Mental Hygienist

Hmm, I’m (scrape, scrape) noticing a bit of (scrape, scrape) plaque building up here (scrape, scrape)… Are you brushing in those hard-to-reach places, young lady?


(echo chamber) Now (Now) let’s (let’s) take a (take a) look at (look at) those (those) molars (molars molars…)


Now rinse, Lily L.



  1. EnufNuffing says:

    A sneeze attack would be so bad right now…

  2. Hmmm 😦 Patient Zero of the bubonic plague!

  3. Pet rats shouldn’t carry diseases, Trixie 🙂

    Cute, but definitely gross!

  4. Von Zeppelin says:

    I thought it was customary these days for hamsters to wear a mask, eye protection, and teeny little latex gloves when they’re poking around in people’s mouths.

  5. Uh, that is way gross!! Don’t do that those animals are dirty!!

  6. I think the first picture is *almost* cute, because he’s just munch-munch-munching on the toof. But the second picture is more gag-inducing than anything else….Unless she was just hidin’ some cheez in her molars!

  7. The phrase is “I SMELL a rat” not “I TASTE a rat.”

  8. Gross. Really. Very high EWW factor.

  9. Arr Arr says:

    It almost looks like she’s barfing him out in the second picture. Cute.

  10. GROSS.

  11. berthaservant says:

    Wow, this one’s gonna get some pretty severe comments.

    My guess is that a well-taken-care-of rat is probably a bit cleaner overall than, say, a cat or dog who spends most of their time outdoors. I don’t know for sure that’s just an educated guess until the experts arrive.

    My question is how did this person figure out that the rattie wanted to nom on the toof?

    btw, NTMTOM, I love the url because of the baseball AND the Zucker Bros. reference…

  12. Uhhhh….I could have done without this one. blechhhh

  13. Really? When did this turn into

  14. Rodentistry!

    [ 😆 – Ed.]

  15. Disgusting!

    [You never saw that April 1 post I did about naked mole rats, did you? In Meg’s writing style? It was a few years ago now… – Ed.]

  16. rat maestro says:

    OK, first of all, everyone who is grossing out because of this would probably not mind being licked in the face by a dog or cat who spends its spare time licking genitals. Where’s the sense in that?

    A pet rat, like most other rodents grooms itself several times a day. They are not dirty animals, just because they exist in dirty environments of the world. And hey, its owner probably gives it weekly baths!

    I’d be more grossed out by a human dentist who insists on not wearing gloves and still has a wedding ring on.

  17. Laura G says:

    My rat used to do this to me, they practically try and force their way in. It’s the salty saliva that they are after. It’s not gross as pet rats are very clean. In fact a pet dog carries more diseases than a pet rat does.

  18. This is really disgusting, not cute. 😦

  19. Hmmm, Me thinks the rattie may need more calcium. . .

    I wuvs me some ratties, and this one is really cute. Honestly, I don’t think it’s any worse than a dog or cat licking your face . .

  20. Thanks, Rat Maestro. Reminds me of my old dentist that used to smoke. . . Gag. . .

  21. Poor rattie! Human mouths are so ICKY!

  22. skippymom says:

    rat maestro, I was with you right up to the wedding ring part. What now? Is it that the dentist is still married, or is the ring dirty, or huh?

    [The latter. Microbes & stuff get caught & proliferate underneath, y’know. But it’s still less gross, generally, than the inside of a human mouth… – Ed.]

  23. Jezebel says:

    I wish my dentist were that cute! And rats don’t carry the plague, the fleas that go on rats do. As long as there are no fleas, there’s no problem!

  24. Paunchie says:

    I had a pet rattie liked to give french kisses. We used to do that in front of folk just for the freak out factor.

    yeah. Barftastic.

  25. Maybe this is a new way to bleach your teefs. And probably cheaper than having the dentist do it for you.

  26. I once worked for somebody whose lovebird did this. (Not to my teeth, to hers.) Weird stuff.

  27. I used to have pet rats – delightful creatures. I did once open my mouth while eating, just to see what the rat would do.

    Pet rats have no fear! Beware. She just jumped right in, like she was getting into an elevator or something. I caught her halfway. Crazy little goobers.

  28. Isn’t that adorable how that girl lets live rats crawl in her mouth? SO CUTE!


    a little bit mental… for sure.

  30. I think these photos are adorable. He’s just making sure she has good dental care. 😛

  31. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    As an official rat_mom, I know that this is technically known as Rodentistry. This is from the official Rat Dictionary created and maintained by two Aussie rat lovers.

  32. Ew! ew ew ew ew ew! No rodentistry for me!

  33. If they get a chipped tooth, it’s what they get for being cheap. xD
    That rat is so cute! < 3

  34. Jezebel says:

    Theo, my boss has a one legged lovebird who comes to the office every once in a while. He’s the only dentist I trust!

  35. I know rats are really clean animals, but that is just gross! Yuck.

  36. skippymom says:

    Theo–we had naked mole rats?!!! A while ago I was BEGGING for some naked mole rats! They are my FAVE! Can you run it again, please, pretty please, I’ll give you a nickle and be your best friend forever!

    [The post was only up for a few hours; it freaked Meg out too much. Heh. – Ed.]

  37. Heatherr says:

    Awww! Adorable for suuuree, definitely some squeamish folks out there though

  38. balamuthia says:

    Haha! Cute! Although it seems like the tooth nomming at the top would hurt! I have sensitive teeth though, so you know- rats chewing my teeth would be uncomfortable.

    Only on CO would I say something like that.

  39. Crystal T says:

    This is gross, but not because of the rat. I like rats.
    But I never like seeing into people’s mouths. I have to look away when someone yawns without covering his/her mouth. But that’s my problem.

    In any case, these pictures just aren’t that cute. They’re mostly blah/neutral.

  40. Rofnar Frougelson says:

    My Guinea pooger would do exactly the same thing. She would crawl up the chest, put one paw on the lower lip and pry the mouth open, then she’d stick her whole head in and scrounge around. She was very clean and people have absolutely nothing to worry about these domesticated rodents. Even if they had a bit of dirt under their nails…guess what, it’s that sort of paranoia that ushered in a parade of antibiotic-resistant flu viruses. So the Boy-in-the-bubble children out there are going to be nom-nommed by the pooger flu while us filth-revelers will be doing a jig with our little dentist buddies.

  41. Is he the spokesrat for RoDent™ brand toothpaste?

  42. Shrubbery says:

    You people bawwing about how gross this is are such freaking babies.

    Click back, don’t look, whatever. I think it’s cute.

  43. *giggles madly @ RoDent™ comment*

    I think this is todaly nadorabul!


  44. justvikki says:

    this is probably the grossest thing I’ve seen here, ever.
    I have a re-occurring nightmare of exactly this. Thanks, CO! I won’t be back for a long time.

  45. LOL! Gee-ross. Actually, pet rats are clean enough to not worry about it. I think it’s silly when people worry too much about that stuff. I’ve had dogs, cats, and pet rats crawling over me, licking my face, etc since I was born, and I’ve never gotten anything serious! 🙂

  46. I’m with B-Serv– Baseball + “Airplane” ref = greatness. 70s Baseball! The days of Oscar Gamble’s ‘fro and the doubleknit unis!
    Anyone else remember the Borbon “curse” on the Reds?

  47. PS the second pic reminds me of a certain CSI ep.

  48. I worked at a Renaissance Festival once, in the character of a lion tamer (we had a circus theme). I had a pet rat named Coke, whose stage name was Leo, who wore a little mane. I would say, “you know how lion tamers can open a lion’s mouth and stick their head in? That’s nothing.” And then I’d open my mouth, and right on cue, Coke would grab my teeth in his little hands and stick his head right in, no hesitation. Great tip earner, was Coke.

    I guess it grossed people out, but honestly, I’d rather have Coke (or any of my other ratties I’ve kept) stick his head in my mouth than, say, let a dog lick me on the mouth. Coke had a weekly bath (daily, towards the end) and always smelled very pleasantly of baby shampoo and that weird oiled gun smell that rats give off. He was meticulous and very clean and never had poo on his paws.

    So I felt the need to come in here and add some positivity and say, nothing gross about this at all. You keep up the rodentistry, you two.

    Also, this rat’s marked up very attractively. Like it’s wearing a feathered cape. 😀

  49. balamuthia says:

    Awww, justvikki, I’m sure you”l be sorely missed! I mean, I know I personally visit CO just on the hopes that I’ll see you comment–

    —oooh, shiny!

    What was I saying?

  50. Camille says:

    I have a newfound appreciation of the fact that my dentist and hygienist are both humans. I had not previously considered the alternatives, and there’s nothing I hate more than that furry-mouth feeling. So thanks, CO, for the public service. 🙂

  51. I had a pet rat, and I still think this is gross. The rat may be clean, but what about the bacteria that’s in this girl’s mouth?

  52. Haha! Us ratty lovers are very familiar with this particular quirk of rats. 🙂

    Love my rodentists!

  53. brinnann says:

    I find it very fitting that the ads on the right are currently advertising teeth-whitening.

  54. hon glad says:

    Galgh eur-ope barf.

  55. ew.

  56. Awww! I miss having little rodentists.

  57. [whistling]

    Why good afternoon, Brinn. Pleasant day we’re having. 😉

  58. Katiedid says:

    geeerrrooosssssss… for rat and human…
    for rat because humans have so much bacteria in their mouth and for human because…. well theres a rat in your mouth.. :-X

  59. Oh come now… rats, even pet store rats, can have plenty of diseases. Dogs don’t have “more” diseases, they just have different ones. The most important zoonosis pet rats might have for human concern is Salmonella… and even if they don’t look like they have poo on their paws, it doesn’t mean you should let them rummage in your gummage!

    Just always be careful, and don’t believe that any animal species is “safe” or “dangerous”. They’re all just different.

  60. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    You want icky? This isicky

  61. Its amazing how some people will say awwwwww to anything with fur.


  62. skippymom says:

    LOL @ balamuthia.

  63. It’s NOT gross. In fact, rats lick your saliva because it’s a good way for them to recognize you (they don’t see very well). So if a rat ever munchs on your teeth or licks you tongue, it means that it likes you and wants to know you better

  64. Ah han’t ‘alk wite ‘ow, I hab a wat ing mah mouf.

  65. It’s cute! it’s gross! it’s hilarious!

    But, really, no grosser than when people let dogs or cats lick their faces after they’ve been um…cleansing themselves. Equally cute/gross/hilarious.

  66. Eww. It may be a clean enough animal, but it still walks on the same stuff it defecates on. :-P. Not cute.

  67. trinky dink says:

    Hey marion,
    um. . .I do that too. . .

  68. Paunchie says:

    J3FF that made me LOL!

  69. Ok people, relax, Brian (Senior Cuteologist, Ph.D, MBA, DMD, ABC, DVD, etc.) is here to comment on this. I’ve analyzed the data and have come to this conclusion that both of these pictures are, in fact, cute. I hope this settles it.

  70. Pet rats are no dirtier than dogs, cats, etc. Pets are often curious about human…. errrr… orifices. My rats actually tried to pry open my lips with their hands (and that hurt, because they have needles for claws) to shove their noses inside. And let me tell you, it is quite startling to be taking a pee on the side of a trail when hiking or skiing, and have a dog run up from behind and decide to give you a rectal examination! EEEeeeeeeuuugh!

  71. skippymom says:

    I’m not personally crazy about this post just because I don’t enjoy looking into that girl’s mouth (not to mention that OH NO IT’S A HUMAN!! NO!!) But the rat is lovely, and I have no problem at all with the idea of a domesticated rat putting its head in a human’s mouth. It’s cool.
    But it’s the comments on this one that are very entertaining, indeed.

    (psst…Theo! over here, sshhhh, keep it down. Listen, some time if Meg goes away on vacation, can we have a naked mole rat or two? Huh?)

  72. AuntieMame says:

    The rat is lovely, but eww! (And no, I don’t let dogs lick me in the face. That’s eww, too.)

  73. Hmm, this one didn’t make me retch like the picture of the toddler licking the pig’s nose, which frankly puts me off my lunch just to think about… I guess it’s just a matter of what individually gets to you. And I’m the sort who would NEVER let a canine put it’s tongue anywhere on me no matter what it’s friendly intentions may be.

    If anything bugs me about this picture it’s the eye makup in the second pic, IF that’s what it is. I don’t know, maybe it’s a bruise. Maybe it was a *good* eyemakeup job last night and she’s just woken up with an after party hangover and severe smearing. But hey, don’t listen to me honey I’m just a persnickety makeup artist. 😛

  74. “Step into my orifice.”

  75. Northern Tigress says:

    Having grown up with a toy poodle who thought that my father’s earwax was a tasty treat, I don’t find this image “gross” at all. Maybe a little bit of “Ooookay, fine. (back slowly away from the crazy person).” 😀 But as long as *I* don’t have to experience it myself, what does it matter?

    And I’m wondering if any of the gross-out commenters here are the same ones who rave about wanting to “nom” on an animal’s ears and/or feet. What’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander, Folks.

  76. “…nom-nommed by the pooger flu…” (Rofnar Frougelson, 10:06 a.m.).
    Sir or Madam, you have made my day. I love you.

  77. brinnann says:

    Theo, could we have a linky-poo to the mole rat postingks, plzprettyplz? I mean, I know it’s not on CO to be linked to, but dontcha have it hanging around somewhere? *coffcoffvoxcoff*

  78. skippymom says:

    Brinnann, I’ve always felt that you and I could get along very nicely. Any friend of naked mole rats is a friend of mine.

  79. One of my little guys likes to wait until you aren’t paying attention and try to groom the inside of your NOSE. He lives for nostril infiltration, he even grabs the sides with his wee rat-hands to try to hold you still while he shoves his face in there. We’ve mostly trained him out of it, for fear that he’ll get himself hurt by startling someone, but he just can’t help himself sometimes. Surprise whiskers and tiny licks right up your nose is not something you ever get used to, let me tell you!

  80. did no one else have the book Dr De Soto when they were little?

  81. googlie eyes says:

    I think I’m partial to the cute/slightly disturbing combo. I get a little drowsy looking at too many pics of kittens or puppies, etc., in a row. It’s the edgy stuff that makes this site so much fun for me. I have doubts about whether I would have the courage to let a rat in my mouth, but there’s something seriously entertaining about this scenario. Maybe for me BEF+nomming+gee-ross= CUTE!

  82. brinnann says:

    THEEEE-OOOO… I know my posts didn’t say this earlier!
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

  83. superboymom says:

    nope, nope . . . just us-gusting. . . blech!

  84. TheWireMonkey says:

    My parrot does this to my bottom front teeth.

  85. TracyFlick says:

    hi pitched EW all the way on the second one. no cat, dog, or any animal is cute doing that. EW!

  86. That is so gross and disgusting it hurts my stomach.

  87. Totally shudder-inducing, but not for the ’nuffer reasons above. I just have a thing about teeth. And I imagine that a toof-nom makes a SQUEEEE noise much like fingernails and chalkboards and that is gross. The *picture* is adorable. 🙂

  88. I went to a wolf program once where the education wolf greeted people. They told us that if the wolf wanted to lick our teeth, let her (otherwise, they nibble, which you Do Not Want). I did, and it was actually weirdly ungross. I did not get plague or anything else from the experience. Rats do this kind of thing.

    I don’t find it particularly adorable, but the rat is cute!

  89. Doesn’t gross me out. I used to love kissing my hamster’s face and chomping on his cute little arms.

  90. cheweysmom says:

    Ok I did have pet ratsys when i was but a teen (oh so long ago). they where very sweet and clean etc.. yes they did this as well.. I think it is because mama aminals chew da food up for the babys and let them eat it out of their mouths.., baby rat thinks da person is its moma and is showing da love! ( dat is why dogs smell your breath, cheking for good food!)!

  91. skippymom says:

    Dithie: yes, William Steig totally rocks!

  92. SoCalSis says:

    Dani, you gave me the giggles with the mental picture of your nasal hygene treatment– What a visual!!
    And Dithie, I IMMEDIATELY thought of Dr. DeSoto! I LOVED that book, as did my kids. Even now we often express gratitude by saying “Frank Ou Arry Ush”, as Mr. Fox did after Dr. DeSoto (temporarily) glued Mr. Fox’s teeth together to take away any temptation Mr Fox might feel while Dr. DeSoto was inside Mr. Fox’s mouth fixing a painful tooth. I loved Dr. DeSoto’s tiny little dentist shirt. And Mr. Fox wondering if it would be bad manners to eat Dr. DeSoto after the tooth had been fixed. Wonderful book!

  93. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I love this post! Super cute rat, and clearly a strong bond with the primate handler.

  94. chicky82 says:

    my guys do this, it’s funny.My bf was the one who started it all with them , he had beer breath and got too close, my Coal basically took his little paws and pried open bf’s mouth. 😀 now they think it’s in everyone’s mouth, little drunkards. Rodentisty at it’s finest, rats are also pretty godd manicurists too.

  95. Headtail says:

    The rat itself is cute. The overall situation is a *little* 1984 for me…

  96. I think it’s kind of funny, actually. Animals are so quirky!

  97. I love animals but I gotta say….Uffda!

  98. damn, i LOVE when cuteoverload pushes buttons.

    having that said, this is so gross.

  99. VentureSister says:

    @ am1: Amen! Finally, someone with the same reaction as me. I have a serious tooth thing and ugh… just thinking about his little teeth scraping and cracking the tooth. I mean, I know the rat’s teeth are probably not hard enough to bite all the way through but still… gives me the jibblies. Other than that, it takes all colors to make a rainbow so if you don’t think it’s cute, don’t look at it. It’s hard though, if you’re a masochist like me and can’t help staring, wondering “what does that feel like?

  100. Aw, this brings back memories. They REALLY want to get in there!

  101. Oik! Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross!
    And yet, it is tad cute somehow.
    Still gross, gross, gross, gross!

  102. Eh. Hygiene is overrated. Besides, this rat’s rates are excellent and he never starts a conversation when your mouth is open.

  103. proof that hygenists say the SAME THING whether in USA, Canada or Ratland.

    NTMTOM: very witty dialogueeeee (said with a French accent)

  104. check out the ever-so-gentle paw (or claw?) on the girl’s mouth in the first pic.

  105. Candace says:

    Please someone let me know when this gets below the fold! Ugh.

  106. I’ve lost count of the number of pet rats who liked to do this to me.

    You know what’s actually gross? Having a rat try and groom your armpit. Or even worse; infiltrate your bra.

  107. Anyone else think the rat looks like a Great White Shark in the top pic? anyone? *crickets*

  108. Gross overload.

  109. Candace says:

    Is it gone yet?
    ~peeking between fingers~

  110. Gag. I used to work at a pet store and couldn’t go into the smanimals section without barfing a tiny bit in my mouth because of the smell of pee. Enjoy that in your mouth!

  111. Different strokes – I don’t find these pictures gross, for me they are sweet and adorable. I nom my kitty all the time so don’t really see the difference. So far no dread diseases. I think little rattie is completely cute and I’m envious of the friend he loves so much!

  112. Mmmmmmmmmm a bit gross but each to their own!LOL!

  113. Oh – and yes, love the URL (another baseball fan)

  114. chanpon says:

    Rats themselves can be quite cute, but rat dental hygienist is definitely gross. Sorry I have a teeth thing – I think it’s even gross when humans do it.

  115. kayouko says:

    Eeeeeoooooo… I can take a parakeet nibbling my teeth, but not a rat. 😛

  116. Rats express their affection by grooming, and that can mean rodentistry, a complete cuticle makeover, small hands in your ears (ouch), a quick bang trim, nasal exploration, toe jam removal – whatever it takes 😀

    And I never allow rats to explore my mouth – because it is swarming with bacteria and I am worried about their health 😉

  117. temperance says:

    okay. i guess i’m one sick puppy because i found this post so totally adorable- and i’ve never even had a pet rat before ever. maybe it’s because i have a dog who french kisses. when it’s someone you really love gross things just don’t seem so gross…

  118. My rat does the exact same thing! She just shoves her face in my mouth when I’m talking or yawning, it’s actually rather annoying. It’s like hey, please stop climbing into my mouth, thanks.

  119. omg ack uck ick ewwww!!! *gag*

  120. Caitlin says:

    LOLOLOL! As a new (2 month) rat ownee, I am very much amused by this. It’s so true! My ratties love to groom me. I get kisses, manicures, all that. Thanks for posting a rat! 😀

  121. shannomo says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww………………I love animals, but this it too gross.

  122. You should see my gastroenterologist…

  123. Tiff: “rummage in your gummage”


  124. brinnann says:

    Patito Gigante, OH NOES!!!!

  125. SuperMe says:

    I do not care how “clean” your animal is, this is just gross.

  126. Aww! That is so cute. Both my ratties love playing dentist. lol. They’ll crawl right up and poke at my mouth with their noses and try to pry my lips open with their little fingers. It’s too cute.


  127. Elisha B. says:

    That is just TOTALLY wrong!!! Cute rat, would love to see him doing other things, just not in a human mouth.

  128. Hot Tams says:

    THAT is the MOST vile thing I have EVER witnessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. starlinguk says:

    Those who think this is gross never ate worms when they were toddlers 😛

    Hey, she’s got good teef, where can I get one of them rodentists?

  130. 29 pliny 05.21.09 at 9:49 am
    Isn’t that adorable how that girl lets live rats crawl in her mouth? SO CUTE!

    As opposed to letting dead ones in there? Now THAT would be gross.

    Headtail 05.21.09 at 12:00 pm
    The rat itself is cute. The overall situation is a *little* 1984 for me…

    Animal Farm, maybe?

    I laughed when I saw the pics. My first cat loved mint. After I brushed my teeth one night, I was sitting on the couch. The cat jumped up in my lap and smelled the mint. She stood up and put her paws on my cheeks. I laughed. When my mouth opened, she proceeded to try to stick her head in my mouth to get to the mint smell.

  131. Words fail me….

  132. dithie, thanks for reminding me of Dr. DeSoto! Loved that book as a kid.

  133. Redbone says:

    It’s not something I ever allowed my rat to do, but certainly not for his lack of trying. Rats are apparently fascinated by our mouths. He also used to try to nip at my stubble if I went a couple days without shaving, and would dig madly through people’s hair.

  134. BostonBunny says:

    Hello ffleur! You are a connoisseur of cute! Agreed on NTMTOM.

    It appears to me that the rat is sharpening or wearing down his teeth on the person’s – sort of like parrots that have a slab of some calcium (?) in their cages. Cambridge Rat Mom – does that sound possible to you?

  135. I really miss the days when posted nothing but cute pics. It was a nice place to stop by during a stressful day. This is gross

    [LOL! And which days were those? – Ed.]

  136. Meep! 😦

  137. Yep, classic ratty grooming behavior. Rats are extremely social, and one of the ways they maintain tight bonds with each other is to know what the other has been eating. Our girls both did this, Maggie much more insistently than Petunia…she would literally grab one lip in each little paw and pry our mouths open to perform her rodentistry.

    We found it adorable, but then again, we loved them and understood the difference between hygiene and being freaked out over germs. 😉

  138. Dani — I had a rat once who also liked to groom my nose. I’d stick my face really close to her and she’d basically shove her tongue up my nostril and hoover around. It didn’t hurt, it just tickled.

    I think this ratty is adorable.

  139. I’m right with you Pam! Ratties are insistent about their grooming rights and needs. I interpret this picture as “I lof you. I trust you. Whachyou been eatings? Lemme have some…”

  140. All the ew comments. It isn’t as nasty as you think.

    Rats will groom you when they love you. Its a sign of love.

  141. @ Patito Gigante | You’re B- A -D! At least you didn’t link to a picture of the Roto-Rooter man.

  142. Hi boston bunny – yes I love me some CO *waves to bb*

  143. I had a CAT, peeps, who used to pry my mouth open so he could sniff my mouthwash.

  144. SoCalSis says:

    Jen8– made me chortle!

  145. Fat Tabby says:

    Umm, I pretty much want to get a rat now ‘cuz of this. It’s pretty cool to see the quirky ways of showing affection that they have. Plus, I might have to leave my outdoor kitty with my MIL since me and my husband are moving to an apartment building 😦 He tends to yodel/scream and pee on things if you don’t let him out 3x a night and that’s not so gewd with a baby on the way.

  146. Elizabeth H. says:

    This IS NOT cute – it’s disgusting!

    [Don’t you mean “Geee-ross“? 😉 – Ed.]

  147. ICK!! 😀

  148. Janice of the Nine says:

    Oh boy. I LOVE animals, including rats, but there’s no way I’d let one poke around in my mouth like that. (Nope, not even dog or cat kisses on the mouth.) The rat in this pic is very cute but the pictures themselves are cringe-worthy, not cute, to me.

    Next, please! 🙂

  149. ummm… are you supposed to let carriers of human killer viruses in your mouth? Don’t think it matters if they’re domesticated. Not smart.

  150. c, you’ve never made out? Humans are carriers of human killer viruses, you know. 🙂

  151. Either way, they run around in their cages on their urine and feces and now this one is in her mouth. yum.

  152. Arvary, yes i do know that.

  153. I keep pet rats; they are wonderful, charismatic animals. Out of the five I have owned, two have been avid rodentists. They actively try to pry open my lips when they’re riding around on my shoulders, or wait for me to smile, just to lick my teeth! It’s only a grooming behavior, and very endearing.

    Cute pictures; I, for one, appreciate.

  154. I love ratties. I am way more offended by Fat Tabby’s comments…kitties should not be kept outdoors….pets are NOT disposable….he could be yelling and peeing on things because he has crystals in his urine or a bladder infection….is he vaccinated from rabies, distemper, leukemia….is he neutered or out making kittens….this is way more appalling to me then rodentistry…………nuff said.

  155. That’s too cute, what a trusting rat *lol* My husband kisses our hairless rats like they are our kids.

  156. Ewwwwww!
    That will make you sick! It made me sick by looking at it!
    So gross not even cute!

  157. biabeatha says:

    Meaghan, one of my ratties does the same thing with the nose. They also go in my ears.

    The teefers thing doesn’t bother me either. Makes me glad that they think I’m one of their ratttie siblings.

  158. Christina says:

    Aww CUTE!! 🙂 🙂 I own ratties (3 boys) and sometimes they’ll do that themselves. I’ve never been exactly comfortable with letting them do it, but rats grooming you is a sign of their affection – like when a dog licks you. People aren’t fond of this I’ll bet because they hate rats, which is sad… rats are great pets if you think cats are too self-centred, and don’t have time/energy for a dog. Rats are pretty smart little buggers. 😉

  159. You people are such rodent racists! Just because it isn’t a hamster doesn’t mean it carries disease (in my opinion, I think that hamsters are really ugly and nasty little beasts) My ratties do that all the time : ) and just to let you losers know, your nasty dogs had way more germs than rats. I feel bad for the rat who is more likely to catch something from the person than vice-versa. I wish you people would be more open to rats, I bet none of you have even met one in real life before, try and shove this possibility into our thick heads, rats are such sweeties that they are better than every animal on the face of the earth COMBINED! this has been my rant about rats : )

  160. Courtney S. says:

    “Nostril infiltration” may be the funniest combination of words. Ever.

  161. Shannon says:

    Not my fave pic (I LOVE ratties, tho) but to each their own.

    I love the way my dog’s feet smell when he comes in from a walk. Smell like fresh cut grass. Does that make me gross?

  162. Flavia A. says:

    Gross overload…

    Gross 😛

  163. I’m getting a pair of rats this month, and I’m so letting them do this.

  164. claudia says:


    oh. and the pics? meh.

  165. Awww. The rattie is cute. I just fear for her toofs. It can’t be good to have a little rattie nom nom nommin on your toofs…. I see a significant loss of enamel or a chipped tooth in her future.

  166. One of my cockatiels does this to my teeth but I have to confess I’d prefer a bird doing that than a rat – but each to their own !LOL!

  167. Uhm AuntieB? Ever heard of someone keeping shelter for a feral cat? Of course some cats should be out door cats, it’s their nature. Especially in a place like I live where I’m several acres from a road. Why shouldn’t cats be outdoor cats if they like it?

  168. totally cute! this reminds me of when i used to have a rat. my dad had fallen asleep on the couch and was snoring with his mouth wide open – when i turned to look at him and saw that the rat had it’s entire head inside his gob and was conducting a thorough investigation.

    bah – domestic rats are cleaner than humans. ratty bathed himself 50 times a day and spent extended periods giving his genitals a super-suction mouth-wash.

  169. Oh for heaven’s sake. The only objection I had to my rats sticking their whole heads into my mouth was that they usually wanted to climb inside. 🙂 I liked the feeling of them nibbling on my teeth.

  170. OMG that is so adorable, redonkulously cute. I’m a rat lover so of course I give it 2 thumbs up ! P.S. Don’t forget to floss !

  171. Ro-dentures!

  172. most rodents give me the heebie-jeebies, and i have SERIOUS issues with teeth and lips in general, but I thought these pictures were adorable, especially the second one. The little Ratty looks so curious and sweet, peering into his person’s mouth. he looks like a very clean little rat, too. I suspect more germs hang out on public-bathroom doors and faucets than on this guy.

    and if THIS is the vilest or most disgusting thing you have ever seen, you are living a gloriously charmed life.

    how ’bout some baby pandas now? or kittens being bottle-fed? puppies in pockets?

  173. I never knew it was possible to be simultaneously cutelicious and totally disgusting!

  174. clearly this baby is doing a good job – such nice teefs!

  175. huntsnipes says:

    I remember Dr. DeSoto! And I had parakeets as a child – they were all big into oral exploration. I thought it was hilarious, way back then.

  176. Ok. The crawling around is one thing. But in that first photo, it actually looks like he’s sinking his teeth into her gums. That’s what makes my skin crawl. Ewww!

  177. Squinty says:

    was this a dare? had to be a dare…. very nice teeth btw

  178. What is this thing with so many people saying they have such big problems with teeth, mouths, lips, etc? You don’t like them? They disgust you? What? I don’t understand.

  179. Cute, not gross. If the owner wants a rat in her mouth, who cares?
    Humans are much, much, much more gross. Rats have a tendency to bathe themselves several times a day, poop in designated ‘areas’ like latrines.
    Humans touch things that other humans touch thousands of times and then put that hand in their eye, face and mouth. People sneeze and cough into their hands and then touch doorknobs and shopping carts and phones and tables. Kids usually have the highest germ count on their person then any other type of human, and people just looove kids. Touch em, kiss em and hold em. Ewww.

  180. How many cat lovers here nom their cat’s ears or tails? How is this any different than that? I think this shows a tremendous amount of trust and love between pet and owner. I vote CUTE, not GROSS.

  181. Zoe Doom says:

    This is cute! It’s also a wee bit gross, but no more gross than getting licked by a dog. I have two rats and one of them does this all the time. I have to wrestle him away!

  182. Sporkles says:

    my first reaction was that this was gross, but after reading the comments, it seems kinda cute. I still don’t know if i’d let a rat in my mouth, but i’ve let my cat lick my lips before, which is probably a lot grosser.

  183. puddlepeppers says:

    Another vote for naked mole rats.

  184. I would do the same thing. This is cute, not gross.

  185. This kinda grossed me out, but not because of the rat. The dirty human mouth, eww…

  186. Rats are very clean – they spend as much time cleaning themselves as cats do, according to some experts even more time. Also, im pretty sure the human mouth carries more germs than a pet rat’s feet do, so yes this is gross – for the rat.

  187. This is adorable. I’ve never had ratties, but I really want one now. I’ve had many doggy kisses over my whole life and I’ve never had any crazy diseases. My dog is little and her tongue tends to go up your nose, but its all good.

  188. Headtail says:

    No, arbed, not Aminal Farm. 1984, where they strap the rat cage face mask to Winston. Maybe he had nothing to worry about but a little teef cleaning….

  189. VentureSister says:

    @arbed My problem is the idea of something happening to my teeth. Like falling and chipping them or someone kicking me in the mouth with steel-toed boots and cracking them. Ugh ugh ugh. Gimme the jibblies. I don’t know about the others, but it’s just the idea of the feeling that freaks me out. Some people are very sensitive in their mouths and can feel the tickles down their neck and very viscerally in their bodies. My SO has that. He can’t even french kiss because it feels so unpleasant. It’s kind of silly and weird, I know, but some people just have BIG no-no spots.

  190. The cute rat look so adorable in the first picture! XD I love having a connection [physically and emotionally] between human and pets. 😀

  191. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This is up there with the best comments ever 🙂

    And I come down on the side of cute for the photo. 🙂 Curious little rodent. Awwww. How sweet.

  192. michelle says:

    I don’t let my rats do this because they try to climb right in! But I don’t mind when they just try to lick my lips or nostrils.
    I love it when people who have dogs are grossed out by that and then I’m like “You let your dog lick your face and mouth and I’ve seen that dog eat out of the cat box, so who do you think is more nasty?”

  193. platedlizard says:

    Honestly I’m a bit grossed out because human mouths? Are not exactly the cleanest places. In fact, our mouths are dirtier then the average dog or cat’s mouth, and keep in mind, they lick their butts and dogs often eat poop! So yeah, that’s why I think this is gross, that little guy doesn’t know what he’s scraping out of there… EW!

    That said, it’s also really cute and reminds me of the pet rats me an my sister had as kids. They loved doing this!

    Rats are very friendly and clean animals, given a choice. Too bad they only live three years or so.

  194. Its always disheartening how many people still think pet rats spread disease, particularly since the species that pet rats are have NEVER spread plague, and actually helped end the plague. A pet rat carries no more disease than a pet dog or cat, in fact, possibly even less. Is it so hard for people to educate themselves before typing?

  195. I completely agree, Ziggy! Pet rats are wonderful creatures and so very intelligent. Our ratty is clean and loves a good kiss! It’s so sad that there’s still so much animosity towards them because of the past. Precious things! And these pics are adorable!

  196. Nucleus says:

    My rat once bit me close to the uvula. I found that a teeeeeny bit annoying 😉
    Otherwise, they love to steal food right out of my mouth, they just climb up there and force my mouth open with their surprisingly strong hands, and voila! my peace of chocolate is gone 😀
    Since they do this to one another, I feel honoured that they do it to me! They accept me as part of their little rattie-family ❤

  197. Nucleus says:

    Piece! Piece! OMG

  198. eeeewww!

    its much better to look at if you bite it and grind it with your teeth..


  199. Heather in PA says:

    So the next time we see a pic of a little boston terrier puppy licking someone’s face, will it too be flooded with “Ewe gross” comments? Probably not. 😦 If more people took the time to learn the truth about rats, they wouldn’t be so quick to say “ewe”. They are in fact cleaner than a lot of other animals, don’t give you the plague, and won’t creep out of your toilet…sigh

  200. The Shazinator says:

    Clean or not, I’m kinda grossed out by this. Even though the pics ARE cute, and I have no issue with them being posted, I would never let a rat inside my mouth! For what it’s worth, I don’t let my cats lick my face, either, though my friend’s new guide dog got a few licks in before she was trained not to!! (Now she just licks my ear when she rides in the back seat of my car. 😉 )

    Theo, I remember those naked mole rats. I also remember almost doing a spit-take when I saw them on the front page!! Heeheehee.

  201. starlinguk says:

    “carriers of human killer viruses”? You mean, like, humans?

  202. carinadoddss says:

    If you want to know about carriers of human killer viruses.

  203. First RAT FLU patient, methinks!

    And yes, cute but gross. 😉

  204. Lets clear a few things up:

    1) She rarely does this and when she does, she is only looking around my mouth sniffing, not licking my tongue. That’s a little much.

    2) This was taken when she was a baby, so she was curious and everything was brand new to her. I just happened to capture that moment.

    3) She doesn’t walk around in her feces. She has an extremely clean cage that gets freshened twice daily, and besides her cage didn’t have any bedding at that time because she was allergic to it….which is why we named her Snuffy, because she had allergies (and also acted like she was on crack *sniff*….I feel like running…).

    4) Her sister grooms her as well, and I bathe them, despite their hatred if it.

    5) If you spent 6 minutes with her, you’d be in love. I’ve proven even the most frightened rat hater to fall for her sweetness. She loves everyone and wants to be your friend.

    6) Why am I defending my rat? Because, as quirky as this seems, a good portion of rats do this if they love you. She’s very loving and I have had her since she was first born.

    7) Dude, I hate having to see cat, dog, cat, cat, cat, dog, dogs, ect. I am proud my Nuff Nuff made it to CuteOverload! She’s going to get a big treat treat for this one!!!

    8) Say what you want, but I am clearing up any misconceptions. Now I am going to go grab her and tickle her for being so awesome!

    Thanks CuteOverload! This made my family so proud of her! This will be cherished forever, even when she is gone! 🙂

  205. @ Nucleus:

    peace of chocolate… so much nicer 😉

  206. Painful Mouth says:


    But much safer than the exploratory cat paw of dentistry that sneaks into the maws of unsuspecting humans, now that is painfully sharp and gross!

  207. Carlisa says:

    That is one cute rat. I think I would nibble his ears off first- like a chocolate Easter bunny.

  208. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    @Owner of THIS rat: People either get rats or they don’t, that’s real clear. Thanks for making your points and for posting her picture. She is a beauty.I haven’t met a rat yet that wasn’t sweet (and very funny.) We need to get more good coverage for the ratties!!! Yay!!

  209. chelonianmobile says:

    If you think this is gross, try my ferret. He licks up his own urine, then tries to lick the inside of my nose.

  210. I seriously might vomit.

  211. Rata-ptooie!

  212. The Shazinator says:

    @The Owner of THIS rat: I definitely think she’s a cutie; I just wouldn’t want her in my mouth. She’s certainly welcome in yours, though! I actually love how rats are so curious. Unfortunately I don’t think one would survive long in my apartment. 😦

  213. It’s called rodentistry.

  214. Katiedid says:

    Heather in PA – If I was someone let a dog lick the inside of their mouth.. yah.. that would gross me out.. but I think most people aren’t grossed out about the fact that the rat is licking that persons teeth, but rather the fact that it has its paws/feet/hands in her mouth. Rats and mice cannot control their bladders and are constantly peeing and pooing… so they step in it all day… ewww…
    The person in this picture has probably never heard of the hanta virus, not saying that all rats have it, but once you hear about it you would probably think twice about putting a rat in your mouth….

  215. bunnywabbit says:

    I am so grossed out I almost lost my lunch.

  216. Headtail – aha, thank you. It’s been years since I’ve read either of them so I’m glad you cleared it up for me.

    Venture Sister – ha, thanks, now I think I have something about teeth, too! Seriously, though, thanks for the explanation. That’s pretty amazing, and yes, you’re right, we all have no-no spots. It’s interesting to hear this one explained.

  217. Sauvage1983 says:

    Er, this isn’t the same as a cat/dog licking you on the face—this is the same as a cat/dog sticking their tongue in your mouth. The rat may be very clean, but all the same, I don’t know how wise it is to be fluid-bonding with a critter.

  218. @ Snuffy’s owner: No worries. Miss Snuffelupagus is adorbs. I expect most of the peeps getting their panties in a bunch are the type who use antibacterial everything all the time, ensuring that their immune systems never meet a challenge and therefore become incapable of fending off a real threat (and perhaps also see nothing gross about chewing on another human’s tongue – talk about Germ City). Now, I personally would not care to have any furry creature hang out in my mouth, but that’s a hair-in-the-mouth thing for me. I had no idea ratties did this. It’s hilare.

  219. this cannot be sanitary…

  220. icarosity says:

    This makes me miss the times when my grandfather would keep pet rats for me. </3

  221. I personally think it’s a very sweet rattie. My dwarf hamster, Lila, is very fond of trying to snorgle my nose, which occasionally includes my nostrils. And despite the warnings about salmonella, I kiss my hamsters. Yes I know the allegedly carry salmonella….but I’ve kept hammies for almost ten years now and I’ve yet to catch anything. And quite frankly I think rats and mice are adorable too.
    I have to say I probably wouldn’t let one chew my teeth though because with my luck I’d sneeze and injure the poor rat…that’s what I’d be concerned about!

  222. Jenn in IL says:

    Eh…I personally am not a fan. But I also don’t let my animals lick me in the face, either.

    To each their own, of course – I’ll come back in a few hours! 🙂

  223. This isn’t cute. It is just gross. No more posts like this, please!

  224. pancake says:

    to each his/her own, and i find this just vile. sure, dogs and cats might be dirtier – but i don’t let my dog lick or paw the inside of my mouth.

  225. Christine says:

    That’s not cute, that’s vile – enough with the disgusting rodent photos!!

  226. Katiedid- unlike some of their smaller rodent cousins, rats learn to “hold it” really quick. Out of the 20+ I’ve had over the years I only had one who was prone to accidents. She was over 5 years old when she reached that point.

  227. Katiedid says:

    Nissa- LOL that is exact what a girl said to me once when I worked in a pet store (that her rat didnt pee on her and could hold its bladder) She was carrying it on her sholder, and then it peed all over the back of her shirt…

  228. cassandra says:

    my pet rat led me to end up in intensive care with a 50/50 chance of living and several major organs failing, think it had come in contact with a wild rat. always thought the idea of rats as disease carriers was a bit of a myth….can’t quite bring myself to hate them though 🙂

  229. I love my ratties, but I would not let one do this – just as I would not a cat or dog do this either. Heck, I’d have problems with another human being doing this !

  230. chumblefuzz says:

    Ratty dentists tickle so badly its hard not to accidentally chomps on them.

  231. I used to have a rattie when I was a kid that always tried to pry open your mouth if he was sitting on your shoulder while you were eating something (Forget the parrot, any good pirate should have a rattie on his shoulder!). He was pretty insistant about getting his share if he liked the way your mouth smelled, much to the disgust of my parents who weren’t fond of rodents. *sigh* Poor discriminated ratty. Most awesome pet I ever had, and I was so sad when he died at the ripe old age of 4. (pretty good age for a rat, i hear).

  232. cafegrrl says:

    I like pet rats and all, but this is just unsanitary!

    Bubonic plague – Hello??

  233. I think this is very cute 🙂 A friend of mine had rats when we were younger, and they were such lovely critters! And very clean I might add. People who are squicked out by this should really consider that you have more bacterial cells in your bodies than you do actual human cells 😀

    Cute little ratty, and cute bonding time with her owner!

  234. Haha, I was blessed with two very different twin sisters.

    Snuffy is the one pictured and sweet as anything… now Aerylis… 🙂 Here is my story.

    Aerylis has had some sort of mental disfunction since she was born so she’s been this anti-social rat since day one, and I have had her since day one, so it wasn’t anything tramatic that I am aware of OR abuse. Aerylis 10 months later finally warms up to the point of coming to visit me on her own…:) It was a blessing.

    Then one day Aerylis chewed on a wire…fried her ratty brain and you know what happened? She bit me…and it got infected and I ended up in the hospital for a week, having to get surgery and be on an IV 24 hours a day.

    Now most people would have gotten rid of her. Nope. She’s not the same anymore, she doesn’t understand anything because she’s like a baby…its kinda sad… but long story short, I don’t care if it seems insane to you. To each his on. And me, I’d rather DIE TRYING to help my ratty feel better, than to abandon her.

    Thats just my spin.

    So yeah, ewww, gross. I sent Cute Overload a bunch of pics, this is the one THEY chose, not me. But for me, I am glad I have this memory to cherish forever.

    And people who complain- you’re just jealous cause your furball didn’t get on the front page! :p

    I love that little fat girl, so stop sayin she’s gross. I’m the gross one for letting her. Start sayin crap about me rather than my angel.

    [Illegitimi Non Carborundum! – Ed.]

  235. Honestly, the people who are baaawing over ‘no more gross rodent pics’ need to wake up and realise that not everyone likes the same things. I think rats are cuter than any dog or cat, and I’d like to see MORE rats here. I’ve had rats 12 years, have one who sleeps on my pillow, he never pees on my bed, he knows exactly where to go and is litter trained. I’ve had rats living around me for 12 years and Im an extremely healthy person, hardly ever ill. If anyone was gonna get ill from pet rats, it’d be me. I have 15 of them.
    I’ve actually never met an intelligent person who thinks rodents are ‘gross’. Its ALWAYS due to ignorance, assumption, brain washing, and just plain idiocy. Smart people realise rats are actually incredibly clean, and as intelligent as a dog. All the people whining are just showing their complete ignorance.

  236. Paunchie says:

    it’s EW

    not EWE. Unless you are talking about a female sheep. Ba-aaa-aaa-aaa-be! Ma-aaa-aaa-aaa!

  237. wow – it was kinda stunt-man trick

  238. I totally missed out on the fun.

    Cute AND gross. Makes me squee AND gag.

    I like it.

  239. “If you think this is gross, try my ferret. He licks up his own urine, then tries to lick the inside of my nose.”

    Where I come from, you have to pay extra for that.

  240. Looks like she pulled a hami!

  241. skippymom says:

    Owner of this rat: what a sad, sweet story about little Aerylis. I applaud your attitude about keeping her and taking care of her.

  242. Some folks here really need to do even a cursory study of what exactly spread the bubonic plague…and let me tell you that it WASN’T the breed of rat that is our domesticated pet rat, and it WASN’T the rats themselves either. It was the fleas on a SPECIFIC breed of WILD rat IN ADDITION TO poor hygiene and overcrowding and less than rudamentary medical knowledge among humans.

    I’m generally a cat lady, but my old roommate had a couple of pet rats back in the day, sweet and adorable little darlings they were, one liked to nest in my long hair when I was watching tv. Neither of them tried to investigate my mouth, but they often investigated hers.

  243. Jenni Wren says:

    My cousin has a cat called Jimmy. Jimmy likes to accompany people when they visit the bathroom. When I first met Jimmy, his litter box was under the bathroom sink, so when I went for a pee, he went for a pee too. Cute, I thought. I like to have someone to talk to while I’m peeing. Jimmy finished up before me, then came over and attempted to sit in my knickers. While I was trying to fish him out and simultaneously control my urine, he then stuck his little cat face in the holiest of holies.
    Bottom line, animals are sometimes weird, they don’t have personal boundaries like us. And what we think of as icky is so often a social construction anyway- animals are very freeing in that way. Personally I would worry about the bite reflex if a ratty stuck his head in my mouth, but if it’s not a problem for the person involved big whoop. I love rats, they are full of personality and charm, and this one is really cute with his neck feathers and that patch of white on his head.

  244. rommel_tkn says:

    that would be great! and i think i need a hamster in my life. this explain im going to save if i did it like yours. no more dentist visits ot so. hamster will do the rest.

  245. Jenni Wren says:

    Oh, and I should clarify I would be worried about MY bite reflex, rather than the ratty’s.

  246. Perhaps she should use Ratrat Control Toothpaste.

  247. Sandra S. says:

    Word, Jenni Wren.

    If people can’t take a little ICK now and then, they’re not cut out for pet ownership.

  248. Paunchie says:

    “I like to have someone to talk to while I’m peeing” <— LOL

  249. Waxwork says:

    I used to have a rattie that would do this. She would also stick her nose up your nostril or deep into your ear if you didn’t get her in time. I soon learnt to keep my mouth shut around her, a quick yawn and you were pulling a rat out of your mouth. I never figured out why she liked it so much.

    That said my Dad’s Galah (type of Australian parrot) would do the same thing, it would try and clean you teeth of you opened your mouth too wide around it.

    I worried more about the bird diseases than the rat ones as some of the ones that can transfer from birds to people are nasty.

  250. Heather in PA says:

    @ Katiedid Wild rats….domestic rats….two very different animals. It’s like saying that we shouldn’t have domestic shorthair cats in our homes because lions can be dangerous and might eat you. I’ve had rats for over 10 years now, I currently have 13. They climb all over me, and yes, they pee on me…I was on chemotherapy for 5 years because of lupus kidney disease, I’m still on severe immunesuppression therapy and will continue to be for the rest of my life. And I have NEVER been sick with even a slight sniffle because of my rats. Check the stats, I’ll bet a lot more people are made sick or injured by their puppies and kittens than rats. I’m not trying to be mean, I just get annoyed when people make judgement calls on very little factual information. I seriously doubt that anyone has ever gotten hanta virus or the plague from their pet rats. You could eat out of their litter box and probably not get hanta or the plague. Lol. And yes, I adore rats, but no, I don’t eat out of their litter. 😛

  251. The hanta virus is not spread by domesticated pet rats (who are of the Brown Rat variety, as opposed to the Black Rat variety – and for the record folks, it was the fleas on the Black Rat variety which spread the plague). I took the time and effort to use Teh Google to look up information. I highly recommend this brand spanking new means of self education, I predict that Teh Google is going to change how we learn!

  252. katiedid says:

    @ Heather in PA .. I was NOT trying to say all rats carry disease.. If you read my comment again you may pick up on that… Just saying that once you learn about the Hanta Virus most people would think twice about letting a rat hang out in their mouth..
    For the record.. I don’t think I would let ANY animal hang out in my mouth.. because ANY animal can carry disease, even if it is domesticated.

    @ Vampy I wouldn’t rely on just the internet for information on any medical conditions/viruses/bacteria/etc…. Books and medical professionals are a great source of information too.
    I’ve said my peace.. and now I’m out!!!! 😀

  253. Now is she adorable?

  254. [video src="" /]

  255. Aww rats. 🙂

    What’s with the anti-rodent commenters? This is the 21st Century! We’ve moved on from those old prejudices!

  256. From Rats To Humans: Around Thirty Europeans Infected With Cowpox Virus By Their Pet Rats

    ScienceDaily (May 8, 2009) — Two reseach teams in Marseille, France, led by Didier Raoult, director of the Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Unit (CNRS / IRD / Université de la Méditerranée) and by Rémi Charrel, a virologist working at the Emerging Viruses Unit (IRD / Université de la Méditerranée) and at La Timone University Hospital, have identified the unsuspected origin of cutaneous lesions observed in around thirty Europeans, including twenty French citizens. They had contracted a viral infection linked to their pet rat.
    Journal reference:

    1. Ninove et al. Cowpox Virus Transmission from Pet Rats to Humans, France. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2009; 15 (5): 781 DOI: 10.3201/eid1505.090235

  257. LittlepinkStar says:

    being a medical professional..i can assure you that this is unsanitary!

  258. ratchic says:

    Pet rats are very fastidious groomers. Thety are verrrry gentle. They tenderly scrape and lick fingernails, skin, hair, and teeth. But, now it would be gross if you got the rats hair in your mouth, but….hair in the mouth by any means is gross…..

    I don’t know any pet rat owner who wouldn’t make sure their rat was clean before allowing it in their mouth. By clean I mean not just out of a freshly soiled bed or potty box and tossed in the mouth. And personally I think little kids are alot less clean than rats.

    More people die each year from traffic accidents (human error), drug overdoses (human error), voilent crimes (human/weapon) and diseases from human to human contact(yet another human error) than any (pet) rat-human disease. But because a rat is a rat, everything negative is over sensationalized. It is like every story about a pit bull……but that would be a whole other thread.

    Pet rats are awesome creatures, but yes wash your hands after every use….

  259. I think this is sweet. Rubbing your face on your dog or cat probably wouldn’t get the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, either, but so what? I think they’re an adorable pair.

  260. this is the grossest, nastiest thing i can think of. i have a morbid phobia of R’s (i DO NOT use the word that she has in her mouth. i sincerely think that i will now be able to diet. all i have to do is picture that and i won’t have an appetite.

  261. nancy pie says:

    This is really cute. Rats are very clean and have no diseases. I think not washing your hands has far more germs than a rat checking out your teeth.

  262. ~Clouds~ says:

    Awww, this is the CUTEST thing rat’s do to people…my little girl rat does all the time, she’s obsessed with grooming my face & mouth & all my teeth :-D! I love it, LOL :P, it feel’s so tickly & sweet too, sometimes she almost get’s half her body in there!