Squealing Home

It’s baseball season, and each year, the Saint Paul Saintsbullpen gets a visitor from the pigpen.  This year it’s a piglet named Slumhog Millionaire, from a litter born at the Minnesota Zoo.  Slumhog joins the Saints’ past pantheon of punny porcines, including Boarack Ohama, Notorious P.I.G., and (forgive us) Kevin Bacon.




  1. SlumHog Millionare! if I ever get a piggy that will be its name>

  2. brinnann says:


  3. chanpon says:

    Whoa, pig eye lashes are unreal. Maybe topped only by snout fuzz.

  4. Jezebel says:

    That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

  5. divinebluesky says:

    are the pigs in honor of the original name of St Paul? I believe it was Pig’s Eye?

  6. emudoug says:

    such a pretty coat! spots!!

  7. Just want to state for the record, I had nothing to do with this.

    And you’re right, Divine. (Also not my fault.)

  8. skippymom says:

    This morning I did two toddler story times that featured a very popular activity we call “throwing the pig”, in which I go around the room and hand a pig puppet to each child in turn and they throw it back to me. Damn, I really could have used this guy, if only he’d shown up a couple of hours earlier. Would have been so much more fun!

  9. His Pig-ture is Pig-tacular.

  10. DaytimeDeb says:

    This whole thread isn’t very kosher….but since we’re on a roll, don’t forget previous visitors Ima and Youra (Hogg).

  11. Leilani says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The eyelashes! The eyelashes!!

  12. Von Zeppelin says:

    If you’re going to be a sportspig, Slumhog, stay away from the Metrodome. That’s where the Vikings throw the old pigskin around.

  13. gfeeser says:

    He’s got porcinality plus

  14. sasquahtch says:


  15. Piggy i love them they are so cute

  16. Lerrinus says:

    Am I the only one here who wants to nom on piggy ears!? Sleeping in a sunbeam, that’s a rule, right? 🙂

    @KittyAdventures: LOL! Nice one! 😀

  17. brinnann says:

    Lerrinus, I’m having the devil of a time not posting a link to actual pig-ear-eatingks-related articles…

  18. Is it just me, or does he look like he’s wearing a little Fred Flintstone shirt? The color and the spots and all…

  19. That’s one of the cutest wee little piggies me has ever seen!

  20. Snouty little piggy

  21. I’ve never seen a pig being held look that relaxed……..hmmmmmmmm

  22. EVer heard a piglet squeal when you pick them up????!! Soooo loud and funny!!!

  23. The piggy is super cutee!!! 😀

    Oh man, I love the Saints!! Haven’t been to a game in a while, but it was always a lot of fun! And I hate baseball! Would so watch the Saints over the Twins any day! 🙂

  24. Cloud's Kim says:

    Look at those long luscious lashes and those soft ears! So petite, so lovely!

  25. Brad Pig?
    Katharine Zeta-Jones?

    “Take me out, to the ball-pork… ”

    I got nuthin’.

    Three swines and yer out.

  26. I wish I could have a pet piglet!!!!!!!

  27. berthaservant says:

    Baseball players not (sadly) playing for the Saints right now:

    Tim Hamulack
    Joe Pignatano
    Eric “Pigpen” Byrnes
    Bob Hamelin
    Mike Hampton
    Josh Hamilton
    Jeremy Sowers
    Greg Swindell
    Randy Choate (shoat)

    I could go on, believe me….

  28. Flufflovin says:

    This seriously needs an eyelash enhance.

  29. What a cutieeee!!

  30. Okay. Kevin Bacon. i saw it coming. (I still laffed though.)

  31. golden with spots adorable ^_^ is there away i can get permission from some of the people who post these farm animals on here to put the pics on my vegetarian website? =(:)

  32. What a sweet little swine, kisses and hugs for my little ginger sweetheart

  33. kibblenibble says:

    Good call, Mary Ellen. I agree.

  34. Whee! Minor league baseball rocks!

  35. PS B-Serve, Joey Pig was the Mets bullpen coach, and he had a tomato garden in the bullpen.

  36. DillPig says:

    What a gorgeous, kissable snout! Has anyone noticed he has SNOUT CHUB!!!!!!
    I bet that wee snouty is so prehensile it could swivel round and round like a helicopter in its quest for anything nuzzle-able.

    Please please give us a snout-hance!

  37. Subhangi says:

    Darn! I was hoping Teho had something to do with the naming of this bebeh peeg.

  38. hon glad says:

    Swine divine.

  39. I love pigs. We live near a farm that raises traditional English breeds, and I love piglet season. They’d sell their souls for a scratch behind the ear, and they love to play. I’ve even given up bacon and ham…that’s how much I love them.

  40. Is it dead?

    [Are you? – Ed.]

  41. puddlepeppers says:

    gfeeser…love “he’s got porcinality plus.”

  42. brinnann says:

    Does anyone know what kind of peeglette this is? I’ve never seen one like it before. Certainly not your everyday, run-of-the-mill farm pig.

  43. Hmmm. This reminds me I had a dream about pigs last night.

  44. zeldapie says:

    I live in Minneapolis and go to the Saints games on occasion. I was sad to learn recently that all of the mascot pigs are sent to the slaughter house at the end of the season, except for the very first mascot piggy. He died a natural death. I wish they would send the mascots to Farm Sanctuary or to a hobby farm, instead of killing them. (Sorry to harsh your buzz!)

  45. I am going to see the Saints play in a couple of weekends, and am now SO excited to see this little guy out there! What a cutie pie!

  46. Bruce O says:

    His name SHOULD be “Slumhog Millionhairs”.

  47. Katherine says:

    Such a sweet little pig, and fuzzy too! I could never eat this little guy!