some of us, mmmkay?

    And also, I’m no expert on cats (well, not technically), but I’m pretty sure that if a human came to the truck, opened and shut the driver’s side door and started the engine, at least one of those vibrations would wake the kitteh up. Bertha wakes up from a dead sleep when she hears my car pull into the driveway (I know this because housemates have told me).

    And also, I vote for the powerpoint and some Teho hovertext.

  58. @Anne and @wuyzidi,
    They have a book out:

    My current fav:
    “On May 1st a check was born. Alas, like an unbaptized soul in Limbo, it has not reached check heaven. Check heaven is a place of great joy for birthday checks because there it can reach its full potential. No longer folded upon itself, ashamed to show its worth; it is free to pay bills, pay down debt, buy things you need or even to swell the balance of your checking or savings accounts. It could even be earning interest! Don’t let it suffer any longer. Free the little birthday check.”

  59. Point 1: “Powered by Ambien” is kind of an oxymoron, is it not? I chuckled merrily.

    Point 2: You forgot one of my favorite unusual kitty-snooze photos of all time. This one is courtesy of everyone’s [second] favorite cute animal website, icanhascheezburger: http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/funny-pictures-cat-closet-clothes-hangers.jpg

  60. Jyllibean says:

    O.M.(not gonna be cliché ) GOODNESS! We have seen so much good stuffs as loyal CO enthusiasts: stackable kittehs, kittehs on keyboards, cats on dogs, cats in bowls, cats in (around?) plants…. But little sleepy ones curled around various warmie- warms automotive parts…. Lovely. I say LOVELY from the mechanicaly inclined kitteh-loving peeps. Bravo as usual.

  61. kittehs like warm places? if kittehs like places like engine area, i worry kittehs will get COOKED !!

  62. george5555 says:

    Its lame that medicare will cover ambien which only works for 4 hrs. andnot the CR which gives you a full night’s sleep!!!

  63. shortperson210 says:

    kittehs no need ambiens kittehs sleep 23 out of 24 =^..^=

  64. shortperson210 – FTW!

  65. It’s like there are two Tabbies in the top one, sleeping with their souls. Or something. 🙂
    (ARE those two artificially brightened? At least the second-left kitty looks pretty surreal)

  66. The danglage, people–THE DANGLAGE!

  67. Carlisa says:

    OhOoOoOoh! Must plant some purrzy willoooooows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. I’ve seen some of these pictures in my email as well…they are sooooo cuteeeeee:-)

  69. Jiffknee says:

    Just a bowlful of kitteh helps the work day go down,
    the workday go do-o-own,
    the workday go down

  70. Love the links, peoples! Thanks for the kitty comments and links!

  71. Katrina says:

    Nothing new to say, but had to chime in on the adorableness of the whole, yes, kittenkaboodle.

  72. Allrightallright, hovertexts added here too.

  73. 5^^now8ing says:

    Kitty on wheel makes me sad — my dad accidentally ran over our new kitten when I was a little girl because it was hiding/sleeping in just such a spot. (Fortunately, Dad didn’t let us kids see it.)

    On cheerier note: Shouldn’t the potted kitty be Meow Mulch? 😉
    [OK, done – Ed.]

    LOVE – LOVE – LOVE the pics!

  74. @ Jiffknee….

    “In the most delightful way!”

  75. Windshield Kitteh could make himself useful and use his tail as a wiper.

    If I had a dime for every time I’ve told one of my cats, “You can NOT be comfortable sleeping there,” I’d be able to afford an expensive cat bed that they would ignore.

  76. January says:

    So we have cat sleeping on dog who is sleeping on guy’s underwear. Go figure! Also I had a solid white cat that liked to sleep in wheel wells…it was not pretty and she didn’t go for bathing.

  77. so cute! I wish I had one!!

  78. My husband sent me a link to this site and it really cheered me up. 🙂

  79. Very cute. I’ve sent the link around to everyone.

  80. anastasia says:

    leapfrog kitties.

  81. LOL. Floatarsss.

  82. That last one on the railing is less than adorable.

  83. Haha. Amazing! And I am pretty sure that the cat sleeping on the dog is part of a street performer’s thing in San Francisco. He trained two whit rats to sit on top of a cat that sits on top of a dog, and then they wander around like that. I bump into them occasionally on my lunch break. It’s rather amusing.

  84. They are so cute when they sleep.

  85. Love the last pix. That kitty defines “plopped”. My kitty likes to sleep on my dirty laundry. The dirtier the better. Preferably a t-shirt that I was wearing while exercising. Clean laundry is apparently uninteresting.

  86. Yepper. Up here in Canada, they tell you in driver’s ed to bang on the hood before starting your car in the winter in case a cat has snuck in there to sleep. Yikes.

  87. Hey Wil, I just watched a video on that! He’s a homeless man, isn’t he? It was a video the mayor’s office made I think.

  88. Lol first photo doesn’t look to great
    haha dodge!

  89. these are to adorable for words !!!

    143 T bear

  90. these kittens are really sweet..just love seeing them

  91. that is beautiful

  92. Haha! Cats does sleep almost any and every where. My friend’s one love to sleep on her notebook [to get heat i assume].

    Her cat also enjoys sleeping on top of the television with the tail dangling down. XD

  93. This is ADORABLE! 😛

  94. So cute!
    I like the one in crock.

  95. Ruwaida says:

    They are so cute i feel like squeezing them

  96. @Dave T: Really? When I had a cat, she made sure to go for the clean laundry just so she could get cat hair all over my clothes and towels.

  97. Hm. Does it make me part kitteh if I also have the uncanny ability to sleep anywhere? Or is it just undiagnosed narcolepsy? Can sheep even *have* narcolepsy?

    In any case, awesome (even if these pictures have been around for a decade…doesn’t make them any *less* cute).

  98. I. Freaking. LOVE. Cats. And these are great. Thanks for sharing.

  99. lol nice pics

  100. These are great!! My cat does the same things, mostly in the crevices of the hoods on cars.

    What a great laugh!!

  101. Haha, I think the white cat sleeping on a laptop was the cutest!!
    I’m happy I found this post on jimmyr.com/

  102. that’s so funny…
    i like it….

  103. thos pics are cute thay look like my baby cuts too!!!

  104. lol thats hillarious i like the one ………………………..
    never mind i love all of them!!!

  105. 5^^now8ing says:

    Yay! I made CO hovertext! My life is now complete!

  106. They are sooooooooo cute! ROFL

  107. This is so adorable! I love cats! I can’t wait to move out of apartment living into a real house so that I can have pets

  108. Kawaisugiru(^_^)

  109. Tiramisu says:

    First kittens picture is WIN. 😀

  110. cassandra says:

    I love the droopy lip action on the dog. usually when you have cats and cars you begin to notice little paw prints up and down your windshield.

  111. can i haz cheezburger ;D

  112. c)4387yuf says:

    very sweet !! 🙂

  113. m4k2004 says:

    Loved this entry. Of course, it helps that I love cats. And the floater comment was a gem 🙂

  114. Wooooo!

  115. cats are D best….awwww i love them, i hav at home a cat and GSD living together.

  116. Cute …. pets love to have them .

  117. puddlepeppers says:

    First pix of four kitties sleeping reminds me of the Sydney Opera House.


  119. A cat prescription label should read: This product (cats) is also good for companionship, love, stress relief and cures depression. Good for most human conditions. Great pics!!!

  120. @Jan: Don’t forget “For external use only”!

  121. BTW, the bottom kitteh — Wiglet, the monorail one — is a big boy today! Nine years old. 6/15/00 is his b-day.

  122. My cat always shows me her love by walking on my keyboard!!

  123. Dorothy says:

    Believe me. If there is one thing sleeping cats don’t need it’s Ambien!

  124. herttaisia kissoja (=

  125. awwwwwww. cats ALWAYS lay down right in the middle of things 🙂

  126. My internal “cute thermostat” just registered a fever. Too many ahhhhs around here to count.

  127. Day Of The Cat Dead

  128. seraphim says:

    OMGHEE last cat is MONORAIL CAT!!!!!

  129. the best one is kitten on laptop
    now where’s the ‘add caption’ button

    [That’d be on a different website. 😛 – Ed.]

  130. Great pictures
    This is true that cats sleep everywhere

  131. soooooooooo cuuteeeeeeeeeee photos

  132. I love kitties

  133. Charlotte says:

    all very cutes love all

  134. Haha, awesome.

  135. N. H. Driscoll says:

    I absolutely love cats and kittens. They’re my favorite pets! Thanks for sharing these WONDER-FULL “Sleeping Kittens” photos!

  136. Stupidity is cute.

  137. ahh! to be a pussycat

  138. cute

  139. That cat in the tire could get hurted tho!!!!

  140. no nappies in the car bits!! my last kitteh was a stray that i rescued after he had lost one of his lil’ legs in a car motor. He was teh tripod kitteh. :o(

  141. aaww cute, i love cats x

  142. These really make me miss having a cat!

  143. Cats! They own the world whether or not we like it.

  144. Alexandra says:

    Well, if the cat lovers like it, i guess i like it too.

  145. That last one looks like Sylvester cartoon, love all the little kittens, just adorable!

  146. Linda M. says:

    Oh they all put a smile on my face! Kitty’s have a way of doing that,no matter what they’re doing………..I just adore them!

  147. Marti K. says:

    My Calico used to climb up on top of my head and fall asleep whenever I sat still long enough.

  148. tai mai shu says:

    love the KITTEHS.

  149. i put the term “internet floater” on UD


  150. cats translate the disese