Have a productive Memorial Day

Whether you’re remembering brave folks who gave their lives for their country or stuffing your schnozzle into a toilet paper tube, we wish you a productive day.


Penny the hedge brought to you by Ginny L.



  1. At least someone finds those useful!

  2. Glad they come in “handy” for something after the paper’s all gone.

    And yes, please thank a vet today. . . .

  3. chanpon says:

    Like moths to a flame…*tsk tsk*

  4. This day is not supposed to be “productive” in the usual sense. It’s supposed to be contemplative. Do you hear me, li’l hedgie?

  5. Katrina says:

    Tunnel vision.

  6. BonzoGal says:

    I’m doing BOTH!

  7. A one-hedgehog salute!

  8. i always wonder if the hedges are in pain when someone takes the tube off them, what with the bristles going in the opposite direction and probably digging into the cardboard!?

  9. What’s up with hedges and toilet paper tubes?

  10. kibblenibble says:

    kasia, interesting thought. Do the quills or bristles poke the hedgie the same way they poke us? I know my little parrot was poked by her own pinfeathers if they were touched the wrong way. Anyway, cute pics. Funny little feets and nosie.

  11. platedlizard says:

    @ Hilde: The same thing that’s up with cats and boxes, I think.

  12. If Absent Friends, and all the sailors still at sea, were with us today, they’d want a burger or a hot dog off the grill, an ice-cold beer, maybe a messy dessert and a game of frisbee. This lovely little hedgie is having fun, enjoying himself, and feeling safe and loved. More power to him.

    My best today to all who served.

  13. gfeeser says:

    Thank you for the thoughts, Penny.

  14. Jennie Mello says:

    I was hoping for a boxhab picture, but this is close enough.
    My hub and I have packed over 200 boxes, as we are moving tomorrow. I am about to cry from exhaustion, and I needed my COXF (Cute Overload eXtreme Fix).

  15. Wombats says:

    Not only will I remember my great-uncle, the World War II veteran, I weel remberes this little toilet paper roll obsessed hedgie.

  16. LOL looks like someone’s been reading from the column on back of Penny Pincher-type of free “papers”:
    How to have fun for freeeeeee!

  17. haha, this HARDLY looks productive! More counter productive than anything!

  18. This is the Maru of hedgehogs.

  19. Katrina says:

    Estlin- so true!

  20. “Well, this is just not working out like I expected it to.”

  21. Good use for something useless ! ( I guess anyway)!

  22. Awwwwwww huge snorgle possibilities !

  23. berthaservant says:

    Quite surreal as a Memorial Day post.

  24. Woods Walker says:

    To bad my computer skills are not very good. For the American Legion Memorial Day celebration there was a contest to decorate bicycles and golf carts. The golf cart that won first place was a toy one driven by a four year old. Maybe I will have somebody help me down load it later.-Woods Walker

  25. pfftlecakes says:

    I wan’ to shtick my face in the open end and shnorgle this adorabibble prickle-butt.


  26. puddlepeppers says:

    Would like to dedicate this song of the US Army to all people in the service
    and to all veterans and to the hedgie who somehow made my day:
    “Over hill, over dale, as we hit the dusty trail,
    and the caissons go ROLLing along…”

  27. Sharon Wilson says:

    For it’s hi, hi, hee, and the hedgehog is sillee…

  28. Benson Hedges, Private Eye, looks everywhere for clues – including down the toilet paper roll.

  29. I own a hedgie hog. and they’re sweet.

    The prickles don’t hurt, they make my hands itchy. and her tongue is so long. like two inches! and it’s soft.

    They’re so cute when you turn on a light and catch them, they just pause and look at you like, dammit..so close!

  30. hon glad says:

    This is not a pipe either.

  31. “Boogie boogie hedgehog, eating on a carrot, got your head stuck in a toilet paper tube.”

  32. The poor bugger!

  33. wannadance says:

    ‘call out your numbers loud and strong: boogie, boogie!”

  34. Kasia, the spines lay flat when they stick their heads in the tube, when you pull the tube off it just slides right off and doesn’t hurt them at all. I normally only pull the tube off of my little fella when I’m ready to put him back in his cage (tube time happens in a plastic kiddie wading pool). If I remove the tube from him during playtime he is FOR SURE just going to stick his head immediately back in it. He is a hog obsessed.

    that is so funny and cute

  36. I realised hedgehogs love to play with toilet roll cores. They look super cute when they’re playing. How i wish i have one. @.@

  37. omg! lol! just like a pic i saw “u tube your doing it wrong!!!!!!” hahahahahahahahaha love it!

  38. this is my favorite parry gripp video!

  39. Penny would like everyone to know she spent Memorial Day sleeping in her tent, saving up her energy for sneaky wheel-running whenever we’re not looking! Also dreaming of mealworm BBQ.

  40. Mama Kline says:

    What adorable pictures. Ginny you are very talented!!! Love, Mom