Caturday Night Rack Snorgle

“Swagger” the kitten is just past six weeks old. He still naps quite a bit and enjoys a nice warm snorgling down a shirt on Caturday:




Delectabuhl Cats ‘n’ Racks action brot to you by TWBiotch.



  1. Awww….is it actually sucking it’s paw? My tiny Chihuahua has been nursing on his stuffed doggies nose for 8 years.

  2. Oh my gosh, its so cute!! Look at the paw-sucking!! Adorable!

  3. Okay. I’m on this site because my wife says I shouldn’t look at the news or political sites when I get up in the morning. It puts me in an awful mood. (That’s going to happen anyhow regardless. I’m pretty political….on the right side). This is now my homepage. Too bad for the shirt in the way. Ha Ha! It is a stress reliever however.

  4. I like her necklace. -wants-

  5. OMG! now someone has to start a site with daily pix of boobage-n-kitty pairs.

  6. Has no one else noticed that the top pic is photoshopped?

  7. That bra is going to get stretched out. Here, let me take that kitten for you.

  8. berthaservant says:

    Yeah, there’s something funky about these photos. The -hance looks like a different photo, and I’ve never seen a cat w/ a profile that “edgy.”

    However, as this post features a marmie and the female form, I’m still quite pleased.

  9. Jiggles says:


  10. OMG! It is so cute that I can not do anything!

  11. The top photo is totally altered and it’s different from the 2nd one!! Wassup, folks???

  12. It’s booby trapped.

  13. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:


  14. Aww, sweet li’l thumb-suckin’ orinj baby! If I tried to put Dante in my rack it would mean disaster. He weighs about 20 pounds.

  15. Carlisa says:

    @lol at Pyrit! Watch out! Iz gonna splode! KABOOOBZ!

  16. Katrina says:

    Straighten up there, Theresa!

  17. Salllla says:

    That sucking means that the cat was separated from its mum too early.

  18. Yes, I thought that the first picture was a tattoo at first glance. The second is quite adorable, though. And oddly, the shirts match. :S

  19. Oh how I long for another little orange kitty to cuddle … (heart splodes)

  20. Umm…. This is obviously photoshopped …. it looks like a tattoo on her chest.

  21. @peanut: I thought it was a tattoo as well.

  22. balamuthia says:

    It’s tewtally shopped- I can tell from the pixels. *eyeroll*

    Who cares? It’s cute.

  23. LOL at Pyrit. obviously it is shopped at the top but the enhance one is well it is perfection and that is all there is to that.

  24. Katrina, maybe I could Photoshop him in there. :mrgreen:

  25. Can we PLEASE avoid the nuffage on this one?

  26. Katrina says:

    From what you are saying that is a whole lotta trompe l’oeuil if you don’t!

  27. Ptychozoon says:

    It’s a cat tat!

  28. Lerrinus says:

    *giggles @ Kat-rina*
    Good one! 😀

  29. Dude ! It’s a fake !

  30. Oh, I don’t think it would trompe anyone’s l’oeuil very much. :mrgreen:

  31. berthaservant says:

    My question is “Why?” Why shop the first photo when clearly there was a real cats-n-racks incident/pose to photograph given the second photo?

    Also, it’s possible that the thumb isn’t really being sucked but is just near the kittie’s mouf.

  32. Holy Tiffany’s, Batman! He’s nestled RIGHT IN THERE!

  33. Katrina says:

    Theresa, now you know that as your fellow peep I would never knowingly try to talk someone out of having their oueil tromped by you. I will go along with whatever trompe you would like…..we have to stick together afterall…so, go ahead, proudly trompe that l’oeuil! I’ll send you the cold cream for after, that paint would itch!

  34. Jennie Mello says:

    Sorry- I used to live in France.

  35. Second picture- very very cute. First picture, a little odd. Focus on the second photo, folks!

  36. I think I know what’s going on with the weird lighting in the first pic, which makes it look wrong… anybody ever accidentally get their finger partway over the built-in flash, when snapping a shot? ‘Cause that’s what it looks like to me, based on a few of my own oopses.

  37. Noelegy says:

    *puts on nuff pants*

    The shadows don’t work. The shadows beneath her bosom would be interrupted by the bulge of the kitten, but the shirt drapes unimpeded between them. That being said, awwwwww what a sweet little marmie!

  38. AWW 🙂 Kitty looks warm and comfortable 🙂

  39. The cat sucking it’s thumb just kills me. To death!

    Also, that lady’s boobs are small.

  40. But Theo, look at the edge on his fur on the first photograph…. ::head tilt:: Hmmm, suspicious.

  41. puddlepeppers says:

    Hey, diddle-diddle, the cat’s in the middle…

  42. LOL @ Carlisa! Did your bazooms go kabooms? Oh Noes!

  43. Cute! My sister placed my hamster at the exact same place. Looks comfortable. lol.

  44. Raemie L says:

    Ahn, the COXCU of the kitten is too sweet.

  45. Maybe the first one IS a tattoo, made based on the original which is seen in the close up?

  46. Katrina says:

    Thanks, Jenny. I’m one of the few people in the word who likes being corrected. I do wish I did better in French. I got “Gentleman’s ‘D’s”.

  47. Marm-maries!

  48. Looks like the first pic is photoshopped. And then the close up is not the same pic as the one above…

  49. Carlisa says:

    @Pyrit…I’ve lost more kittehs that way 😦

  50. Is anyone going to answer for this obvious forgery!? I am quite offended

    [Oh noes! Teh offenses! – Ed.]

  51. chillcat says:

    What weird obsession makes women put cats in their shirts? I don’t get it.

  52. brinnann says:

    @chillcat: For to keep teh kittehs safe & warm.

  53. Helllooooooo all… As she who was holding both Swagger and my own camera for both photos I will explain the photoshopping. Here’s what happened: When I took the first picture, I still had my camera on the settings I’d been using the previous day, and the pic came out orange-orange-darky-ORANGE, which I noticed only after I took it, so I adjusted the settings. And when I did, Swagger skootched down in my shirt some more and stuck his paw back in his mouth (which is the behaviour that had gotten me to carefully get my camera out of my bag in the first place) so I took the second picture, closing in on the nomming action. I then had the boyfriend attempt to lighten up the original picture with photoshop, and I told him to just do the basic “color adjust” or whathaveyou, but it was apparently too much, as now you all think I’m a loserly poser. I assure you I’m not, and Swagger spent the better part of half an hour right there in my shirt. Oh – and my necklace is a compass on one side and the other the Shakesperean “to thine own self be true.”

  54. @Salllla – i think so, too – but as he’s not mine, but my friends’ and no one asked me if they should wait till he (and his sister) were older before bringing them home… *sigh*

    oh, and @nyota – Hey!! I resemble that remark!! >:o[

  55. TWBiotch – AH! I knew it!! ‘shopped!! 😉

  56. AWW 🙂 Little Swagger was nomming on his paw because he was in a nice warm place, TWBoitch 🙂 I am glad that you were able to get a picture of the little cutie doing that 🙂

  57. Glitter says:

    @Salllla – Swagger and his sister were adopted from a shelter; they were abandoned. ~Swagger’s mommy

  58. AWW 😦 Poor babies 😦 I am glad to hear that Swagger and his sister got adopted into a forever home 🙂