If you recall the rift that was the Jerboa Issue of 2007, Rule of Cuteness #15 was amended to include OVERSIZED ears as well as small ears. This important clarification is obvious in the following instructional movie:

Sender-Inner Cristal G. wants one of these Pygmy Jeraboas. For scientific studies only of course. More Jerboa action here.



  1. Spryte808 says:


    I had to get that out of my system…. no wait…



  2. binky-mama says:

    Is it real??? IS IT???? *blinkblink*

  3. o.0!!

    This little morsel reminds me of those hopping chicks you get at Easter!

  4. Oh great oogly boogly! It’s all head and little limbs. And tail. Oh my….

  5. ROFL… I just submitted this tonight after seeing it on Neatorama!
    My heart literally ached after I watched this. Seriously.. I thought my heart was going to stop. That thing is like a mix between a chick and a gerbil……….. just too painfully cute.
    PAINFULLY CUTE!! I can’t breath! *dies*

  6. My best friend JUST showed this to me, saying “Gotta submit it to CO!”
    A few seconds later she said, “Nevermind, it’s already there.”

    xDD It shows just how synonymous CO has become with anything cute we find.

  7. aaahhh it’s like half an animal, like they squished the head and tail together and cut out all the middle bits. Cute… but weeeeeird.

  8. hophop




  9. hon glad says:

    Like a cartoon brought to life.

  10. Unfortunately,this little old man gnome-looking cutie pie appears to be hopping around in a lab of some sort. 😦

  11. I have never seen a creature that looks like it was created by Henson Company more than this. Those big feet with toothpick legs, ears that would look proportional on Snuffleupagus, walrus whiskers and that head bigger than the body and a tail as long as Fozzi’s punchline.

  12. OMG WTF?!

    It’s like part alien, part cute, part bird, part idunnowtf…

    I love how it topples off the scale at 0:33… It’s all ‘wash wash wash whoops!’ and then at 0:37 you see *the TAIL!* Holy cuteness, that thing just keeps coming!

  13. colleen says:

    it almost looks like some kind of kangaroo mouse, or it could just be a hobbit mouse..big feet and little hairy hands just like LOTR

  14. Love the toothpick legs combined with the snowshoe sized feet!!

  15. @ Molly: I think (I hope!) it looks like it may be in a vets’ office, maybe in a zoo?

  16. Nucleus says:

    Well, my day just turned from crap to all sunshine.

  17. OMG, it’s a cute, furry, kinda pissed-off version of those hopping-teeth wind-up toys!!! GEEEEEENIUS please make more.

  18. Only 3.2 grams, it hops like the little birds in my neighborhood, and it slipped off the scale. DO WANT.

  19. Chad R. says:

    I don’t know what that thing is, but I think it wants to teach me about the Force.

  20. Veronica says:

    Step one: Open a new tab or window.
    Step two: Search for the chocobo theme on youtube.
    Step three: Start the video.
    Step four: Go back to this video and press play.
    Step five: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  21. j.U.d.E. says:

    Oh so cute! First I read 32g and I thought how can this tiny little thing weigh so much. Then I looked again and it says 3.2g! That’s more like it!

  22. Right when I was thinking “I bet that little one is steady on those big feet”…..blooop, it fell of the scale….

  23. lucy's mommeh says:

    Alex, pretty much what I thought. There’s something about the eyes that look annoyed. Did it just get a baff & was none too happy about it?
    Just adorable.

  24. How have I made it this long without knowing that thing exists? Why does no one tell me these things?

  25. Lovely!!! Hope he didn’t hurt himself falling off the scales. Sorry for laughing!

  26. bunnywabbit says:

    This is possibly the cutest rodent I’ve ever seen. Reminiscent of a kangaroo rat only so much the cuter for being so tiny.

  27. Does the word Gerbil mean anything to you guys?

  28. Birdcage says:

    Before I clicked “play” I honestly thought it was a Teho-style mash-up: feets of a boid and head of a bebe gerbil. Although it also partly reminded me of that talking eyeball on long legs from some recent coca-cola commercial that I saw at the movie theatre.

  29. Shell315 says:

    I just had to look them up online. There are about 15 to 20 different types of these jerboas. some are even endangered!!! how could something that cute be endangered? they are just soooooo cute! even my son thought they were cute!

  30. Von Zeppelin says:

    This is NOT a real animal. It was clearly invented by Chuck Jones. All of his trademarks are there–the oversized eyes, the shaggy whiskers, the ridiculously proportioned limbs. He even falls over backwards and lands on his feet, like a classic Warner Brothers toon.

  31. WAAAAAaaaaaauuuuugggggghhhhhh
    Oh, that’s IT, I’m DONE CUTEST. Hopping-toy. EVAR!
    Do we have a Rule about disproportionate limb-length as we do for ear-size?
    Because, really, Disproportionate Limbs Are Qte(tm)
    I was srsly looking for a chance to slip in that new Potential Rule, but never really found a prior opportunity.

  32. Oh, and by that I mean corgyn, Brand-New Kittayns(tm), Doxies = stubby-limbs = Qte. Camels, moose, goats, fawns, jerboas [jerboyn?] = gangly-limbs = Also Qte. Hence, Disproportionate Limbs Are Qte(tm)
    Your thoughts?

  33. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I’m dying………..head is hurting. I love rodents and the way they groom themselves is priceless. Did you see how he/she cleaned allll the way to the end of the whiskers?? And a fall off the scale didn’t stop it for a moment. And all the legs. I must stop, fingers can’t function, brain stalled.

  34. omg, I almost died when he fell off the scale and just kept on washing up like nothing even happened…

  35. It’s a chicken!
    It’s Mighty Mouse!
    It’s a small world after all.

    [It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine – Ed.]

  36. earlybird1 says:

    Kinda weird, but kinda cute. And it’s self-cleaning!

  37. Katrina says:

    Oh, my. So tiny, so fragile. My God, it hops! How in the word does having such a long tail help it survive? Do its ears ever flip up, or do they always stay pinned back?

    That falling off the scale was jarring, but s/he seems ok. Imagine how small the babies are, so many questions to ponderings…..yes, cute, but oh, so puzzling. We must have a Jerboa specialist who comments on CO- where, oh where are you?

  38. Katrina says:

    ‘world’, not ‘word’, sorry.

  39. Katiedid says:

    O.M.G! O.O
    I dont think there was one second of that, that wasnt jam packed with cuteness…
    That Bird/Mouse/Kangaroo thing is the cutest animal I have EVER SEEN!

  40. shahinrani says:

    It looks like a little grumpy old man scrubbing his armpit! I love how it gets faster and faster and faster, and then falls off the scale.

  41. shahinrani says:

    Also, even if it is in a lab of some sort, that does not mean he will be hurt in any way.

  42. Has no one else noticed the DISAPPROVAL?! How can something so small disapprove in such colossal proportions? I am so ashamed and I don’t know why.

  43. Emerson says:

    I want to agree with everyone who said this thing is a cartoon. I expect it to pull a giant stick of dynamite from behind its back.

  44. chanpon says:

    Jerboa @ 1:00 mark: “Hey, heeeey…stop poking me with the stick!!” 😦

    Seriously though, what is that thing? It’s some scraggly cousin of a cross between a roadrunner and Speedy Gonzalez. It’s disturbingly cute, especially when performing his Benny Hill pratfalls.

  45. What ees eet??? Must have eet for the snorgling. Now. I mean it.

  46. Katie Kat says:

    OH LORD… here I go again… aaaaaaaaaaaaaand *faints* from the adorableness of the hoppy boingy fur ball on stilts! It’s so weird and almost ugly that it’s irresistabibles! Tiny-ness and alien make CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!

  47. Katie Kat says:

    Wait… wait…. and then? When he scratches? And then falls off the scale? OH NOES… is that FUR on his little feet????? Must. try. not. to. faint… (no good – *FAINT*)!

  48. Moxiemade says:

    This is cruel!!! This site is cruel!!! So wrong. 😦

    If I can’t has it, why taunt me?? Cruel I say!

  49. Ears?! Who can even look at its ears when it has those FEET and that TAIL!

    And ‘ditto’ to the “is it real” and “so ugly it’s cute” comments above. I kept alternating between “awwww” and “eewww.”

  50. emudoug says:

    That thing definitely came from the labyrinth. It’s natural habitat is perched on david bowie’s shoulder.

  51. Rabbitses says:

    wait…what?! how can anything be that cute! I wants one! *barf* ooo a rainbow…*splode*

    so cute I delurked for it!

  52. Moxiemade says:

    You gotta see the video from this same person with their babies! Who they can’t contain! In the rock! Wont.. stay… put!! hehehehe

  53. Aww schnuzzy!! I almost had a heart attack when it fell off the scale!! I mean, it looks so freaking fragile it could have gotten hurt!

    I was actually even wondering when it would fall over, it’s so top heavy, and there s/he went *ploop*l!! TOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!

  54. skeeter says:

    He reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon, big feet and skinny legs. Too cute!

  55. Jezebel says:

    I wonder how many I can fit in my mouf at once?

  56. I love how the parent ‘boas are all ‘get back here young man it is time for your sand bath!’

  57. Kristabelle says:

    This is real? really real?
    Looks SO fragile and like it’s missing its body… head and feet and tail, that’s all. Guess it doesn’t eat much!!!

  58. Ok, that’s it. I’m gonna make my 1st million $$ creating a windup toy that LOOX JUST LIEK THAT.

    Anyone got any insulin handy?? Cause that put me OVER my sweet limit for today… *clunk*

  59. A li’l ol’ man head on STILTS.

  60. WHAT IS??????????????

    oh GOD! i die, i DIE people. for the love of all that is holy….
    WHAT IS THIS? so CUTE!!!

  61. oh i love the tail bit when he picks it up, running it through his paw like it is a long rope and then cleans the furry tip 😀



  62. claudia says:

    HOPPITY HOP HOP HOP! Jeez this was off the charts cute!

  63. Lerrinus says:

    Awwww, baby go boom! Er, thump? thud? … ping!?
    Too freaking cute for words and the other video uppost made me squee myself! 😀

  64. platedlizard says:

    Awww, I think this little guy’s sick or something… in the Youtube comments someone translated the notes on the video as saying ‘because of a loss of weight he is being fed milk’ or something like that. I hope he gets better!

  65. LOL at Chad R’s comment

  66. Katscats says:

    I think this is a developmental character sketch for Pixar’s next movie, “Jump”. Leaked by marketing. Either that or one of the characters from The Phantom Tollbooth escaped. (Norton and Jules are in my childhood pantheon.)

    Either way, I want to WATCH IT FOREVER! And then put it in my mouf…

  67. Pygmy jerboas don’t look like Pikachu.

    The Greater Egyptian Jerboa, on the other hand…

  68. weird animal

  69. Bouviegal says:

    I call Muad’Dib!

    From Frank Herbert’s Dune:
    MUAD’DIB: the adapted kangaroo mouse of Arrakis, a creature associated in the Fremen earth-spirit mythology with a design visible on the planet’s second moon. This creature is admired by Fremen for its ability to survive in the open desert.

  70. westward ho says:

    omGAH. it’s just a head on legs.

  71. He looks a little like a cranky old man. A really really tiny cranky old man.

  72. HA! A really really tiny cranky old man!!!!

  73. murkell says:

    Its super cute but it looks super sick. It fell off a scale and looks a bit disheveled…hed be super cute if he were healthy and not being experimented on 😦

  74. @Bouviegal, he ITH the Kwithatth Haderach!

  75. Jonathan G. says:

    Ack! That dude is like all head with those tiny arms and legs. It’s like nature was trying to create MODOK

  76. Walk without rhythm, you don’t attract the worm.

  77. ACK! It’s a giant head atop giant feet with a long tail…and 3.2 grams! This thing is killing me!

  78. apotheosis says:

    *warsh warsh warsh*

    *slip THUMP*

    ….yeah whatever, I meant to do that. *warsh warsh warsh*

  79. charliewabba says:

    a R.O.U.(s).S?

  80. I do believe we have discovered a new kind of Pokemon. Any naming suggestions? 🙂

  81. It looks like it has baby chick legs with huge feet and a tiny baby hamster head on top. So extremely cute.

  82. Isn’t there some rule of cuteness when your tail is two and a hlf times the size of your body!

  83. Wombats says:

    OMG!! FEETS!!!!!!!!!

  84. HunnyBunny says:

    Him’s little tail never got weighed!

    It’s his built-in jump rope.

    He’s self-cleaning AND self-entertaining.

  85. Miss Temple says:

    What happened to its fur? Is it healthy?
    Poor little creature! Let me clean, feed and take care of it. *_*

  86. You know, he looks kind of like a tiny, backwards Breuer chair:

  87. Alright, thats the cutest creature I’ve ever seen EVER

  88. Ha! You’re right Theresa, he does look like a Breuer chair.

  89. Paunchie says:

    Thems feets iz killin’ me! Do we have a rule of cuteness for beeg feets??

    warsh warsh warsh *poink* warsh warsh warsh

    sorry for laughing little dude!

  90. What a strange little dude! Looks like one of those toys you wind up and they hop around.

  91. Katiedid says:

    murkell- What in that video makes you think he is being experimented on?? The fact that he was on a scale??? Zoos weigh animals all the time.
    His tummy fur is probably wet from sweat. If these pokemon creatures are anything like your typical mouse, they pile in together in one heep of fur and sleep that way. That means they can sometimes get wet fur.. This little guy looks like he just woke up too.

  92. My wife thinks he’s too freaky to be cute. I think he’s adorable.

  93. I don’t know how CO is EVER going to top this!! This is such a level of cute that my wittle mind can’t compwehend it.

  94. LOL. DAWWWW!!! They look like a kangaroo gerbil lol

  95. Martha in Washington says:

    He reminds me of the T-rex from “Meet the Robinsons”- I have a great big head and little tiny arms! And the little hoppy toys.

  96. I love how he has to hop around in a circle to coil his tail up enough to find the end of it!! And every time I look away, I begin to think that those legs can’t possibly be as scrwny as I remember…then I look back…. and they ARE!!!

  97. AW!! PICKACHU!!

  98. @Charliewabba… LOL. R.O.U.(s)S. indeed!!!

  99. That is the most ugliest varmit (varmint?) I have EVER seen and I’m an animal lover!


  101. priemus says:

    I love it

  102. Stellasmom says:

    Okay, did he just scrub under his armpit?

  103. berthaservant says:

    Wow…and Moxiemade’s vid w/ the bebbehs was just too, too moische.

    By the way, anyone who knew instantly that 3.2 grams was just under an eighth of an ounce, raise your hand…..

  104. Catherine says:

    Very cute, but, if you want to see ears, look up the long eared jerboa. Holy ears batman

  105. It would be cuter if the poor little thing didn’t look so sick.

  106. biscuithead says:

    I couldn’t breathe.
    For 1 minute + 8 seconds.

    That was just overwhelming.

  107. awwww he is just soo cute! i can’t stop watching the video and the other jeroba vids people are posting!!

  108. aaahh! my avitar! where did it go? hmm k sorry guys this is a test message

  109. theivorytower says:

    the on i found was cuter! so sleepy i could make him do anything!

  110. theivorytower says:
  111. blackbuttoneyes says:

    I may have known that, berthaservant

  112. Punkster says:

    He’s being hand fed. That is what is all over his fur. I have never had to handfeed formula to a jerboa, but have to baby parrots and recognise that mess anywhere! This little munchkin cleans up after himself, though!

  113. Leilani says:

    Von Zep – Exactly! He was invented for a Bugs Bunny cartoon!

  114. mua’ diblet!

  115. i love it i cant take in all the cute… well maby a little more!

  116. RandyWI says:

    Everyone is all wrong….it is not a little old man, nor a Pokemon creature, nor the Taz, nor anything else that was suggested. It is clearly a first cousin of Dobbie the house elf in Harry Potter! Clearly!!

  117. Its head is so cute! But its limbs are so scrawny, and its tail is so long, it creeps me out a bit…

  118. bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz *KLUNK* bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz

  119. This lil creature CAN NOT BE FOR REALS!! There is no way, I’m sorry.
    He is all head and no body. I require 2 to be sent to me for further research. (One to study, the other to pop in my mouf)

  120. Headtail says:

    0:33 – PLORP! Off the scale. Best thing I’ve seen all day.

  121. Off the scale. Wow. 😆

  122. Pikachu??? Thunder Shock!!!! No effect. Barely a—- Pika!!!!!! Chu!

    Yah I guess. :mrgreen: 😈 😆

  123. This calls for a new category! Animals that CANNOT POSSEEBLY BE REAL!

    [You mean, like, Cartoons? 😉 – Ed.]

  124. OMG I nearly died when it fell off the scale, poor little tot !!!!!!! This little critter is beyond redonk, too cute for its own good.

  125. UGH! I think it’s an ugly little thing. Not cute at all — and I rarely disagree with teh cutenesssssss

  126. It looks like an alien – an adorable alien!

  127. mattbang says:


  128. ratchic says:

    Hehe and people think rats have long tails…haha!! I notice in one of the videos that BOTH parents take care of the bebehs, the bebe gathering that is. Boing boing boing!!!

  129. koolie-chan says:

    aaawww.. thats … cute.. but kinda scary at the same time… its smaller thatn pikachuuuu tho… XDDD

  130. bunnywabbit says:

    Did anyone notice the extra long middle digit on his tiny hands?

  131. whatdoveganseat says:

    Oh my goodness, that is adorable. 🙂

  132. sleeplessnightsandcitylights says:

    that just doesn’t look right…

  133. That is even cuter than our poodle puppy

  134. BTW did someone shave it’s legs?????

    [Somehow, I doubt that – Ed.]

  135. Katrina says:

    No, Tony, they use a depilatory.

  136. LOL 😆


  138. gotta love the ”Patented WIND-UP Action” before, and after, the cleaning of the tail !

  139. Oh…my… GOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!! That CANNOT be real! It look like it came on the spaceship “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” I can have it, right? RIGHT?! Don’t break my fragile heart!

  140. How cute! It’s like something out of a Dr. Seuss book!

  141. There is no why that is real! haha! ADORABLE!

  142. I agree with @mario (94), how’s CO EVER going to top THIS level of cuteness!!!!!!!!!

    (p.s. @Chad R. (19), John E. (66), LOL!! @Bouviegal (70) right on!)

  143. Cute! But that one must be kinda old or sick…

  144. munchie says:

    What the hell was that?

  145. That looks like one of those hairy blob characters from greeting cards in the 1960s.

  146. maralisil says:

    That’s obviously a house elf! “Harry Potter must go HOME!” Dobby!!!!

  147. That’s sad.

  148. He/she looks like the guy from Ice age, scrat, or what ever his name was.

  149. But – it looks like it’d fit right down the pipe of my 12ga!

    I’ll have to check and see if there’s a nest. . .

  150. Blueindy says:

    What a weird looking bug

  151. They should name this little guy Frodo! It is sooooo Cute! I want one really I do.

  152. David Harmon says:

    Never mind falling off the scale — at 3.2 grams, that guy could fall off a skyscraper and dust himself off! Square-cube law for the win…

  153. …yeah, probably has a terminal velocity about equal to dandelion fluff.

  154. He/she looks like a mix between a rodent and a bird. And maybe a wind-up toy. Crazy.

  155. Can I just say, ewe. That one should be on uglyoverload. Bleah!! Eeek.

  156. > Unfortunately,this little old man gnome-looking cutie pie appears to be hopping around in a lab of some sort.

    What was your first clue? The action figures on the keyboard? 😉 Relax. Scale does not mean lab.

  157. I think he’s adorable… but I agree he looks a bit sick and may be in a lab of some kind. Or maybe at the vet. I hope he’s at the vet – does anyone know?

  158. Ellabella says:

    OH MY GOD he is so grumpy. I love it when he is cleaning his moustaches and being grumpy!!

  159. Blueindy says:

    Me is such a hater. Saying the poor little thing should be on uglyverload.

  160. he was so funny when he fell off of the scale. those things are spoused to be really fast. but when i first saw him i thought what the hell is that but when i looked it up i found some interesting things about it. but it is so cute.(once u know what it is)

  161. that thing is so cute i can’t stress how cute the thing is it is really cute. my hamster is nothing compared to this thing. it is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. i dont find them cute at all….. My skin is crawling….Thanks for the extra videos too of these vermin =(

  163. this is the scariest thing ive ever seen. ew. not cute at all


  165. Thats the smallest jerboa I’ve ever seen! Not to mention; only jerboa.
    – is it cute?
    – it’s off the scale!

  166. Oh.

    Cuteness is a potent drug. There, I said it!

    My name is Laurie and I’m a Cute Addict.

  167. Lori Kate Thomas says:

    OK this is all so weird yet so cute.

  168. BROOKE ASHLEYYY. says:

    naww this is so cute.. i dont know if its real or not but i want one!


  169. Englebert says:

    It’s a flump.

  170. He was plotting an evil plan! Notice the hands rubbing? Run for your lives!

  171. Lady Joker says:

    That is hilarious!

    Me and my friend crease everytime we go on this site!

  172. omg….thats adorable!!!

  173. Alisimo says:

    i am a pokemon adict and i am telling you RIGHT NOW, that cute little button has no resemblance of pikachu WHAT SO EVER.

    P.S. i like your flip and calender 🙂
    P.S.S. where the heck are the lop pictures???

  174. he is kinda adorable but kinda kreepy at the same time becuz it’s like a mouse and a bird mixed together.

  175. There is no way that is a real animal!

    It looks like a wind-up toy.

  176. Omg! Too CUte : ) Can’t believe it’s even real…..are you sure it is???? I can’t stop SMILING!

  177. Okay that is the cutest thing EVAR! It’s like a living cartoon animal! LOL, when it falls off the scale backwards without realizing it.

  178. I was talking with my mom at how much this creature looks like a cartoon character. I realized he looks a lot like Beastly from the old Care Bears:

  179. i love this thing i can’t bet over how cute it is