Waffles grabbed a bee

Poor Waffles the kitteh.

He was just cattin’ around, mindin’ his own beeswax when suddenly he crossed paths…


With a bee!


LOL, Wary Meyers and Sender-Inner Bling Blong!



  1. chet, ruby, and miaoux's mommeh says:

    owie! waffles is stunned!

  2. Awww. : (

  3. oh no 😦 poor kitteh paw

  4. waffles is one of the best names ever! poor lil kitty! extra treats and pets for you, brave waffle!

  5. poor thing… but he looks cute

  6. Oh noes! Poor Waffles.

  7. Oh noes, poor toes.
    I agree that Waffles is an awesome name.
    But what is better, the name Waffles or the face on that cat?
    Get well soon, Waffles.

  8. Awww. Poor thing! Hope he’s getting better.

    *pat waffle’s head*
    *kiss waffle’s paw*

  9. noooo!
    Is that true or does Waffles have asymmetrical paws?

  10. Oh noes. Not the dreaded bigpaw!

  11. claudia says:

    Waffles, my main cat! Slap five!

  12. Joan carlson says:

    Geez – I hope they took him to the vet!!!
    That looks dangerously inflamed, poor kit – owee

  13. Paunchie says:

    Poor kittaye!

  14. Evangeline & Lilliane's Mum says:

    Aww, Waffles! I do hope he recovers quickly too, poor dearling. Extra treats for him, please. He looks like he’s doing all right, but the my first thought was “owie owie owie!!”

  15. Awww, poor baby kitty paw-paw. Give that kitty some tuna for saving the world from a mean ol’ bee!

    (I can’t help but snort over the sight of the disproportional paw, though, as long as he was OK in the long run of course.)

  16. Aww, Waffles, I kiss your paw, there, is it all better now? I’m sympathetic, I’m allergic to bee stings.

  17. D:

    Man, that’s horrible. Poor thing.

    Where is the cute in this? A cat in pain is not cute. At all. Epic fail.

  18. Poor Waffles! My foot looked like that too after I stepped on a bee. Only my foot wasn’t furry.

  19. TLC Special: Cat with world’s biggest paw!

  20. It’s absolutely hilarious and anyone who says otherwise has no appreciation for the absurdities of our world.

    a swift recovery to ye, waffles.

  21. Ow, poor Waffles! I hope that swelling goes down very soon indeed. 😥

  22. I’m sorry for the reason, but that is one cool looking paw there Waffles.

    Thank goodness he doesn’t look in too much pain.

  23. Is there such a thing as kitty Benedryl? I think the poor little guy could use some!

    Get well soon, Waffles.

  24. The poor bugger!

  25. claudia says:

    My 13 year old laughed and laughed… and squealed how cute kitty looked. THEN she screamed “OH MY GAWD WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FOOT?”

    She thought his face was the reason for picture posted, and noticed his paw afterword lol.

  26. AWWWW I’m terribly allergic to bee’s, and had I been around with a Kitteh Epi-Pen I woulda helped him out!

  27. Aww…he looks bewildered at his disproportionate paw, poor darling…

    Definitely a “cute or sad” pic!

  28. NutellaNutterson says:

    I love how everyone is all “Poor kitty!” What about the poor bee who DIED for Waffle’s momentary pleasure in hunting him? Hm? THINK OF THE BEES!

  29. berthaservant says:

    You just beat me to it, Nutella. I was thinking about the poor scared bee who was just flyin’ around and then AHHH WAFFLES!!!!

  30. kittybeans says:

    sure it’s a little pain, not unlike having an itchy insect bite. but it is a bit cute to have a huge paw for a little while. we would never WANT them to get stung, but if they go around batting bees, well, we can benefit from a bit of oohing and gushing over a swollen paw.

    BTW, i think my cat’s paw was cuter when it got swollen. i should have sent it in. i did just now i think it’s too late. 😦

  31. China's Human says:

    We had a dog that ate a bee once. It stung him on the inside of his mouth and his upper lip ended up looking like Waffles’ foot and was rock hard! Fortunately for Waffles the swelling will go down eventually!
    Hope you feel better soon Waffles – perhaps not too soon though. The swollen foot should garner a little extra TLC from your humans!

  32. Poor kitty but he looks like he has always been like that XD
    hope his paw gets better

  33. gravyboat says:

    I was petting my big alpha puss marmie-style bundle of sass (his name is Arson) when I noticed that one of his front boots was enlarged just like poor ol’ Waffles. I rushed him hysterically to the emergency vet who ended up telling me that it was a common infection and not to worry. Then he charged me $180. I propose the theory that Mr. Waffles was NOT the victim of some tard-o bee.

  34. Aw hahah. All kitties need big feet like that! It will make them sturdier. When I first looked at the photo, I was more fixated on his mouth, and didn’t even notice his enlarged footie. He looks like he has a little brown seashell in his mouth.

  35. Oh, noes! Poor Waffles (though that may be the best name ever).

    He’s better now, yes?

  36. hon glad says:

    How offell for waffle.

  37. That happened to Mimine a few years back… Called the vet who suggested ice for a few hours. She was soooo cute with her little ice bag on the paw, she was staying there, “enjoying” the treatment ~ the only bad things is that she’s not hunting flies anymore 😦

  38. Poor fat foot kitty!

  39. Kallisto says:

    Awww, Waffles! Poor cat! I’ll kiss it and make it better.
    But I have to admit, the big paw looks cool.
    I had no idea bee stings could do that to cats. To allergics, yes, but to cats? Or is he allergic?

  40. jackie31337 says:

    karenm Is there such a thing as kitty Benedryl? I think the poor little guy could use some!

    I seem to remember my mom being told by the vet to give our dog children’s benadryl once when I was a kid. I can’t remember what it was to treat.

  41. Starlinguk says:

    If Waffles is anything like our George, he probably brought it upon himself! We have one plant that attracts lots of insects, and George thinks it’s his personal playground.

  42. Aaaw, the same thing happened to my kitteh several times; he used to like trying to catch bees but I think he learnt his lesson…
    His face ouffed up sometimes too. It looked pretty hilarious, and he never seemed to mind that much…

  43. essensual says:

    He was trying to make waffle with honey…better stick to maple syrup next time! Poor thing!

  44. I like how his eyes exactly match his fur.

    The swollen paw looks a bit like a catcher’s mitt.

  45. Aw, one huge foot! I think it gives him character.

  46. So that would be Bigfoot then? Poor BabyX

  47. Oh no! Poor kitty. I hope the swelling goes down soon! But I have to admit that the largeness of his paw is adorable, and I wish that all kitty paws were that big!

  48. Oh my god soooo sad!! Poor kitteh! He does look totally oblivious to the fact he has a massive paw tho, how curious!

    Kinda reminds me of that Foo Fighters video for “Everlong”

  49. Katrina says:

    I remember from my long-distant past a very polydactal puddy named Waffles- his paw print looked liked a waffle. Bee stings are just a part of a puddy’s life, I’m afraid- especially when a fearless puddy goes after everything that moves- Luurkensproinged by a Bee- “Oh, Father, the shame, the shame”.

  50. Poor thing! It is kinda cute though…

  51. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    sweet thing, at least it wasn’t your face. did you learn your lesson?

  52. good old whatshername says:

    Holy cow! Poor Waffles, I will feed you the salmon from my sushi.

  53. metsakins says:

    Miss Huggums did that once. The funny thing is I don’t remember what it looked like so much as I remember our neighbor hysterical laffing looking at it. Miss Huggums didn’t seem hurt and it went down after a day.

  54. Aw, poor Waffles! Sorry for the “owie”paw but you look like a well-cared for kitty, so I bet your are getting a little extra attention during your recovery! (Milk it for all it’s worth, cute kitty!)

  55. aww, poor kitteh!

  56. Jezebel says:

    Where’s his other Ugg?

  57. This post has somehow achieved a previously never-attained mathematical enigma: equal parts funny and sad. Exactly equal. I was, like, “LOL aw LOL awww LOL aww!”

  58. Aw, poop Paddlepaw! (That’s what we called my dear departed Toby when he had a similar injury.)

    My dear departed Ludmilla ate a bee once. She was sick to her tummy for a day, then she was fine.

  59. chanpon says:

    Awww, Waffles caught a bee, and apparently the bee caught Waffles right back. *snerk* Since he’s sitting up, presumably it’s not bad enough that he can’t put weight on it. Hugs & kisses for Waffles. *smooches*

  60. @China’s Human: We used to have a dog who had bee-killing down to an art form. She would catch the bee in her teeth, destroy it, and leave it on the ground for us to sweep up. Never got stung. It was really entertaining to watch…

    I hope kitteh gets better soon!

  61. Owie! Poor Waffles….

  62. What, no Interspecies Snorgling tag? 😉

  63. My reaction was the same as @Wolfie’s! I can laugh because the same thing happened to me once – a wasp got caught in my sandal and stung my foot 4 times. The difference in size of my feet was about the same as for poor Waffles but the swelling went down eventually. I only wish I had looked as cute.

  64. Isn’t meat tenderizer a treatment for bee stings? Assuming of course that they wouldn’t try to lick it off.

  65. JussyLee says:

    I think this belongs in “cute or sad”..

    [It already is! – Ed.]

  66. OK I redid the rest of his feet so they match!
    He should also be renamed as WTFfles.

  67. @Pheas: HA!

    Poor kitty, but he’s soaking up the attention, I think. 🙂 That piteous face…

  68. Angelbeast says:

    Poor kitty. Aww.

    and Rofl @ fafi,

    OMG took cute or sad to epic LOLs there

  69. Those bewts were made for pawin’ bees, Angelbeast!

  70. EvilStepQueen says:

    That paw cracks me up! I had a dog who was stung by a spider in her snout, she looked like Snoopy, big poofy snout area, she was ok, needed extra lovin’s and she recovered fully! Feel better Waffles!

  71. marthava says:

    @fafi…what an hysterical pic!!! LOL!!!

  72. TheGreatKatzini says:

    For all those worrying about waffles: Both our kittehs enjoy batting bees and after Tasha got stung (her paw looked really spectacular, since she’s a mitten cat), we inquired with our vet who ensured us that the swelling usually goes down pretty fast… nothing to worry about.
    So I can still smile about the pic. *kisses Waffles paw*

  73. Aww, poor Waffles.

  74. Marianne says:

    aw poor baby! indeed, the gigantor paw will be cute until it heals, and then hopefully Waffles will have learned his lesson!

  75. Laura M Shellhase says:

    fafi — that is the cutest thing EVER!!!!

  76. LOL@fafi! Waffles is a feline M. Piedlourde!

  77. AlbertaGirl says:

    Yes! Mr. Heavyfoot FTW!

    Oh, and poor Waffles. I want to kiss that big old paw.

  78. Thompsrl says:

    Poor little guy!

    This is why I worry about my cats’ (yes, four of them) obsession with bees and bugs. All my kids will hunt are bugs and bees. Two of them are Maine Coons. They have huge feet anyway and, no doubt, they’ll have feet the size to match a full grown Yeti if they’re stung!

  79. Kristabelle says:

    Poor Waffles! Hope you feels better soon!!! mwah on your swollen paw!

  80. What a totally adorable cat. The swollen paw looks in proportion with his chubby face, and the normal paw looks shrunken!

  81. Lifecoach says:

    OMG It’s bigfoot in disguise!

  82. it happened to my cats too, but just not as big.

  83. Katiedid says:

    waffles!!! *kiss paw*
    At least your paw looks like the hamburger helper guy now hehe…
    Get better waffles!! :-*

  84. Oh no!!

  85. bless his little heart. i know how rough that can be. one of my dogs manages to eat one in the spring and fall and her nose does the same thing.

  86. can a cat paw even get that big????

  87. ouch!
    poor wafflie

  88. Hay pobresito :/

  89. Marjorie says:

    Awwww…looks like Waffles will be going for a trip to the vet. Poor kitty.

  90. wiven57 says:

    I can just picture the scene leading up to this…
    Waffles: “Ooooh a little moving stripey buzzing thing. I shall bat at it!!” *whapwhapwhap*
    Bee: “Zomg a giant furry battering ram! Must…get…away…”
    Waffles: “Still moving. Must bat it some more!” *whapwhapwhap*
    Bee: “Must…sacrifice self…to protect…hive!” *STING*
    Waffles’ paw: *FOOF*
    And we know the rest of the story.

  91. Susannie says:

    Lol, sorry Waffles..but you do look mighty hilarious. And in my defence, I did laugh when my mother was stung in her lower lip making her a duck. I don’t think I’m evil (but then again…how would I know ;))

  92. Poor Waffles!

    I hope they took him to a vet right away to get some help. That foot looks extremely painful!

  93. Lisa Lisa says:

    I didn’t even notice his paw until I looked down and saw the enchance! Hahahahaha – then I laughed my butt off. His paw is HUGE! Poor little baby!

  94. Poor, poor little Waffles! My foot has looked like that as well, and it is no fun. I too hope that this little one got some vet care right away.

  95. LOL, fafi, I expected that you’d made the wounded paw small again, but this was much funnier!

    And Pheas, HUGE THANKS for the Kids in the Hall flashback. Ahh, the good old days of the Chicken Lady and Monsieur Piedlourde… (I wonder if, in the second clip, viewers noticed that the year had changed on the banner?)

  96. What a sad face on poor Waffles… (who will NEVER go near a bee again!)

    A good remedy for the non-allergic is baking soda & water mixed into a paste and put on the site of the sting.

    Always remember to NEVER EVER give critters human medicines without consulting the VET FIRST. (some human medicines are VERY bad for furry kids…)

    [Like aspirin, for instance – Ed.]

  97. shannomo says:

    Waffles needs some Benadryl! Bees is no for playing.

  98. As has been mentioned, Waffles is an excellent name.

  99. This picture breaks my heart!!!! I just want to make it all better for him!!!

  100. Wolfie, I loved KITH. I’m enjoying it again via Netflix. I think the headcrusher has got to be my favorite recurring character, but some of the one-time sketches were my absolute faves. Funny, funny dudes.

  101. A former teacher of mine once told us that his dog curiously licked a half-dead bee on the floor, and it stung him right in the tongue. A quick call to the vet recommended hydrocortizon. And they say curiosity kills cats…

  102. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Pheas, have you caught Little Britain? Kind of KITH meets Monty Python.

    And….My boss has a cat named Mr. Waffles. He didn’t know he had it for a couple of weeks. His wife wanted to see if he was really as allergic as he thought he was…:)

  103. Paunchie says:

    Mr. Head Crusher!! LOL I’m crushing your head!

    I loved those guys.

  104. Lucy’s Mommeh, I don’t know about Little Britain but will definitely check it out.

  105. It’s incredible how fast a limb will swell up after a bee-bite, to ginormous proportions;
    That happened to my hand… 😥 But if my cat were ever stung, she would have to be immobilized with a towel before the ice-pack could be applied…(How do I know? because I have to wrap her up everyday like that before I can put the hairball prevention sticky stuff medicine on her tongue: and that is after I have to go under my bed with a flashlight and mop to rout her out and catch her…..Every…..single….day….. 😯 )

  106. nidarasheed says:

    This happened to my cat, Charlie, a few weeks ago. A bee got into the house, he waged war, and lost. The paw looked exactly likes Waffles. He wasn’t in any pain though, and going about his normal business even when it was swollen to its maximum size. The doc gave some anti-allergy meds, and it went down after a couple of days. No harm, no foul. Of course, we’re a lot more careful about keeping windows closed now.

  107. Whoah! My dog keeps trying to “catch” bees. This is just the kind of thing I’m afraid of!
    Poor kitteh.

  108. BabyOpossum says:

    Waffles! Waffles! Waffles! Waffles!

    “W” is for the many Ways that you’re served
    “A” is for the Admiration you deserve
    “F” is ’cause you’re Fluffy, you’re Flaky, you’re Fun!
    and “F” is for the Flavor that is second to none
    “L” is for how Light you are, you melt in my mouth
    and “E” is for Eggs…

    Put ’em all together with a how-do-you-do
    Fluffy waffles, we love yoooouuuu!


    (Any other MSTies here?)

  109. peachfish says:

    Benadryl is safe for kitties – my vet recommended it for my kitty’s cedar fever. 1mg of benadryl per pound of body weight. Just don’t give them the liquid stuff, it tastes terrible and makes them drool heavily (or at least that’s the result I had).

  110. @cheshirekittehkhat: I don’t know what they put in that hairball medicine stuff, but an old roommate had a cat who thought it was the ickiest thing ever created (this cat got hairballs like there was no tomorrow), while my cat (who never gets hairballs) would butt Soda out of the way and try to lick it straight out of the tube. It was like crack for him! Four years later, he still sits up and tries to lick tube-shaped things, just in case.

    Re: cats and stings: when I was about three, our cat Elliot caught a wasp, chewed it up, and eventually decided it wasn’t tasty and dropped it on the floor, not quite dead, for a certain toddler to step on with bare feet – OUCH. So, I find this kind of hilarious, and say that cats bring it on themselves – but Waffles looks like he will be just fine. 🙂 And probably chase more bees in the future.

  111. wassail99 says:


  112. KatieKat says:

    @BabyOpossum– YAY MST3K!! Crow in waffle suit + Waffles the kitty would be a spectacular amount of win.

  113. cheshirecatkitteh — Have you tried these?


    My kittehs don’t like the paste but will eat these voluntarily.

  114. Katrina says:

    Ok, it is up to me to say it:

    Pussy-footing around, eh?

  115. CoffeeCup says:

    Poor Waffles! But I love his shocked and bewildered look.

    “What’s happening to me?!! Stop laughing!”

  116. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Cheshirecat-Iams makes a hairball prevention food, I *think* Friskies does too.
    Temptations makes the treats, which my one picky kitty will happily gobble up. She will fling hairball paste off her foot. The treats work just fine.

  117. Lucy’s Mommeh, I am LOLing at the brain-picture of your cat flinging hairball paste off her foot…with, of course, that look of disdain only a cat can pull off!

  118. Simon's mom says:

    In agreement with another post …be very careful about giving people meds to cats one of the worst possible is tylenol/acetametaphen it can be deadly.

  119. fafi – ROTFL!!

    That is hysterically funny! I especially love the “WTFfles.” No kidding!

  120. has there already been an update on his foot? post a picture of him all well if possible

  121. Pheas, I’d almost forgotten about the headcrusher! “Squashing your head, squashing your head!” And then there were these pseudo-public-announcement ones with this teenage girl saying “It’s a fact!” (Dunno if the show aired in the States; I’m in Canada and still think it was our greatest show ever!)

  122. Holy Cow-so cute and sad and cute again!
    We have one foster kitten still un-named-he shall now be known as Waffles.

  123. Snowpea says:

    As someone who today twisted her foot crossing the street, I sympathize with Waffles. My right foot is puffed and sore.

  124. Awwwwwww poor waffles, this means fresh sardines, fresh tuna and extra special cuddles from mummy and daddy, hope your paw gets better soon sweetie xoxoxox

  125. I’m glad you liked my WTFfles picture, he does look very WTF?!!? and yet at the same time doesn’t seem to realise anything is wrong 😀 “my paw always looks like this…I don’t seem to WTF IT’S HOOOG?!?”

  126. Awwwww, poor kitty!! But I just have to say. The cat has beautiful markings. What kind of kitty is he?

  127. Cara N. says:

    Awww… Poor little guy… *kiss and make better*

  128. Copperbat says:

    lol this is cute, despite the omgtragedy. Poor bee. Poor Waffles. Cute or Sad, definitely.

    Brings to mind my intrepid brother, who seemed to frequently have scrapes and shiners when school portraits were taken. Seems my mom wasn’t happy at the time, but now everyone loves those pictures best and agrees they captured his childhood perfectly.

    Anyway this adventureous cat is probably smarting at most, but not suffering horribly. It’s cute in an “awww, tough lesson Waffles” sorta way.

  129. Subhangi says:

    Awww, sorry about the bee-boo, Waffles! But cheer up, you have a hilariously cute face and a downright awesome name.

  130. AWW 😦 Poor Waffles 😦 I remember reading if you cut an onion in half, salt the cut part of the onion, and apply it to the stung area that any swelling will go down within an hour or so 🙂 Maybe Waffles’ owners could do that to the poor kitty’s paw 🙂

  131. wannadance says:

    i got stung on the rack once after reclining upon the little semi demi bee/ ,neighbor dabbed ammonia on bite. neutraized acidic vemom/

    that kitteh looks all set to garner attention. that’s what i do. what’s the point of having an injury unless it can be shown to one and all…

    i am a MSTie

  132. That cute pic reminded me of Homer Simpson’s “A bee bit my bottom, now my bottom’s big!”

  133. Ohh he’s so cute :), felt sorry for him about the bee, but he is just so cute… I took some joy out of he’s poor paw…. I’m sorry I giggled a little… just a little thou 🙂

  134. @Teresa Onions are HORRIBLE for cats and dogs. Try it on people, but not your pet.

  135. clairita says:

    i have a friend with a brother-sister pair of black+white kitties, both adorable and often bewildered. their names?

    flapjack and waffles!!!!

  136. 8230aaa says:

    kool i never saw one like this

  137. Poor Bee!

  138. darkshines says:

    “Baby birds are called bees. This bee has stung itself and died. Silly bee.”

    [Um, WTF? – Ed.]

  139. Gillian says:

    That happened to my Phoebe cat. Phoebe loves to chase and eat bugs. Picked a fight with a bumbly-bee in my dad’s house while we were visiting and got stung. She managed to get the stinger out by herself and she never seemed especially distressed by it, although she did have the giant Mickey Mouse paw.

    I freaked and called the vet, and they told me it happens all the time and the swelling is normal and shouldn’t last very long and that anaphylaxis in cats is very rare. They told me if it would make me feel better, I could give her half a chlor-trimeton.

    By the time I had gotten back from the drugstore with the chlor-trimeton, the swelling was already much improved, so I spared both of us the trauma of forcing a pill down her throat.

    Two years later, she’s still a happy healthy bug-chaser. 🙂

  140. noramaria says:

    Aww mah gawd that’s hilariously cute and sad! I can’t stop simultaniously awwing and giggling. Ahhahawwwahhawww…

  141. Tears!

  142. Owsch! He could probably be in a Bond movie now. 😛

  143. Mary Jane says:

    cheshirekittehkat – have you tried smearing it on her paw instead? if you smear it in pretty good, she can’t fling it off. I’ve had really good results with sprinkling a pinch of metamucil onto some canned food. If you are not usually a canned food feeder, a spoonful a day just for the fiber works. You don’t want to give too much fiber, though, b/c you don’t want to induce mega colon (google it – you do not want that problem).

  144. Mary Jane says:

    @Chai, @Theresa:
    You sould not feed onions or garlic to dogs or cats, ever. There is a compound in them that destroys their red blood cells. I don’t know if rubbing onion on a wound will have the same effect or not. It’s a cumulative effect – that is, you probably won’t harm an animal the first time you feed it onion, unless it’s a really small animal and a really big onion. It’s best not to experiment, though.

  145. Oh, yes, Wolfie. KITH was on HBO in the States, then later on cable in syndication. I never understood why it didn’t catch on more.

  146. Awwwwww, saddest thing I’ve seen all day!

  147. @Mary Jane: if I smeared it on the paw of this finicky little cat, she would SURELY wipe it on the bedspread, or smear it all over the toilet seat…..AAAAAAARRRRGH!! 😯

  148. Awwww. Poor kitty! Feel better, Waffles! I hope you get lots of pets.

  149. Leimomi627 says:

    so intrigued with those big orange eyes. so cute!

  150. Poor bee! Waffles just looks like a freak show performer, the bee dies after stinging.

  151. princessluffer says:

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  152. Most likely a sting by a yellow jacket not a honey bee. Yellow Jackets have a mean sting. You can give full grown cats and dogs a human benadryl dose of 25 mgs. if the swelling or itching is very bad from bee/wasp stings. Always go to the Vet if it is on or near the face tho!! it could swell shut the throat!! Ditto for snake bites. Ow!!

  153. He looks like the kind of cat that does everything with a bit of cuteness. That adorable face!
    (I also feel sorry for him b/c I swell up like that from bee stings too. Had one on the back of my leg and was swollen from ankle to hip. One huge leg. Yuck)

  154. @NutellaNutterson

    omg, hayLARIOUS! ;D tell ’em!!

  155. I NEVER suggested giving onion or garlic to a kitty!

    [There’s a “Teresa” here too, no “H” – Ed.]

  156. I suggested the onion treatment as a means of drawing out the venom by placing the salted onion on the stung area for a half hour 😦 I forgoet to add to get rid of the onion once the half hour is up 😦 I am so sorry, Chai 😦 I honestly did not know onions are not good for kitties 😦 Mary Jane, I honestsly did not know that onions and garlic are bad for kitties 😦

  157. omg! poor kitty :c
    i am sympathetic. i got stung by a bee today as well >__>

  158. It’s mostly bad if they eat them, Teresa. But you probably wouldn’t want them licking lots of it out of their fur, either.

  159. HAHAHA! Awww, poor guy. We had a dog one time who was stung on one side of her lip and her face was lopsided for days!

  160. I have returned to this picture several times over the last two days and my reaction hasn’t changed…

    awwwww…hehehe…..awwwwww…..and his paw looks like a kitteh sized waffle too! Arrgggh teh q-te!

  161. omgosh lool i got stung by a bee last week and thats what my foot looked like

  162. I can’t stop laughing. Poor Waffles. That face just screams “Pick me up! Lavish attention and treats upon me! I am WOUNDED! I protected you all from that horrible thing!”

    Giant paw aside, that is one adorable kitty.

  163. Cool!

  164. THat cat has the CUTEST face and name. The bee sting prolly hurt at first , but he looks like he’s doin okay now. I like whoever made this hahahha good job:

  165. @BabyOpossum

    YES!!! And the waffle “iron” that smoothed waffles out into pancakes!!!

  166. haha! my kitteh had a run in with a stinging/biting insect and had a giant paw like that. Except not as big. but she’s also not as fat.

  167. Lindsey F says:

    Forget Waffles… what about the poor Bee who gave his life just because some cat wanted to play games.

    those poor helpless potatoes…

  169. Of course not, Theo 😦 I also forgot to mention to wash off the area after the onion treatment 😦

  170. HAHAHHAHAHHAHA Awesome!

  171. The Shazinator says:

    My cat got into a pizza that had chopped garlic all over it. She had garlic breath for a week; it was disgusting. Just last week she found some cooked onions that had been put in the garbage. I was panicking for a week. I now have a covered garbage can that cannot be opened by my fluffy scavenger and my vet now thinks I’m nuts. I’m sure she’s going to end up setting up a hotline for me to call with my Heidi emergencies…*sigh* And yeah…she’s totally fine, thank goodness!

    Oh, and…

    From Waffles’s owner:
    Hi guys, thanks for your all your comments!!! Waffles is doing great, his paw was back to normal after an hour or so and he seemed to be feeling just fine except for a bruised ego in letting the bee win!

  172. In case anyone doesn’t know about it, the ASPCA runs an animal poison control hotline. There is a charge for the service, but when your baby just ate something, who the heck cares?

    We are your best resource for any animal poison-related emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you think that your pet may have ingested a potentially poisonous substance, call (888) 426-4435. A $60 consultation fee may be applied to your credit card.

  173. deepaktom says:

    oh… poor waffles….

  174. Snorglepuppeh says:

    I’m mad at the bee who did this!!!
    I’m going to kill that bee!!!
    But it is cute.

  175. Annette says:

    poor ting!

  176. Been wondering how Waffles is doing now?

  177. animal luvr says:

    awwwww poor thing

  178. AWW 🙂 I am glad to hear that Waffles is doing better 🙂

  179. Poor lil kitteh wit swolln piddeh!

  180. poor little guy :o(

  181. cool person says:

    aww poor animal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. ninja boy says:

    poor cat

  183. Yolanda says:

    Poor little babe. It’s not his fault that he’s curious. He’ll get better in time. Love to Waffles.


  185. darkshines says:

    I’m shocked and appauled that you haven’t seen “Birds of Britain”, made by the same people who did “Look Around You”. Go look it up on youtube and giggle your ass off,

  186. Aww thats cute and sad! poor kitty!

  187. awwwwww por waffles…it gots a big paw from the evil bee

  188. Coolio :] says:

    LOL!!! The poor cat’s foot is HUGE!!! Poor kitty! (and bee!) Feel better, Waffles! (Love the name, BTW!) The humungo paw *is* just adorable, and kitty doesn’t look to be in pain- I vote cute, with a get well soon!

  189. wafflez, my heart goez out tah u!

  190. My cat is named Waffles too! Before him we had a ‘Jello’.

  191. poor kitteh!
    i’m kind of liking the mismatched pawsitudes!!!

  192. Th poor cat ……….

    he looks pretty good in the picture though so i am guessing he is doing fine!!

  193. What? No one seems to care about the bee that underwent a vicious attack from a feline. That poor bee. O, and waffles is an awesome name.

  194. Poor little guy. He is cute.

  195. amethyst says:

    poor kaittie get well soon!!!!!!!☺☻♥♦◘

  196. “C’mon, be(e) honest! Does this ankle stripe make my foot look fat?”
    Glad to read waffles is back to normal.

  197. Maria F. says:

    Awwww!!! Poor Waffles!!! I hope he was taken to the Vet for his poor, swollen paw! He must have been in so much pain!! I wish I could give him a big hug!!!

  198. Poor Waffles. 😦 His poor little paw. And those EYES. You can tell he’s all “Moooom, the bad thing BIT me, why are you taking a picture?” Or, even worse. “Ow, that hurt and… oooooh, there’s ANOTHER stripey flying thing! I’ma GET it!”

    And for those of you mentioning, I work for a vet, and yes, you can use over the counter children’s Benadryl to treat such a swelling. Of course, ask your local vet for the dosing before you give ANY over the counter medicine for the dosing instructions and safety precautions, lest it react badly with any pre-existing conditions with your own kitteh. Sheesh, I sound like a commercial, don’t I.

  199. i hope you took him to the vet.i hope he is okay

  200. SammyDKat says:

    Po’ kitty! That happened to Sammy D Kat too. Never play with bees!!!

  201. ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!1111!1!!11!1!!!1!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. HELLBOY!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  203. hahahahahahah nice poor waffles how cute does he look tho?

  204. Christina says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. xXblahXx says:

    lol. take away the swollen foot, change its hair color, subtract a few years, and it looks just like the kitten in the “u eated my cookie?” photo. xD

  206. awwwwwwww! 🙂 i lurve kitties!!!!!!!!!

  207. poor little kittie 😦

  208. scupture says:

    dat wot ya call a club foot kitteh

  209. that poor cat amazingly he isnt dying in paaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn 🙂 mag out

  210. That happened to the kitty I had when I was little. He went pawing around with a hornet. The swelling went down in a day or so.

  211. Kisu & Kujy The bobtail Kittys says:

    What does one do when their cat gets a beesting?
    Im afraid one of mine is going to eat one and get swollen inside.. yikes !

  212. Aww, poor kittah!

  213. Sweet Waffels was named for the prints he left. I’m afraid his sweet name, will have to be changed. I’d like to suggest ‘Waffel, and the Box it came in.’ And he really needs a good Tummy Touch. (A lil fat, in a kat, the’ll be no reason to bring in a Ra! BuzzinHeart

  214. PUT MUD ON A Bee Sting. I draws as it Drys. (try to Cake some on and wrap it till it drys Hard. Buzzin Heart

  215. Paint him red and call him Hell-boy

  216. “Would ya get a load of that whammer?!”

  217. Wouldn’t be kewl if your claws grew too!!!!1

    Go Waffles the big big toes bee killin kitteh!

  218. Man, that’s horrible. Poor thing.

    Where is the cute in this? A cat in pain is not cute. At all. Epic fail.

  219. How sad! That poor kitteh.

  220. Musashi says:

    LOL this cat reminds me of Reggie from The Lady in the Water, who lifts a dumbbell with only one arm constantly.

  221. zoe (age 7) says:

    I hope Waffle’s paw gets better and shrinks down fast, or that could be a big problem. Oh yeah when he was minding his own beeswax that bee really stung him.

  222. Perhaps you should rename him “Pancake.”

  223. erkkkiee says:

    frikkin’ cute i just want to eat him up

    im so bad at knowing so what kind of cat is this?>

  224. the bee sting itself is sad, but the face induced by the bee sting is oddly cute

  225. awwww poor waffles that is sooooooooo sad i love cats i have one that looks exactly like that in white and gray. poor waffles im like crying now

  226. Whatever. Photoshop.

  227. get well soon waffles!!!

  228. Mary Wood says:

    Poor baby – she got an owie!!!