(The last half especially) of this video is worth watchin’. Do not try this at—anywhere.

Cat yodeling brought to you by Mr. Paul K.



  1. the duct-taped protective-wear socks are really impressive. i may try THAT at home.

    my cat sings opera without any promptings from me, though, so the yodeling isn’t THAT special. However, the many, many repeated shots of this guy kissing his cat is priceless.

  2. Oh WOW. After finding out I have to reapply for my student visa from scratch all over again because they LOST my application, this was EXACTLY what I needed. Next up on the instrument list: the cat yodel!

  3. Jiggles says:

    My karma tricorder says those two guys come back as vet thermometers in the next life. Poor vibrato kitties. 🙂

  4. Jeez! If I did that much snorggling with a cat, my eyes would swell shut!

  5. iluvpopsicls says:

    I LOVE these guys so much – nerds are awesome! Unfortunately, no amount of forceful cuddles can convince my kitty to meow in protest. He just settles in and purrs his little heart out.

  6. LaFeeVerte says:

    LOL! I tried this with my cat after watching the “Engineer’s Guide to Cats” vid. He wasn’t very pleased. I barely made it out with my face intact ¬________¬;

    But you should see the whole vid for this one (lol, Cat Polka!):

    [Ah, yes, thank you… 😀 – Ed.]

  7. I love these guys! Except i never called it “cat yodeling” i’m more partial to “kitteh bagpipes” which is basically the same technique only you put a cat paw in your mouth and gently cronshe down on eet! NOMNOMNOM!!11!!!

  8. hon glad says:

    I’d like to try this with one of my cats but I couldn’t afford the reconstuctive surgery.


  10. These guys are awesome — remember Engineer’s Guide to Cats? I don’t know how they keep straight faces long enough to film any of this. I got the worst giggles… The cats are pretty mellow. I once just hugged a cat and got bitten in the eyelid… We could not have done this with any of our cats…

  11. Copperbat says:

    This video made my week a few weeks ago. And lol@Jiggles comment! ;D

  12. cheesybird says:

    Agreed, LaFeeVerte! The whole video is definitely worth a watch! I generally have little patience for long videos but I have all day for these guys!

  13. Jocelyn says:

    Those are some seriously patient cats.

  14. katzlover says:

    HAHAHAHAHAA!!! ROTFL!!! I Iaughed so hard i almost fell off my chair!!!

  15. berthaservant says:

    I think it’s very important to share your imagination with your pet. That’s why I love these guys and their very tolerant pussycats.

  16. lunacydress says:

    My cat is more of a yeller, than a whiner, and, unlike most cats, he enjoys being snorgled and kissed (most of the time). My attempts at getting him to yodel were unsuccessful. 😦

    Tamara- my family’s version of “kitty bagpipes” was with our old cat who was an intense purrer. When she would inhale while purring, we’d give her a little squeeze (not hard- like the amount of pressure you’d apply squeezing fruit) and she’d release this little turbo-charged exhaling purr. It was hilarious. She seemed to enjoy it. She was a weird cat, though- she liked having her tail pulled.

  17. My cat watched this with me and was deeply disturbed by the noises these cats were making. She kept trying to get to the cats, perhaps to attempt a rescue.

  18. gravyboat says:


  19. Haaaaaaaa!
    Ohmygoodness – remember the Corporal Cuddling??? Engineers rock! Well, this one does.

  20. Suzanne says:

    I love these guys, haha. 4 paws up!

  21. The Shazinator says:

    I just tried this with one of my cats and she just purred louder. My other cat would do the same. I used to have a cat who would yodel when she trotted, though. It was hilarious. She’d go trotting down the hall saying, “Mreh-eh-eh-eh-eh…” This yodelling technique would have worked on her, most definitely.

  22. Munchie says:

    I sorta didn’t like the duct taped paws, but the old kittehs were old, cat-tankerous pusses and they were able to handle it.

    “It develops an affectionate bond between the cat and the human.” Heh! My kitteh is just like that. AND I often kiss her when I hold her and she mews and mews away!.

  23. OMG, I want one!!!

    Engineer, that is 😉

  24. Sooooooo funny!!!!

  25. Samdyvoxx says:

    I have had kitties all my life. There is nothing better than to watch 2 grown professioal men playing with them as well. I have just been Nerded. I am hooked. It does work have been doing it for years and didn’t even know it was yodeling..Keep them videos coming!!!!!!1

  26. After seeing that, here´s my Janelle trying herself at yodeling – she´s not quite a pro yet, but not bad either! 😀

  27. WendyPinNJ says:

    Hehehe! Any man that will appear on “film” kissing a cat, and then offer it for worldwide distribution, is A.O.K. in my book!!!

  28. OMG Barbarella, your cat’s face is crazy.

  29. LaFeeVerte, thanks for posting the big video, I laughed so hard, I cried!

  30. I love nerds ( I better, I married one), and these two are hilarious! What tolerant kitties!

  31. lucy's mommeh says:

    I told my husband the video would make him laugh.
    I was SOO right….:)

  32. Why can’t I find myself a nice, quiet, cat-loving nerd like these guys?… Paul and TJ, you rock 🙂

  33. I like the scientific approach! ROFL!

  34. Nerds rock my world!
    Oh what a nerdy thing to say.

  35. If I try this at home, *I* will be yodeling all the way to the emergency room. More like yowling.

  36. George Clooney & Adam Sandler were roommates in their younger days?

  37. marthava says:

    I’m only 1:40 into the longer version, and I’m already crying laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!

  38. mxlplyx says:

    Thanky, LaFeeVerte!!!! I thought i’d die laughing w/the extended version!

    These guys are great!

  39. FAB-U-LOUS! Dry humor, creativity, love, cats — nothing more to ask for. This has it all. Paul gets eight paws up from my household. TJ, thanks for aiding and abetting.

    I’ll be watching these again. Do more!

    Thanks, CO, for once again brightening my day!! 😉

  40. bunnywabbit says:

    Too funny! I recently had to bathe my geriatric Siamese cat as he seemed to be getting dandruff. I hosed him down with warm water in the bathtub and the screaming, yes screaming, from that cat’s mouth was the most eerie, pathetic noise I’ve ever heard.

  41. Dobermama says:

    That was awesome! I’m a happily married lady, but I just committed adultery in my heart. I now have a huge crush on the grey-haired guy. Cute Overload, you’ve put my immortal soul in peril!

    I’m going to go smoochie on my kitty.

  42. Ricochet sat with me while I watched this one. When it was over he turned to me with the Look that clearly said I better not try this.
    Which of course, means I must!

  43. That would never work with my cat. When I hold her and squeeze her, she just purrs … I think mine might be defective.

  44. Another happily-married-with-huge-crush-on-Paul lady here!

  45. I tried this with Hank (the stank)… I should have used the duct tape booties, he scratched me in mah face… he’s no fun at all 😉

  46. ha. apparently, my cats and I have been practicing cat yodeling for years with either of our knowledge. mostly because i like to mildly annoy them after they have kept me up all night with their meowing.

    anyways, this video made me laugh out loud, to the point of snorting…

  47. i love these guys! lol

  48. what next?

    ferret air guitar?

  49. Andréa says:

    These dudes are my heros! Those kitties are RIDICULOUS!

  50. I love the engineers! I’m with you, Hila, why can’t I find a nice kitty-lovin’ guy like the nerds?

    I will have to try this at home dispite the warning.

  51. January says:

    Only guys would think this stuff up!

  52. Katie Kat says:

    This is one of my favorite videos ever! I laughed so hard I about peed! (Eeeep!) That kitteh is one seriously cool cat. And I WILL try this at home…. HA HA!

  53. mandy_Reeves says:

    heh…my shih tzu dottie jean yodels…if me and hubby are eating something she wants , she does a pathetic little yodel…and tap dance

  54. I watched the videos with my cat. I think he enjoyed them…at one point, he almost moved! Anyway, I totally lost it at the end of the longer video, with the guy whose “cat” was doing the polka with his leg. I wish I had known about this when I had a “cat” who possessed this semi-marketable skill!

  55. OK peeps, the “full version” is now up. Hehe.

  56. bookmonstercats says:

    I am laughing so hard, tears are running down my face. I know the kittehs were moderately annoyed, but it’s probabl;y time we humans got our own back. I like nerds anyway, since I am a female version. I now have a happily married but monumental crush on both of them. Pyrit, I noticed the George Clooney/Adam Sandler thing too – birds of a feather, eh??

  57. Katrina says:

    The duct tape is on the socks, peeps, no kitties got stickey in the making of this film.

    Best of luck with your student visa, JupiterStar. Humor will get you through anything!

    Killer’s two big brothers are well on their way to becoming nerds, the bigger one, a UCONN Junior has on may occasions pronounced us all ‘a merry band of dorks’. That is equivalent to the sweet yodel of success in my book! Just a few more years ladies, and the world will have two terrific guys to watch!

    Hang in there, bunnywabbit, I’ll bed “food conquers all”. Now, Theresa, how would we say that in Latin? “Something” vincit omnia? Anybody?

  58. Pabulum vincit nomnia. 😉

  59. These guys and thier cats are soo great.

  60. Pussytoes says:

    Pure Gold!!! You can tell Paul loves his cats so much by the way he keeeeses them.

  61. You can increase the cat’s indignation by feigning sympathy.

    “I knooowww…. it’s terrible… poooor Oscar.”

    LMAO. Love it!

  62. Persians tend to do a higher-pitched yodel. Siamese produce a Siamese-style yodel, strangely enough.

  63. Barbarella, you and your cat are lovely. And is that a Cheburashka doll in the background???

  64. Kristabelle says:

    This is hilarious…and I’m a dog person!!! :mrgreen:

  65. Love the cats and the engineers but I don’t think that that is a polka. Sounds more like Can-Can—-maybe Offenbach.

  66. bumble bee says:

    WOW! That is MY kind of humor. I mistakenly watched this at work, I say mistakenly beacuse I was trying to be sly but people noticed as I started laughing so hard there were tears running from my eyes. I love it! Nothing like a cute overload when you have a massive work overload. Gotta keep a balance! 🙂

  67. chanpon says:

    @Barbarella – your cat looks part owl. =D Adorable!

    I cracked up watching this last night. I’d try getting my cats to yodel if they didn’t already yell at me every night when they want something already.

  68. Cara N. says:

    Geeks and nerds are so hot. 😉 Smart is sexy, after all. And they make some very good videos! Poor annoyed kittehs.

  69. wuyizidi says:

    Now I know what I’ve been doing wrong all these years: in trying to be affectionate to the cats, I’m merely annoying them. But at least I’m now half way to cat yodeling/bag piping.

  70. BRILLIG!

    [BOROGOVES! – Ed.]

  71. peachfish says:

    All I have to do to make my cat yodel is jiggle him while he’s sleeping. Surefire instant cat annoyance.

  72. BonzoGal says:

    Add me to the list of women who are hot for Paul. Handsome, funny, knows how to properly annoy/adore cats…

  73. Bah! I totally posted the short version here and sent it in at the same time.
    Oh well, it’s worth not having my name on it just to get to watch it again.

  74. Boolie the cat was walking all over my laptop while I was watching that, so I decided we’d yodel! But no, there was lots of purring, but no yodelling…

  75. Didn’t this guy get SEVERAL proposals when he did the last one?

  76. These guys are absolute genius. And I have to say, I ♥ Larry.

  77. Paunchie says:

    No cats were hurt, only moderately annoyed. These guys are so funneh! Free aspect ratio! What is that anyway? And the free hug?? AWKWARD! heee.

    Love the Inga from Sweden with the balloons in the shirt!

  78. My cats meowl when I DON’T pick them up and maul them. That’s not to say I can’t make music with them. I fake them out and pretend like I’m going to pet them, then pull my hand away. This always produces a meowl. With little Melanie, the longer I tease her the more syllables per meow I get. Of course, I always reward them with a pickup and snuggle when the song’s over. If I didn’t, my ankles would be chewed through like trees in a beaver colony.

  79. Katrina says:

    How hard is it to annoy a cat, come on now? They come annoyment-primed. The finesse comes from knowing the particular cat an d producing a particular noise. That’s the art, right there.

  80. Vari Scudi You are correct! It’s from the overture of Offenbach’s “Orpheus in the Underworld” and more popularly known as the “Can-can” piece. But it does sort of have the traditional polka “Oohm-Pa” beat so it’s kind of a polka.

  81. Carolyn in New Orleans says:

    I have to say that was a brilliant piece of film. These guys should chuck the engineering thing and into film. Prehaps there a “Cat Yodeling” sequel in the future.

  82. I think the Overly Friendly dog simulator is the best part lol. We do that to our cat and dogs all the time. Also the first part with Inga and the 3 other guys (speically the one with the dog rofl) is just brilliant.

    Too funny.. this is like my 5th time watching this video.

  83. OH MY GOSH, it’s as funny as the first one, The Engineer’s Guide to Owning a Cat.
    These guys are crazy funny.

  84. krranky says:

    TJ’s attempted fist bump with Ginger is also golden, as is Paul’s furtive look before sneaking in one last kiss at 3:59.

  85. I love watching men kiss cats…it sooooo cute!

  86. Dudes, you have a lot of time on your hands.
    It is so ridiculous it’s funny.
    We were watching this at work and I gotta say.. I couldn’t look away!

  87. I lol’d so hard I cried

  88. This is the funniest sheet I’ve ever seen!!!!!!

  89. I love this! Hilarious!

  90. BadKitty says:

    To the ’nuffers: I figure any annoyance my cat experiences during yodeling is payback for the annoyance he causes me by flopping on my face at 5:00 a.m., shredding the toilet paper (AGAIN!), walking on the bread, and stealing my socks. I love him dearly but fair is fair.

  91. This makes me really sad that I am dealthly allergic to cats. So feel free to contribute to the “buy Elle a hypoallergenic kitty” fund XD
    That video was really epic. The last half of that was indescribably awesome

  92. Charlie says:

    My late father used to do this with my persian cat who is very vocal and tends to be annoyed if anyone but my mum picks her up :p She also does the running along yodelling thing and also does it with hissing, usually becuase one of my other cats has dained to cross her path.

  93. The dude that can’t find his cat made me laugh sooo hard. Also the part where they talk about how it’ll bring you and your cat together, and the dude has to go under a chair and try to pry the cat from under there.. lmao!!

  94. I didn’t realize but I’m already an expert at one of the techniques which I use on my Schnoodle dog.
    Feigned sympathetic remarks ftw! “I knooooww 😦 Pooooor Snudgie.”

  95. Those cats would never put up with that funny business if they didn’t love their owners 😀 Lol…asian guy fail.

  96. Usually, when I find something funny, I grin or chuckle a little.

    This made me cackle like a homicidal lunatic.

    Thanks so much!

  97. Leilani says:

    Hee! We used to call this “playing the kitty bagpipes”! What I really, REALLY wanna know is why the engineers *I* have to work with aren’t as cool as Paul and TJ? It’s just not fair…

  98. This cracked me up so hard i must now show it to everyone I know.

    And nerds + kittehs = love. Einstein proved it shortly after he developed the theory of relativity (which he needed to use in his kitteh/nerd equation…complicated theoretical stuff…cats always skew the results.)

    My kitteh is a born yodeler…sometimes all you have to do is look at her and she’ll make those sounds. Pick her up and you’ll think you are on top of the Swiss alps. Or, the highlands, for the bagpipe inclined.

  99. spudchick says:

    i love how the yodeling always sounds like someone playing a saw 🙂 these guys are too awesome. the scripts are always spot-on, sort of Thurber-as-technical-writer. and they guys themselves are intensely loveable.

    my husband uses the Overly Friendly Sniffing Dog Simulator to annoy *me* in the mornings.

    too bad none of our cats are good yodeling candidates…

  100. I practice Puppy Grumbling. My dog is not a fan of cuddles, so I’ll hug him and he’ll produce a vast amount of annoyed grumbles. 🙂

  101. BadKitty: I haven’t seen a single nuff about this post.

    Teho, is that a record?

  102. You’re asking whether this is a record for the lack of trolling in a CO thread? Oh heck no. We’ve had plenty of posts where people stayed polite, even without [ahem] prompting.

  103. Corporal cuddling works. A big hug and copious nose-nomming will keep any kitteh off the kitchen counter.

    Of course, you’re going to get the “Heisman trophy” paw to the eyeball.

  104. GIGGLE 🙂 LOL 🙂 Oh, boy 🙂 Those kitties did not seem to mind the cuddling 🙂 When my kitty, Badger, MEOWS (more like a YOWL) for attention, I pick her up and kiss her on her head 🙂 She meows like the orange kitty and then I let her go 🙂 The little stinker will then MEOW again for more attention but run as soon as I get close to her 🙂

  105. Mary (the first) says:

    I love those guys.

  106. Bogafrog says:

    I know this sounds weird, but there must be something wrong with my cats. One of them sounds like a cow when he gets annoyed, and i mean he really sounds like a cow. And my other cat makes this weird sheep noise whenever she sees a bird! It’s strange. i laughed so hard at that video. i really did fall of my chair! not a joke!

  107. Here’s another handy tip: gently grasp a hind foot (the cat’s, not yours) and jiggle.

    So glad you posted the FULL version of this video. Pauls “feigned sympathetic remarks” are the best.

  108. Teho, I guess what I meant was a post that had even the SLIGHTEST potential for hysterical commentroversy re: POSSIBLE ANIMAL ABUSE. I was sure this one would bring out at least A FEW nuffers… but it didn’t. And that’s really SO cool, ’cause these dudes clearly adore their felines, and the only abuse I can detect is possibly some OVER attention; not a problem for doggends, of course, but I’ve noticed that kittehs sometimes don’t appreciate attention when it’s not their idea.

    (And I giggle every time I even THINK about that “fist bump.”)

  109. Jyllibean says:

    J. Bo, shhhh… Don’t wake them; they have tentacles everywheres. This one actually got my grumpy-grumps BF to giggle. I was in hysterics.

  110. essensual says:

    I’m tearing from so much laughing…never laugh so much from watching instructional video…can’t say that again. I keep thinking poor babies!!! but just can’t stop laughing.

  111. It has been well engineered. Hey, I am an engineering student. Should watch it again for more inovative ideas I missed -:)

  112. grizzlymama says:

    My fav is at 3:40 – car-won’t-start & chipmunk yodels!

  113. Just love the Japanese guy’s “cat”!! LOL!!!

  114. so gooooooooood. sooooooo silly….
    and it makes the engineers look supercute too!

  115. That has to be one of the funniest (and warped) things I have ever seen!! Gotta loved twisted cat people.

  116. I wonder if these guys have had any offers of marriage yet. After reading all the comments here, it sounds like even married women want to get involved with them! LOL

  117. GrammyCat says:

    I wanna marry Paul …

  118. riolinda says:

    this made my day!
    I agree… any guy kissing or even holding a cat is A-OK in my book! 🙂

  119. Paul Klusman says:

    Hello this is Paul Klusman, the creator of the above video. I want to thank Cute Overload for posting my video and helping to spread the joy of cat yodeling (or jodeling) around the world! Also thanks for posting the original “long” version of this video. The “short” version seen on “cheezburger” set a new record for me with 175,000 views in one day, but this “long” one is my fave and I have seen a huge jump in views since it was posted here. Just to prove that this really IS Paul Klusman, I will give the CO community a preview: “An Engineer’s Guide to Flatulence” will feature “Cat Methane Containment Trousers” that the kitties will wear as TJ and I attempt to collect cat farts as a possible source of renewable energy. Yup. Fart jokes. And cats. What can I say?

  120. I am very afraid.

    That said, Hi Paul & Hi TJ! 😀

  121. I cant believe nobody has mentioned the adorable kitty fist pound at 4:17. so cute!

  122. Paul–If that really is you, where can I find your free aspect ratio measurements video? THAT I want to see. Congrats on the success of your newest Engineer’s Guide segment. It was a hoot!

  123. Miss Brea says:

    I am seeing the George Clooney similarities in Paul Klusman, but not so much Adam Sandler in TJ (sorry, TJ). Excellent work, gentleman!

    I often use the Overly Friendly Dog Sniffing Simulator on my children, and they love it. No yodels out of them – maybe I am not trying hard enough.

  124. I think I’m in love with these men.

  125. Melissa says:

    Omg… I nearly pissed my pants watching that one.

    Thank you CO! That was just what I needed, ROFL. =D

  126. Gelbros J3 says:

    Bravo! 😀 But remember, is dangerous.

  127. Paul and TJ, I love you guys! 😀

  128. What makes me chortle (chuff, snicker or otherwise giggle) is his myriad pensive facial expressions during the presentation of cats for yodeling, as though tuning a violin for proper pitch.

  129. Bigmamma says:

    Brilliant! Loved how you captured the stale informational delivery of most educational school films. I found myself starting to snooze with your monotonous tone.

  130. ellie007 says:

    It’s fairly disturbing that the bf uses Overly Friendly Dog Sniffing Simulator on me… I can’t recall any yodelling though… Gosh I can’t wait to get home in a couple of weeks to try this!

  131. I made my bf try this with one of our fosters this weekend. But her protests, generally as soon as you pick her up, involve growling, hissing, and biting, and we didn’t have the proper safety gear available. It took several tries, but we finally got a yodel out of her, along with some scratches.

    I use feigned sympathetic comments all the time at home (giving meds) or the shelter while drawing blood for FeLV/FIV testing: “Oh, it’s terrible, isn’t it? Tell me ALL about it. I know. I’m evil.”

  132. brinnann says:

    I tried several of these techniques on both my cats over the weekend, and I couldn’t get a yodel out of either one of them. 😦 They’d get a good pitch going as I picked them up, but by the time I got them into yodeling position they were completely silent. I think I need to rewatch this to see what I did wrong.

  133. Livillia says:

    I love the cat yodelling video – Mr. Paul K is a genius and cute to boot! Any guy who loves cats that much and is this creative can come and visit us cat lovers in Canada.

  134. trazerogers says:

    This is hilarious….apparently I have been practicing cat yodeling for years without even knowing it. The kissing works really well. These guys are too funny.

  135. Paunchie says:

    I can get my cat yodel… dude, that’s cos he a dawg heeheehee!

  136. Paunchie says:

    guys watch the free hug vid that is linked to the end? It’s heartwarming.

  137. Very funny and clever! I love kissing kitties and anyone else who does!!! I too have been practicing cat yodeling for a long time and didn’t realize it. Great video and great video that it spoofed at the beginning.

  138. that coffee shop towards the end is totally java villa here in wichita kansas! i’ve watched this thing a ton of times and just now realized it! does that mean the entire thing was filmed here? if so somebody needs to give me those engineer’s numbers! lol

  139. brinnann says:

    Well, Sierra, you do have Paul’s full name (see comment #120), so I’m thinking a little Googling/ is in your future… 😉

  140. Hey now, NO STALKINGKS

  141. Kristabelle says:

    Perhaps that is why there has never been a Hot Guys of CO calendar…fear of stalkingks. Wouldn’t want THAT to become a new Category, now would we??? 😛

  142. brinnann says:

    But Theo, they’re her neighbors.

  143. brinnann says:

    Doesn’t that make it a little less stalkingks?

  144. EPIC!!!

  145. I didn’t want to keep watching this after the first 1-2 minute’s! I cannot tell you why I just didn’t stop?? It was moderatly interesting with a glimmer of amusement, Until the last 2 minute’s (about) I did laugh my ass off then! It’s definatly worth seeing the last part! Thanks for the head’s up on that line! It worked!Your’e allll right! Nerds are a bit FREAKY! They have to be to make this up!! lol

  146. Nerds owe their sex life to Woody Allen. I saw that in a movie once.

  147. Ok… That… Was hilarious. Especially the last sequence. Bravo!

  148. Props for the chocolate salty balls. Oh Yeah. I caught that.

  149. Oh, the older one looks like George Clooney and the younger one is just cute. I insist on a get-together at some point to discuss how terrible those lab goggles are (I own the same ones!) and the joys of cats. But no real cats, cause I’m allergic. 😦 Donate to the “buy Elle a hypoalergenic kitty fund” anyone?

  150. brinnann says:

    Elle, what you need is one of these:
    (Rescue Organizations)

  151. I love these guys!!! Hilarious! And Paul is hot! ;p

  152. CoconutCheez says:

    OMG 5:20 is GOLD!! GOLD i tell ya! the expression on both the human and kitteh is just too precious xD

  153. Steph W says:

    Ahahahahahahaha, this was so much fun, I love these guys! And the poor little kittehs 🙂

  154. I still love this. I want a t-shirt with “Inga” on the front, holding Oscar, complete with his little braids. Or was that Ginger?