It’s Just an Expression!

“… Now, before you do anything rash here, I think I should tell you the phrase ‘bite me’ is just a figure of speech, I don’t mean it litera-AAAAAGHH!”



Nice incisor-on-posterior action captured by Shane Monaghan and found by J.H.



  1. brinnann says:

    😆 Reminds me of Alex & Marty in Madagascar!

    “Do I look like a steak to you?!”


  2. Aww, that’s cute!

  3. brinnann says:

    Oh, and the look on the bitee’s face? Priceless!

  4. zoinks! these pups are cute! the biter is a lil fuzz ball, eh?

  5. chanpon says:

    I have this mental image of the doggie being in a cartoon and seeing his buddy’s hindquarter’s turned into a turkey drumstick or something. 😀

    And then poor doggies who’s being bitten – his eyes tell the whole story.…away…

  6. Maybe this dog’s bite *is* worse than it’s bark.

  7. Von Zeppelin says:

    Nip and Tock

  8. sunnymum says:

    Oweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ZOMG put the camera down and get ‘imoffamenow!!!!!!

  9. wiven57 says:

    Love the whale eye on the first pup’s face!

  10. Nice bite-hance.

  11. skippymom says:

    What kind of pups are these?

  12. Desdemona says:

    Ah, sibling rivalry!

  13. great action-shot cute!!! and von zeppelin, LOL!

  14. It’s a dog eat dog world…

  15. hahahahahaha!!!!

    can we have a close-up of the bulging eye of the first dog as well please!? 🙂

  16. BLEEN MY TOCKS, NUFF! *nomf*

  17. Are these white German Shepherd puppehs?

  18. 260Oakley says:

    Just remember that unless you are the lead dog, the view (not to mention the menu) never changes.

  19. Katrina says:

    Just an expression. How much of an idiot would actually do that? Now we know.

  20. harlemgrrl says:


  21. auntyb – I think the back one is a Great White German Shepherd pup

  22. Just when you think you’re finally clean & everything’s going your way, something stupid comes back to bite you in the ass.

  23. Camille says:

    I’m envisioning a whole chain of them following along behind, each chomping on the prior dog’s behind.

    In fact, that might make a nice wallpaper border.

    [LOL! I’d love to see the in-laws’ faces when they show up for brunch in THAT dining room! – Ed.]

    […who wants hot dogs?? – Ed.]

  24. Gassp! Blassphemy!

  25. Sorry, was that crass?

  26. Kristabelle says:

    You know the sound they always played when Scooby and Shaggy were trying to run, but just running in place first? That’s the sound I hear when I see this picture – only it’s like 2 seconds before the CHOMP!

  27. My Boston Terrier does this to my Pugs all the time. Any way to make them stop doing this????

  28. Mikeyfur says:

    Pyrit! Love the “Great White” shepherd pup line. Very clever…I bet there were a couple of broken lamps by the time these two got through roughhousing.

  29. catloveschanel says:

    He started it! Last thing he said was…. “aw, just bite me…”

  30. KittyKye says:

    Hah! The front doggy’s face is definitely what makes this pic! I agree with #15 Kasia… This needs an Eye-Bulge-Hance on that fella! “Ah-yowch!” 😀

  31. Good hance on the serious chomping action.

  32. Pup1: You want a piece o’me?
    Pup2: Why, yes. Yes, I do!

  33. Paunchie says:

    the best thing to do when something bites you in the ass is to pass gas!

    hey rhymes!

  34. Mud Bug says:

    Pardon me,….
    Does anybody have any Grey PUPon ???

    (Oh stop groaning you know someone had to say it !)

  35. “It’s a dog eat dog world, and I’m wearing Milk Bone underwear.”

  36. Haha!! I love the look of “ZOIKS!” on the chompee’s face. *snort*

  37. berthaservant says:

    Some great startled splayage on display as well. 🙂

  38. Talk about “the hair of the dog that bit you!”

  39. skippymom says:

    How come the coon cat tail comments are closed already?

    [Dunno, I think it was an accident… re-enabled now – Ed.]

  40. Katiedid says:

    Skippymom I noticed that too.. weird…

  41. marthava says:

    @Juno…lol…i immediately thought of that story. Thanks!

  42. @ skippymom: I was wondering the same.

    That’s one heck of a chomp!

  43. I guess this is what they mean when they say, “Get off my back”, or “You’re a pain in the butt”, or “Unhand me, you cur!”, or ……… ‘K, I staup naow!

  44. Katrina says:

    Mud Bug, thank you for your civic service, and service to humanity, for that matter!

  45. Theresa, that was one of my brother’s favorite quotes!

  46. Katrina says:

    Theresa and ShelleyTambo – Ouch!

  47. Theresa – “Norm!”

  48. “Norman!”

  49. “You old poop!”

  50. Mike D. says:

    its been properly noted already but bears repeating coz its so awesome:
    note the “ dude?” look in the eyes of pup #1.

  51. Uh-Oh. Theresa, you didn’t mean the scary “Norman!”, did you?
    Did you?
    ‘course not.
    Silly me.

  52. Pyrit, do you mean Spiny Norman?

  53. Ba ha ha ha!
    No, I meant… ah ha ha ha…!
    whew! hee hee hee…
    Spoiny will do very nicely!

  54. With thighs and buttocks that cute, someone had to take a bite eventually !

  55. Leilani says:

    Feets, don’t fail me now!

  56. puddlepeppers says:

    Pyrit and Theresa…Can’t stop laughing!

  57. BOLT? Is that you?

  58. That dog will learns never tpo say again bite me lol
    love the pic XD

  59. there’s so much cuteness to love in this one. 🙂

  60. hon glad says:

    Ow, Ow, Charlie bit me and it hurt.

  61. I guess dogs have very little grasp of metaphor.

    [But such a firm grasp of haunch! – Ed.]

  62. Diana Adamek. says:

    Lovely White German Shepherd pups.
    I have two W.G.S. A 3 year old bitch & and an 8 month old Long hair male.

  63. jackie31337 says:

    My college roommate learned the same way not to say “bite me” to me. 😉

  64. Ha, silly me, I thought the phrase was “dog eat dog”, not bite me :)! but either works with this spectacular puppeh action pic!

  65. Origamigryphon says:

    These two remind me of two Mini-Bolts! Just need the black lightning bolt drawn there..gimme a sec..*takes out Sharpie*

  66. love the crazeeeeeeeeee eyes

  67. anastasia says:

    agghghghghgh! oh noes! the eyes! bite me! whoever makes a comment after me, they have to say “bite me” in it, and the person after that person has to say it too and so on and so forth.

  68. Gigabyte me!

    [That means, let’s see, we need to byte Pyrit 1,024 times? Or is it 1,024 x 1,024? Whuff… – Ed.]

  69. Jewelia says:

    Can we pleaze have a close-up of the victim? I luff his expression!

  70. They is Bolts!

    [Aww, yer nuts. 😉 – Ed.]

  71. hey, that kind of looks like a soft kronsche…

  72. Jennifer says:

    They look just like Bolt!

  73. Or,how about this exchange?: Marty: Excuse me, you’re biting my butt! Alex:No, i’m not!