With a name like ‘Marisol’ she has to be clean

Behbeh Kitten “Marisol” is gettin’ herself fostered by Sender-Inner Leta. Leta needs a way to convince her roommates why they should keep the kitten. Suggestion #1: With a name like ‘Marisol’ she has to have cleanliness built right in…


Can we give Leta some good ideas on how to convince her roommates?!



  1. Lillith says:

    She’s monochromatic and therefore will match any decor.

  2. puddlepeppers says:

    What’s not to love?

  3. Show them THIS PICTURE!!!

  4. Clearly has the mousecatching skills down; claws out, tocks up! And look at that dedication…

  5. aeharvey says:

    How can you say no to that precious kitten?

  6. texirishrose says:


  7. Tiny mice won’t stand a chance around Marisol!

    All of their tiny breakfast cereals will be SAFE.

  8. muppet2171 says:

    Such a tubby tummy! You HAVE to keep a kitten whose tummy just cries out for nuzzling like that one! Besides, she’s obscenely cute.

  9. I foster kittens and it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. You can be assured that you’re helping that kitty feel loved and cared for while it waits for its forever home! Assure them that the foster is only temporary and if you can’t take care of another one after Marisol, then you have no obligation to keep them in your home. You will be doing something amazing for her and if you’re lucky, your roommates will love to take more in.

  10. sarequarles says:

    No, her roomies are right. She should totally get rid of that kitty. Right now. She can send it to me right now. I’ll be looking for a kitty delivery.

  11. I’LL TAKE THAT KITTY! She’s precious, how could anyone not want her?

  12. jesamyn says:

    stress or anxiety animal. thats my excuse.

  13. If the roommates don’t want to keep that little fuzzball, keep the kitty. Get rid of the roommates.

  14. Studies show petting animals lowers blood pressure and work as an antidepressant. So they will be happier and healthier all because of little Marisol!

  15. China's Human says:

    Everyone knows there are medical benefits at having cats. Ok, any pet; I am just partial to cats and Marisol is adorable!
    Pets help to reduce stress, they give us nice serotonin fixes when we need them just like CO does. Pets are our only truly sources of unconditional love. Research has even credited pets with lowering high blood pressure!
    If they claim alergies, unless their throats close up – buy them a bottle of zyrtek! That’s what I take for mine – I am alergic to both dogs and cats!

  16. kittehs with whiskers like that should never be rejected. NEVAH!

  17. kibblenibble says:

    Tiny white chin, teeny peenk bottom leep, ‘tocks up, white toesies, bright inquisitive eyes…*sigh* I’m in love.

  18. “I have to go — um — somewhere. Can you just hold Marisol for me till I get back? And maybe rum her tummy a little? And touch noses once or twice, and let her go to sleep on you? Kthxbye…”

    [Roommate realizing too late that they’ve fallen insanely in love] “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…”


  19. Check out the tuxedo! She’s dressed formal; she won’t be any trouble!

  20. lilacsigil says:

    Why will she have cleanliness built in because her name is Marisol? Is it a US cleaning product or something?

  21. Don’t worry about trying to convince them – I’ll take her home!!LOL!

  22. berthaservant says:

    Also, “Marisol” is the name of a completely awesome play by Jose Rivera. Bless you for fostering her — and just tell your roommates to read CO and they’ll be convinced!!!

  23. Why keep her? Seriously? Marisol’s SPECTACULAR eyebrows, that’s why! I mean just look at them! She’s got a second set of whiskers, for crying out loud!! If that’s doesn’t make this kitten even more adorable than the average pink lipped, floofy bellied, tuxedo sporting, tocks raising, mouse pouncing, frisky kitty, then these roommates are made of stone. Kick em to the curb and keep the kitty.

  24. Two words: White Whiskers. You just can’t stop kissing black cheeks with white whiskers.

    Tuxies are amazing. So playful and loving but not a pushover. An independent soul who is very easy to please. They want the best. And they want it now.

  25. Bogafrog says:

    Cats are soo cute! They don’t make much of a mess and all you really have to do is feed them and clean their litter tray. They love to sit on and don’t get very big. They are perfect to keep in an apartment! Go for it!

  26. Bogafrog says:

    Really, Marisol is awesome. She’s like a smaller skinnier version of my cat only with white. Cats rock! Don’t let anyone tell you different!

  27. If they get peckish, they can nibble on her adorable white toesies. Cute snacks are the best.

  28. White gloves, formal attire…. clearly this speciman has been trained in the finest of butling traditions… think of the class she’ll lend to your accomodations! Everyone will be clamouring for one.

  29. chanpon says:

    With that look and stare, she’ll disable any burglar who attempts to break into your home. Better than any alarm on the market right now.

  30. possumpirate says:

    …cuz the whisker spray is as delicate as a beeyootiful butterfly?
    and she’s got a hint o’ pink tougue…
    and she’s all about the play…and she’s going to be a serene beauty they will all love to have and fight to have on their lap.

  31. You should keep this kitty because
    Nothing in the world will ever love you like a kitty.
    As far as a kitty is concerned, you can do no wrong.
    And you will always belong
    No matter what is done
    You will always be the one
    To always be the favorite.

  32. Juniper Jupiter says:

    The weeskers! The nommable mittentoes!!! Who could ask for anything more?

    Maybe…ten more just like her for me? 😀


  33. Kitten butt aloft!!!!!!!!!

  34. PS She could be a sister to my Dante, and if she is anywhere as cute and fun as Dante–and she looks to be– it’s a total no-brainer.

  35. lucky Cliff says:

    I would emphasize the litter training…. the hours of tedious Behavioral Reinforcement that is required to teach a cat to go in a sandbox.

  36. The Whiskers. Nuff said. not nuffs–oh, you know what I mean!

  37. you will have absolutley no bud problems as she will scare them away/eat any spiders/bettles that will crawl into ur apartment
    also, i once dropped a pb and j sanwich on the ground, pb and j side down. instead of having to clean it, my cat did all the work 🙂

  38. I say if the roomates don’t want to keep the cat – GET NEW ROOMATES!

  39. Mud Bug says:

    Leta, the best reason to keep that adorable baby is it’s (mostly) BLACK! Everyone knows how slimming black is !!! You all will look at least 10 lbs. thinner !!!

    On a more serious note if the roommates can resist that belly & that face
    then your roommates may not have a heart or soul. If I lived with people like that I would seriously think about putting all my valuables in my room & putting a lock on my door.

  40. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Ummmm!!!! Shelley Noble nuffed!!! I’m telling!!! 😀

  41. The roommates will forever be protected from small fuzzy balls if Marisol gets to stay. And I like the “keep the cat, get rid of the roommates” comment above. Do you really want to live with someone who wouldn’t instantly adore Marisol?

  42. I’m with #22 Nikki. The matching whisker set is insane! and yes that witto snorgle behree. and that lower leep upon which to place keeses. *mwa* *mwa*. Le Irresistahbluh!

  43. When I hear “roommates” I think college students. If that’s the case here, a little caution is in order. I live near a college, and the abandoned cats (and rabbits) at the end of every school year break your heart. Yeah, kittens are all cute, but if you can’t make an 18-year commitment, don’t commit at all.

  44. Short haired tuxies are very hygienic. A little moody, but usually very fastidious cats. Plus, their shedding matches everything.

    The eye-contact in the photo is also a great sign for people-winning-overness. Marisol (great name, though I of course think of the sculptor not Lysol when I hear it) will win over even the hardest roommate with three or four looks like that.

  45. Um, why to the roomies have to okay kitty staying? I say… the roomies go if Marisol doesn’t approve of THEM. Why is this a question anyway? Who wants roommates that need to be convinced to keep such an unbelievably cute little bundle of whiskers?!?!?! Good grief, those whiskers should be able to pick up radio stations half way around the globe!

  46. Where’s my passport – I’ll come get the little darling ~~Silk – mesister – you have the right of this – absobloominglutely right I think this is a carefully thought comment from you. Many people say they love cats – but when the kitty needs something in return – like care in her old age – it’s all no go – Consider – and take care –

  47. To convince your roommates that you all need this kitten:

    1. Insert kitten into cleavage.

    2. Parade around with Cat in Rack.

    3. Remove kitten and offer to roommates, suggesting that they try.

  48. They will always know if the house is haunted because cats can see stuff we can’t see. Or at least they act like they do.

  49. vileseagulls says:

    They can’t just SEE?

  50. She can teach them yoga. Look at that perfect downward facing dog.

  51. Ruth Mattucci says:

    Well, if you dont keep her, your first born will be born with cloven feet. I’m just sayin.

  52. Well, she’s a kitten. That should be enough to convince anyone.

  53. reclaimingmylife says:

    OMG, it’s my little Viktor Tuxington’s long lost twin sister! If you can’t keep her I’m sure Tuxie will love to have a little sister to play with and spend bellytan time with on the balcony.

  54. Those whiskers are beyond.
    Not sure what, but they’re beyond sumthin’.

    Clearly this kitty is destined for big things here @CO. Do these roomies really want to miss out on cashing in on the cuteness? As long as their currency is in ‘Awwwwpennies’ that is.

  55. She has tiny ears and feet so she probably won’t grow to be very big – therefore she won’t take up much space. Cute AND compact!

  56. Yes, remove the roommates… Right Now.
    Keep the Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. If that cuteness doesn’t convince them, I don’t know what will.

  58. Katrina says:

    Marisol looks very new to the world. Maybe the roommates never had cats before, so they can learn about each others’ worlds together. Maybe the roommates are concerned that Marisol will ‘cramp their styles’- that kitteh has enough style for all of them! Cute and Charm will prevail if the two aspects are handled in an incremental way and the roommates are kept 1) curious about Marisol and 2) not overwhelmed by the duties of keeping her. If kitteh Charm does its inevitable thing slowly, the roommates will come to accept her Cute as part of their lives.

  59. They have that face in the house and they have to be convinced???!!!

  60. Stellasmom says:

    Three words: No More Mice.

  61. OMG — *I’M* convinced!! That face .. those eyes … those ‘tocks!

  62. There’s something wrong with your roommates if they don’t want Marisol!

  63. janet2buns says:

    Silk is right if the people concerned are college students. In college, I talked my room mates out of getting a kitten because we could barely afford to feed ourselves, let alone feed and spay/neuter a cat, plus any other vet bills necessary. They later admitted I was right.

  64. If one look at this yummy kitteh isn’t enough to convince them, I say keep the kitten and get rid of the roommates, LOL! Or, if that option isn’t palatable, I’ll GLADLY take Marisol. Too coot.

  65. Carlisa says:

    I think Leta should paint a white stripe down Marisol’s back and call her “Stinker”. That will take care of the roommate problem.

  66. mandy_Reeves says:

    wow…I’m not usually a fan of domestic short hairs, but I would take this kitteh in a heart beat!

    You have souless zombies for roomates, the only way to cure them is to have em stare into the eyes of that precious little bundle and hear her little wittle purrz….oh and she is teeny enough to carry in a purse…she would be a neat accessory…tell em that too!

  67. Marisol Aerosol. :mrgreen:

  68. want. to. bury. face. in. tummeh.

    ow. i just hit my face on my monitor.

  69. “arrange” to be gone when it’s time to feed the kitty and ask one of the roomates to feed her. Marisol will be appreciative and win the roomate’s heart.

  70. Rescued animals are EXCELLENT feng shui!

  71. i am fostering a kitten right now that looks EXACTLY like her!!! white lip, white paws exactly like that. she has a white tip on the end of her tail too! (like it looks like this one does) CRAZY.

  72. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    The roommates will live longer, their blood pressure will be lower, their stress level will the lowest around (reduced cortisol levels =less fat around the mid-section), and they don’t have to worry about breaking up. Just look at that face…I wouldn’t know how to say no at all. Kitties just exude excellent karma pheremones.

  73. My Dante looked a lot like this when I brought him home. I can’t imagine resisting a black-faced tuxie with crazy white whiskers.

  74. ingemary says:

    Reason to keep her : all of the above , AND , she’ll clean the room herself . With the fuzzy ball she started already with the floor !

  75. Can I be her roommate?

  76. scoobie says:

    Free snuggles?

    Let us know how its goes.

  77. i just don’t think her roommates have looked at her sophisticated face enough yet!

    “i would never harm your sofa, charlie! never!”

  78. How could you refuse a face like that? I want her!!!

  79. If they are allergic, you could provide lifetime supply of antihistamine…you could easily find new roommates…why would you want to live with people that don’t love the cuteness…tell them if you can’t have the kitty baby that you will be taking up the drums and joining a band. A pass time that will require a lot of practice and dedication…at night and in the early morning. Or they can let you keep the kitty.

  80. she has built in little socks that will polish the floors! She is adorable!!!

  81. are they insane people?! who wouldn’t be overwhelmed with joy at the presence of a wittle tuxedo baby?!
    they are insane people! leta, don’t bothering convincing them. call the asylum to haul them off. then you and marisol can have domain over the apartment.

  82. LOL at Zoe and taking up drums

  83. I have never found a live roach in my house since I have had cats.

  84. It’d be best if you didn’t have to convince them… I don’t mean to nuff, but I worry about the happiness of the pet/ people if all the people don’t want the pet in their lives.

    On a totally practical and boring note, it would be good to sign some contract stating you’re in charge of feeding, litter box cleaning, and are responsible for vet bills. The roommates might be concerned that Leta will eventually say “Oh, but she’s OUR cat! Can’t you spare $200 each for an operation and take care of her for 6 weeks while I’m out of town?”. Delineating responsibilities now would resolve a lot of issues like this.

  85. Noelegy says:

    Ummmm…because she’s FREAKING ADORABLE? That’s all the reason I’d need.

  86. Annie J. says:

    Doesn’t this follow rule #38 of cuteness? :3

  87. pet owners (especially cats) live longer than non-pet owners.

  88. uuuh A) it’s ADORABUHL. b) extra warmth on those chilly nights. c) great for anecdotes at the office. d) if she doesn’t get to stay with leta and her roommates it’s almost certain she’ll end up on the streets. alone. in the cold. with no fuzzy little balls to play wif.

  89. It'sOnlyMe says:

    I’m trying to figure out reasons to keep roommates who don’t love Marisol… nope, can’t even think of one.

  90. I get what people are saying about college students and pets, but keep in mind that *some* college students do take excellent care of their pets. I got one of my cats and one of my dogs as a college student–they’re still with me and doing great, even though I had an awful time finding a place that would take all of us when I got a job and moved. And I pet-sit for a family whose dog the husband got when he was in college–dog is now 12, very well cared for. I’d say the fact that Marisol’s person started out by fostering is a very good sign that she’ll be a responsible pet owner. (Some shelters have what I think is a very wise policy, of not usually adopting to college students, but allowing individuals to qualify for an exception by fostering or volunteering for a certain period. Maybe Marisol comes from one of these.)

    Anyway, invite the roommates to nibble on her delectabuhl white toes–how can they not be convinced? Also, cats are like living works of art, and will add to the beauty and harmony of the home.

  91. The explosion of little white whiskers kills me. 🙂

  92. just look at dat purdy widdle face!
    want! she will be a perfect playmate for my chloe!

  93. Is she sweeping the floor? What’s going on here?!

  94. this kitteh is now famous on the interwebs! she’d be living with a celebrity! not to mention Marisol is super cute and a very interesting name.

  95. I can’t believe no one has mentioned the lovely white ear tufts! You will never find another cat with such precious little ear tufts. If you don’t adopt her, you will forever miss stroking those beautiful little ears.

  96. Seriously, LOOK AT THE KITTEH! Need I say more?! @.@

  97. Kittens are handy! They like to play under beds and sweep up the dust bunnies! This is one gorgeous kitteh. 😉

  98. FYI Marisol literally means «sea_and_sun» («mar» = sea, «sol» = sun)

  99. The face!! Just look at the face! (ditch the roomies, keep the kitty with the rotund belly)

  100. This photo should be reason enough for your roommates to keep the kitteh. How very cute!!!

  101. JinxtheCat says:

    Yikes! Who couldn’t love that sweetums? Ditch the roommates, keep the kitteh!

  102. Dudes, I already feel calmer now that little Marisol here is on my desktop background. Can you think of chillaxing going on in her ACTUAL presence? Bliss bliss bliss.

  103. Noelegy says:

    A–she is Adorable
    B–she is a Baby
    C–she is Clever
    D–she is Darling
    E–she is Exquisite
    F–she is Feline
    G–she is Gorgeous
    H–she is Heavenly
    I–she is Interesting
    J–she is Joy-making
    K–she is Kuddly
    L–she is Lovable
    M–she is Marvelous
    N–she is Nice
    O–she is Oh! How cute she is!
    P–she is Pretty
    Q–she is Qte
    R–she is Ravishing
    S–she is Sweet
    T–she is Tiny
    U–she is Unbelievably cute
    V–she is Very cute
    W–she is Winsome
    X–she is Xceptional
    Y–she is Young
    Z–she is Zoooooooooo Zweeet!

    There’s 26 reasons. Okay, I cheated a bit on the spelling.

  104. Because Marisol is related to me Fluff …see me

  105. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Every household needs a security cat, and that kitten was clearly born for the task!

  106. Nia Karoliina says:

    Boyz like Kittenz..

  107. Tell roommates kitty stays 👿 If they object, they go 👿 End of story 👿

  108. Adorable Kitty!! Who could turn that little baby down ='( ???

  109. claudia says:

    WHOA!! the whisker-brows! omygosh that is wild!

  110. Cute Maya says:

    That is one adorable kitty!

  111. Just drop in a few hints about the INCREDIBLE pulling-power of “…want to come back for coffee and see my kitten?” No one can refuse a kitten.

  112. aDuckAduck says:

    If roommates can look at Marisol’s face and not be convinced she should stay, check their rooms for pods.

  113. Katie Kat says:

    DEAR GOD… I have to have that kitten. SRSLY! If they could turn that face away, they have no soul! *FAINTS* (and then back to consciousness for one last look…. and *faints* again)

  114. Cara N. says:

    Heck, the photo alone does it for me. Want.

  115. um HELLOOO?! Obviously these roomies need to have their heads examined. Get a peek at those white ear tufts!

  116. mom2twinzz says:

    As someone who has lived near a major college campus, and lives down the street from a smaller college campus, I too have to say it depends on if you are talking college roommates or otherwise. College students do have a bad rap for dumping their pets at the end of the year. I had a beautiful dog that I fostered for a few months that was found pregnant wandering on the campus for several months before someone took her to a vet – pregnant, matted, and malnourished. I have had to take several cats and dogs to the Humane Society from the campus area that were dumped. But – I also know many others who would find that entire scenario horrifying and refuse to do that to an animal.
    If it is just a foster, make sure the roommates understand the time limits involved and that your are responsible for its care. They will learn to love the cuteness that is Marisol and be more willing to have her stay if the rules are set forth before hand.

  117. she can always do the dusting as she romps around with her tail!

  118. Jessica says:

    They eat roaches. ‘Nuf said.

  119. They are the bosses of the world, therefore the roomates have no say. End. of. stories.


  120. aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so cute i set it as my background

  121. Peanut's mama says:

    As a proud mama of a tuxedo kitty, I will tell you that the are THE BESTEST!

    And O-M-G—THE WHISKERS! And the adorable white feeties…..I WANNA MONCHE ON THE JELLYBEANS (paw pads).

    Honestly, if the soulless, heartless zombie roomates do not MELT with every glance of that beauty, they need to be replaced!

  122. Shannon says:

    She’ll be there to greet all when arriving home from a bad day, a good day, a fair day or any kind of day. It’s always nice knowing someone (especially Marisol) is awaiting your arrival home. If that doesn’t work, just get the cat and they’ll fall in love before they can even say No!

  123. wow…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a true female tuxedo-it’s usually dominant in male cats…so cute!

  124. Evumeimei says:

    1. She’s a kitten.
    2. She’s fuzzy.
    3. She’s got blue eyes and frivolously long whiskers.