You Sir, win Most Blorpiest

Check out this guy, he is a disapproving, froggular sphere!


And now, the disapproving part:


Sender-Inner Vanessa H. says The Cape Rain Frog rivals the bunny for sheer disapproving-ness. Agreed!



  1. That’s about how I feel today!

  2. Um… both the blorpiness and the disapproval.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Everything about this is amazing. I love it when Cute Overload can make me laugh out loud.

  4. Wow, how does that thig move! It looks like its little legs barely touch.

  5. That’s exactly me, two days before my period… 😛

  6. brinnann says:

    @Hila, I find it so fitting that your avatar is Cookie Monster for that comment…

    And might I add: The disapproval, it BURNS! 😯

  7. Spacecadet says:

    Aww, it’s a Blaasoppie! We have them in our garden, and they sing when it rains. I have never seen one though, because they live underground. They puff up when they feel threatened, so that one really is cross :/

  8. Mr Frog says, “Hrrrmmpff!”

  9. no disapproving scale this time?

  10. zeldapie says:

    My goodness! Such disapproval! I have only known toads who look rather sad.

  11. lol balloon frog

  12. BeckyMonster says:

    I think that CO for real needs to think about having a 2010 Disapproving Wall Calendar. It would be kind of like those horrible “motivational posters” that has spoofed. My favorite of those is: “It’s always darkest just before it goes pitch black”

    Love the amphibi-grump-orama!!

  13. Pussytoes says:

    I want to tickle his lil’ chin! Why so grumpy?

  14. This is by far out the coolest frog I’ve ever seen….

    If he could talk, he would sound like Marvin Gaye…

  15. Katiedid says:

    Is that a tail I see in the background???

  16. Lillith says:

    Wow, the blorpitude is off the charts!! And is expression makes me want to hang my head in shame just for looking at him.

    @Hila, I feel your pain.

  17. Melissa H. says:

    He looks like a little Japanese cartoon character!

  18. Von Zeppelin says:

    “If this guy doesn’t get his finger off my back, I’m going give him SUCH a case of warts!”

  19. This thing is so spherical, it puts baseballs to shame!
    Especially with that disapproval!

    This thing is the cutest.
    I wanna poooke it.

  20. Kristabelle says:

    I’m sorry! Whatever it was I did, I’m sorry!!!!

  21. I really think the first picture has even better disapproval, because it incorporates a a head-down kind of moping or fuming look, like he’s muttering to himself.

    And CO – you forgot to add the rating on the rabbit scale of disapproval! Oh noes!

  22. So cute!

  23. Wow, I didn’t even do anything wrong but it feels like I did!

  24. Katrina says:

    God was annoyed that day……

  25. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    The Mondays. He has them.

  26. Sir Baron Blorp Loins, it is time for your aromatherapy bath, with extra gentle cleansers to leave your skin soft and supple.

  27. Camille says:

    If I kiss this frog, will he turn into Winston?

    [You will get your prince. – Ed.]

  28. cute lil grumpy thing! squee

  29. His disapproval is matched only by his blorpitude!

  30. Jezebel says:

    He looks bite sized to me. Is he full of jelly?

  31. TheotherotherotherLaura says:

    That is the harumphingest animal I’ve ever seen. I need, NEED, one of these guys.

  32. KATIEDID – *POKE POKE * …..I saw that, too, I think it’s his back leg.

  33. brinnann says:

    😆 @ Camille!

  34. O Hai, Misture Blasoppie-Toadster…… I know it’s Mundane afternoon; but mebbee you could try to manage a liddol smyol, or at least look less disapproving….. (Hmmmm, the teeney tinee guy kynda reminds me of one of my high-school science teachers, of not-happy memory……) 😉

  35. chanpon says:

    I need one of these in my pocket so I can whip it out any time an employee or manager tries to complain in a meeting.

  36. opossum says:

    Kinda looks like Don Rickles.

  37. opossum says:

    This is the closest to a grumpy Don Rickles I could find:


  38. Paunchie says:

    bahaha! You can’t even see his disapproval face in the first pic, and then whammo!

    get that finger offa meh! damn kids these days.

  39. Candace says:

    Oh the disapproval gets even worse! I don’t know if I’m allowed to copy and paste this link, but it’s worth a look. The little guy is quite unhappy

  40. skippymom says:

    Something about his face brings to mind my Grandfather Bob, who was a simple, honest and decent man and who most definitely would have disapproved of everything CO stands for. May he rest in peace.

  41. Jessica says:

    First thing I thought of: Chet, from “Weird Science.”

  42. fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Makes me want to cry. *sniff*

  44. I really love his disapproving face. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because it’s sooo much more disapproving than mine!

  45. Froggie, did you have three meetings today, too? I feel your pain.

  46. Oh nightmares! So many nightmares!

  47. I present a challenger in the category of most blorpiest:

  48. WendyPinNJ says:

    “MOST BLORPIEST” indeed!!!!!

    Is that even grammatically correct?

  49. tubbysnuggles says:

    what the heck? it’s like he doesn’t have a head at all!

    He looks a lot like a Chicken McNugget.

  50. He definitely has a person face, which is pretty odd.

  51. January says:

    Sweet, people, just plain sweet.

  52. That is one curmudgeonly BLOOP!

  53. Kallisto says:

    Wow, I feel thoroughly disapproved of. Seriously.

  54. RevWaldo says:

    That’s Mr. The Toad to you pal!

  55. You kids get off’n ma Lilly pad. And STOP licking me!


  56. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I looked up Blaasoppie & all I came up with was a fish…

    And WendyPinNJ, does the name Cutter mean anything to you?

  57. And here, class, we see one of the more interesting subatomic particles, the NOtron.

  58. @Lucy’s Mommeh –
    Where’d you look? I just plugged Blaasoppie into google, and the very first thing that came up was this –

  59. soooo grumpy 😀

  60. Lillith says:

    *head tilt* I just realized he kinda looks like Ed Asner…

  61. Snowpea says:

    Mr Froggy, turn that frown upside down!

  62. Snowpea says:

    Kathryn, that is one blorpy lil dude, with icing on top! WOW

  63. Katrina says:

    Remember Mick Jagger the Crab? Yeah, like that. Just not with red-orange lipstick.

  64. balamuthia says:

    Aw, he’s disapproving because the big lunch he had gave him terrible gas! He looks so bloatie!

  65. Noelegy says:

    “Blaasoppie” sounds sort of like a CO-spawned word. Pasickie! Blaasoppie!

    Can’t you just picture this grumpy-puss with a pasickie in his mouth?

  66. It’s Afrikaans…

    Blaas = Blow
    Op = Up
    pie = used to denote diminutive or young form

    Little Blow Up!

  67. cafegrrl says:

    Great shots!

  68. That gaze makes me shrivel from guilt. What did I do?

    But overall I loves it and want to kees!

  69. Paunchie says:

    “blaasoppie” sounds like you got a tummy ache. Which this little guy may have! Or that you have gas….. prolly both me thinks.

  70. Sporkles says:

    awwwww! He’s so grumpy, but i could never take him seriously because i would be too busy oogling his cutefulness. And he has lots of cutefuls to oogle.

  71. Someone give this froggy some Gas-X, stat!!!

    Is he the froggular voishone of Violet Beauregard? Now all we need are some flies dancing around him with tiny orange Oompa Loompa wigs.

    [Somebody call Webster’s, I think we’ve got a new definition for “Trippy”… – Ed.]

  72. Von Zeppelin says:

    WendyPinNJ–You ask if “Most Blorpiest” is grammatically correct. The double superlative is not generally considered correct in modern English, but Shakespeare used them occasionally:
    “This was the MOST UNKINDEST cut of all;
    For when the noble Caesar saw him stab,
    Ingratitude, more strong than traitors’ arms,
    Quite vanquish’d him. . .”

    I think we can all agree that Mr. Toadsphere deserves the title of “Most “Blorpiest.”

  73. susanreneewa says:

    Oh my, you have to see them in action:


  74. Frog: “go AWAY!!!”

  75. Oh, such cute disapproval!

  76. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    No, I disapprove and I shall hold my breath till I turn blue!

  77. I’ll call him Bubble Buddy! Maybe a top hat would make him feel happy. I LOVE him! Thanks for the pic!

  78. When I looked at the disapproval, I know I saw some steam float from the nostrils…

  79. Selphie le Boffin says:

    Snowpea – awesome.
    And yes, we definately need a disapproval scale for this one.

  80. Where is the disapproval scale? I always looked forward to seeing how many Disapproving buns some other disapproving animal rates.
    I give this frog 4.5 disapproving bunnies out of 5.

  81. Wow, watch out bunnies !

  82. puddlepeppers says:

    Cape Rain Frog…a pretty name for an awesome frog…maybe he disapproves
    that we had to turn around and drive back to help a big box turtle cross the road
    this morning. Frog says, “You call that a rescue? IMMEDIATELY is the time to
    stop!!! What a let-down for turtles and frogs…” Y’know, I was proud of my
    husband for going back to look…But frog disapproval makes us feel ugly and
    blorpy and unwashed as we begin the Walk of Shame…

  83. I LOVE disapproving animals! Rabbits, bulldogs, frogs, you name it.
    This fellow seems to say..”I am HIGHLY offended at the fact of you witnessing my blorpy girth. Please step off immediately, you insolent, insignificant, intruding nosey Parker.”
    I was at the California Academy of Sciences recently and saw a fine tank of disapproving manta rays, but the light wasn’t good enough to get a photo. They were offended, though, let me tell you.

  84. puddlepeppers says:

    Hila…I know how you feel…crappy…be real good to yourself
    for as many days as you need…disapprove all you want…

  85. Subhangi says:

    ROFL! The most hilarious blorpitude ever!

  86. BLORPPIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. blorp! haha he is unbelieveable!!

    where is the disapproving bunneh scale?? i think he gets a 3 of 5, maybe 4?

  88. Chrissy DeLizzio says:

    OMG choking on my cereal, that is the funniest disapproval face I’ve ever seen!!! LMAO

  89. is he blorpy because of the finger on his back? poor fella… yes he really rivals
    the disapproving bunny. IMO the frog wins!!

  90. BTW, check the scale of frog-to-finger– he’s TINY as well as blorpy.

  91. Realitymonster says:

    He’s like a grumpy berry! A grumpleberry!

  92. Rooanne says:

    I have to admit, this is the first time I really squeeeeed out loud. I LOVE that FACE. He is going to be my wallpaper! Hooray for Froggy McFroggersons! (guess I have strange taste….)

  93. Paunchie says:

    LOL the Attenborough vid! So the males are so much smaller than the females, they form a sticky glue on their underside to stick to her during mating. However this sometimes leads to a chain of enthusiastic, yet undiscriminating males, stuck to one another.

    mmhmm. heh heh heh heh

  94. Paunchie says:

    I still don’t understand though how do they live underground for so long? With no food or water?

  95. He is so frowny! Why so frowny, Mr.Frog?

  96. n o s e c k s says:

    Oh my gosh, That is so cute! I love his ‘ disapproving ‘ face. ;D

  97. OMG.

    Where is his head?! I thought frog/toads had heads! My world is shaken.

  98. Can we get a disapproval rating? is this a 5 out of 5?

  99. 16Phoenix says:

    @Hila & brinnann ROFL!!!!! u both cracked me up. i was laugh so hard i was crying.

  100. He doesn’t say ribbit — he says “harumph”.

  101. thats funny but kreepy and weird all at the same time!?!?!?!?…

  102. Blueindy says:

    So ugly, but kind of cute also!

  103. What an awesome little alien mug he has! I for one welcome our amphibian overlords.

  104. OMG, love that crabby frog face. I needed a smile today, that helped, thanks!

  105. Hahahah! What a face! ROFL

  106. Disapproving Wall Calendar?! Top idea! Doooo it!

  107. @ Kelly So that was what it was !! I am glad you heard him – my hearing is not so good. I last saw a Grumpfull Face like that when Mama burned my Step-Daddy’s Toast. The Disapproving Bunny is a gentle soul – more of a Bunnifactor than a disapproving guy – the Toad wins the cup / medal whatever for being disapproving because he could disapprove just anything – it has a permanency – that look

  108. MandyMo says:

    He looks like my high school algebra teacher. 🙂

  109. He reminds me of a cranky little old man 🙂

  110. oh sure he does – he is – to me the crankiest of lil ol’ guys right! and so was my Step-Daddy of whom this little Blorpiest of characters makes me think.
    He is about to say – eugh – blerp – no sugar in this Cawfee
    Nope – I correct myself – have him say “If this is tea then I want coffee but if it IS Coffee bring me some tea”

  111. Vania Melamed says:

    ALL HAIL…FELAFEL FROG!!! Sidekick of Tehina Toad. Muahahaha.

  112. be careful they’re close to endangered

  113. oh god, it’s so cute x___x

  114. Paunchie says:

    I think you should include Mr. Blorpy in the next CO calendar.

    [That’ll have to be the 2011 calendar, at this point. – Ed.]

  115. Paunchie says:

    @ Eds: by that time the memory of blaasopie will have faded, and I’m sure to LOL all over again!

  116. tha real puff daddy!

  117. Kangaroo (aka anastasia) says:

    ahhhhhn…head tilt. but wheres the disapproval rate? i’d say 7 out of 5

  118. Danielle says:

    He’s just a little ball of disapproving-ness, isn’t he?

  119. “What the heck? it’s like he doesn’t have a head at all!

    He looks a lot like a Chicken McNugget.” – Tubbysnuggles

    That just reminded me of the Poppler episode of Futurama, creepy.

  120. I don’t unrstand how he hops or moves or anything. Is there just one in existence ever?

    [You & I aren’t meant to understand quantum amphibianics, Nik. Best leave it to the ivory-tower biophysicists. 😉 – Ed.]

  121. he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. “Anybody got a pin? Anyone?”

  123. Marilynne says:

    He’s not disapproving, he’s just uncomfortably gassy.

  124. Why is he so cute! The same form of cute associated with old grumpy men like the grandpa from “Up”.

  125. You should name him Blorp. He is cute in an odd way…

  126. I love him.

  127. I think you mean moist blorpiest.


  129. i must poke it!!!! do u ever get that feelin where some10 is soooo cute u wannna sqeeuze it????

  130. Thats not cute that is ugly.