Ferret Portal to Planet Kneesocks

These ferrets are obvy going to Planet Kneesocks through this worm hole.


Have a good time! [Schlooooooooooorp]


Sender-Inner Alexandra T. says: “My ferrets have made a home inside our couch. We rarely use it so we’re perfectly okay with their makeshift tunnel. Jaina (The head) likes to peek her head out at us and schlorp! her way back in. Arthas (the ‘tocks) simply enjoys fwumping in and out of the poor couch while wotting gleefully.”



  1. Can I order one of these at IKEA?

  2. If only my couch had ferrets in it!

  3. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Is it one, with the head and ‘tocks having separate names, or two? hee hee

  4. Spectacular. You appear to understand how a portal affects forward momentum, or to be more precise, how it does not.
    Momentum, a function of mass and velocity, is conserved between portals.
    In layman’s terms, cute speedy thing goes in, cute speedy thing comes out.

  5. Jezebel says:

    Wot,wot,wot,wot. Wot,wot,wot. Wot.

  6. Why thank you! Through the wormhole, BRB!

  7. PS Jezebel, Whatwhatwhatwhat! whatwhat what what!

  8. @Eds, “Wotwotwot” or “Whatwhatwhat” is something ferrets say.

  9. 260Oakley says:

    They’re obviously looking for loose change to spend on… umm… whatever it is ferrets like to buy. Turtlenecks?

  10. PPS, You mean these are TWO DIFFERENT ferrets? :mrgreen:

  11. Blizzard fans =3

  12. Lorraine says:

    I don’t know what “wotting” is but I like it!

  13. cafegrrl says:

    SO cute!

  14. Wotting. I think we need some audio on that stat!

  15. Jaina and Arthas? Good to see I’m not the only WoW nerd who also enjoys Cute Overload.

  16. Teesters says:


  17. Teesters says:

    @ Jennna

    You are not prepared!

  18. Excellent nosicle on that babe.

  19. berthaservant says:

    Illegal in California! Please don’t show this picture to my nieces in Paso Robles!!!

  20. I’m gratified to learn that our Lolbradoar isn’t the only pet that owns a couch….. 🙄

  21. Test: 🙄 🙄 🙄

  22. biscuithead says:

    Is the following assumption correct?
    whatwhatwhat = how American ferrets pronounce it
    wotwotwotwot = how British ferrets pronounce it

    / I have no ferrets.

  23. @cheshirecatkitteh — love “Lolbrador”!

    But wait, first meerkats. Now ferrets? Is this furry kneesock week at CO? Stoat stoat stoats gonna rig the vote!

  24. chanpon says:

    Sign for guests: For the love of god, don’t sit on the couch!

  25. bongobunny says:

    I hate to tell ya, but there’s bound to be ferret poo in that there couch. Yuck.

  26. Desdemona says:

    When he was living with me as a teenager, my nephew had a ferret who made his home in his mattress. I’m here to tell ya, ferret smell does not come out of mattress stuffings . . . it’s probably a good thing these folks “rarely use” the couch — it truly belongs to the ferret-ages now!

  27. skippymom says:

    Wasn’t there an old TV show called “Planet Kneesocks”? I seem to remember seeing it a few times.

  28. Are those World of Warraft names I spy for the ferrets?? Totally awesome! And love the ferretockricy.

  29. Caitlin says:

    oooh, three new vocabulary words! score!

  30. MamaDawn says:

    So if they have their own couch are they spoiled “wotten”???

  31. AuntieMame says:

    Isn’t there a kitteh picture very similar to this? (Something about wanting to bite your behind, or something like that…)

  32. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, and by the way, “wot” is also an archaic word for “know.”

  33. Patrick says:

    I was already hanging my head in WoW shame when I came to the posts. I had just explained to my partner who they are.

  34. belphebe says:

    I don’t know specifically what “wotting” means, but in context, I’d say it is similar to what North Americans call “dooking”: the funny sound ferrets make when they are having fun.

    Of course, “wotting” could mean something completely different. Not sure what “fwumping” is either, unless that’s the sound one hears when the ferret disappears through the wormhole.

    That does explain why I sometimes hear strange noises at home and can’t find my critters. They’ve fwumped through the wormhole!

  35. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    happy, happy, going-into-wormhole sound.

  36. Raidell says:

    Hah! I LOVE those names you have for them. But is their friendship going to be ruined by one of them going evil?! We will see!!!

    Very cute little shlorping ferret! Have fun on Planet Kneesocks!

  37. ok that is insane because I just watched this on youtube (super cute kitten!)

  38. Arr Arr says:

    Wotting. Hmmmmmmm. Hope it wasn’t a typo, as in WETTING.
    ” … while wetting gleefully.”

  39. JediJen says:

    Ah, Jaina and Arthas, together…for the time being…wotting gleefully. Adorable that they’re named after such epic characters from WoW…and yet, I wonder what Arthas has in store for Jaina in that secret Undercity known as the “rarely used couch.” Anyone have ferrets named Thrall and Sylvanas???

  40. Raemie L. says:

    I’m just amused at the idea of ferrets and kittehs (Arwin3’s vid) using a portal through the middle of the couch. So cute!

  41. Angelbeast says:

    Techno ferrets go dookdookdoook!

  42. marthava says:

    @Arwin3—hysterical vid. That kitteh is WOUND.

  43. my friends ferrets had a secret fort inside a box spring mattress. When she moved we found all her missing socks has been stashed in the box spring by the wee beasties. They are worse than magpies at snatching things and hiding them away.
    but really dang cute

  44. bansheefay says:

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one that noticed the WoW names! It’s amazing that I still knew it even though I have played for a while, atleast not hardcore.

  45. Noooooo, it should be Jaina and Thrall!!! Very cute kneesocks, btw. 😉

  46. cailin aisteach says:

    This is ri-DOOK-ulously cute!

  47. AlexandraT says:


    We also have Sylvanas and Uther. We hope to one day have a Thrall and possibly a Bolvar.

  48. I’d have to have a quick kiss off of the ‘tocks before it disappeared down the couch.

  49. Lol, the idea of a ferret named Illidan made me giggle.

  50. Jaina and Arthas? Good to see I’m not the only WoW nerd who also enjoys Cute Overload.

    ^ /agree

  51. Saint Stryfe says:

    Arthas and Jaina were an item long before her and Thrall. Both being royality, both being powerful warriors in their own rights, they should have been a perfect couple. [Jaina Proudmoore’s Gold Coin] from the fountain in Dalaran proves that to her, Arthas was the one she always loved – the dalliances with Kel’thas Sunstrider and Thrall were just that – dalliances. It makes CoT: Culling of Stratholm all the more sad when you realize that the evil in him has finally taken him over and the Scourge played him like a fiddle.

    LOLWoWLoreNerd stuff aside, adorable.

  52. hon glad says:

    Arthas could you bring out any loose change you find, thanks.

  53. Subhangi says:

    Awww, love the beady eyes!

  54. Where are the knee socks?!

  55. Perderedeus says:

    Arthas and Jaina? Awesome. ❤ Warcraft.

  56. My own little ferrets have made my couch one of their hidey-holes. The little girl loves to pop her head out and nip at unsuspecting pudge.

  57. Fires Long Ago says:

    So cute! I adore ferrets. This whole couch thing reminds me of the scene from Jan Svankmajer’s movie Alice, where the tube socks crawl in and out of the floorboards like caterpillars. (Far too short clip here: http://www.awn.com/heaven_and_hell/svank/svank2.htm)

  58. Yolanda says:

    Had to know what ferrets sound like so I looked it up (love this internets thing)

  59. Had to smile at the ferrets in the couch. Was witness to this a couple of years ago when my husband and I visited his sister in North Carolina.

    Milky Way and Doodles made themselves at home in the couch and would disappear for hours, to pop up later…took us a few days to figure out where they were disappearing too.

    I do have to ask..Do Jaina and Arthas like coffee? Doodles took a nosedive one morning into hubby’s coffee when he got up for something. He came back to me and his sister practically helpless with laughter while Doodles was slurping up coffee like no tomorrow…

    Needless to say, Doodles’ coffee got dumped in the sink. We still don’t know if it made her any more hyper than she was already…

  60. I don’t know that ferrets especially like coffee, but you can’t leave an unattended cup in reach or it will get sluurped, and probably knocked over too unless it’s a heavy cup or glass. They just can’t resist

  61. Minutiae says:

    Ah, this brings back memories. I spent a lot of time fishing my ferrets out of the couch, and they did NOT appreciate being interrupted. Heh.

  62. my ratties used to do this too. i really wanted to let them stay in there and nibble, but i was renting a furnished house and had to keep taking them out.

  63. Banana Possum says:

    Heh. Alex, your ferrets are awesome. Wonder if you’ll read this.

  64. puddlepeppers says:

    Good times!

  65. Chrysanth (Turalyon) says:

    I AM NOT PREPARED for this cuteness *_*

    Nice one naming your girl after the one of the best characters in the game 😀

  66. JaneLame says:

    ADORABLE FERRETS. And I love their names too.

  67. Paunchie says:

    Yolanda – that wotting ferret noise totally tickled my ears!

  68. *dig dig dig*

    *pop head out*

    *dig dig dig*

    *pop tail out*

    Argh. i wonder how it would be like if i own a ferret!

  69. eternalcanadian says:

    eeeeeeeeepppp! fuzzy ferret! so cute!


  71. for the borrrrrred…

  72. Sinamon says:

    @Alexandra T:

    “We also have Sylvanas and Uther. We hope to one day have a Thrall and possibly a Bolvar.”

    Really?! Aw you just made my day! As saddened as I was at that awesome cut scene where Bolvar eats it, I am overjoyed that the spirit of such a noble hero might yet live on in the furry, slinky adorableness of a future ferret of yours! Huzzah to you and your WoW Ferret family.

    p.s. just dont name one Wryn…he’s kind of an ass 😛

  73. wee bum!! 😀 iiieks sooo cute.

  74. No reason to hang your head in WoW shame! My BF and I giggle insanely when we saw their names! Yay FTH! 😀 Now, if only Blizz would catch on and make Arthas so cute in game we’d probably see fewer people rushing to kill him.