This Just In: Photographers Adopt Tiger

After a tiger cub in a German zoo was rejected by its parents, it was adopted by a family of annoying photographers from the Associated Press, who assigned Bessie, their pet Dachshund, to interview it. Bessie’s six-part series with the tiger cub will air on European TV in June, with American syndication and a book tour to follow.



  1. LOL I knew it was only a matter of time before this story showed up here!
    And can we just say it ….PUPPY POWER!!!! Rawr!

  2. Von Zeppelin says:

    Baby tigers are always terrific, but you gotta love Bessie’s mustache. I also am a fan of inside-out-ear pictures of dogs. A nice casual look.

  3. lol, what do they do when the baby starts getting bigger than the mommy?

  4. What an adorable lil tiger! 🙂

  5. Katrina says:

    boaks-they punt, of course!

  6. So, so cute! And the pup looks like one of my dogs. :*)

  7. Bessie is the best mummy in the world, lets here it for interspecies snorgling !

  8. illyilly says:

    Grg. The clicky of the camera was so annoying the cuteness didn’t sink it claws into me. I thinks I’ll watch it again with no volume!

  9. The fuzzy creatures are cute, no doubt, but how about the Germans doing the baby talk? It always strikes me as out of character for the stoic Deutsch. Ganz süß, indeed!

  10. crazyweinerdoglady says:


  11. can we take a moment to remember that this ENTIRE BLOG is a result of photography of some sort? No one likes the clicking, but don’t cut off your muzzle to spite your fuzzy face!

  12. puddlepeppers says:

    How great to enjoy these furry friends. Bonding is a thing of beauty.
    May I ask your kind thoughts for a friend, Brother Harold, who has
    overcome some health problems to continue as a gifted pianist
    at age 84. We so enjoyed his concert today, which included Chopin,
    Ave Maria (Bach-Gonoud), Warsaw Concerto, Granada, a Duke
    Ellington Medley and a “Fats” Waller Medley. I would like to dedicate
    to our little tiger and dog-nanny the following songs: “I’m Beginning
    To See the Light”, “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”, and “Ain’t
    Misbehavin’ “.

  13. Oh please let me rub it’s sweet little head before it’s big enough to bite mine off.

  14. Cute story. But is the tiger cub feeding on the Dachshund? I think it’ll be painful when the teeth gets sharper. @.@

  15. Poor little tiger baby, rejected by its parents! How could they turn their backs on such a sweet face? Maybe Bessie needs some help taking care of baby tiger? Please?

  16. Not fair. How come nobody ever gives ME a little lost baby tiger cub? I would be the best tiger foster mom EVER.

    I would.

  17. berthaservant says:

    The first few seconds, I thought “My God! What a huge schnauzer!!!” Then I realized….

  18. Munchie says:

    Least cute thing I have seen here. Sorta lame.

  19. hon glad says:

    Bessie best of moms.

  20. Sure we Germans do the baby talk. You can only discuss so much philosophy, war tactics and depressingly long poems in a day, so between 4pm and 4:30 pm sharp it’s all about the cudddling of cute animals – who’s a pretty boy? You are! Yes you are!

  21. Starlinguk says:

    You wouldn’t believe the baby talk my German partner comes out with, Nora! Schnurgelpurgel indeed …

  22. Baby cats of any type always reduce me to mush. And Bessie is very sweet!

  23. Kristabelle says:

    No, *I* would be the best tiger foster mom ever. ME! MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME! Give me a tiger to foster – over here!
    *cue Horschack impersonation*
    Ooh! ooh! ooh! Mr. Kotter!!!!

  24. The only thing comparable in cuteness to a bebeh tiger cub would be sweet Bessie wiggling in the grass! Good girl Bessie!

  25. PS I also love inside-out dog ears. Very devil-may-care.

  26. It always bugs me when I hear somebody complain: “Ooooooh, those people are behaving like animals!”……Well, animals do a pretty good job of nurturing each other, as seen here in this beautiful display of inter-species snorgling of an abandoned bebbeh ; so maybe people would do well TO behave like animals, or at least imitate their love for each other, or emulate their love for us humans…. 3….2….1… end…..of…….sermon.. 🙄

  27. Is this video about the wonderful Tiger or that other ugly thing? I felt deceived watching this. Besides it is blasphemous to put such a perfect feline creature with… “that”

    [Are you kidding me?? Longhaired dachsies are awesome! – Ed.]

  28. Von Zeppelin says:

    Andrea–what? You don’t like dachshunds? Your privilege, of course, to like or dislike any critter, but I’m amazed at such deep disgust at the kindly dachs who is caring for the little tiger.

    As Voltaire should have said, “I may disagree with you, Madame, but I will defend to the death your right to your opinion. My dachshund, however, will piss on your shoes.”

  29. eternalcanadian says:

    oh that is just so sad the wee one was “rejected” by its parents. I wonder why? Thank goodness humans are there to help, and mama puppy too! Hope the tiger thrives and grows up to be a lovely one!

  30. Von Zeppelin, your stupid dog may piss on my shoes if it wants to, and then I’ll have the right to kill it, which is a favor to the world, since dogs are disgusting critters.