The question is… If you were to foster some kittaynes, WHAT would it look like?

We have the answer for you! HERE:


Ashok N. thinks you should consider it. It’s kitten season after all..



  1. chanpon says:

    *stuffs kittens in pants pockets* Yeah, comment later. Gotta’ go!!

  2. My cat wants to eat them so she can absorb their powers. Should I still consider fostering?

  3. berthaservant says:

    Also consider fostering grown cats!! And/or doggehs!! And or other pets needing help!!

    btw, kittie #2 can use that as a headshot, I’d totally cast him on Law and Order….

  4. If I fostered kittens, I would NEVER be able to give them up… for they would all be in my mouf!!!

    PS I had my wrist surgery today. So if someone could give me a kitten to huff – purely for medicinal purposes, mind you – I would be quite appreciative!

  5. kitten season?…
    duck season!
    wabbit season!
    duck season!
    wabbit season!
    wabbit season!
    duck season!

    sorry i digress. what lovely little bundles of fuzziness. sweet, sweet.

  6. fostering kitties – i’d love to do that if i worked from home.

  7. snapsz18 says:

    My foster kittehs are way cuter, nyah! I’m just not a good photographer. Anyone in Baltimore want one?

  8. ahahaha the second shoot is awesome, he does look like behind bars hehehe

  9. skippymom says:

    Oh dear, I’m sure Skippy would withhold snuggles from me indefinitely if I were to bring home a kitten. And Eddy and Franny would probably think it was a new toy and whack it around.
    If not for those considerations, I would be giving it serious thought.

  10. thicktortiethintabby says:

    ‘Cept for the fetching dramatic mask, kitteh no. 1 is dressed like a penguin! (And his muzzlepowshes…they keel me!)

  11. Oh man how I wish I could foster kittens. My 3 cats would NOT approve. I have been needing a kitten fix for quite some time now though. *sigh*

    *glances at photos again and melts*

  12. This post is quite accurate! I did just foster a kitty, and he looks a bit like Handsome Kitty #2 there!


  13. Fostering kitties is the best! big catpants or little kittenbritches, it’s all good. Easier to give them up than you might think. My Permanent Cats never like the fosters, but with each new foster-friend, I’m getting better at keeping them all separated. Fostering kitties saves lives! and makes you happy! and can even bring you fame and ?fortune? on cute overload!

  14. Yep, we’ve fostered a lot of kittehs. Still have 14 of them, so the ark is full. But sweet little faces there, too cute.

  15. O my God; this is CALCULATED to make people run out and foster as many kittens as possible as fast as possible. SIGH. I wanna kitty!

  16. Semi-Mama says:

    Thank you so much for the shout-out for foster kittens!!! We’re desperate this year, people are giving up pets due to foreclosures and money problems all over, and thanks to a warm winter in the Northeast, we have more kittens than ever!
    Please consider fostering- you get to have baby kitties whenever you want! Mine actually get along fine with my adult cats- in fact, my big mama Lizzie lets them suckle on her (nothing there, but they still love it!). You won’t believe the cuteness and adoration!

  17. Kitten season?? (charges out door)

  18. Oooooo… I would luvvvv to foster some kittayns. Sadly, I cannot — hefty cat deposit where I live. ‘Sides… I’m not home enough.

  19. curiouscreature says:

    kitty #2 looks kinda sad 😦

  20. Our alpha male, Big Yeti, is an 18 lb maine coon. He loooooves babies and has raised plenty of foster kittehs. I highly recommend fostering babies. You’ll get plenty of warm snuggles and rumbly purrrrs…and it makes for excellent kharma.

  21. Is this kittens for adoption?

  22. These are two of the cutest kittens I have seen in just about forever! Okay, maybe not, but a long long time, at least!

    Edgar just looked up with extreme disappointment. Off to give guilt treats…

  23. Juniper Jupiter says:

    See, this is where I draw the line on Cute Overload, guys!

    As soon as I clicked on this site again just now, I heard a collective head asplosion you wouldn’t believe! These bebehs define too kyoot! They’re beYOND evuls!!!

    😀 (I just wanna pop’em in my mouf,btw!)

  24. puddlepeppers says:

    Go Big Yeti! We need more big daddys like you.

  25. BabyOpossum says:

    Kitten #2 is batting…AT MY HEART!!

    I really need to move somewhere where I can cohabit with a coupla these creatures.

  26. Melissa H. says:

    Such serious little faces! They needs some strings or mousie toys. Or a box of kittens STAT!!!

  27. Oh a two-fer?!
    Two sweetpeas in a pawed.
    I’ll take ’em on the double.

  28. not to be pushy, but i wanna echo semi-mama’s encouragement to foster. a lot of people say they aren’t home enough, have other cats, etc – but if you think of the alternative (living in a cage in a shelter *at best*), if you can provide even a bathroom, basement, etc – then the foster kitty is in great shape. you don’t have to get the teeny-tinies that require bottle feedings; there are plenty of older kittens and cats who’d love to be fostered.

    /end public service announcement.

  29. I agree with you, Lizzy 🙂 I could NEVER give up a kitty I fostered 🙂 Kitty would have a forever home 🙂 Semi-Mama, you kitty, big mama Lizzie, and AMy, your kitty, Big Yeti remind me of reading where a lady wound up raising a litter of abandoned kittens 🙂 Her male Himilayan (correct spelling?) mothered those kittens allowing the lady to foster all of them 🙂

  30. Jocelyn says:

    would comment but can’t see screen becuase of foster ktitayah.

  31. If you can’t foster, consider helping to fund spays and neuters. Local vets are often willing to provide lower rates for cats in need. I’m getting a new kitten for keeps because one of my college students has several cats who aren’t spayed. Girl-cat 1 sneaked out while she was in heat and came home knocked up (the source of my new baby); now girl-cat 2 has done the same. I’m getting girl-cat 1 fixed for the student so this doesn’t happen again, and as soon as girl-cat 2 has weaned her impending brood, I’ll probably do the same for her. That’ll make 2 spays and 1 neuter that I’ve donated, along with all my own, but it’s worth it.

  32. debg, thanks for the idea. We can’t have kitties; my husband is deathly allergic, and my son takes after him, but I like this idea to help out people wanting to be responsible pet owners, but tight on cash. Thanks again. (off to find local vet’s phone #)

  33. I’m getting my kitten on Sunday! 8 weeks old, I’m so excited. I bought cute pink kitty things to get ready for her. Her name is Darla 🙂


  34. “kittaynes”: another word to add to my vocabulary.

  35. Great pictures! What camera is used? Super clear. And they were moving! O.O!

    Argh. Wish i’m a great photographer. 😦

  36. Older kitties need homes too. If you don’t foster the kittens, someone else will. Many people won’t even look at the 10 or 12 year old cats. They may not play as much as kittens. But they’ve probably been sheltered for a while – they will give a lot of love and lap time to someone who can give them a better home. If you can’t foster / adopt / donate, consider visiting a rescue agency for an hour or three. Dogs that have been in cages all day will be so happy just to have someone scritch their bellies or behind the ears. You might even walk around with a ridiculous grin on your face for the rest of the day. Sorry for the pontificating. This is just one of my “button” issues. You may now resume viewing of adorable kittens.

  37. mrowbecca says:


    1/2 block from us, husband and I just spotted a litter of kittens living outside a small apartment building. They have food & some shelter, so someone cares for them but they’re also on a very busy street. I want to steal them all and put them in my apartment for safety!

    I’ve decided that fostering can’t happen in this 2-cat household, so I’m going to inquire about volunteering at the shelter.

  38. Okay– YAY FOR THE PLUG FOR FOSTERING KITTENS! Shelter folks love foster parents because without you, we have to euthanize kittens not big enough for adoption (generally, they have to be two pounds).

    And ZOMG Ponies, no joke: I currently have a grey and white foster kitteh and a dilute calico foster kitteh. Is this the Twighlight zone??

  39. Jimbeaux says:

    I sooooo wish I could foster kitties, or puppies… Appartment doesn’t allow pets, though. 😦

  40. are they available? 🙂

  41. Would you please post the owner’s contact information? Actually, are they available?

  42. phantom of the meepera. aaaaaaaah ha ha ha. meep!

  43. I fostered two kittens once… I still have them four years later. 🙂

  44. Holy Cuteness: If you ask around, there may be somewhere in your area where you can foster with no expense to yourself. I’ve fostered for three different organizations: two provided everything, including food, toys, crate, and leash (I did puppehs), and all three provided vet care. I did have to foot the bill for everything one puppehpants chewed and/or peed on, but with kitties, that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

    Maybe orgs. will have kittens too young to be adopted out just yet at this time of year–often there will be so many that you can have your choice of bottle babies (a ton of work, but very worthwhile), kitty toddlers able to eat out of a dish (kittens born to feral mothers often start toddling around where people can see and catch them at about 4 weeks, but shouldn’t be adopted out until 8 or 12 weeks–these little guys are rarely brought in with a mother, since she is usually too wary of humans to be caught, and giving them lots of handling as they grow is important), or a complete family including Mama (who will take care of feeding and bottom-wiping for you, making this the easiest option for the foster parent–but still a very valuable service, since litters in a shelter nursery are exposed to disease).

  45. The shelter where I volunteer has a kitten nursery and I’m there two days a week. Like all shelters, we love and need fosters. If you can’t foster, volunteering is an option or, if you have a few bucks, donate it to help feed these little guys. I know we’re all watching our money these days but even a few dollars can help keep shelters going. You can also donate goods you don’t have a need for. Call your local pet rescue, they’re probably in need of old towels and blankets, cat and dog beds, toys, food, litter, bowls and other keeping-animals-happy-and-healthy supplies.

  46. hon glad says:

    I don’t think my two boy cats would approve, plus I am out all day.But I would love a Kitten.

  47. I foster a sweet little kitty boy last summer and was able to find him a good home with a big brother kitty. I’ll gladly do it again this year. I am known as the cat lady and and will gladly sit out a bowl of food whenever I see a wee one.

  48. Is that Tressa Lovejoy in the second picture? Heartbreaker!

    I don’t like to think about the day when it happens, but my current crop of cats is on the elderly side. When I do eventually lose them, I’ll probably go the foster route.

  49. Thanks to all of you who foster our little animal pals! Don’t know if I could do it, even I could have more than own three cats in my apartment. So I visit the kitties in our local adoption center instead. (Where, BTW, they offer free spay/neuter and shots for low-income pet owners twice a year, which was a godsend for me!)

  50. Oooooh, those are so cute! I just love torties, and I neeeeeed one!

    I wish to god that the kittens were in Denmark, though. If they were, because I am, they would be scooping up a loving home!

  51. Katrina says:

    Boy oh boy, if allergies weren’t a problem we would have cats. We really need a cure for pet allergies. I want a puddy-tat! Volunteering might be an option for me, thanks for the public service announcements. Keep up the good work.

  52. So adorables!

    I signed up to foster wee kittahs too. Oh, if we get any this adorable we aren’t just going to foster. We’re gonna adopt!

  53. so glam! So glam!

  54. Why is my comment refusing to post? 😦

    [Looks like the spam filter didn’t like your embedded URL for some reason… but then you put it in your name link, and the comment posted fine. Huh. – Ed.]

  55. We currently have three gray and white foster babies and one dilute calico–as well as four other babies, three adult fosters, and the two resident cats. What? Over township limits? I don’t know what you mean…

  56. Heh, move to gooberville like we did. No limits on animals. But if you don’t take care of them the Sherriff may show up at your door. Last summer my daughter caught 4 feral kittens that were living under a neighbor’s porch. Out here people see cats as livestock, so we rescued the little things. Yeti loves them so.

  57. Mary (the first) says:

    I also have an elderly cat who is quite happy being QUEEN of everything and would be too stressed by another animal. But someday I’ll be free to foster and have already decided that’s my plan is to (1) get a couple of middle aged cats who maybe no one else wants to be mine forever and also (2) foster other kitnz, puppehs or whatever. Yep. That’s the plan.

  58. Thanks for checking, Teho.

    Amy, I actually don’t know if my township has limits–some of the areas around here (suburban Philly) do and some don’t. The township website doesn’t say, and if they’re not going to make the info easily accessible, oh well.

    The real problem is that the three adult fosters have some behavior issues. I personally don’t understand why someone wouldn’t want a cat that bites every time you touch her, but apparently most people don’t.

  59. Snowpea says:

    Already did my share: our beloved Spencer had to be euthanized on Friday night, and since his buddy Quincy was freaking out from being alone all day, we went to the animal shelter, which is currently over-run with cats and kittens, and adopted a year old kitty.

    We don’t know what his name will be, but he’s a pretty little fellow.

  60. berthaservant says:

    Awww…congrats on the new arrival, Snowpea, good for you for finding a new friend. Sorry for your loss, but as George Carlin said (I know people are going to be upset at this, but it’s true) — “That’s what’s great about pets, they die and then you go get a new one!”

  61. Snowpea, so sorry about your Spencer, and have fun with the new one. How’s Quincy handling the new sib?

  62. “Sam” would be a great name for Quincy’s sidekick. Or am I the only one old enough to remember that show? My Mom had SUCH a crush on Jack Klugman.

  63. AWW 😦 I am so sorry about you losing your dear sweet kitty, Spencer, Snowpea 😦 I am glad that you were able to give a forever home to another kitty 🙂

  64. Quincy (not the cat) says:

    Sorry to be a buzzkill, but not all fostering stories end well. I fostered 6 kittens who were 4 weeks old back in Sept ’07. When we got them, they were filthy and hadn’t quite figured out the litter box yet. We had a Rent-a-Mom from the shelter who had lost her kittens recently and was going crazy without them. Despite all of our best efforts, all 6 of the kittens passed away, probably due to a congenital defect.
    So, when fostering kittens, don’t expect everything to be rainbows and butterflies. They are a lot of work, and somethings are just out of your control, like what happened to my angel babies. I miss them all very much, but I take comfort knowing that the home that I provided for them was much better than the shelter could have.

    On that happy note, OMG SO CUTE!!!

  65. HUGE thank you for putting a cute kitten face on fostering! It’s not always rainbows and unicorns, but quite often it is. My cranky old lady cat took a lot of convincing, but is now quite happy to share her territory, and I couldn’t be happier myself.

    I’m in Okinawa, and not only is it kitten season, it’s PCS (military moving) season here as well. OAARS, the rescue group I work for, is not only inundated with flocks of new kittens, we are also desperately trying to help as many military families as possible who decide for one reason or the other to leave their animals behind. A super typhoon came through two summers ago and decimated our shelter, so now the only way we’re able to help is through the efforts of our foster families. Thank God for foster families.

  66. vsnniche says:

    so so cute 🙂

  67. Speaking of fostering, has anyone ever checked this site out?
    I live in Australia and would love to foster but my 3 would have quite a lot to say about that.

  68. Paunchie says:

    I want to take that second kittayne’s little white paw and stuff eet een my mouf!

    and “Big Yeti” <———LOL what a great name

  69. Katrina says:

    Anna, thank you for all you do. Now, I know– super typhoons are why I live in Connecticut. Bless all you do for our military and their animal companions.

  70. Katrina – thanks for your support! Man-Yi was my first typhoon. 180+mph winds are no joke! Luckily, we were able to get all of our animals out of the shelter and no one was hurt. Now we just struggle with trying to find dedicated volunteers, foster homes and donations in an ever-changing and generally low-income military community, and among the Okinawans who have a much, much different idea about animal welfare (too depressing to get into). It’s incredibly rewarding when we can help, but I can’t wait to get back to the “real world!”

  71. I’m fostering kittens right now. They’re absolutely gorgeously adorable and totally sweet. Everyone should do it!!