Sender-Inner Courtney says: “My dog found this little dude hanging around our fire bowl (no, it wasn’t lit!). We called the wildlife rescue people and they told us to just put it back and cover it up with the fluff left around the nest. I saw the mama bunny this evening so I hope this baby makes it. I LOVE HIM!!! Seriously, I cannot stress enough how cute he is. Really.”


And now, for your viewing pleasure:



Yes, Courtney, we’d like you to update us on his progress. Only if it’s good news, though.


  1. Hi!

    I loved this picture too! I know this site is a cute, cheery place and constant stories of dead and sick animals would be gloomy. But since we heard the first part of this story I can’t see why we wouldn’t like an update of the bunny even if she/he doesn’t stay well. Or is that just me?

  2. Peanutcat says:


  3. Ohhhhh, so adorable! I hope he/she makes it and Momma Bunny will come back and take care of her baby!!

  4. Hey, where’s the teeny-tiny-nub-of-a-tail-hance?

  5. Is that a little tail I see?

  6. chanpon says:

    Dagnab it! Why does such cuteness not errantly wander into my living space??

  7. @chanpon – that’s EXACTLY how i feel!!!

  8. Victoria says:

    go grab him!! they’re telling you that because they can’t legally tell you to keep him. he WILL die if you leave him out there. go, go, go, go get him!!!!!

  9. WendyPinNJ says:

    Awwww, such little bitty bunny cuteness. The FINGERS! Sending good vibes to baby bunny and hoping mommy comes back.

  10. Headtail says:

    Look at the sweet little guy honk-shu. I want to kiss the bunny fingers!

  11. Von Zeppelin says:

    (Snoooooooze) Too young to disapprove of anything. It’s all good for this little guy.

  12. Melissa says:

    Please DO NOT go get him! Wild baby bunnies are VERY VERY DELICATE. They will die given half the chance. Only mother bunnies can raise them properly. Domesticated buns are raised to interact with humans and both lack the fright of them and have the hardiness to be raised by humans. Wild baby buns WILL DIE if you take them in.

    They are absolutely anerable, but leave the mothering to the mom bun.

  13. Janice and "Ralph" the Wonder Llama says:

    We don’t know he’s gonna die out there, Victoria. Momma Bunny has been sighted in the vicinity. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she takes good care of her wandering baby. :-)

    Though I would keep an eye on him just in case Momma can’t/doesn’t follow through.

  14. Katrina says:

    Give the little fella some warm stuff to be in (hay, dry grass, whatever) and leave him/her to Momma bunny, right where you found him/her. It is the way it is supposed to be. Mommas only come by for babies, they don’t stay with them like chickens on a nest. It is ok if babeh is safe from water and dogs, etc. Good luck sleeping through the night. Put a blanket over you. Nite-nites! Give us an update tomorrow, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, please. We have had enough of these on CO to be big peeps, but we are curious and we DO care, and we’ll be here for YOU.

  15. I LOVE HIM too!

    Guess how much I love him!

    (No, go on, guess!)

  16. Courtney, you definitely have to update us on this little sweetiepie! Baby buns are the MOST adorable baby animals (their teeny tailios are especially cute.) Katrina is correct, the mother buns do not stay with their nests–since they are prey animals, they tend to stay away from their babies during the day to not draw predators there. If there was fluff in the nest area, then that is where the mom will go. Either way, my two little bunnies and I are eager to hear your update!

  17. fionnmhaith says:

    Good luck with the wee buns… Please send an update.

    *Meg* Firebowl = alternative to a firepit… it sits up on legs basically…. you can cook marshmallows on it… just enjoy the fire, etc. :)

  18. (GASP!!)

  19. lucy's mommeh says:

    Babeh will be fine. Same thing happened with my sis, she found a bunny bebeh & I told her exactly that. Put the baby back. It was gone the next day, mommy came & got it.

  20. Want, want! That is the cutest lil bunny evah!

  21. Peanutcat says:

    Mama bunnies are a bit strange sometimes. I remember the time I was “elder-sitting” a gentleman, and a Mama bun built a nest, fluff and all, not ten feet from the back door, which was where everyone went in and out. Why she built it so close to where people walked everyday, I don’t know, but I made sure to but some lettuce leaves and carrots and stuff out for her from time to time. She kept them there for a week or two before she moved them

  22. He’s just a little baby thing but he’s already gt the disapproval down pat; I’m surprised none of the other commenters noticed,

  23. Peanutcat, it is possible that the Mama bunny saw no danger to her babies since she saw that the humans basically ignored the nest :) You giving her a little food for her to keep up her strength and milk for her babies also added to her feeling of being safe :)

  24. Just when I think I can’t handle any more cuteness, this site goes all out and plays the bun-card. I’m officially overloaded with cute!

    I have an adult cat about 4 years old and weighs about 3 lbs. She is the right weight
    for her small size. She is an indoor kitty only.
    She has developed a stuffed up nose. She sounds like someone with a congested nose. That is the only spytom she has..
    Other then that she seems healthy, eating and drinking well and has not lost weight.
    None of our other cats have gotten sick.
    All I can find is info. on respertory infections.
    Any one have info. on what might be going on or perhaps web links.
    I need to take her to our vets but for my peace of mind would like to know more.
    Faith is such a petite kitty that I’m over protective. Please feel free to email me.
    I’m posting this here because of what a great sense of community we all feel here.

    [Your best bet would be to use the internet to look up the phone number of a veterinary clinic near you, then call them & ask. Really. - Ed.]

  26. Headtail says:

    Alexa – it could be allergies. My cat snorts and snores all the time – the vet gave him an allergy shot once, but said unless he was having trouble breathing he would be ok.

  27. puddlepeppers says:

    Teresa…glad to hear about momma bunny safety. Approving!

  28. I only want to hear good new about this precious little package

  29. No way.
    NO way.
    I did NOT just see that babeh bunneh.

    Nope. Didn’t.
    Can’t be.

  30. puddlepeppers says:

    honey bun

  31. @Fionnmhaith THANK YOU for the definishe of “firebowl”.

    Who knew?

  32. Meg, I think it’s a Midwestern thing. On our street, some families are in the habit of having firebowl campfires right in their driveways, with lawn chairs & beer. Then they pack it all up into the garage afterwards. I don’t really get it.

  33. soxfan413 says:

    Alexa, I’m trying to imagine a 3 pound adult cat.
    [Yeah, no kidding... 8O - Ed.]

    Any pics? And lots of vets don’t mind if you just call with questions, especially since you’re bringing her in anyway. I’d try that route. Sending well-wishes for her.

    The baby bun’s mom is still around. It’ll be fine. So so cute.

  34. That is about the sweetest softest looking thing I’ve ever seen. My brain just melted… I hope hope hope baby bun is ok, please update!!!

  35. Subhangi says:

    Awwwww, so pweshus!

    And please update us, no matter what kind of news it is.

  36. There will be a problem. If you or any human has touched the Bun-bun, it now holds your scent. A mother Bun will abandon and sometimes act very agressively towards it. To them, it is no longer regarded as their own once the smell is not theirs.

    [This is a MYTH. It's how parents scare their uncareful, emotionally-fragile children out of picking up backyard babies, to avoid the inevitable tragedy. So I'd say the reasoning behind it is sound, but the method is misguided. - Ed.]

    [UPDATE -- "TW" has included a good link below, on this topic. - Ed.]

    Please keep an eye out on the bun, and see if the mother has not abandonned it.
    If your dog finds the Bun-Bun again it’s a sure sign Mommy Bun has abandonned it and it need help feeding asap.

    (From a Bun lover, and owner).
    Take care, and I hope the baby Bun will be okay.. they are adorable!!

  37. Oh please do keep us updated!
    And don’t let any cats or dogs harm that precious little bebeh!

  38. Thank you for putting it back! That’s its best chance for survival :)

  39. Alexa, definitely call your vet–they’ll know exactly what to do. (My vet calls one of my little bunnies “Snortin’ Norton” because he had a cold when he was a baby and as a result now makes a kind of snuffly-purring sort of sound when he is happy. It’s pretty amusing.) :)

  40. Be very sure Mom has abandoned him before you do anything. If he is in the same place tomorrow or if you can find him nearby, check and see if his tummy is round – if so he has been fed. If he looks thin and wrinkly, you may need to call the experts.

  41. soxfan413 says:

    Aw, geeze V. It’s not true that animal moms will reject their offspring if humans have touched them. They still know their babies and love them.

  42. berthaservant says:

    Actually, Soxfan, it is true. (Not necessarily, of course). Animals abandon their offspring all the time, particularly if they think it is weak or diseased. I hope this baby bunny makes it, of course, and it looks like Courtney has done the right thing, so hopefully we get a happy ending. But let’s not delude ourselves into thinking we can just touch baby animals willy-nilly because animals “love” their babies in some way that overrides millions of years of evolutionary wiring.

    And Alexa, there’s no way for us to know how to help your cat — call a vet, and you’ll get an answer much quicker and rest much easier. :-)

  43. hon glad says:

    What ever you do, Bunnny Momeh will disapprove.

  44. gravyboat says:

    Good luck, wee bun!

  45. i think firebowls are for people who want bonfires but cannot have them because of the laws in the city. our friend had one and i think she said they are suppose to keep the flame below the rim. it was a nice alternative, and prob what i’ll be getting in the future ’cause i don’t want to move out to the country! :)

  46. jivanmuktauk says:

    I would comment but it could only be heard by dogs and dolphins, my squee just went so high pitch! x

  47. Starlinguk says:

    Shouldn’t that be “I loff heem”?

    I’m just sayin’


  49. What darling prosh perfection eyebrow!!!

    One spring I uncovered the gas grill after a long winter. A mama mouse had a fluffy nest full of pink neked bebees in there. I closed the lid quick, but she was scrambling with them, one after another, out the vent hole and under the deck. Next day I checked – the abandoned nest was made from my dog’s fluffy undercoat. We had been brushing her out on the deck for a couple of weeks.

  50. I’m pretty sure I ovulated when I saw the pictures of this sweet little bun! Thanks, Courtney, for watching out for this little guy!

  51. I N E E D A N U P D A T E , S T A T ! !

    I won’t rest until I know what became of heem, good or bad… :-(

  52. Mind his little fontanel.

  53. Rabbit facts from a wildlife rehabbiter. http://hopline.org/rabbit-health-and-care/what-do-i-do-if-i-find-a-wild-rabbit/

    Regarding the scent thing, just because you touched it doesn’t necessarily mean the mother will abandon the bunny due to your scent being around, but it is best just to keep your hands offa da bun unless you are certain they are orphaned or injured.

  54. Katiedid says:

    alexa- My cat that turned 1 right about now (we dont know their birthday because they were rescued) weigh more then 3lbs. and they are still pretty small. One is even the runt. I don’t see how a 4 year old cat weighs only 3lbs. When you take her to the vet you should probably ask about her weight and have the vet test for worms just to be safe. Also, make sure to keep her separate from your other kitties. Dont want them catching it or making her upset or stressed by having them around while she is sick. Hope she gets better :-)

  55. Katiedid says:

    *cats that turned 1…. sorry :-S

  56. Kristabelle says:

    I hope zee bunny makes it. Too tiny!!!

  57. Courtney says:

    Bebeh bunneh update: Still doing well! Momma bunny has been taking good care of him. He’s well covered with some grass and bunny fur and she seems to be coming around a lot. I just have to watch my doggy because he wants to keep checking to see if the bunny is ok. =) We keep our distance because we don’t want to scare Mrs. Bunny away.

  58. Courtney says:
  59. Yay, Courtney!! Thanks so much for the update. That’s great to hear. :)

  60. Courtney says:
  61. Peeps, y’know we can only give updates if we get updates. Just sayin’.

  62. Thanks, Courtney!! Yay for baby bun and mom! I didn’t realize how teeny tiny that little bebeh is until I saw those other pictures – yikes, he (she?) is tiny!!!!

  63. Paunchie says:

    I loff heem tooo!! awww

    And I want a firebowl! With lawn chairs and beer, please. Sounds good to me!

  64. Courtney says:

    Amy, I’m pretty sure it’s a he. When I was checking it to make sure the pup didn’t harm it, I think I saw the tiniest of bunny balls. ;)

  65. Kathleen in Canada says:

    I’m glad to hear the bunny’s doing well. I was reading recently that the mother bunny only needs to nurse her babies once a day so a baby might seem abandoned (aka Mom hasn’t been there for hours) when it’s just normal behaviour for them.

  66. Janice and "Ralph" the Wonder Llama says:

    “Fire Bowl” makes more sense that what we call them–a Fire Pit. Since fireplaces are illegal in our area we sometimes do use a fire pit outside just to be able to enjoy the sight and smell of a burning fire.

    And so glad that Momma Bun is taking care of this baby! TW, thanks for the link. :-) Now I know what to do if I’m ever lucky enough to be invaded by wild rabbits!

  67. zeldapie says:

    Rabbits make good mamas!
    If Mama is around, the baby will be fine. (And they only visit the nest twice a day, generally, to quickly feed the babies. Then they hang out elsewhere, so they don’t draw attention to the nest.)

  68. Kathleen says:

    Before I go any further on my post, please note that the behbehs in my story are all OK. :)

    I was out mowing a few summers ago and went around this small tree that was in our backyard (has since been dug up and re-planted elsewhere). After I was all done mowing, I was walking back across the yard and noticed a small pile of loose fur under the small tree. When I reached down to pick it up (thinking it was dog hair that blew into our yard), 4 teeny tiny bunnies tried to hop out (they didn’t – they couldn’t even see yet).

    I spent the next 20 minutes nearly dry-heaving in the corner thinking about what could have happened. I covered the nest back up and placed 2 little twigs on top to make sure I could tell the next day if the mama came back (she did). They were all gone a few days later.

    To this day, I still do a sweep check of my yard before I mow. : S

  69. Sunshine says:

    Oh no!!! Now that you’ve removed it from the nest and handled it, the mother will NEVER take it back! The bunny cozy will be a dead giveaway that hoomans have interacted with it! All the other buns will shun it for its stylish sweater!

    What, like none of you all looked at it and thought, “OMGBUNNEHBABEHMUSTKNITSWEATUH”


    (And seriously, I’m sure the mother will love her babeh and feed and poop it and wash it and stuffs. Props to the bunneh resQters for making sure bunboy was safe and stuff.)

  70. Kathleen – Same thing happened to our family more than once when we were growing up. The grass would get so long a family of bunbuns would sprout up, only to be discovered while mowing. Miraculously, not a single bun was ever harmed by the mower! Thank God!

  71. If we’re sharing tips here’s one I got from a bun breeder when I had a bun having little buns: Stay away as much as possible and use rubber gloves if you need to handle the baby buns when they are very little. The mother might hurt them otherwise. It’s possible that this mostly goes for the time before they even hve fur, though so don’t worry too much if you made a mistake.

  72. sunnymum says:

    I feel like I just rode an emotional roller coaster reading this thread of comments. THANK GOODNESS the little one is okay! Sheesh that’s a cute one… took my breath away! And I will now be combing the lawn before I ever cut it again! Although I think mama buns are too smart to have a nest of bebehs next to anything that even resembles my neighbors. ;)

  73. Katrina says:

    Gee, I hate the smell of rubber gloves, just sayin’.
    The mother bunny will not necessarily abandon the bebehs. But don’t fool around with them, just put them back all nicely tucked in warming fodder and GO AWAY!
    Momma-lehh will come back.
    Theo- can we have this as some part of the Glossary- *sheesh*.
    So glad the nummiebun is fine. Yes, that is correct, she touched them and the Momma is still caring for them, just try not to bother them, please? You wouldn’t want someone to come into your nursery and pick up your baby. I know I wouldn’t.

  74. Courtney – hee hee, bunny balls!!! Thanks so much for watching over baby bunster for all us COers out here. I can’t believe how teenily cute that little guy is, anyone guess how old he is in those photos?

  75. Sister Francis says:

    If you saw his mama he probably will be just fine! I volunteer at wildlife rehab and only take in baby critters if we’re sure he’s been orphaned. With Mama is the best place for him to be!

  76. Bunny Hugger says:

    I had a baby rabbit for a couple of weeks. Someone took it from the nest. It showed great promise, gained weight, but died in its sleep anyway. I hear that is what happens to all wild rabbits. Hope you put her back in the nest!

  77. “Bunny balls”????!!!

  78. OMIGOSH!!!! Peter Rabbit as an infant….(I knew there were pictures of him around somewhere) Just don’t let the paparazzi get ahold of these pics; I’ve heard they can command about a millyun dollars or moar……! :roll:

  79. Most rabbit babies stay babies a very short time. They are on their own in just a couple of weeks — I remember reading that at least one type of hare only feeds the young a few times and they’re tending themselves.
    This may be a way of protecting them because predators will track momma rabbit and have an appetizer if they get the chance.

  80. Kristabelle says:

    Glad to hear minibun is ok!

    I 2nd the emotional roller coaster of this thread – almost mowing over baby buns would be horrifying!!!

  81. berthaservant says:

    Thanks for the update Courtney!!!

  82. Starlinguk says:

    Geoff, you’re confusing rabbits with hares (jackrabbits), they’re completely different animals. Actually, I’m wondering if this bebeh is a hare? Rabbits tend to give birth in holes and have nekkid bebehs. Hares give birth in “lairs” and give birth to fuzzy bebehs.

  83. YAY! So glad to hear that the baby bun is doing well and mama bun hasn’t abandoned it! WOO!

  84. Courtney, thanks a million for the update! Glad to hear that Momma Bun is on the case. (BTW, the teeny huevos don’t actually descend until the buns are older, so it is actually pretty hard to tell the sex until they are a little older. I had a friend who has show bunnies (of all things) and she named a little baby Joy because she was completely sure that Joy was a girl. Several weeks later, it became clear that Joy was, in fact, a boy! I’m sure he’s in Bunny Therapy somewhere now…)

  85. fionnmhaith says:

    @ Meg You’re welcome ^_^ Glad I could help!

  86. WendyPinNJ says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMG! COURTNEY! Who knew that little bitty bunneh was so damned little bitty. The hand tells the whole story. There was no context when the babeh was on the pretty white blankey! I’d have a hard time not putting that tiny, sweet, itty, bitty morsel right in my mouf and eating it for dessert!

    So glad to hear s/he is doing well! Phew!

    Nikki, I’m pretty sure you mean cajones, no? Huevos are eggs.

    [It's "cojones" and you can use either term to mean, y'know, big brass ones. Grapes, stones, nads... - Ed.]

  87. BabyOpossum says:

    Huevos is slang for…well…cojones. (Cajones = drawers.)

    Go bun-bun!

  88. I am glad that the baby bunny is doing fine, Courtney :)

  89. Keep us posted! I’m glad tiny bun is ok.

  90. Starlinguk says:


    Sorry …

  91. My cat once brought a litter of bebeh buns in through the catflap one by one. We couldn’t find Mrs. Bun so we had to call the game warden. :-(

    Allergies in cats, I learned something new. :)
    Called our Vet.
    Before appt.- did some reading up on subject.
    At our Vets- blood work done, stool sample, all over physcal.
    we left Faith there for the morning. came back to get results and Faith.
    All is normal except that she has narrow sinus passages which the Vet said makes it more difficult to filter the air she breaths in, PLUS we have a ton of pollen from our pine trees in the spring.
    A tiny pill for a tiny cat, a follow up visit this Friday.
    After Vets- moms much relieved, Faith is miffed and in a major snit.

  93. Katrina says:

    Oh, cat snits, aren’t any fun, Twitchy tail and all?. Good luck weathering it. She’ll come around……

  94. Awwwwwww. It’s so tiny! Did you check it out after that? If it’s abandoned it would be a low chance of survival. You might want to take care of it if it’s abandoned. Poor cute little thing.


  96. beatrice says:

    he is cute!

  97. jswesner says:

    Yeah, since she didn’t put it back and got her scent on it, the Momma won’t return and there is no way that she will be able to save it. Sorry!. If the eyes and ears aren’t open yet…leave it alone.

  98. Robin N says:

    Awwww wook at the wittle finnurs!!!! Him soooo cute!!!

    I do hope he made it!