Save the Dramz fer yer Moms

It’s spreading. Dramatic Prairie Dog first started the dramz:

Then Dramatic Kitteh earned acclaim with this performance:

And now… DRAMATIC PUG takes it to new eye-popping levels!

NTMTOM writes ’em AND finds ’em!



  1. scoobie says:

    Whatevers you’ve paying him , you’re not paying him enough

  2. I love pugs!

  3. Boom! In your face!

  4. Boom goes the dynamite!

    The Scottish fold kitty one was rather funny.

  5. chanpon says:

    Oh dramatic pug
    The Marty Feldman of LOLs
    With those buggy eyes


  6. Chad R. says:

    I know exactly what that reminds me of.

  7. The cat totally made me laugh. 🙂

  8. If you haven’t seen dramatic lemur, you haven’t lived.

  9. I love the dramatic cat!!!

  10. Dramaticat looks like Maru.

  11. gatita bonita says:

    Be afraid…be very afraid!!!

  12. OMG, the Dramaticks Lemur KILLT ME!!!!

  13. marthava says:

    omg…These are ALL so freaking funny… I know, I know…Guffawing is not terribly ladylike.

  14. @Marthava, and what about snerking, eh?

  15. marthava says:

    Chad! The Dramatic Prairie Dog tune came from Young Frankenstein?????

  16. marthava says:

    Oh, yes, Theresa!! I feel like the QUEEN when I snerk!!

  17. PS That lemur is not merely dramaticks, it is a bit– freakeh.

  18. puddlepeppers says:

    Dramatic cat ichi-ban! My favorite.

  19. Oh my god! The prairie dog is the greatest! Btw, I think that is a Galago or Bushbaby not a Lemur.

  20. It’s like something out of a cheesy soap. “And the killer [dramatic head-turn] is in this room.”

  21. “Say WHAT?”

  22. Yeah, does look more like a bush baby than a lemur. But it’s awesomeness remains unchanged.

  23. thicktortiethintabby says:

    The pug video’s cameraperson’s experiencing a bit of turbulence. I got seasick watching that one.

    I still vote Dramatic Prairie Dog FTW! Scottish fold in close second. I think that cat might be animatronic.

  24. Chad R. says:

    @marthava That, and as chanpon pointed out, that pug bears a heckuva a resemblance to Marty Feldman’s reveal at 0:28.

  25. Hmmm – in the immortal line from CAT TOWN,


  26. Dramatic chipmunk makes me laugh all.the.time.

  27. HAHAHA Amazing! Pugs have the BEST faces for such a dramatic turn and stare!

  28. I thought Dramatic Dog was already taken by the one with the cupcakes.

  29. MORE MORE!!!! I think this is my new favorite thing. So freakin’ funny. Is there a website with only these? Is it the one at the end of the bushbabby/galago/lemur video???

  30. The best one ever is still Dramatic Lemur…he’s got skillz.

  31. Sunshine says:

    Is the first one a prarie dog or a chipmonk? I’m confused.

  32. That pug reminds me of the “Large Marge” claymation.

  33. Paunchie says:

    That is a prairie dawg, Sunshine.

    What is wrong with that cat?! Omgawd. iz not just dramatick iz horrified!

    And that lemur or whatever, has killt me! Creepy eyes! He put a spell on us!

  34. OMIGOSH!!! Drama Queens and Overacting Overlords all over the place!!!

  35. the “lemur” is actually a tarsier. looks a lot like a galago, and very closely related, but different animal.

  36. “Lemur” has tiny ears, though. Do any tarsiers, bushbabies or galagoes have such tiny ears?

  37. Dramatic Kitten sees your bet and raises it!

  38. You have excellent taste in videos, Meg.

  39. Paunchie says:

    I happen to be eating yogurt while watching that Meg! Blech!

  40. Okay, well the Dramatic and Spooky Lemur-Tarsier-Bushbaby-Galago just about killed me!! That one is spectacular!!! Ha ha.

    And Meg, I see your “How to Break Up a Cat Fight” video and raise you one “How to START a Cat Fight” video…

    (I have no idea how to embed a video, so if I have done it incorrectly, Meg, Theo, NTMTOM, will you please sprinkle your pixie dust on this so it posts? Thanks!)

  41. Soraiya says:

    i lol’d at how the kittens just stopped and stared. then i vomited.

  42. So sorry about the double video post! (I have no idea how to do these technical things…)

  43. Katrina says:

    Sproinnnng! Smack! Thud.

  44. This version of Dramatic Lemur is even better.

  45. Paunchie says:

    I puts spellz on ye! Ye shaaaal nooot moooove! Oooooooo! Ye shall give me yer tunaz! Boooo oooooo!

    You little twerp! Sproing! Smacx! Thudz!

  46. Von Zeppelin says:

    Nikki–reminded me of the Indiana-Jones-and-Big-Sword-Guy scene.

  47. VonZep–funny! My niece calls this video the “cat brat” video.

  48. Katrina says:

    Von Zeppelin- yes, you are correct, Swish, swish, (tails) *bang*, thud.

  49. Five stars for the dramatic lemur remix
    [draws stars on lemur’s eyes with a magic marker]

  50. I think that’s a marmoset not a lemur.

  51. [spit-rubs five stars from marmoset’s eyes, checks zoo map for lemur pit]
    Will my miscarriage of justice never cease?

  52. Wait a minute…

  53. hon glad says:

    Cat wins the dramatic honours.

  54. Oh I love DRAMA! Not the real life drama but this kind.

  55. I love the dramatic cat! After being all O_O, I love how he’s all “Whoa, what- what just happened? OMG a TV!” *runs away*

  56. What about this one….

  57. Leslie Thomas says:

    Thanks Sammy: I like that one quite a bit, meself (but then, I’m a confirmed Feline Quadruped ‘Succah”…)

  58. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I love these, but they kind of freak me out. Especially dramatic kitteh with the slow head turn. It’s late at night and dark outside and everyone else is asleep…


  61. FUNKY CAT!!!!

  62. OMG cant stop LOLing at the lemur!!!!!

  63. Lori Kate Thomas says:

    the Dramatic Cat is so hilarious!!!!!! I just luv it

  64. marthava says:

    gad. i keep coming back to this…it just makes me laugh so much!

  65. Oh so cute! Can feel the attitude eminating from the pics!

  66. those vids were hillarious especially the dramatic cat . Because he did the dramatic look then went back to watching his tv show…lol 😀

  67. Lori Kate Thomas says:

    Da kitties are soooo coolio!!!

  68. Stephanie says:

    OH. MY. GOD. you will have me laughing for weeks with this one.

  69. I like how two out of three of those animals were from Japan

  70. brinnann says:

    Elan’ I’m glad you commented on this post. It brought me back to it and I hadn’t seen all the vids in the comments!