So, Who’s Using the Wall, Again?

Remember our little workout cutie from the other day, and how some of you were all like “Hah!  The dog’s leaning against the wall!”  Well, check it, peeps: Wall-free aerobic awesomeness, and yes, more Beatles music.



  1. Wutta a sweetie!! This goggie deserves a speshul treat!!

  2. hon glad says:

    Jeez the things I have to do, just to get a god d*m biscuit.

  3. Pfft. There are OBVIOUSLY superconducting electromagnets in the floor. FAKE!!

  4. Theo, superconducting supercolliding superelectromagnets!!

  5. Katrina says:

    cheshirekittehkat- just what I was thinking! What a sweet puppeh! Goodies for the goggy!

  6. Mud Bug says:

    Feel the BURN !!! No pain no gain !
    Whew ! after that work out I need a beagle er…bagel !

  7. Awwww!!! Who’s a good boy!? Who’s a good boy!!!

  8. awww… what a waggy tail happy puppeh….

  9. *I* never called the doggie a cheater!

    (is that invisible fishwire I see?)


  11. Hmmm, possible, yes. How can we find out?
    If we played the vid backwards will we hear a hidden message?


    (OK, now I’ve lost me.)

  13. balamuthia says:


    Yes, the hidden message is “stop making me be your damned performing acrobat clown for five minutes of youtube fame, you jack@ss!”

    [No no, that’s what a CAT would say. Forwards. – Ed.]

  14. balamuthia says:

    *hands theo his meds*

    There there, Theo.

    [omnomnom – Ed.]

  15. Paul is dog, Paul is dog, Paul is dog…

  16. Theo – Cats don’t do squat!

  17. Katiedid says:

    Puppy has skillz!!! lol

  18. [extended manic coffee-tinged giggling]

  19. @ balamuthia – Let It Be

  20. HELP!

  21. essensual says:

    If I have to work out that hard for a treat I’d be whining too…

    […but you’d be toned! – Ed.]

  22. Camille says:

    I love that the dog whines when he exercises. I do that too.

  23. Lol @Theresa, Someone’s been playing too much Portal.

    That dog is adorable! Can I have him?

  24. Hey wait! Where are the Jeno’s Pizza Rolls?!

  25. berthaservant says:

    loving theo’s freakout…it’s like Beavis as Cornholio.

    And love the up-and-down doggeh, who is CLEARLY in training to be part of the new “Whack-a-Pup” game.

  26. Von Zeppelin says:

    I join Pyrit in self-righteously declaring that I never accused the dog of using the wall in the previous thread–I did note that he seems to get some good balance from the tail.

  27. And so wait… where did the guy go? It’s evening, the kitchen is closed, and the dining room table is back, but the guy is gone? Ah well, so it goes… 😉

  28. The doggie is plenty of companionship anyway, I’m thinkin’

  29. Kristabelle says:

    I don’t think I’m supposed to be laughing this hard at work…and at the comments, no less!!! :mrgreen:

  30. Paunchie says:

    What’s she saying precious?? bowrlawhinewhinge arbawar

    Theo’s freakin out today LOL

  31. You know…. the fact that he may have actually been ‘using’ the wall in the previous video actually attests to how SMART this dog is. He literally backed up onto it. He was like.. “here we go again, let me just sorta lean up against this here wall”….

  32. P.Erasmus says:

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m not sure what that heffalump has to do with an exercise doglet but that was a cute video also! As for the puppeh, if someone made me do “squats” like that, they might find themselves missing a finger one of these days.. when I snapped from excessive calisthenic action!

  34. I thought the dog was saying ‘high’ (or maybe ‘hai’) after the lady said ‘high.’ The whine was consistent.

  35. I have felt just like that at the gym, I swear.

  36. i found a third one. i love how the doggie moves farther away every time. so cute!

  37. littledogrescue says:

    It’s a B-0-R-D-E-R C-O-L-L-I-E. It can do absolutely anything.

  38. platedlizard says:

    littledogrescue@ too true! Recently one swapped out a doohickey for a whatchamacallit on the Hubble Telescope.

  39. puddlepeppers says:

    Snuh…Yeah, right, pizza rolls! Doggie deserves 4 1/2 pizzarolas for overtime.

  40. Sorry, all’s we gots is Rickarolas.
    (Somebody ate the last of the Legolas a week ago.)

  41. DaytimeDeb says:

    @pyrit: Paul is dog…. brilliant! LMAO, great way to end the day now I am going to try to get some sleep.

  42. Jenn in IL says:

    OMG – he keeps moving farther away so he can lean against the jump thing!! He even looks behind him about halfway through it… “Now how close am I?”

    The whining as he does it on his own is just too cute. My whining when I do squats isn’t nearly as endearing!

    And the elephant, though random, was precious. Poor little guy…

  43. Even if doggie was using wall first time, so what. He’s still doing squats, which is more than many of us do! And he’s happily wagging his tail while doing them. I’m never that happy working out!

  44. grrryphon says:

    Cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! xox

  45. Hmmm…. is all that exercise why that dog looks so skinny to me? I’m not nuffing, is the leanness just a breed trait in that kind of dog? Just askin’.

  46. I don’t think he’s leaning. I think he meanders backward because he’s not built for moving that way. It’s just when there is something behind him, he can go back no further. The dog does seem so happy about this – much better than the people at my gym.

  47. essensual says:

    Elle, the dog is having one of those “but…the wall used to be there?” reflex.

  48. sslee82 says:

    he is absolutely adorable!!!!!!! he’d be a great gym buddy 😀

  49. apsutter says:

    Love the doggie exercises!! Who says they need a new cd….that’s rubber soull…arguably one of the beatles best! I hope they gave him lots of treats for his workouts!