It’s time to play WHACK-A-KITTY!

[Huge applause] With your host Betsy S.!

Don’t even ask if kittens were harmed, People, I don’t want to hear it la la la la la



  1. wuyizidi says:

    Aww, I wanna play!

  2. Okay, at first I was worried with THAT title and all.
    Now I am just laughing.
    Thanks for that!

  3. BostonBunny says:


  4. Benny's Mum says:


  5. Oooh! I submitted this too! It’s the most awww-inducing video ever!

  6. Aww….so that’s what happens with a litter of kittens and too much time on one’s hands. 😉

  7. Lol…. bestest game ever

  8. hyperbole says:

    don’t think kitties like it

  9. Lillith says:

    I love the little kitteh outside who’s all: “Whathca doin’?”

  10. I’m calling the cops right now! He was obviously beating those kittens sooo hard! How will they ever recover? They will be permanently scarred after such abuse!!!!1111!!!111

    😛 I keed. Knowing how much my cat loves boxes with holes, I’m sure those kittens were enjoying themselves. The person is obviously experienced with kittens, and knows how to be very gentle with them. This video is pure genius!

  11. smokeyJoe says:


  12. so if the kitty escapes from the box – does that mean you loose?? and i really don’t want to know what it spits out instead of tickets…..

  13. loose – lose. it’s been a long morning….

  14. Chengstah says:

    *wondering if this is a box-hab conditioning method

    great vid, I second Lillith

  15. LOLOL I may have to play this five or six times. How many kitties are in that bok lol

  16. Kristabelle says:

    TOOOO MANY KITTIES!!! (if there is such a thing!!) I wonder if that’s the cure for box addiction or the cause??????


  18. Genius. Why had this not been thought of before?

    The kittens did not appear distressed at all, so, please: no nuffing.

  19. charliewabba says:

    BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHahahahahah hah hahaha haha ha giggle snort
    was that a plunger?

  20. I just want to know how the heck many kittens does this person have?! They were EVERYWHERE!

  21. skippymom says:

    Oh, man! This made me snort so hard I almost inhaled an Altoid. I want to go to the shelter today and adopt six or seven kittens, just so I can play this game.

    Just watched it again–think I broke something inside my head, that time. Ow.

  22. Haha, I think it’s a paper towel roll with something tied on the end and covered in tape.

    I love the kitties that are all “Screw this noise” and leave :3

    Cute, but silly for sure!

  23. Lol i wonder if the person does have so many kittens or they keep playing lol
    loved the one that escaped it was like i wont go back in there

  24. opossum says:

    I love the cute sound heard when the kittehs pop up!

  25. skippymom says:

    I think it’s a microphone wrapped in electrical tape. (To soften the blow, you know.)

    Ahem…want to make it clear that I would not ACTUALLY adopt kittens just to use them for a game. (although I might adopt some really small ones to have as tasty snacks with my tea)

  26. LOL!

  27. OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE! i love the very gentle ‘whacking’.

    as soon as it is called kiss-a-kitty, can i play!!???

  28. Janice of the Nine says:

    MAJOR awwwwwing and squeee sounds going on over here. Yes, obviously someone who knows just how to treat baby kittehs. Very, very cute.

  29. setenta says:

    That is the most absurd and precious thing I have seen all day!

  30. That violence tag is getting a real workout lately! 🙂

  31. I have just emailed the IOC, to *demand* that this game be recognised as an official sport in time for the 2012 Olympics.

  32. Stormcat says:

    I like it at 1:04 when all of the Kittehs raised their heads at the same time.. It’s like my office at 5 p.m. “Is it time to leave yet? Is it? Huh? How about now? Now?”

    hee hee

  33. balamuthia says:

    Someone DEFINITELY got a high score!

  34. I like how some of the kittens braved the evil hammer and climbed out.

  35. @ Stormcat

    Sounds like every one of my classes, with the addition of zipping noises, rustling papers and backpacks.

  36. catloveschanel says:

    Now that’s WHACKY!
    I’ve only watched 10 times, and I have to watch s’more.

  37. Harrumph. I see SOMEBODY out there was WAY to much time on her/his hands. And way too many kittens. And too much imagination. And . . . and . . DAMMIT WHY COULDN’T IT BE MEEEEE???!!!

  38. January says:

    Only someone who likes Ozark mountain music would think this game up. Truely crazy.

  39. George S. says:


  40. claudia says:

    Man. that was some cute action, loved it!

  41. LoonPond says:

    I think it’s the bulb end of a turkey baster.

  42. Jezebel says:

    Forget the kittens. That poor cardboard box! Did they use any anesthesia when they cut those holes into his skin? For shame!

  43. OK That is funny… I played “Whack-A-Mole” in the arcade as a kid.. And I always say that getting a cat in a carrier is like playing Whack-A-Mole!
    Love it!

  44. LisaLisa says:

    Ahahahhahahahahahahaaaaa!!! This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a looooong time. Thanks so much!

  45. And all the kittens matched–or at least there was one very busy kitty who could project holograms of itself out different holes at the same time. Wonderful joy.

  46. Sasha's mum says:

    Love it! I think my fave was the little one sitting on the sidelines watching all the action. He wanted to try the whacking I’m sure!

  47. Cholmondeley says:

    More like Gently-Squoosh-a-Kitty. I was giggling till I cried at all those innocent kitty faces popping up and being squooshed down… FTW!!1! Thanks Meg!

  48. I think it is one of those turkey baster thingys. You know with the plastic bulb on top so you can slurp up the juices.

  49. Done. I am done. My brain has given out from all the cuteness in the PAST THREE DAYS.

  50. Retreat! Retreat!

    I love how there’s always one that wasn’t involved on the side giving the “What are you smoking” look.

  51. *BOOIIIIIING* mew…

  52. Juniper Jupiter says:


    OH MY GAHD!! :D!! I can barely breathe!!! The sound effects! The escaping kitties!!! The gentle mallet!!! Oh WOW!!! THIS IS THE BEST!!!

    But how many kittehs were there? I lost count after ten! 😀

  53. No. Not cute. And the “music” is not helping.

  54. I wonder how many kitties there were.

  55. Significant says:

    I’ve been coming to this site for a good 3 years and this is the first time I’ve actually ever LOL’d at the screen. This vid was great and the sound effects were perfect!

  56. i knew there was going to be banjo music.

    [Or “Yakety Sax”… or “Hot Dog” by Zeppelin… or “Entry of the Gladiators” in double-time… – Ed.]

  57. OMG – toooooooooo cute

    – when’s my turn!!!LOL!

  58. nope… wrong.

  59. intransigentia says:

    A much bloodier variation on this game involves an adult cat and your bare hand for the boop-er. My cat loves it and will play it with anything she can hide in. I think I prefer the kitten version.

  60. That’s not whacking! That’s bopping. I call false advertising.

    Look at ’em! They’re all, “run away! run away!”
    “Ooh, Freddie got left behind.”
    “He’s gonna be in such trouble with Mom. She told us not to go in there!”

  61. I laughed so hard I think I woke the neighbours…

  62. freakin’ hilarious!!!

  63. So funny! So many kittens! Such round little heads!

    For the record, I think it’s a paper cup taped to the end of a paper towel tube then wrapped in electrical tape.

  64. I love that little guy at @~30 sec. He’s all like, “Freedom! Ehn!”

  65. berthaservant says:

    Ironically, with the coupons from winning the game, the whacker redeemed his bounty for a stuffed animal cat with a football helmet.

  66. teehee! I wonder how many kittens there were. I could do with this game (or failing that, just the kittens) as a stress reliever.

  67. catloveschanel says:

    Yeah, you start with an innocent Whack-a-Kitty, next thing you know you’re in Box-hab.

  68. How cute! Watched this with the boyfriend and we both agreed that this was the cutest thing we have ever seen. I love their cute little pokey-outy heads, and the way the one at the side was all “Hey guys what’s goin’ on?” That person has SO MANY kittens, I wish I was in a room filled with 9+ baby kitties!!

  69. Hehehe! I love the part where the kitty climbs out of the box!

  70. My turn! My turn! Me next! Me next!

  71. Ana Elisa says:

    beeeest video EVER!! *-*

  72. bendeng says:

    reminds me of a korean show where they put a bunch of celebrities in a box like that and played whack-a-mole celebrity style. kittiez are too cute!

  73. cafegrrl says:

    LOL – love it…! That was so funny!

  74. xD This is freakin’ adorable!! I wouldn’t be able to resist grabbing them and stealing a snorgle. SQUEEE!!!! *dies*

  75. I’m oddly impressed that someone would take the time to make the game, tape it, and submit it! BTW, does high score win one of these cute kitties?

  76. edmundh says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s an opening at the back of the box where all the “escaped” kittehs come back in.

  77. chanpon says:

    Damn, defiant kitties who crawled out of the game…

  78. LOL sooooooooooo funny and such adorable little kittys!!!!!!!!!

  79. Headtail says:

    Next up: Dunk a Duckling, Poke a Piglet, Spin the Puppy…let’s keep this going!

    [Goose a goose? – Ed.]

  80. Katrina says:

    CO has really gone into overdrive this week. Good job, folks!

    Capture a Capiba…

    […capybara? – Ed.]

  81. “Don’t even ask if kittens were harmed, People, I don’t want to hear it la la la la la”
    yea how DARE anyone be concerned for the well being of an ANIMAL.

    [Whssh, right over the head… – Ed.]

  82. EvilStepQueen says:

    Laura…she wasn’t saying people shouldn’t be concerned with the well being of an “animal”…she was saying that obviously this vid was all in fun, absolutely no harm was done in any way to any of those kitties and it would be rediculous for anyone to complain about cruelty because some people get bent out of shape and have absolutely no sense of humor and only see the the PROJECTED negative in the situation. so 😛

  83. I wish they had left in the mini kitteh mewings for sound effects – I bet they were super squeaky cute…

  84. Bootsie says:

    (Spoken in very political PC tones as if coming to you live from in front of the Lincoln Memorial.) “I’m a veterinary technician, and I endorse this message.”

    No seriously, this video should be available in all vet office staff rooms for those difficult, sad days that just never seem to end. The videographer involved may even need a Nobel Peace Prize. Imagine. Whack-A-Kitty saves the world – film at eleven.

  85. lolz lolz lolz!!! ^_^

  86. Sharkitty says:

    Yes, this got a literal lol. Thank you to whoever tapes this! And I agree this is like the Hammy with the corn – totally could bring world peace.

  87. *pant pant*

    Oh Gosh… Oh my gosh…. Can’t breathe…. laughing too hard…

    *bursts in to more peals of laughter*

  88. puddlepeppers says:

    Yay HeadTail…We need to keep this gentle game going…

  89. OMG I want to play, that was redonk !

  90. DeviousOne says:

    lol, I’m with EvilStepQueen. Cute vid, I lol’d.

  91. kibblenibble says:

    This was *so* appropriate for my day. At work today, I commented that being a teacher in California right now is like being a mole in a “Whack-a-Mole” game. Every time you turn around, you’re hammered with more bad cr*p. Then I get to come home and watch this. CO, you come to my emotional rescue on a regular basis.

  92. I wanna whack the kittehs with KISSES!! So cute!

  93. The unspoken consequences of cats and boxhab

    Get your babies help now. Don’t let your youngsters get hooked early like these.

    [♫ Mamas, don’t let yer babies grow up in brown cardboard… – Ed.]

  94. Oh no, that is some serious kitteh fun right there. My own cat just came over and started meowing at the screen!!!

  95. I’m a little tempted to change the “Violence” tag to “Extreme Horrific Bloody Gore and Owies”.

  96. berthaservant says:

    Do eet Teho!!! DO EEET!!!!

  97. This is the funniest thing I have seen all week. LOVE IT!!!
    (Another good soundtrack would be Sabre Dance!

  98. Honestly, I thought this was going to be a TERRIBLE idea.

    But it’s just people with too much time and too many kittens.

    Wait, what am I saying??? Too many kittens??? EEMPOSSEEBLE!

  99. Oh god Theo just do it.

    The explosion of nuffing that follows would keep me in puddin for weeks!

  100. motherofjazz says:

    If you look on youtube, the guy who filmed it includes a disclaimer:
    But really, if you actually watched the video, you’d see there’s no chance babies were hurt…
    And I believe it’s one of those 3 oz bottles of pop, taped up so you can see it and attached inside a paper towel tube…

    Anyway, ’twas adorable…

  101. Whack-A-Kitty 🙂 Yeah right 🙂 LOL 🙂 It was more “Touch-A-Kitty-Gently” 🙂

  102. binky-mama says:

    For shame C.O.! Promoting violent video games! Think of teh childrens!


    Seriously I laughed so hard I cried. I needed that.

  103. Subhangi says:

    HILARIOUS!!! I love it!

  104. so gentle! I love it!

  105. hon glad says:

    I like it when they’ve had enough and piss off.

  106. Londoner says:

    Awwww! I want this game!
    Only I’d have to keep taking the kitties out for snuggles, so I’d kinda lose. A lot. Still want to play though…

  107. All the ‘moles’ are escaping.. that can’t be good for your score, lol

  108. Katrina says:

    Yes, Theo, Cap y baras. Thank you for the pictures! You are a true gentleman.
    As for these kittehs- so cute they made me ‘awww’ and giggle and I bet I will go back and watch it again! Soooooooo cute! Little puddy-tats of delight.

    Filch a vole.

  109. eternalcanadian says:

    Not cute, not cute one bit. 😐

  110. metsakins says:

    Too much time on their hands and too many kittehs. These are the problems I’ve been dreamin’ of.

  111. I thought it was funny/cute but my only concern is that some lunatic out there would see it and get bad ideas from it. I pray not. I’m not ’nuffin the “game” just the potential psycho animal abuser factor out there.

  112. HM, don’t look for the worst. Acknoweldge the best and let the evil run out of steam on its own — and it will.

    This was soooooooooo adorable. The kitties were obviously getting love taps, and loving it! Me too! I’d have trouble not substituting kisses right on their cute little heads. Wouldn’t wanna’ be in the video, tho…. 🙂

  113. Katie Kat says:

    I love how gentle the “whacker” is! And then when one tries to escape, they’re all *bonk… bonk bonk* And their little ears when they come up! AH HA HA HAAAAA! The one that faces the camera (still shot at the end) is the best.


  114. I recognize this from the picture in the dictionary next to the word “Redonkulous.”

  115. Seven Paws says:

    This is the best EVAH…

  116. Hilarious. No, srsly.

  117. Too much time on their hands and too many kittehs. These are the problems I’ve been dreamin’ of.

    Seroiusly. This video has seriously influenced my plans for retirement.

  118. Hey, why not?
    If you have that many kittens (or even one kitten) it’s not like you’re
    going to get any work done anyway….

  119. flipflopmama says:

    Oh my goodness, this is the bestest game EVER!

  120. maureen says:

    that was a riot, i needed a good laugh….thanks

  121. Kissyfur says:

    Ok that is just purely redunkolus. What madness has one created with the newest gaming sensation?

  122. Hahahaha! That is hilarious!

  123. superboymom says:


  124. Dey obviously weren’t hurt! Super cute!

  125. mandy_Reeves says:

    Now we need a mini version with a shoebox,dwarf hammies and a q tip…

  126. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Wait, if the original game is called “Whack-a-Mole,” then what’s the avocado stuff I get at Mexican food restaurants?

  127. Ha! Argyle Donkeypants! Funny! Good to see ya!

  128. Katrina says:

    No, no, no, pyrit, an ‘avocado’ is the guy/lady who gets you out of jail or helps your rodent sue for shoddy workmanship.

  129. Anastasia says:

    ZOMG!! those kittens were obviously having some fun, there. the owner seemed pretty gentle but too creative! that would be sooo hard to think of normally! that was a complement 🙂

  130. LOVE this so much. A great laugh… oh those little darlings!

  131. Squinty says:

    genius! best game of the year! when will it be available to the general public?? i gotta save up muh pennies

  132. If no one has answered this yet….it’s a turkey baster…too funny!!!

  133. @ mandy_Reeves 05.21.09 at 11:05 am
    “Now we need a mini version with a shoebox,dwarf hammies and a q tip…”

    HA111… madness… I might just try that. I’ll letcha know.

  134. GIGGLE 🙂 You just gave me an idea for a new version of this game, Sher 🙂 “Kiss-A-Kitty-On-The-Head”

  135. Sophie's Mama says:

    I’m gonna ask for a Whack-A-Kitteh game for my birthday!!!

  136. ok, i have no butt left now cuz i just laughed it right off. seriously, no butt at all.

  137. OMG so funny! The entire room stopped to watch this with me and we all died laughing. The sound effects were awesome.

  138. Oh my god! How many kittens are there inside? This is super super cute! XD

    Would love to have a chance to play it! XD

  139. I’d love to have that “game” in my house! only me me to play with. No one touch my whack a kitty! Lol.

  140. You can see the movie twitching when recording stops to let the kitties back in 😉

  141. Anoniem says:

    Wat ze schattig noemen!
    Ik vind de katjes lief, maar moesten ze hun nou per se naar beneden duwen?
    Ik zal niet de enige zijn die zag dat de katjes het niet leuk vonden.

  142. @ Katrina – ha – wish i’d taken a copy of a menu i saw ‘translated’ into English in France, they had a ‘Leave Us with Lawyers’, it took us a minute to figure out lawyer-advocate-avocado, leave us-leaves = Avocado Salad……… They also had menu items with Plugs (pancetta/lardons) and Hot Goats…….

  143. ROFL! *wipes tears of laughter from eyes* so cute !:D

  144. O_O’||| you don’t whack a kitty, you tap or pet a kitty!
    anyways this is cute and the guy who is doing “whacking” is very gentle (which he/she should). hope no one will whack a animal for real >.<

  145. Katrina says:

    iggle- mmmmmmm, so tasty! *snerkity snerk!* I wish you had taken it too. I’d have bought that as a souvenir!

    Where is pyrit? pyrit doesn’t come this far back in the threads, perhaps? Flern.

  146. shamowfski says:

    Link to video in case embedded doesn’t load.

  147. Hilarious!!!

    Now – how’s about a remake called “Whack-A-Boss”? I’ll gladly contribute mine (nyuk nyuk)!!

  148. Jesus, as if i needed another reason to wish my kitties were capable of having kittens??

    ….not that I need any more cats, but 10 kittens in a box….so….fantabulous!

  149. I lauged so hard tears squirted.

  150. aww they are sooo cute 😀 i was giggling like crazy

  151. Noelegy says:

    Little toddling double-time kitten butt off the left edge of the screen at 1:21 was the lethal point for me.

  152. that is funny

  153. Its cute for sure, hope all the banging doesnt give them a migraine, LOL. i didnt see any abuse, clearly saw kitties escaping and walking away just fine. I think this is just plain, cute fun.

  154. Nydia W says:

    If you really want a bunch of kittens (temporarily) and have the time and space, contact your local shelter or animal rescue group and volunteer to be a foster home for kittens. It is really great fun, you help raise the kittens until they are old enough to be adopted. This time of year all shelters could use more good foster homes. Your expenses (food, litter) are tax deductible too. And you can create your own Whack a Kitty game.

  155. I love it. Total win.

  156. aw thats too cute

  157. LOL!

  158. This video was so funny I almost choked on my gum!!!!

  159. I find this quite sad actually. As an ex-police dispatcher, I worry some sick individuals will get some sick ideas from this type of video. Not funny.

  160. westward ho says:

    oh, please, jsg. while i can understand a certain increase in sensitivity when you’re in a position to see so much of the worst of the world … surely you realize that the truly “sick individuals” out there don’t need to see a video like this to “get some sick ideas.” they’ll have seen whack-a-mole games at the carnival, or shows on TV, or … crazy dreams in their own heads. frankly, i doubt those individuals you refer to would bother coming to a site called “cute overload” or have the patience to sit through a sweet video of little kitties being lovingly bopped. don’t let the poison in the world make you so toxic. just dump it.

    my mama always told me that you find what you look for: so don’t look for the gloom-and-doom in a ray of sunshine, unless that’s what you want to find. (and maybe, as is the case with some nuffers, it is.)

  161. Mark Jones says:

    That was so funny! I loved it.

  162. Very amusing. Thanks for the light-hearted content. 🙂

  163. Cynthia says:

    Oh for heaven’s sake, JSG. Whac-a-mole games and dozens of variants have been around for over 35 years. If some freak of nature is going to get a bad idea from a video featuring kittens, they could get a bad idea from seeing Jesus on the Cross.

    It’s kittens! It’s a game! It’s funny. I’d like to bonk one of those little round-heads on the noggin with that soft mallet, too! I rather doubt it will lead to evildoing. ‘Nuff said.

  164. cheesybird says:

    @ Anoniem, leuk. Iets afkraken in een taal wat de meeste mensen hier niet kunnen lezen.

    Dit is een persiflage van een Amerikaanse kermisspel, Whack-A-Mole. De katjes waren maar heel zachtjes naar beneden geduwd. Ze konden ontsnappen op elk moment (en dat deden ze ook). Ze waren helemaal ongedeerd.

    (Anoniem was nuffin’ in Dutch. I couldn’t resist a Dutch anti-nuff.)

  165. Dragonblaze says:

    Whack-A-Kitty was shown on Sky News today here in UK. The cat lovers in my team – myself included – loved it!

  166. noramaria says:

    Well now I know just what to do next time I’m caught with a box full of kittehs and some time on my hands.

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to happen nearly often enough.

  167. Too cute!

  168. Tiffany says:

    They are sooooooooooooo cute and the video is soooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!


  170. Whack-a-kitty was on the Yahoo! homepage a few days ago. Spreading teh qte to the world!
    Although I think “Bloop-a-kitty” or “Softscronche-a-kitty” would be a better name! 😀

  171. The creators of whack-a-kitty were on CNN! The whacker is just cardboard and paper towels. Be sure to watch whack-a-reporter!

  172. ^I just came here to post that!! You beat me to it!^
    *whacks Nekussa with a paper towel roll*
    *scurries away!*

  173. *pops head up again (with sound effect)*

  174. Oh this is SOOO cute!!!! I love the whole thing! The cute kitties, the sound effects, the box LOL! I love the one little kitten standing outside the box like What’s Happening?

    And the few that get all bent out of shape relax once in awhile, he obviously wasn’t hurting them, he was basically tapping them. SO freakin’ cute! I had to watch it over and over 🙂


  176. Kallisto says:

    @Jezebel, I agree completely! The poor box. I’m sure they just sliced it open and no anaesthesia was used. Is there such a thing as a rescue operation for cardboard boxes?

  177. dylanimore says:

    Its so cute and wrong.

  178. kristen says:

    I remember playing that game when I was younger,not with kittens. 🙂 Kittens are so cute, when I saw that clip I laughed so hard That was adorable.

  179. Too funny… the poor box! It must have been horrible to be stuffed with kittehs too!

  180. Your mom is a very wise lady, westward ho 🙂 I agree with her wise saying 🙂

  181. doesnt look as if the kittens are having half as much fun as you lot are having laughing at it.

  182. Katiedid says:

    Funny! Cute kittens too!! That will keep those little guys entertained for 20 mins before they wreck havioc on the family dog lol… *boop*

  183. Jenn from PA says:

    That’s just adorable.. and they seemed to be having more fun with the game than anything. Yay for kitten fever! 😀

  184. Kitters says:

    I can’t believe all the people nuffing this video. It’s so obvious that the kittens weren’t hurt AT ALL. They were playing. and when they got bored? Off they went! It’s no big deal at all.

  185. thats classic…but… were the kitties harmed? lol i kid, i kid…please dont eat me…:D

  186. Were the kittens harmed in the making of this video? I hope not.

  187. PETA said they had no problem with this video. You know the people who jump over anything that could even be considered harmful to animals. So, if they have no problem with it, you should have no problem with it. They know stuff..about this uh..stuff.