Could You Please Hit the Snooze Hunch?

Really, I’m too tired, and besides, you’re the one who wanted the “Hunchback of Notre Dame clock/radio with authentic bell sounds,” so just give Quasimodo there a pat on the back and shut that thing off, thanks.



  1. emudoug says:

    those look like yummy toes.

  2. I wish there was an alarm clock with “sleepy kitten noise” because then I’d just lie in bed and listen to it all day.

  3. OMGGGGGGG I am dead from the cyoot! Ring those bells at my funeral!

  4. dies! too much cute…

  5. cheesybird says:

    *mew… strayche… yawn… nomnomnomnom…*

  6. I count at least three cats in that video. I am not sure if all the sounds are coming from the sleepy kitty.

  7. Katiedid says:

    AHHHH!!! The return of GHOST CAT!!!
    *grabs kitten and runs away*

  8. OMG, a two-tone tabby with toehawks!

  9. squeeeeeeeee

  10. Call it a hunch, but *that* was definitely a yawn; a li’l bobblepuff yawn.

  11. Oh I died! That is too cute! I can’t take it!!

  12. steppy wants to nom nom nom the qte wittle kittie tootsies. Ker- thud!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kristabelle says:


  14. Kristabelle says:

    P.S. Love the url. 😀

  15. Katrina says:

    So little yet sooooo furry! What is it about the furry toes? Intoxicating!

  16. That is sooo cuuuute…

  17. sunnymum says:

    Couldn’t resist could I… well, now I’m done… ded from the highest pitch eensiest of mews coming from an irresistable tiny floofy head! I will cuddle you and feed you and call you George…

  18. the bug man says:

    The tintinnabulation of the toes, toes, toes, toes, toes, toes, toes!
    What a tale of toe-hawks their turbulency knows!

    –Edgar Allan Toe

  19. catloveschanel says:

    Edgar Allan Toe! Yuk Yuk
    I never thought I would smile again after dealing with
    the evil that lurks in accounting.

    Thanks for the laugh and the cute fuzziness

  20. Katiedid @ 7 – good spot on the ghost cat. That got me searching:

    Just as cute the 2nd time around.

  21. I am dead and gone to kitten heaven. Seriously.

  22. AWWWW! That has made my day! 😀

  23. Okay I had to go look for the Ghost cat LOLOL isn’t that Mama beautiful ….she looks like she is silver and the other kitten too kyooot!

    So that does make at least three kitties

  24. The cute overload of teeny flat face + toe-munching is deadly.

  25. A blurrly, low-res video. Way to go, CU.

  26. chanpon says:

    Could’ve sworn this was an Encore Presentayshe too. Something this cute gets burned into your soul. You don’t forget. *head tilt & awwwwww*

  27. BonzoGal says:

    I’m going to set up a fund to help me buy big bowls, spoons and gallons of meeelks with which I can lurp up the kittayns. Won’t you please make a generous donation to the “BonzoGal Lurpage and General Gurgling Foundation”? (Tucks napkin into collar, waits by table, eagerly.)

  28. Krystyna Olsiewicz says:

    Head…is…too…big…to…hold…up. Thud. ZZZZZZZZZ

  29. Mud Bug says:

    O.k. who else started saying NOM NOM NOM ……. out loud when that little piece of heaven started nomming on it’s own toes ???

  30. Is there no end to this gorgeous parade of unbelievably kyuoote kittehs and puppehs? (Ai rlly kannawt handle much moar of such Xtreem kyuooteniss; Ai ar going to bed rite naow and pulling the cubbers oaver mai hed to xcape the unbearable SWEETNESS!!!) 😯

  31. Francesca says:

    What a beautiful little kitten! Does anybody know, of have a guess, of what sort of cat this is? Is it a very young persian or maine coon? I’ve only ever had shelter cats (who were beauties, too), but I wonder if this is a pure bred. So pretty.

  32. berthaservant says:

    This looks like a baby mutt to me, Francesca (I’m no expert) with a lot of tabby markings.

    But then again, it could be a cocker spaniel for all I know, because I, too, r ded from teh qte.

  33. Katrina says:

    I’m hoping that this little bebeh has little hell in him/her, too. You know, like Lurkensrproinging action with all that toe floof. I volunteer, I’ll just sit there, for days if necessary……

  34. mamarosa says:

    I had much fear that the bebeh would clench his face with his paws.
    That always makes me di-eeeeeee.

  35. puddlepeppers says:

    OMG, too much qte! My qte runneth over..not going to make it….My last words… “Take time to huff
    the puppies…take time to feel-how-fluff the kittehs”…

  36. AWW 🙂 What a little sweetie 🙂 Cuddle cuddle cuddle 🙂

  37. OMG, she looks just like my golden shaded Persian princess Janelle when she was a baby!!! Too precious! 😀

  38. Awwwwwww. She sounds so pretty! And she’s like “sucking her thumb [paw]”. Awwwww.


    Her voice!!

    *melts even more*

  39. So cute! *insert contented sigh here*

  40. i think this is the same kitty that asked the question, “what is your favorite color?” and the answer was wrong and denied access.

  41. ummmm….why is this video only 25 SECONDS loooonnnnngggg??? it should b more like 25 yrs long!!!!! my finger’s tired from hitting the replay button…..OMG my mind is scrabbled from so much cuteness…i….can’t….take….. it…..ahhhhh *last sigh*

  42. “Not going to church today. Can’t make me. Wake me when the bagels and lox are on the table…”

  43. Scary ghost cat in the back!!!!!!