Yes, yes, I see your point.

I understand completely.



What else does your bandmate’s cat say, L.L. Cool Hrish?!



  1. Reminds me of my Frankie…he folds his hands like that, too!

  2. hrishikesh is this your little guy? he looks so pleased!

  3. Lerrinus says:

    What a little gentleman! (or lady!) 🙂

  4. chanpon says:

    Bwahahaha….one of my kitties always sits cross-pawed too, and I instantly annoy him by gushing and telling him how adorable he looks.

  5. cutemonger says:

    i imagine he spends a lot of time in cafes reading books on existentialism.

  6. I hope his name is Bob Newhart

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Swiss cat prefers the neutral couch and shades of gray.

  8. puddlepeppers says:

    That’s me on the other side of the couch as we share our feelings with
    the pet & partner counselor.

  9. Von Zeppelin says:

    This cat is clearly trained in Rogerian reflective non-directive counseling.

  10. edmundh says:

    The ultimate example of a cat’s disinterest at what you are doing.

  11. Noelegy says:

    Aw, I love brindle tabbies!

  12. You know, what have we learned here today? Perhaps it is simply that true happiness is on the inside.
    Inside a cardboard box for instance.

  13. My cats all do this, too. After they ask for a pina colada.

  14. nuh-uh! man, this cat looks just like his (esteemed) owner! same expression of rapt, thoughtful attention. perhaps also coincidentally, this cat’s all throwin’ crossbones… and do i count 322 stripes on his fur?!

    congrats on making cute overload, h! it’s one of my life goals too…

  15. idolatrysasin says:

    that’s Fontaine’s cat! I’m listening to “What You Gave Away” right now…^~^

  16. MadameX says:

    Her Serene Majesty Princess Tabitha Margueritte Von Mousser listened attentively as the Prime Minister discussed the advantages of an alliance with the Earl of Rattenberg, even if his station was well below hers. “Very well,” she purred at last. “It shall be done. I shall marry beneath me. All kitties do.”

    [Where I come from, Ma’am, we call that “Taking one for the team”. 😉 – Ed.]

  17. hon glad says:

    Now that’s really facinating but I think it’s tuna time.

  18. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Ah, yes, quite.

    The wisest of the kittehs always sits with the crossed paws contently, knowing that he or she is smarter than you, but does it with the utmost of graces.

    Because it would be rude otherwise. 😀


  19. Kristabelle says:

    Too funny! Actually, I think she looks like she’s bored at a cocktail party and has that “blah, blah, blah, blah… oh what were you saying? Will this party NEVER end…?” look on her face.

  20. “Food. Do you know what that word means?”

  21. My CH kitty always sits like that! I always thought it was part of her motor control issues, but maybe she’s really just a Bored Jaded Intelleshual Kitteh.

  22. My cat Noona was a total “paw crosser”.

  23. We call these “princess paws” in our house because our all black, long-haired kitty does this all the time. She does it so often, she recognizes the word princess more than her own name!

  24. KatieKat says:

    Princess Paws indeed! Our marmie girl does the same pose… “Where is my tuna steak & champagne?”

  25. Snorglepuppeh says:

    I want a cat like this kitteh.
    I hate my cat.
    I have scars up and down my arms and legs!

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    That kitteh pic is more like “Beautiful Overload” than “Cute”. Stunning shades of gray!!

  27. Paunchie says:

    therapy cat. we all need one.

  28. thelibrarianne says:

    All of our (3) cats and (2) dogs do that! We call it “pretty paw.” They highly dislike such a squee name, but they’re the ones with fur and we’re the ones with opposable thumbs. Hummph.

  29. Kitteh has mastered the “Dr. Phil” expression; (Akshully, I think I would rather tell awl mai problums to Kitteh, rather than the Dr.; it would be cheaper and moar fun….) 😉

  30. berthaservant says:

    LOL @ VonZep!!!

    “We have to stop now. I’ll see you next week?”

  31. My man cat does this and I always thought he looked a little Charles Nelson-Reilly.

  32. janet2buns says:

    PsychiatristKitteh bills the insurance company $250. an hour. At those rates, she’d better look mighty elegant. It’s her impeccably tailored grey tweed suit that really sets the tone.

  33. sunnymum says:

    Good lo’ that looks just like Sunny!

  34. This is so cheesy glam. I wonder if they brought in Sears Portrait Studio photographers to take this shot.

  35. AWW 🙂 Our dear departed cat, Tygger, would do that 🙂 I called it his “regal pose” 🙂

  36. My cat sits fancy like that too. We call him “The Drag Queen of Cats.”

  37. puddlepeppers says:

    This is the best sashimi in San Francisco…you have to wait…let’s have a
    cup of sake…