Why thank you, Ms. Poehler

Picture 7During Jimmy Fallon’s recent “Internet Personality Test”, he asked Amy Poehler “What’s your favorite website beside your own?” Her answer? [drum roll]
Us truly!

The feeling is müche, Amy. We wouldn’t miss a single episode of Parks and Recreation or SCARECROW BOAT. Don’t even get me started on Arrested Development. Amy is also in chahge of the site SmartGirlsAtTheParty



  1. colleen says:

    LOVE HER!!! almost as much as I love you guys… she does make me laugh til I cry!!!

  2. hon glad says:

    We don’t get her programme in the UK, however if she likes CO she must be OK.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Aha, I knew you reminded me of someone, Meg!

    [You know, that is an interesting coincidence… – Ed.]

  4. umm… who is this lady!?

  5. Too bad that we aren’t able to see your video in, Europe 😡

  6. cheesybird says:

    Whoohoo! Diggin’ Smart Girls at the Party! Thanks for the link, Meg.

    Forest, I’ve got the same prob. Hulu never plays in Europe.

  7. Copperbat says:

    ❤ Amy Poehler! She's cute, brilliant, witty, hilarious! Definitely CuteOverload material 😀 😀

  8. Happenstance says:

    Hell, I’m even watching Nick’s “The Mighty B!” for my Poehler fix. (Although I would anyway, it’s fun.)

  9. gooeyctr says:

    What-what! Party on the highway! Gonna drink beer dirt in Canada!

  10. meekopeechu says:

    MIGHTY B is aweTHsum!!! if you haven’t seen it — check it out…on Nick. Amy made it!

  11. oh man i just watched that and remembered why i loves me some amy poehler

    (thinks of her neck and takes an extra breath mint)

  12. Oh, the hallowed Arrested Development movie. I’ve never seen a bigger fuss over a movie, and they don’t have a script yet.

  13. As much as I realize I’m giving way too much information about myself, Amy also does the voice of ‘The Mighty B’.
    Yes, I watch it…and?

  14. Go Meg, it’s your birthday…!

    [Not yet, heh. Later this summer. – Ed.]

  15. Clearly a woman of great taste.

  16. Ha! I thought that was Meg at first.

  17. Y’know Meg’s sister is named Amy, right?

  18. OK, I’ll ask. What is eet exactly are ye sayin’ then?

  19. Not sayin’ anything. Just sayin’.

  20. Mmmm-hmmmm…

  21. I may possibly need coffee.

  22. Teho YOu better go get a double shot..

    LOL And HEhehe I thought I was the only one that saw the resemblance. Love Amy she is so funny and wittty and cute and of course she is a fan of CO who wouldn’t be!

  23. She’s not cute.

  24. SIgh Obviously Wrin needs coffe too!

  25. I think by sayin’ what yer saying, yer saying what we think yer sayin’? Know what I’m sayin’?

  26. This thread is insayin, and I ain’t playin.

  27. Mr. Mystery is mysterious.

  28. Not anymore! I’ve had ESPRESSO!!

  29. Theo now runs around his desk FIVE times.

    [Which is no mean feat, considering it’s backed all the way into the far corner – Ed.]

  30. berthaservant says:

    I wasn’t much of a fan of Amy’s, but I love “Parks and Rec” and she has definitely ascended to status of “very, very cute” for me. Not quite up to the level of a Kristin Chenoweth, mind you. Or a Meg. But I’m glad she likes C.O. If she’s reading this, uh, hi, Amy. I’m Berthaservant. 🙂

  31. Paunchie says:

    Yes I agree with Amy, hate it when scary goblins pop up. And twitter is also a no-go pour moi.

  32. berthaservant says:

    I should clarify that by saying I was “not a fan” that I wasn’t really familiar with her work. Not that I disliked her in any way.

  33. Uilleand says:

    No linkinz from Hulu. *sniffle* Leaves out all us non-American-types

  34. love love amy…great on snl and her own show…vote for her at the mtv movie awards site!

    i agree with berthaservant…amy comes a VERY close second after the cheno….i mean how can u not think her adorable…glinda roxx

  35. what about upright citizens brigade?!!

  36. Caitlin says:

    Wrin don’t need coffee. She need PUDDIN’!

    (This has made me picture what it would be like if y’all were to come into my Starbucks. HILARIOUS.)

    I love how Amy doesn’t just look like Meg… the sense of humor is similar too. That’s more what I meant, because I don’t think I knew what Amy looked like until today. 🙂

  37. gravyboat says:

    Don’t forget “Wet Hot American Summer”. One of the funniest moves EVER!

  38. Caitlin — no chance your Starbucks is anywhere in the Twin Cities, is there?

  39. amy poehler is a genius. i heart her as amber the one-legged hypoglycemic.

  40. Why hello, Not That Amy The Other Amy. 😉

  41. i havent had the opportunity to see amy in ucb…but have heard about it and think shes amazing that she still does her sunday nights in her theatres.

    and the dvd series i have seen some episodes of…i had forgotten that.
    kaitlin and amber are my faves – WU also
    the rap amazing!
    and parks! woot for a second series!

  42. Caitlin says:

    Theo, alas no. 😦 Suburb near Albany, NY.

  43. berthaservant says:

    I also understand Ms. Poehler studied with one of my heroes, Del Close. If you don’t know him, look him up!

  44. Well of course Amy Poehler is awesome, she’s an Amy! Seriously, though, she rocks, and thanks for the link to Smart Girls at the Party – what an awesome site!!

  45. Wow, how cool is that?!

  46. Isn’t she a Mrs. now? I never got the etiquette of abbreviations right. I know she married Will Arnett and just had a baby.

    I can’t imagine how insane their child will be, being raised by those hilarious people. I wonder if they cancel each other out and become dull at dinner parties.

    Wrin, you can shove it. She wouldn’t be on C.O. if she wasn’t cute. And I like her so nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.

  47. Hollywood Marie says:

    Smart Girls at the Party is what I watch when I’m having a bad day. “Smart girls have more fun…and when they sing, they sing yoodle-lay-eee!” I love Amy, but I have to admit my huge crush on Meredith “cut to me” Walker. Swoon!