Happy Fursday!

“This lovely animal on the photos show the Newfoundland Leilah, the lady dog of my parents,” writes sender-inner Nahal A.  “She got sleepy in the garden, but luckily she had her Molly with her…”  Probably got tired from hauling all that fur!




  1. She looks like a fuzzy bean bag! *fluffs up area then sits down*

  2. Birdcage says:

    AWWWWWWWW – That, right there, is the CUTEST THING EVA! I wants her. A beeeg fluffy newfoundlander all sleepy in my garden – wants!!!!!!

  3. I would like to trade places with the stuffed animal!! PLEEASE??

  4. I bet that family has the most powerful vacuum cleaner in the world! Plus a weekly supply of bags that barely fits in their garage.

  5. She’s the poster-puppy for “warm and fuzzy”!

  6. Jezebel says:


  7. I so want to take a nap with that dog…

  8. Bouviegal says:

    Oh, I need me some fuzz therapy! *Buries face in fur and snorgles*


  9. Steppy wants to cuddle that adorable puppy. I would gladly swap places with the lovey shes resting her chin on.

  10. That bear is mauling that poor defenseless little lamb! Oh wait…

    I could take a nap on that rug right now. : ) Zzzzzz…

  11. Kristabelle says:

    Beeg fluffy Newfie!!! What a sweetheart!

  12. that is hands down the cutest massive pile of fur i have ever laid my eyes on! 😉

  13. I am digging those overstuffed feet! Sooooo cute!

  14. Er…that’s a bear…it must be….

  15. Would you LOOK at the size of those feets! Good golly Miss Molly!

  16. I just have to say that I love people that love their animals that much… to get down in a probably uncomfortable position to take such an adorable photo… to actually name the animal’s toy… makes me happy!

  17. Awwwwwwwwwww, schnuggows.

  18. (pours barbecue sauce on Leilah’s paws and noms them)

  19. Texas@Step says:

    I so want to hug this doggie! She’s gorgeous, and you just know she’s a sweetie. I would love to have a Newfie, but it’s way too hot for them in south Texas. I’ll just enjoy looking at this girl.

  20. lizbronson1 says:

    Oh, I want to squeeze him and flap his ears. 🙂

  21. Awww that is soo sweet!!

  22. Birdcage says:

    That’s no moon …….

  23. Awwwwwwwww, and Leila is the perfect name! It means “dark beauty” or “night beauty” — such connotations… to do with darkness, night-time, and beauty. What a beauty indeed! Not to mention horse-sized, very useful, I bet, especially if there are kids/short people like me around.

  24. Someone patent her as a Snugglepup!
    This picture could cure insomnia. I was wide awake and productive at my desk now I’zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  25. Wow! Newfie! They are sweet dogs– in fact “sweetness of temperament” is in the breed standard.

  26. essacee says:

    I really like a BIG dog with soft plushie. Makes it look vulnerable.

    reminds me of these cuties:

  27. Lerrinus says:

    Wish I had this doggie, so cute and fluffehs! 🙂

  28. firstpenguin says:

    Ohhhhh. Nothing better than a sleepy newf. I grew up with these gentle giants and learned to walk leaning on there backs like a toddler would use a coffee table. Instead of smacking my head on a coffee table I would land in a big pile of fluffiness. I miss them so much…. Sad face.

  29. trinky dink says:

    MMMmmmmmm (*sigh!*) Now I’m happy. . . .
    This was one of CO’s best pictures ever. A 10 on the feel-good factor. . .ahhhhhhhhh. . . .

  30. WendyPinNJ says:


    I loves me some big fuzzy Newfies! Always from afar though. I don’t have the wherewithal to deal with all the hair and slobber. My loss, cuz they sure are scrumpdilicious!

  31. chanpon says:

    I love newfies!! If they weren’t so drool-y I’d consider getting one for myself.

  32. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    They have webbed feet, y’know, for swimming in the water–which they love.

  33. Mikeyfur says:

    Shaz, thanks for telling us the meaining of Leila’s name. I love that! The owner’s must have known what it meant, too. Newfie’s are wonderful dogs. The drool is a problem. My neighbor had one who wore a bib when he was in the house.

  34. Any other PhishHeads on and think this is unintentionally funny?

  35. hon glad says:

    Sad eyes.

  36. Fumbuddy pweed fing a wawaby

  37. Oh, and y’nooo, lately we’ve had pups with pacifiers, pups with pipes and now pups with cuddlies…

    tch, tch. “what. has. become. of. this. site?”

  38. I have a Newf too…best furball EVER!!!

  39. balamuthia says:

    Awwwww! So cute!

    At first I was like “holy crap, is that a bear?!”

    Then I was like “snuggly!!!”

  40. Arielle says:

    I WANT ONE. i don’t care about the drooling or the shedding, i just want one. i will let it sleep on my bed, so i can snuggle it. can i have one, pleeeeaaaase? kthx. (patiently waits by the mailbox for the newfie delivery)

  41. FURSDAY!!! Of course. So glad to finally discover it.

  42. LizzyCat says:

    Isn’t it so cute when dogs have beloved stuffed animals? My beagle Barney carries his “baby” around with him everywhere.

  43. Katrina says:

    donna- might you have such a thing as a picture about you? Hmmm? I do believe I am reading Newfie lust in the comments!

  44. Caitlin says:

    Awww I get so excited when newfies get featured here! They are my favorite doggies! My parents used to have one that was SURE he was a lap dog. 😛 (unfortunately that was before my time.)

    @Gizmo– yeah, I was on a Newf listserv for a while, and there were MANY discussions over the best type of vacuum cleaner to own.

  45. I have two Newfies, and they are handful with the hair, drool, size and all– but I Iove them so much! They are the sweetest doggies (and best buddies to each other). This picture is so adorable!

  46. I want a Newfie pillow/area rug! I’d smuggle it biscuits and take my rug for walks and brush him and love him and call him George. XD

  47. Dog shed his grace on thee…

  48. …and thee, and thee, and thee…

  49. Big, black, bearlike face and paws the size of paint buckets?! Is great big giant feet a rule of cuteness yet? It should be.

  50. I’m not a dog person at all, but I so want to hug him and take a nap at his side. And look at those eyes- you just know that’s someone’s best friend in the world.

  51. essensual says:

    Can we have a new tag for Me & Me Toy?

    [Great… we’d have to share Google results pages with all the porn sites 😆 – Ed.]

  52. Every time I see a Newfie, I wanna hug it! Very, very pretty dog in this photo.

  53. I have a Newfie mix and she has that hair and we have Dyson, no bags needed. She is just the sweetest, coolest, funniest dog evah but don’t tell my other dog I said that.

  54. berthaservant says:

    There’s something sad and snuffalupagus-like about her eyes….but what a glorious glut of fluff!

    asdf, pls explain phish joke?

  55. I’ll bet Molly is pretty soggy….

  56. Katrina says:

    Still waiting for more Newfie pictures. Now I’m overwhelmed with Newfie Lust! Imagine a whole litter of those, about four weeks old-ahhhhhhhh, my happy place.

  57. claudia says:

    I remember being a little one, about three years old, and laying on my aunt and uncles dog who looked just like this one… sigh. SO COMFORTABLE. or however CO spells it 😛

  58. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    Kit…call him George…that’s a good one (I always liked that cartoon).
    What a beauty of a love and with his stuffed-buddy-baby! A big AWWWW! Newfies are just so sweet and soft. I get excited when I get to see one in person and touch it =)

  59. Noelegy says:

    My commute to my last job took me through a neighborhood where I frequently passed a woman walking TWO Newfoundlands. I miss seeing those doggies.

  60. Newfs are awesome. There are a couple in my neighbourhood and they are very sweet. One of them ambles into the dog park, and throws himself on his back (while all the other dogs are running around like idiots) and of course, people always come over and rub his belly.

  61. Paunchie says:

    oh I lofs her! Newfies are lovely sweets doggehs.

  62. Awww. Just love Newfies. In another life where my husband isn’t allergic, I think I’ll have me some. In the meantime, I cuddle one whenever I get the chance (not often, most people don’t want to deal with the fur and the drool.)

  63. Humm, LOL at the hover text joke ;-D .

    And how cute to see such a big dog with a stuffed toy ^^.

    And to “ceejoe / comment #17” : I love comments like yours ^^. Makes me happy too.

  64. Great picture so furry and cuteeeeeeeeeeee i want one please 😀

  65. We have a big yellow lab who sheds all year round, 24/7. My husband just went out this morning and spent a lotta monies on sweeper bags. Labs are descended from Newfoundlands, have the same webbed feet, and are sooper-dupper shedders; he is also a big sweetheart, just like the Newfs…….( however, when he was a pup, he made Marley look like a boyscout, no kidding…..!)

  66. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Furminators are the way to go!!!

  67. Flompf! I love Newfies ^-^ We have a Newfie/Golden mix, all the fluff but half the size. She thinks she’s a lap dog. *he he*

    I so want to just snuggle that big sweetie!

  68. God, she’s precious. That’s how I use my cushy pillow too.

    Like to know how she stays cool in the heat. Do they shave her gorgeous fur and leave for the birds to make nests with, maybe?

  69. JinxtheCat says:

    When I was a kid, we had two Newfies in NH. What big loverboys those guys were! One of them was terribly afraid of thunder so when a storm started rolling in, everyone in the family would stand up out of their chairs and wait to hear the frantic claws coming on the hardwood floors. If you didn’t get out of your chair you had 170 lbs. Newfie on your lap trembling like a leaf. And Holy Cow, those guys can eat! I loved those goggies.

  70. Isabeau says:

    More big dogs!

    What do we want? Samoyeds! When do we want them? Now!

  71. I want to snuggle on a winters night with her and enjoy a relaxing swim in the pool with her, she’s priceless.

  72. puddlepeppers says:

    “She walks in beauty, like the night…”

  73. Subhangi says:


  74. danielie says:

    This dog is so fluffy that at first I seriously thought it was a bear. O_O Amazing. Fluffyfluffyfluffylove.

    I totally believe the hovertext.

  75. There is nothing like the sigh of a great big gentle sweet Newfie settling in.
    The calm it emits is all encompassing. My heart feels warmer just remembering it.

  76. Cute Lover says:

    So thats where my soft toy has got to !

  77. SO CUTE! I want to cuddle 🙂

  78. view302 says:

    The mostest sweetest puppeh having nappy with the soother lambie!

  79. Deena B says:

    Gotta say, they are lazy and sweet but they smell! I had one for eight years! 🙂

  80. My favorite dog EVAR was a Neufie mix. We found him at the pound. He was about a year old, and he’d been turned over to the Puppy Pound because his previous owner lived in an apartment and didn’t know he would get SOOO BIG. (Her loss, my great blessing. 🙂 ) Pyrador must have been mixed with something–he didn’t have the standard square nose of a Neufie…and he didn’t drool! But OHHH, was he a hairball! 😀 A year after we vacuumed and carpet-cleaned and moved out of a place, the next tenant’s were finding Perry’s hair on their dinner plates. LOL! And he definitely was the sweetest, most patient, most loving pup I’ve had the pleasure to live with. My dachshund mix bossed him around regularly, and when I first spotted him in his enclosure at the pound, Perry was lying there with a huge Pit Bull asleep with his head on Perry’s tummy. 😀 Yep–NOBODY could resist his sweet flooffiness. 🙂 I misses him sumfin awful. Tanks for the great pic. 🙂